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The Hard Life by killthatrat
Chapter 5 : Chapter 5 A Place to call Home
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Disclaimer: as always, none of this is mine, all credit goes to JKR blah blah blah...

The bright sunlight of Saturday morning streamed through the bare window, straight onto the face of a dark haired boy. Harry Potter pulled the blanket over his head as he curled up into a tight ball, not wanting to wake up this early. However the sun had other ideas, and it shone right through the blanket Harry had pulled over his face. He sat up right with a groan, careful not to wake Ron.

We’ll have to start getting ready soon. He thought to himself as he pulled an oversized wooly jumper over the graying T-shirt and track pants he often wore to bed. Rubbing his eyes he made his way downstairs, stifling a yawn as he entered the kitchen to where Remus was reading the morning paper.

“Morning.” Remus said, as he sipped his coffee. “Want one?” he said pointing towards the kettle that sat motionless on the stove.

Harry managed a “Yes please” through another large yawn, which he tried to stifle.

Remus flicked his wand towards the kettle and it and a mug scooted along the top of the table to pour itself for him.

“You know you are just like your father in the mornings.” He said observing Harry.


Laughing slightly he continued, “One morning bright and bubbly, the next a walking zombie.”

“Ha ha ha.” Harry replied sarcastically as he took a sip. “You know I’ve been around about four days, and still no one has told me what time the wedding is being held.”

“The wedding? It’s not being held until five o’clock this afternoon.” Sirius answered as he too entered the kitchen, clad in only his pajama pants.

“What?” Harry said in dismay, through another yawn. “Awww I’m going back to bed.”

“No you’re not, so you better start hoping the caffeine kicks in.” Sirius said as he too poured himself a cup of coffee.

“Why not?” Harry said in outrage.

“Because. I want to show you the house this morning.”

Harry stopped to consider this argument, before asking, “So how are we getting there?”


Harry’s spirits fell slightly, as he remembered the last time he had apparated was with Dumbledore.

Remus noticed the look on his face, and saved the young man from anymore though by saying, “Why don’t you go get dressed. Try not to wake up Ron though, I’m sure you wouldn’t want to do that.” He said with a twinkle in his eye, which much rivaled Dumbledore’s.

Harry nodded as he downed the rest of his drink, and headed to his upstairs bedroom that he shared with Ron. He quickly pulled on a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, before heading back downstairs to the kitchen. On his way down he met up with Bill who was coming up.

“Nervous yet?” he asked.

“Nah!” he said, with a laugh. “Just as long as I don’t trip or anything I’m all good.”

Harry smiled as he continued his way downstairs.

“Ready?” He said as he came to the kitchen.

“I am. But you haven eaten anything.” Sirius said, now also fully clothed.

“But I’m not hungry.”

“Tough. Have some toast.”

Groaning melodramatically, he quickly spread some jam over a piece of toast that Remus hadn’t wanted, and began eating.

“So do I get to choose my own room?” he said between mouthfuls.

“As long as you don’t try to shot gun my room. My room is all picked out. It has this thing muggles call an einsuite. Any idea what that is?”

“Mmm. It’s just a bathroom that joins directly to the bedroom. Muggles make it out to be a bigger deal than it is.” Harry said as he finished the last piece.

“Ahhh that bathroom. Hmmm. Well come on. Out the back so that we can go.” Sirius said, the boyish grin from the day before coming back.

He quickly ushered Harry out the back, saying hello to Kingsley as he entered the headquarters. Soon enough Harry felt the awful compressing sensation that he had become accustomed to when apparating side along. When he found himself able to breathe fully again, he and Sirius were side by side on a Muggle road. Harry looked around to see paddocks of green grass stretching out for yards, without another house in sight.

Harry turned right around to face the house that would soon be his home. He smiled at the grandeur about it, even though it was a relatively old house. Harry turned to look at Sirius, who was in turn looking at him, awaiting a reaction.

He smiled again as they began to walk the old pavered path towards their new house. As the climbed the stairs up onto the porch that spread across the front, and around the right side of the house, Harry mentioned, “You know one day I’ll be getting a tattoo like yours.”

Sirius let out his dog like laugh before replying. “The day I let you get a tattoo is the day Voldemort hands out candy and dresses up at Halloween.”

They both laughed at this as Sirius pulled a silver key from his pocket. He inserted it into the keyhole and twisted.

“Welcome home Harry.” He said as he pushed the door open to reveal the inside.

Harry breathed as he began taking in the sights around him. The house was well lit from the sun, due to plenty of windows, and it seemed well planned out. He stepped inside and looked around.

“Ahhh well this is the dining room here. And ahhh through that arch is to the kitchen, but we’ll get to that.”

He looked to where he was pointing, the large open space to his left, which would soon be filled by a dining table, and to the open arch, through which he could see the kitchen.

“Oh over here.” Sirius said excitedly, as he walked ahead into a very large and welcoming room. “This is the lounge room.”

His smile widening with Sirius’ excitement, Harry looked around at the lounge room, his emerald eyes wandering to the large open fireplace, to the French doors which opened out onto the patio. He scanned over to his left again to see the kitchen fully, and next to that an area which must be the breakfast area that Sirius had described beforehand.

“And over here,” Sirius walked past the kitchen into a small hallway. “Well through here, is a garage, no idea what it’s used for but anyway. Uh the laundry, I don’t know what muggles do to wash clothes but it’s confusing. I mean look at all these things you have to connect to one stupid machine thingy!”

Harry smiled at his Godfather’s confusion, but said nothing as he continued to talk.

“Here’s a bathroom,” he said as he opened a door to reveal a small but practical bathroom.

“Ha! Now my bedroom!” he opened the last door and they entered Sirius’s large and sunny bedroom.

“It’s awesome.”

“You haven’t seen anything yet. Look at this.” he opened the door to another room inside his own, to reveal, “A walk in closet! You can actually walk inside it! Ahhh the things muggles dream up!”

Harry laughed loudly at Sirius’ antics over a walk in closet. He too walked inside to see the inside of the room.

“Very nice.”

“ And the bathroom is behind you. Have a look!”

Smiling he turned around, and opened the door to look in side. Just like everything else it was slightly old fashioned, but nice all the same.

“Come on I’ll show you upstairs,” Sirius said grabbing Harry by the arm and dragging him along for fun.

“Substantially smaller upstairs, only some bedrooms and a bathroom, but you have to choose one.”

The two later sat on the steps of the back porch, Harry having chosen the bedroom at the front end of the house.

“So what do you think overall?” Sirius asked.

“I love it! It’s a great place. It has everything we need and more.”

“Good Im glad you like it.” Sirius said, putting an arm around Harry.

Harry sighed dramatically, as he said laughingly “Well were stuck with it now either way!”

“You watch your mouth kiddo. Don’t forget I know exactly how ticklish you are.” Sirius said teasingly. Harry laughed at this; yes he was quite ticklish sometimes. They sat together in a comfortable silence, looking at the trees that covered the slight hill that was their extremely large back yard.

“So, I’m starting to think it’s time I begin completely fulfilling my Godfatherly duty, and finally ask you, ‘why did you break you break up with Ginny?”

Harry stuttered, not at all prepared for this question. “Because I, I don’t want Voldemort to find out, and then hurt her! That’s all.”

“Ahhh that’s right, Fred told me that.”

Harry blinked, slightly confused.

“Wait well if you already knew then why did you ask again?”

“To break the silence?”

Harry shook his head in disbelief, laughing again as he did so.

“You know she won’t let this go. Ginny I mean. She won’t just let you break up with her just because of one evil twit.”

Harry sighed before answering. “Yeah I know. Fred reckons Voldemort already knows about us dating.”

“Well I suppose Voldemort isn’t as big of an idiot as we’d sometimes like him to be.”

There was a moment silence, before they both said in unison. “Stupid Snivellus.”

A/N Sorry if this chapter is a bit hard to ‘digest’. When ever I write something in a new setting, I like to have a plan of what the setting is, either a house, or a street etc. So I jumped on the net and found a house plan that suited what I wanted, and have based this house on it. 

If this chapter confused you, google 'don gardner', and look for the house named “Wendover” which is the house I used. (I claim no credit for this house!) as always please review!

The 'don gardner' website under the categorie of farm houses. This website is dedicated to houseplans and is very cool!

P.S. Some of you may have noticed that on various other fan fic sites, there is an author named 'killtherat' with the same stories as me! Id just like to clarify that that is me! killtherat and killthatrat are both me. when registering with various sites, i had my 'daily blonde moment,' and accidentally used a slightly different pen name. sorry for any confusion!

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The Hard Life: Chapter 5 A Place to call Home


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