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It's getting better by Leoanna
Chapter 3 : prejudiced judgement
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A/n: this chapte is really short but its a filler. I hope you still like it. AND REVIEW!!!!
As you all know nothings mine.

pic by me.

Prejudiced judgement


Nearly everyone on the Gryffindor table was glaring at Cassiopeia as she sat down, but she just shrugged it of. It was easier to ignore it then to make the people change their mind for now.






“Now that everyone is sorted let the fest begin!” Dumbledore sat down again and the plates filled with food of all sorts. It looked delicious and Cassiopeia could hear her stomach grumble. She grabbed a chicken leg from the plate right in front of her and began to eat it hastily like someone was about to take it away. When she finished the first one – after only one minute – she took another one and ate it just as fast. She looked up and wanted to garb a third one, stopping in mid-motion, noticing that the red-head sitting opposite to her was watching her with an amused smile playing on her lips.




“What is it?” Cassiopeia asked raising her eyebrows curiously.




“You just were stuffing yourself like there was no tomorrow.” The red-head answered still smiling.




“Oh… Yeah,” Cassiopeia grinned sheepishly knowing she hadn’t showed the best of manners,




“I haven’t eaten since breakfast, I’m practically starved.” She explained to the red-head.




“I’m Lily Evans by the way, sixth year like you.” She said and stuck her hand out for Cassiopeia to shake it.




Just then the girl next to Lily spoke up:


“Don’t talk to her Lily, she’s a Lykaon.” She said frowning at Cassiopeia.




 Lily looked at her friend in bewilderment her hand still stuck out. The girl gave her a stern look and pulled her hand back. Opening her mouth to say something Lily turned to Cassiopeia again but received a nudge from the girl before she could say anything.




“What’s up with you Lydia?” she asked the girl who obviously was a friend of hers.




“Just don’t!” The girl hissed. Looking apocalyptically at Cassiopeia, Lily started eating again.


Shaking her head slightly Cassiopeia filled her plate with food. ‘Oh well… It’s not like it matters anyway.’




The only one talking to Cassiopeia during the meal after that incident was Sahra.


“Why are they all glaring at you?” she asked Cassiopeia confused.


“Well, see the thing is that they know I’m a Lykaon and the Lykaon family is one of the darkest ever actually we are somehow related to Grindelwald.” Cassiopeia explained to the little girl.




 “But why do they dislike you?” Sahra asked innocently.




“They think that I am the same than my family.”




“But you aren’t, are you?” Sahra looked a bit scared.




“No, I’m not.” Cassiopeia smiled at her.




“But then they are being prejudiced they are judging you with out knowing you.” Cassiopeia had to chuckle at Sahras choice of words. ‘She surly is one intelligent girl.’




“That’s just how most people think.” Cassiopeia told her.




“I think you are cool. You let us stay in your compartment.” Sahra told Cassiopeia.


“Why thank you.” She said looking at the little girl kindly. Cassiopeia continued to eat smiling slightly.






“Now that you all are feed, I have some announcements to make.” The hall had grew silent when Dumbledore started to speak. “The forbidden Forrest is as its name implies forbidden and of limits for everyone,” Dumbledore seemed to look at someone pointedly but Cassiopeia couldn’t see who it was, “as normal you will get your schedules tomorrow morning. The Quidditch tryouts will be held within the next three weeks. As for now please follow your houses perfects, they now the passwords.” When Dumbledore ended everyone started to get up. Cassiopeia got to know that Lily was a Perfect when she told the Gryffindors to follow her. The other Perfect was a tall guy with dirty blonde hair who looked like he had been ill recently. (A/n; coughremuscough)






The Perfect lead them up several stairways before stopping at the portrait of a fat lady in a pink dress. “The password is ‘Pixies’."Lily announced and the portrait swung back.






Cassiopeia was in one dorm with Lily and that Lydia girl. There also were three other girls but they never told her their names, when she came in following Lily, they frowned and just continued what they were doing as if she wasn’t there. Lily hadn’t tried to talk to her again, probably because Lydia had always been near her. Cassiopeia went to sleep as fast as she could closing the hangings.

A/n: singh... what do I have to do to make you review? I'll do nearly everything...
I want to thank my wondefull beta Wand Maker Extraordinaire

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It's getting better: prejudiced judgement


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