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Twisted Paths by Luvya
Chapter 1 : Twisted Paths
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Twisted Paths


Disclaimer: Harry
Potter and all of the characters do not belong to me, they belong to JK Rowling
anything you don’t recognise belongs to me, this applies to all chapters.


Authors Notes: This story I hope to finish. It is inspired by some of the best writers… I hope it will be up to your standards, please read and
review once you have finished.


Summery: Harry’s
fifth year, fights, deaths, relationships, friendships on the line and new
friendships formed all play a part in this year, and on top of that Harry and
the Gang have OWL’S this year, how will they ever survive?


Category: Romance,
action adventure, humour


Part 1


NOISE!” Vernon Dursley yelled. It wasn’t the first time Harry Potter had this ‘discussion’ with his Uncle, and it wouldn’t be the last.

“She’s not as bad as she was” Harry stated, which was true. Now that Harry was permitted to leave Hedwig’s (Harry’s owl) cage open Hedwig only hooted to wake Harry up, which unfortunately this morning woke up Uncle Vernon.

“Its not the point, if that ruddy owl is still making all that I will personally get rid of it!”
“I wouldn’t think so if my Godfather found out….” Harry trailed off letting his words sink in. Harry’s godfather Sirius was a wanted man, although he never actually did anything wrong, Harry had failed to tell the Dursly’s that.

“Oh so you still keep in contact with him?” Harry’s Uncle stuttered.

“Yes and owls are how wiz- I mean our kind send mail, so if he didn’t see Hedwig around he could…” Harry watched as his Uncle’s face went from Red to white extremely quickly.

“Alright, Alright you can keep her” he said gruffly. Harry re-treated to his room, to his room seeing as breakfast had already been eaten Harry had a good two hours free to do what ever he wanted (with in reason). The Dursly’s had lightened up this year fro some unknown
reason, not that Harry was complaining or anything, he just found that he had very little to do.


When Harry got upstairs he noticed that 2 official looking letters where sitting on his desk he opened the top one first.


You are required to stay at Hogwarts for the rest of the summer, Miss Granger and Mr Weasly will be joining you as well. The Weasly’s will be picking you up tomorrow, even if your uncle and aunt do say no.

Professor Dumbldore


Harry was surprised, as well as shocked. It had only been 2 weeks into the summer and already he was going back. He then remembered his other letter and opened it.


Dear Mr Potter


Congratulations you have been picked as
Gryffindor’s second Prefect. Miss Granger is the other one but don’t tell her
yet. Professor Dumbledore thinks it would be good for her to sweat it out a
little Your Prefect badge is in closed in this letter and so is your supply
list, please give this list to Mrs Weasly when she comes to pick you up
tomorrow as it would be safer if you didn’t go to Digon Alley this year.


Yours Sincerely

Professor Mc Gonagall


Harry was happy with this news, but also a
little worried, what was Ron going to say when he found out that his 2 best
friends where prefects? Harry thought to himself. Ron could get jealous after
the attention Harry got very easily (as Harry had found out in his fourth year)
and Harry was worried Ron would get jealous over this as well.

Uncle Vernon yelled. (A/n: It’s a Sunday in HP land) Interrupting Harry from
his thoughts.


“Eh… Uncle Vernon….” Harry asked while he
was making lunch.

“What boy?”

“My school would like me to go back for a
um… summer programme would I be able to go?” Harry asked. Harry waited
patiently as his uncle thought about what he was asking.

“Yes you can… how are you getting there?”

“The Weasly’s are picking me up tomorrow”
Harry said.

“Alright go back to making lunch!!!!”


To be continued



Next Chapter: Harry goes back to Hogwarts, and a death happens…





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