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Loving you, Hating you by dragonlovesh2o4eva
Chapter 5 : Remember the days
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Apparating away from Harry’s house Draco arrived at the front door of his apartment. Though still rolling in cash he no longer lived in the manor he used to call his home. It held too many bad memories for him, both of his childhood and his marriage. It lay desolate and abandoned, overgrown with weeds as he lived in a small, but nice apartment in North London.

Taking the key from his pocket he opened the door and stepped inside taking his wand and turning a few lights on in the process. It looked like any typical males apartment, dirty dished in the sink, pile of clothes outside the laundry door. He sighed I really should clean up he thought, as he did everytime he was here. He moved to the kitchen and grabbed a frozen meal from the freezer, he ripped open the packet, pocked a few holes in the covering and through it into the old microwave. He set the time and with an ominous burr sound the outdated thing slowly started to revolve. Draco rolled his eyes and moved away to change for work. 

In the five years he had been married to Hermione she had 'introduced' him too a number of muggle appliances. Including electricity, the microwave and the T.V. Draco scowled as he remembered the first time he had seen a T.V. He had jumped and almost fallen over the couch as Hermione had pressed a small button on the 'remote' and the thing had come to life! Hermione had rolled around on the floor laughing and had never let him live it down!

They didn't always prepare meals the magical way either as Hermione liked to keep in touch with her non-magical heritage. Draco had at first be apprehensive about this new way to prepare food, but after a while, and seeing just how good the food was he came around, and even got used to the idea. So much so, that after the divorce Draco still prepared meals the muggle way, including buying frozen meals from the local supermarket. He would never admit it, least of all to Hermione but they were not half bad!

As he showered he thought of his day with Diana and how good it was to see her again. He didn’t get to see his daughter often and it was one of the few regrets he had. The other was Hermione but he refused to think of that! He sighed; so many things had changed since they were in school, since before he became a deatheater, a spy and before the final battle where Voldemort had slipped through their fingers. Again. Merlin! Even love! He couldn’t believe he had fallen in love with Hermione, yes he loved her. It had taken him buy surprise, and he suspected, her as well. He chuckled. Looking back now it was almost funny the look on her face when she realized he was a spy, she couldn’t understand it, and for Hermione not understanding was worse then death. He sighed sadly though he didn’t know it then that was the start of all their problems, the start of their love for each other and the start of all the pain.

* flashback*

“Hey” Draco muttered, holding onto her upper arm “It’s ok! Hermione! I work for the order,” he announced, almost smiling at the look of shock plasted on her face, her mouth hanging open. He smirked satisfied “I’m a spy” he added.

Hermione had blinked in confusion “What” she whispered.

He sighed softly letting go of her arm “I’m a spy” he whispered again.

Hermione, blinked “But you’re a deatheater” she muttered confusion written all over her face.

Draco had shaken his head “I had never wanted to be a deatheater, my father can be persuasive though,” he muttered under his breath rubbing his left forearm.

Hermione’s eyes flicked down and back up to his face “And Dumbledore…” she asked with just a hint of anger in her voice.

Draco glanced at her, his eyes sad, guilt clouding his face “ I never wanted that to happen, it was an accident.” he said.

Hermione’s eyes softened slightly “How do I prove your telling me the truth” she asked softly, “how do I know this isn’t just some deatheater trick to get information”

Draco rolled his eyes and reached into his pocket, Hermione took an involuntary step back, her own hand reaching for her wand, but he didn’t take out his wand. Instead it was a small vial of a clear liquid “It’s versalium” he muttered.

Hermione had glanced at him shocked “Truth potion!”

Draco had nodded, “Use as much as you want” he muttered.

Hermione had gazed at him shocked, and then glancing down at the little glass vial she had slowly opened the lid, “ok” she muttered 

* * *

Draco got out of the shower and made his way to his bedroom to dress. Being a spy for the order was not an easy job, but for Draco anything was better then being a deatheater. He was in constant danger from being discovered, covering his tracks and making sure no one suspected him. That all change on the day of the final battle, he blew his cover…

* Flashback *

Draco ran through the headstones, dodging curses and spells. He swore, he had to find Hermione. He could see Harry of to his right fighting the dark lord, his arm was bloody but he was gritting his teeth with determination and giving it all he had. Draco felt a glimmer of hope. He ducked behind a headstone “Where’s Avery!” he hissed.

The Deatheater behind him turned and studied him “His battling with the mudblood on the other side of the bridge, he should be back soon”, he said with a triumphant smile.

Draco froze and paled, it was a good thing the man couldn’t see his face. The deatheater turned “Why” he asked curiously

Draco smirked “I want to join in the fun!” he lied, the other deatheater turned and peeped over the top of the grave, he ducked as a red light flashed over his head.

Draco rolled his eyes and got up, deatheaters! Cowards the lot of them he thought, keeping low he made his way slowly further and further away from the main battle, ducking behind headstones and flinging himself to the ground each time a spell was aimed at him. He swore profusely. Finally he made it to the bridge, it was an old area of the graveyard with many of the graves over a hundred years old, he slowly made his way over the wooden bridge it creaked with every step he took and he was afraid he would fall into the icy lake below. He took out his wand and held it in front of him ready. He heard them before he saw them and started running towards the sound. Avery had Hermione pressed up against one of the stone pillars that surrounded an old sacrophage. He’s wand was pressed to her throat and he was staring at her with hate and loathing in his evil eyes. Hermione was looking back at him, refusing to cry. Draco slowly creaped up on them appearing from behind Avery, Hermione’s eyes widened in horror looking him right in the eye.

Avery whipped around and smiled “Come too join in the fun!” he chuckled

Draco smirked “Yes” and with that he raised his wand and shouted, a get of green light erupting from the end of his wand. 

Avery crumpled to the floor his unseeing eyes staring up at the cloudless sky, Hermione screamed and put her hands to her mouth. Draco walked towards her, but she backed away “Get away from me” she screamed hysterically.

Draco paused and then stopped, his hands reached up and he tugged the pale bone mask from his face, and pushed back the hood of his deatheater robes “Do you really want that” he asked softly,

Hermione gasped and through herself at him, wrapping her arms around him she kissed him. Draco was shocked at first, then his arms slid around her waist pulling her close to his body, shielding her. She opened her eyes and smiled up at him. “I didn’t think anyone knew I was here,” she whispered.

“I asked Peter” he whispered and she fell silent taking in his black robes and the mask in his hand

“After tonight this will all be over” she whispered

Draco glanced down at his hand and then back up to look her directly in the eyes “I hope so” he whispered. He reached up with his free hand and slowly brushed a strand of hair away from her face, she looked at him and smiled. “I love you” he whispered softly his hand falling to rest on her hips.

“I know” Hermione whispered quietly, smiling. Draco smiled back and they kissed again.

Draco rested his forehead against hers and looked into her warm brown eyes “ You were always to smart for your own good” he announced half mockingly, but pleased.

Hermione smirked. “We should get back,” she whispered reluctantly, pulling back but still keeping her arms around his neck.

Draco frowned “Why” he whispered, “You’re here with me, lets just go”

Hermione shook her head stubbornly “We have to help Harry and the others,” she whispered

Draco sighed and glance down at his hand “Ok” he sighed defeated putting his mask back on, he turned back around and started walking back the way they had come Hermione walking besides him. 

* * *  

Draco sighed again. He had surprised himself that night when he told her he loved her. He chuckled, and she had had the nerve to tell him she already new! He smirked she always was smart, probably the only other student in their year that was as good as he was.

Finishing putting on his shoes Draco slowly stood up and looked at himself in the mirror, wearing a black shirt, blue jeans and a black robe with silver stitching of ‘Azkaban Guard’ across his chest he looked quiet presentable. He rolled his eyes.

Many people wondered why he chose to work at the prison, as he was rich enough that he didn't need to work, let alone at one of the most feared and horrible places in the magical community. 

When Hermione had first asked him why he chose to work there Draco had sighed, he saw no reason too lie, but the reason was still private. He told her in a whisper that after all the hard work the order did getting all the deatheaters in Azkaban after the fight of their lord he would be damned if he let something happen to warrent an escape!  But their was also a smaller, deeper reason for his choice in profession that he had never told anyone. Not even Hermione. If there ever was an escape, which was unlikely, he wanted to be the one to kill them.

Standing up he left the room; grabbing his wand off the kitchen bench he turned all the lights off and walked too the door. He stepped outside and locked it with a soft click, tucking his wand into his pocked he disapparated with a small pop. 

A/N: hey! Well what do you think? Please, please review I really need feedback on this story! I'm really trying my hardest with this story, so if you notice any spelling errors please tell me! Again i wan't to thank Utopia for pointing out some areas that i needed to explain more. Thanks hun *hugs*

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