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Those Few Small Details by Foxlilly5
Chapter 2 : Worth Words
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“Harry where are we going?” asked Hermione

Harry stood with the invisibility cloak covering them all before the door at Hogwarts.

“No use...” he mumbled

Leading his two blindfolded friends in a chain under the cloak he went to the closest window. After much of fiddling the window finally sprung loose.

“Aha! I knew it – It’s Binn’s old classroom, the ghost always forgets to seal the school and classroom with charms!”

Ron snorted under the cloak “Yeah Harry, remember that one time in...Oh I don’t know...the fourth or fifth year me and you took that really attractive second year girl from Hufflepuff and we-”

“RON! I am standing right here I don’t want to know what you did with that super attractive younger student, you filthy-” hissed Hermione with venom

Ron rolled his eyes before whispering something inaudible to Harry before they erupted in choking giggles. Then Harry stuck his foot through the window cringing. However nothing appeared to happen so he continued through, quickly followed by Hermione and lastly Ron.

“Honestly, this has to be the dumbest thing we have EVER done! You must know there is going to be about a million charms and enchantments in this place we’re bound to be caught.” Protested Hermione

“Shut up!” Echoed Harry and Ron in unison 


“I can’t believe this! The wedding starts in three hours and the floral decorations aren’t here yet! Mum, really, are you sure that dad notified Floral Magic that we needed six dozen Flournbell Trilliums for today?” whined Ginny nervously fidgeting with her dress “Because honestly, that is the ONLY reason I agreed to having the wedding in our backyard.”

Mrs. Weasley smiled to herself  “Ginny you look lovely dear and the backyard is all tidied up; you saw to that yourself remember?”

“Mum, are you even listening?!”

Fred and George apparated at that moment beside Ginny wearing clown suites. “Ginny, like our new outfits? Their positively stunning on us don’t you think?”

“Fit us right I reckon-”

“We’re damn good looking Fred!”

“Spiffing George my ole’ mate!”

“NO YOU ARE NOT AND YOU WILL CHANGE OUT OF THOSE THIS INSTANT DO YOU HEAR ME?!” exploded Ginny with a fresh wave of tears before disappearing up the stairs and into her room.

“Honestly boys, Ginny is a...a little touchy today...change this instant and go make peace with her she is awfully stressed.” Soothed Mrs. Weasley in a surprisingly calm tone

“Honestly Mum, we’re only wearing this so Ronald doesn’t feel bad, we’re only thinking of our younger siblings feelings.” Replied George mischievously

At that moment Ron appeared mumbling “Women and their jokes...stupidest things...their gunna get it-” It was at that moment that Ron spotted Fred and George

“Gotta go Mum! Ta ta!” They hurried before disapperating

Mrs. Weasley walked over to Ron casually and with a flick of her wand his dress suite was back to normal. “There you go Ron” She said exasperatedly “All better.”

Ron muttered something inaudible before rolling his eyes. With clenched fists he walked out up the stairs “I’m going to see Harry for God sakes, this house is driving me mad!”

When he reached his own room he knocked twice “Harry ole’ mate you in there?”

“Yeah, one second Ron”

Harry opened the door wearing his suite. His face was glistening with sweat and he looked worried.

“Harry mate, you look...what’s happened to you?”

“I’m getting married Ron. Married. How?”

“Whadda you mean how? You walk down the isle and then take Ginny’s hand and-“

“No Ron, Can I do this? How will I support Ginny and me, the demand for Aurors has gone down since Voldemort’s been gone...I don’t get as many calls how can I support us?” 

“You will mate, it’ll work out all right, and don’t forget Ginny’s got a job; she’s a teacher at Hogwarts remember?” replied Ron patting Harry on the back “It’ll be fine.”

Harry nodded, then a smile cracked on his face “I’m getting married Ron.”

“You’re getting married.” 


The bathroom door swung open and Harry, Ron and Hermione piled into the room.

“Who dare to disturb my peace?!” wailed Myrtle as she came out of the U-bend

Rolling his eyes Ron answered “It’s us you stupid git we came to say hello.”

Myrtle appeared before then but there was something different about how she was looking at them. She seemed to almost be happy rather than offended; she stood before them her arms coiled in an almost girl-ish manor behind her back, and her eyes fluttered. “I was wondering when you three would come back to visit, after you left I was utterly disturbed at the fact that I would have no friends for company anymore!”

Ron looked bewildered “Friends?” he gulped before Hermione had time to elbow him in the chest

“Yes, Myrtle we are quite happy to come and visit you! How has the school been holding up?”

“Quite well actually” responded Myrtle dryly. She wasn’t exactly fond of Hermione. “There is a new best student of the year you know; she might even surpass your average!”

Hermione’s face grew dark. Ron, noticing a sign of danger smiled at Myrtle before saying goodbye and ushering Hermione out of the room as quickly as he could. Harry followed.

“You know HONESTLY, that girl, we come in there to say hello and she is nothing but rude and ignorant to us the entire time!” Hermione ranted “Common, we’re going to the Library!”

“WHY!?” busted Ron not caring to hide his displeasure

“Because that’s the one place in Hogwarts I truly miss, and that’s the whole point of being here is it not? To bring back memories and to visit our second home.”

Ron folded his arms but didn’t dare argue. As far as he was concerned all he wanted to do was rummage through the kitchens supplies and re-visit the old Gryffindor common room.

“Alright but let’s only read 50 books Hermione I don’t think I can stand the usual billion you try to push on us.”

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