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His Real Father by almost_witch
Chapter 6 : Where the stories lay
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More then 24 hours ticked by and Fred was lying in the darkness of George’s spare room, his shirt was thrown on the floor, but his shoes were still on his feet as he was sprawled across the bed with a screaming hangover.

Fred could hear a slight murmur of voices from the other end of the cottage. He stared blankly up at the ceiling, taking deep breaths as he heard footsteps lead to the bedroom door.

George threw the door open, letting in a flood of light into the room. “You have visitors,” he said in a loud grumble.

Fred groaned loudly and flipped himself over, shielding his eyes. “Tell them to go away!” He spoke into the mattress.

George walked over to the bed that was in the centre of the room and pulled the sheet off Fred’s legs, “you have visitors,” he said, pulling Fred off the bed by his thick legs.

Fred pulled his shirt over his head and stumbled into the corridor, bumping into walls as he shielded his eyes from light. He squinted as he reached the front door, the first thing he noticed was how dark it was outside, he hadn’t yet realised how late it really was. It was a few moments later when he noticed that two people stood before him.

“We are going to Hogwarts,” the woman announced, clutching a little boys hand in her own.

Fred’s eyes met Hermione’s.

“Ok-what?” Fred did a double take, staring at Hermione with a shocked expression.

She nodded her head forward a little and cleared her throat, “we are taking Ronald to Hogwarts and showing him something.” The look in her eyes only meant one thing – the truth was about to be unfolded.

Fred felt his bottom jaw drop slightly, “ah… yeah, of cours- I’ll be one second.”

He turned on his heal and raced into the spare bedroom and jammed his shoes onto his feet, pulled a jumper over his head and on his way out, George was standing, holding him an old travelling cloak and a steaming mug which Fred skulled down, ignoring how much it burnt his tongue.

“I’ll be at the Burrow!” George called out to Fred as he quickly darted away. Fred waved his hand through the air, not really thinking about it.

He got to the door, panting and rubbing his tired eyes. Fred closed the door behind him as Hermione turned around the started to walk up the pathway away from the house. She stopped at the gate and turned around, “you will be needing this,” she told him as she handed his wand over to him.

They both muttered lumos and their wands showed them enough light all the way to the grounds of Hogwarts. It was a long and silent walk; they all listened to their own feet hitting the ground or their own nervous breaths as they all didn’t know what to say.

Finally the Lake was getting closer and closer, Fred could see the stone being reflected off the light as they started to close in on the Lake. Fred could feel his heart beating faster and faster.

Fred occasionally tried to meet with Hermione’s eyes, but she looked into the distance like nothing could possibly break her graze. The stone was growing nearer and nearer, Fred’s legs felt like they were turning to jelly and he moved his hand and clutched Ronald’s shoulder. He felt his heart start to drop, soon, in a few long moments, Ronald would know the truth, Ronald will then know that Fred wasn’t his father.

Fred took his hand off Ronald’s shoulder and he reached for his hand and held it tightly, the last time as his father. Ronald raised his head and looked at Fred with a small smile upon his lips, Fred’s mind was screaming with things he wanted to say to him, things he never got to say when he had the chance.

Hermione stopped and knelt down in front of Ronald when the stone bearing the truth was only a few feet away.

“Ronald,” she whispered, her face close to his, “what I, I mean, we are about to tell you… Ronald, please remember, I did this for you and we love you very, very much.” Fred could see her eyes glistening with tears and he placed a comforting hand onto her shoulder.

Hermione sniffed as she stood up and walked towards the stone with her wand out in front of her. Ronald and Fred followed, Ronald glanced up at Fred, looking for answers but Fred couldn’t find the strength or courage to look back.

Hermione stopped when she was beside the stone; she got onto her knees and looked at her son with sadness pouring from her eyes. “You will be hearing a lot about this man in Hogwarts,” Hermione said before her voice crackled.

Ronald stood in front of the stone, he was tall for his age, just like Ron, and he had to bend over slightly to read the name. He read over it twice before reading it out. “Ronald Bilius Weasley.” He said, getting onto his knees for a better look, “He-he only died the year I was born,” a bewildered expression was shown clearly across his face.

“Ronald Weasley,” he read again before looking up at Hermione. “But that’s my name,” Hermione broke down into more tears as Ronald looked at Fred for answers.

Hermione took some slow, staggering breaths as she found the courage to speak. “About twenty years ago, there was a very famous wizard by the name of Harry Potter…”

Fred’s thoughts drifted off to the first time he had met Harry, he remembered it was he and George that introduced Ron to Harry, and from that day, history was made. He began to wonder how different things would be if that had never happened.

Fred barely listened to Hermione talk, occasionally little things would drift towards him like, “Ronald Weasley and Harry Potter became friends… soon they found another friend to join them, a girl,” or, “they went on many adventures together,” and eventually, “sometime along the seven years, the girl and Ron fell for each other.”

Fred blinked a few times, no one knew exactly when Ron fell for Hermione, but just about everyone guessed it was in the first or second year.

Fred half listened to the next part, she was explaining how Ron and the girl got married, and soon they were awaiting the arrival of their first child.

“But, one day, Ron and many other brave, brave men had to fight in one, last battle,” Hermione’s eyes glistened with tears.


“So,” Ron looked at his brothers, he clutched his wand tightly in his right hand, “this is it.”

The area around them was now full of fallen and blasted trees, all different sorts of lights could be seen through the leaves and the curses, charms and spells were being yelled just a moment before another colour erupted.

“Yeah,” Fred nodded slowly, his eyes wide with fear but confidence at the same time.

Bill and Charlie signalled them quietly before they threw their heads back with determination and ran through the bushes that protected them from the dangers only meters away.

They could see many dreaded hooded figures yell, curse and scream, Fred muttered something bitter about them under his breath.

George and Arthur were next, they were both found very quickly by a blood-hungry death eater, but they were aware and ready to fight.

Fred turned to the white face of Ron, “this is it.”


“-and when they arrived home, the news was that Ron had died saving the lives of many others,” Hermione choked on her tears, sobbing insanely as she spoke. “And she didn’t know what to do,” Hermione whipped her eyes with the back of her hand, pausing the story. “B-but… Ron’s brother looked after that girl and wanted to help her and her baby. And when that baby came, she named it after it’s father-”

She paused, opening and closing her mouth several times, “-who I loved very much.”

Ronald sank into a seating position, allowing himself to process the information. “Y-you mean…” Ronald’s expression was just as confused as he was, it was angry but oddly twisted at the same time. “That he’s my father…” he pointed to the stone bearing the memory of Ron Weasley, “Ronald Weasley is my father… my real father.”

He looked up at Fred with wide eyes, and finally, Fred decided it was time for him to say something.

“The tales of Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger are probably the most famous stories you could ever come across,” he told Ronald, “even I’m in them,” he faked a small grin, “and George, even Ginny!” he said enthusiastically.

Ronald jumped onto his feet, ruffling his hair before seising a clump of it and pulling. “You can’t be serious,” he yelled, showing one of the first signs he rage. “So my dad – my real dad – is some famous young wizard who died before I was even born.”

Hermione nodded hesitantly.

“And no one ever told me!” He yelled, kicking his foot into the ground, “you didn’t!” He pointed to Hermione with his index finger, “you didn’t!” He pointed to Fred, “Ginny didn’t, Harry didn’t, George didn’t-“ he started to tick off everyone.

“Rona-“Fred started.

“No,” Hermione interrupted. “I did it because I was a coward. I was too scared about letting your father go so I took away everything that had to do with him and focused my life purely on you.” She blinked back her tears, trying to stop the flow; she knew she couldn’t explain her actions.

Fred wouldn’t let Hermione speak as Ronald continued on with his rage, his ears went a nice shade of red as he cursed Hermione, Ron, Fred and everyone else they knew.

It was another half an hour later when they apparated to their home, the Burrow. They all walked in and found the house was oddly silent. Around the kitchen table sat the Weasley Family.

Behind Ginny stood Harry, who’s green eyes twinkled as he looked from Hermione to Ronald, behind Bill stood Fleur, who had not aged at all over the years, and behind Charlie stood his wife, Juneset, who massaged Charlie’s shoulders as she looked around.

Everything was silent as nearly everyone’s eyes were glued on Fred, Hermione and Ronald. Finally Ginny jumped up from her seat and ran towards Ronald and pulled him into her arms.

“You always reminded me of R-“she paused automatically and her eyes darted up to Hermione who stared at the top of Ronald’s head. Ginny smiled and hugged Ronald even tighter. “You look so much like Ron, so much like him,” she said with tears of happiness rolling down her cheeks.

Harry stared at Fred’s eyes, waiting for Fred to realise. And when he did, he gave Fred a slight nod of his head to show that he was impressed and grateful.

Hermione disappeared for a minute, and when she came back she was clutching a small dusty shoe box in her hands. She placed it on the corner of the table between Arthur and Molly.

She took off the lid and placed it carefully down onto the table. She dipped her hand into the box and pulled out a large pile of photos. She took one out and held it out in front of her. “T-this was my favourite picture of him,” she said as tears refilled her eyes.

Harry moved towards her and put a supporting arm around her shoulders before taking the photo out of her hand.

“I remember that,” Harry said with a comforting smile to all of them. “That was the day Ron found out about Ronald,” his bright eyes glanced over to Ronald, “well, the day he found out about the early forms of him anyway.”

The 19-year-old figure of Ron at on the lounge room couch, grinning like Christmas had come early, he rocked from side to side while waving excitedly.

Fred took his seat next to George and Ronald took Ron’s old seat. They all passed around the pile of waving pictures, many of them included Harry and Hermione. They shared memories and laughed at all the funny times for the first time in eleven years.

It was an hour later when Fred finally knew what place he held in Ronald’s eyes. Fred was looking at a picture of Ron the morning before he went to go start his life at Hogwarts and George had just ended his story on a prank he pulled on Ron when he was three when Ronald called over to Fred, “Dad,” he said, “tell us a story about him.”

Authors note: I am terribly sorry about how long it took me to type this up, but, like I said last chapter, I was terribly ill. I am now on my road to recovery but I haven’t been at school, let alone allowed myself to write up a chapter.

I hoped you liked another flashback; there will be another one that is connected to it in the last chapter. *gasp* that last chapter is the next chapter!

I’m sorry for my spelling, but I don’t have time to read over it.

Please tell me how I went in a review.

Thank you.

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His Real Father: Where the stories lay


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