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Cravings by dracolover4ever
Chapter 1 : A School Get Together
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CRAVINGS, title by Kali



A School Get Together


This was the new Hermione. It had been ten years since Hogwarts. She had become the best healer that London had had. But she did have one mishap near the beginning of her start; she had a potion blow up in her face. Because of that potion her hair was straight and her body had some of the best curves that England had ever seen. That was what Hermione had done to herself.


 The new confidence in her figure put a confidence in herself in general. She would walk around like she was on some sort of red carpet. She thought anyone with her should feel like the luckiest man on earth. Unfortunately Ronald Weasley didn't feel that way. He told her contently that they would be in a better relationship if she would stop flirting with every man. Hermione would reply with an 'It's not my fault if you can't be serious.' Then they would fight and make-up later on that night wake up in each other's arms and find something to fight about again.


 "Ronald, look what's come in the mail! It a reunion letter from Hogwarts."  Hermione handed him the letter but read it aloud from memory. "It says that they would like to invite us to our second reunion… that's strange this is the first that I know of… It will be held one week from today and all we have to do is check whether we'll be there or not and send this back."


"Hermione, do we have to go to this thing? We haven't seen any of these people in years. I haven't even seen my family since graduation. Harry fought Voldemort then ran off to find himself. Who else would we go there to see? Just check no." Ron walked from the room without another word to Hermione.


 Hermione checked yes anyway and sent it on its way. She walked into the parlor where Ron was sitting at his fancy desk.


 "Ronald, we're going to Hogwarts in a week and you'll act happy about it. Now give me a kiss so I can go home happy." He gave her a small kiss on the check.


 "Ronald I wish you'd be more serious about everything. I really do like you but if you'd try and understand sometimes then maybe I would love you." Hermione left for her flat.



*One Week Later*


 Hermione had gotten her smooth hair curled to perfection then pinned one side back; she wore a silver dress that had glitter on it that changed color. Ron just combed through his messy long hair and put on jeans and a wrinkled shirt.


 "Really Ronald you'd have no idea you make so much money and are so powerful the way you dress." Hermione told them as they left his house.


 "I've been this new Ron for the last week. I've been serious no jokes or anything. You might not realize how hard it was to be serious considering the family I grew up with but I'm not changing. I'll always be poor Ronald Weasley and that's okay to me."


 When Hermione walked into Hogwarts a bunch of old memories came back to her. Memories she didn't realize she had anymore. Everyone was there and with a little effort she found Harry.


 "Harry!" She screamed as she wrapped her arms around him. "Oh it's great to see you. I would have never imagined that you would get even taller, you and Ronald are like beanstalks!"


 "Hermione? You're 'Mione Granger. There is just no way. Last I saw of you, well, you were a box with fuzz ball hair. How have you been?" He asked but she ignored the question.


 "Ginny," she ran to her friend. "Ginny Weasley!"


 "Oh no you must be mistaken," Ginny told her. "I'm Ginny Potter!" Ginny showed her the ring Harry had bought her a few weeks ago. "Now don't feel left out not even mum saw us get married. I did write to Ron though."


"Ronald's a big poop lately especially this last week. I asked him to be more serious… meaning about our relationship… he's turned into some serious, no fun freak."


"Talking about me Hermione?" Ron came up behind them and hugged his baby sister.


 "What's with you guys? Hermione you're calling Ron, Ronald. Ron you're calling Hermione, well Hermione. What happened to 'Mione and Ron?" Ginny joked though she did want to know why they weren't using nicknames anymore.


 Hermione continued through the large Great Hall, she said hello to anyone she met. She pulled Ron out on the dance floor when there wasn't any music playing.


 "Come dance with me Ronald." She said seductively.


 "Hermione there's no music. Just wait till the band is off break."


  "We'll make our own music Ronald." Hermione moved her arms and danced around while Ron barley moved at all. He finally got her to sit down but it was only for a few seconds.


 "Ronald may I go get some punch?"


  "Hermione you're a big girl go do what ever you want."


 Hermione made her way to the bowl of punch, halfway hoping someone had spiked it. She dropped her dollar for the bartenders tip and bent over doing a 'bend and snap' move.

The man behind her stared at her bottom and finally said something to her.


 "Miss around these boys you might not want to do that. It gets us men all routed up. If you need a guard to make sure you don't get hurt, I could help out."


 Hermione knew that voice and thought of playing along but decided against it. "Just take the tip sir." She said to the bartender, who did, and then she turned around. "George long times no see. I haven't seen you since my sixth year. And I only saw you when your mum took everyone to the shop." She hinted along, suddenly his eyes got big and his face was as red as his hair.


 "Hermione. Oh god. I didn't um…" he started sweating, but only enough for him to know. "I didn't recon… you look so diff… well how are you doing?" George asked.


 "I'm fine I guess. Oh come and say hi to Ronald real quick." She dragged George over to Ron and sat next to him.


 "Ron look who I found at the punch bowl. It was so funny. George why don't you tell him how we met up." Hermione started laughing and George's ears turned pink, but on one else got the joke.


 "It was just a misunderstanding. I thought she was someone else. Our little 'Mione looks so grown up now." George said in his joking manner.


"Nice to see you." Ron said but he didn't attempt to get up and welcome George like a brother should. "Well Hermione can we leave yet? You are the one you wanted to come in the first place."


 "Wait Ronald, George why are you here?"


"Well it's a 9th, 10th, and 11th year reunion. They get more people to come that way."


 "Ron," Hermione said in a mad voice. "Why didn't you tell me we were invited last year?"


 "Hermione, really this isn't the place. And I didn't feel like coming back here. When I'm here I'm stupid poor Ron Weasley but I like our house where I'm rich and powerful, people see me differently there."


"Your house you mean Ronald. And your right you are different." Hermione said goodbye and people assured her it was coming to a close anyway.


 Ron and Hermione had gotten back to Ron's house by the time Hermione realized she forgot her purse. She went back alone and found her purse at their table right where she left it. As she was walking out the door some tall man was walking in and ran her down to the ground.


 "Oh… Hermione I'm so sorry." George helped her off her feet "I was distracted."


 "George is everything all right. You can tell me. You're like a brother to me." Hermione found a table near them and sat down patting the seat next to her.


 "Well Fred and I still share a flat and we just got in a huge argument because he thinks I'm trying to steal his girlfriend when I'm not. I would go to mum see if I could sleep there for the night but He was already there once I got there. Mum's told us she believes the quickest person, because they are usually the truthful ones." George just went on ranting for a while and Hermione tried to keep in mind that she was supposed to be concerned.


 "Well, Hermione, to make it short I have to find a place to stay for a while. Till I can find my own place because living with a brother is too hard."


 "I have a guest room. If you need a place to stay I won't turn you away. Here's the address, oh and Fred will come around. You guys are twins you've got a connection."


 "Thanks Hermione. I think I will come stay just for a while mind you."


 "Great you go get your stuff and I'll tidy up the room."


 Hermione went to her small one story flat and cleaned the second bedroom. She only had one bathroom but she figured that would be enough for them. She had a small kitchen but she figured she'd be the one cooking. And her house was a muggle/magical house. It would be hard to explain a lot of her things to him.


 George arrived and Hermione showed him the room he'd have. She gave him a tour of the flat and the told him that she was going to bed for the night. Hermione slid into her pajamas and under the covers saying a silent pray and falling asleep.

 A.N. Only the plot belongs to me (also O.C. Melody, will come later.) JK owns Harry Potter, darn it! Hope you enjoy this story! Title by Kali and banner by ME!!!!!

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