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Have A Little Faith... by fredthefrog252
Chapter 11 : Chapter 11 - Unearthed Truths and Unwanted Help
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Chapter 11 – Unearthed Truths and Unwanted Help
Sirius jumped to his feet and ran out into the corridor. Looking from left to right he saw no trace of Faith. He ran up the train back to the compartment where the others were seated. There was no Faith to be seen.

“Hey Padfoot,” Remus greeted. “Where’s Faith?”

“Dunno,” he replied, taking a seat.

She must of disapparated.


Faith inhaled the cool sea air. She was standing knee deep in water at a beach somewhere in the South of France. She closed her eyes letting the wind whip her dark curls around her face and the waves crash against her legs.

The beach was her escape, a place for her to think. The constant rolling of the waves were like a soothing lullaby that could carry her to sleep, the smell of the salty air calming. She could stand there forever, just being.

But running away wasn’t an option anymore. She couldn’t just leave. She had found two great friends in Lily and Alice and she could no longer run scared and hide. But she couldn’t tell them the horrors of her past. And how was she going to avoid Sirius forever?


“Welcome back from your Christmas break, I trust your families are well and that your holidays were enjoyable…”

Dumbledore was going on about the term ahead but Sirius was not paying him the slightest bit of attention. He was busy looking up and down the Gryffindor table for Faith who had not reappeared after the incident on the Hogwarts Express.


Dumbledore had finished and everybody was getting up to leave.

“I can’t see her anywhere,” Lily said as she and James walked up to him looking as worried as he felt.

“Padfoot, you might have to eck-chay the ap-may,” James said speaking in pig Latin.

“Check the map?” Lily said narrowing her eyes in suspicion.

James looked shifty visibly weakening under her piercing gaze.

“Why whatever would you mean by that dear?” she questioned sweetly.

“Um…I…Er…” James said looking from side to side for support.

Remus hit himself on the forehead.

“Prongs you explain, I’ll look for Faith,” Sirius said pulling out a piece of parchment from inside his robes.

“Yes James, you explain,” Lily said.

“Well the Marauders map is something we made ages ago. It’s a map of the castle with secret passageways and some of Hogsmeade.”

Lily gasped as Sirius held his wand up to the map, muttered, “I solemnly swear I’m up to no good,” and ink started to spread like spiders webs across the parchment to form a map of Hogwarts.

“Did you make this?” she asked.

James nodded his head cautiously.

“Wow that’s really-”

“She’s not at school or in Hogsmeade,” Sirius interrupted.

“Well where is she?” Lily asked.

“She’s either disapparrated off of the train or she’s in the room of requirement.”

“The room of-?”

“A room on the seventh floor that can be used for whatever the user requires,” Remus explained.

“I’ll go check there,” Sirius said. “You guys should wait here in case she comes back.”

He rushed out of the great hall stuffing the map into his pocket.


Faith walked along the main street of Hogsmeade after apparating near one of the pubs called the Hogs Head.

Walking into the grounds and up through the entrance hall she noticed that although the feast was long over, standing near the Gryffindor table was Sirius, Remus, Lily and James.

“She’s not in the room of requirement,” Sirius said.

“Check the map again.”

“That can’t be right,” he said looking at a piece of parchment. “It says she’s in the Entrance hall.”

Faith ran up the stairs just as Sirius looked up. She kept running until she got to the hospital wing.

“Yes what is it?” came the stern voice of Madam Pomfrey, the school matron.

“Just a quick patch up. I’ve got a couple of cuts and bruises that need healing.”

“All right lets take a look at them.”

Faith followed her behind some curtains before gingerly peeling off her shirt.

“My goodness,” Madam Pomfrey gasped. “Where did you sustain such injuries?”

“Ask me no questions and I’ll tell you know lies.”


It took Madam Pomfrey only ten minutes to heal all of Faiths injuries.

“Thanks Madam P,” Faith said before pulling on her shirt and exiting the hospital wing.

Stepping out into the corridor Faith was about to turn right and take the long way to Gryffindor tower, when there was a yell and somebody grabbed her around the shoulders.

It was moments like these when reflexes (and seven years of kick-boxing and martial arts) took over. Heaving her shoulders forward, ducking her head and bending one knee slightly Faith threw her attacker over her head and into the wall.

She straightened up quickly her feet spread slightly apart and her fists clenched in front of her, a basic combat stance.

“Oh-my-God James!” Lily cried running over to his crumpled form.

Helping him to his feet Lily looked at him a minute before tutting.

“I told you not to just attack her!” she ranted. “But no. No body listens to Lily. Nobody remembers what happened to Sirius at the star of last term.

Faith realizing she was still in attack position unclenched her fists allowing her arms to fall to her side.

“And why, may I ask, were you ‘attacking’ me for anyway?”

Faith looked around at her friends. Lily and Remus had identical looks of guilt plastered across their faces, James was grimacing and rubbing the back of his neck and Sirius was wearing a look that said “You know perfectly well what.”

“Well,” Lily began. “We were worried about you when you didn’t turn up for the rest of the train ride, we thought you might have had a run in with some Slytherins because we all know how famously you and Bellatrix get on. So we checked this map that they made that shows the castle with people that move and stuff but we couldn’t find you until a little while ago when we saw you come into the Entrance hall and then up here so we followed to see if you were ok.”

“We thought you might of disapparated off of the train or something,” Remus added.

Faith sighed.

“Ok look, I was coming back from the toilets when I got a call on my two-way from my friend Georgia, I’ve told you about her, anyways she had a problem so I apparated to Boston to give her a hand. Long distance apparitions make me queasy so I came up here for a potion.”

“But I thought electronics didn’t work at Hogwarts or on the train, so how did a two-way walkie-talkie?” Lily asked.

“Not two-way walkie-talkie, two-way mirror,” Faith explained pulling a small oval shaped mirror out of her pocket.

“We have a set of those!” James said pulling a small square mirror out of his pocket.

“Satisfied?” Faith asked eyeing them closely. “’Cause I am famished and need food like right now.”

And with that she walked off in the direction of the school kitchens.

After tickling the pear in the portrait of a bowl of fruit Faith stepped through the concealed doorway and into a large room filled with hundreds of tiny elves.

“Is miss hungry?” squeaked an elf dressed in a rag draped around her frail body like a toga.

“Um, yeah. I kind of missed the feast so could I have some pie and chicken and maybe some potatoes?”

Within seconds a large basket of roast chicken, potatoes and pumpkin pie was speeding towards her supported by half-a-dozen elves.

“Here you is miss,” the elf squeaked. “Would miss like something else?”

“Maybe some dessert, if it’s not too much trouble…” she trailed off for another basket, this time filled with an assortment of cakes and sweets, was already being pressed into her hands.

“Thank you!” she called before exiting the kitchens.


It was about an hour later and Faith was sitting by the lake, leaning against a tree, eating a chocolate éclair when a large black shaggy dog came up beside her and sat down.

“Hello you,” Faith said stroking its neck. “Long time, no see.”

The dog continued to stare at her.

“You know I always wanted a dog, mom wouldn’t allow it though. I think I will call you Fifi.”

The dog growled.

“Nah just kidding. How about … JJ?”

The dog continued to stare at her.

“JJ it is then. I guess if I had found you back in Boston I would have taken you to my friend Georgia’s house to live and kept you a secret from my mother. I guess that is where my problems start. My mom. It’s not my fault that she’s a drunk or broke or that she can’t hold down a job. But according to her it is. Georgia was really good to me when mom was in a rage. She let me stay when I was thrown out; she helped to heal me when my mom beat me. Mom started to beat me when I was four. But hitting a four-year-old constantly with books, bottle and her bare hands wasn’t enough for the stupid bitch. She began to use the cruciatis curse when I was seven.”

Faith shuddered at the repressed memory.

“And that my four-legged friend is what made the fucked up, violent and hollow girl sitting before you.”

She looked at the dog that was still staring at her with its beautiful grey eyes.

“You probably don’t understand a word that I am saying. Ah well. You want some food?” she asked picking up a piece of chicken.

The dog’s ears perked up.

“Well you’ll have to beg for it.”

The dog’s eyes became round and puppy-like.

Faith smiled. “You know you remind me of someone I-”

A look of comprehension dawned on her face.

“Wait a minute, those eyes. You’re-”

The dog ran off in the direction of the castle. Faith jumped to her feet and grabbed the basket hurling it after the dog.

“COME BACK YOU LYING, SNEAKING, CONIVING BASTARD!” she yelled, but the dog had already disappeared.


It was 10:45 on a Friday evening and Remus was sitting by the fire in the Gryffindor common room eating chocolate and reading a book on Transfiguration.

“I’m walking on sunshine, whoa,” he sang under his breath. He had heard the song on the muggle radio earlier this morning and now it was stuck in his head.

Just then Sirius burst through the portrait hole muttering, “Fuck” before sprinting up the stairs to the boys dormitory.

Remus shrugged to himself before taking a bite of the Honeydukes chocolate and returning to his book.

“I’m walking on sunshine, whoa, and don’t it feel goo-AAAH!” he screamed and Faith pinned him to the armchair he was sitting in.

“Where is that son of a bitch?” she growled in a dangerous voice.

Remus whimpered slightly before pointing up to the boys’ dormitory.

Her hold on him was released and she ran up the stairs.

Remus breathed deeply rubbing his neck.

A shout was heard from upstairs.

There was a crash as Sirius was thrown down the stairs and into a clump of first years.

Faith stormed down the stairs as Sirius got to his feet.




Faith grabbed a bottle of ink from a near-by table and threw it at Sirius who ducked so that it smashed against the wall.

Remus reached into his pocket and pulled out a small mirror.

“James,” he called into it.

“Remus?” squeaked Lily’s voice.

“Moony, I’m kind of busy right now,” James said as his head swam into view.

“Um, there is a small situation in the common room her and yours and Lily’s authority is required.”

“Why what’s happening?”

Remus ducked as a chair was thrown in his direction.

“Faith, Sirius, rowing, exploding furniture, HURRY!”


Lily watched James pocket the mirror and get to his feet.

“What’s happening?” she asked.

“Faith and Sirius are rowing in the common room.”

“Well let’s go!”

They exited the Head’s common room and walked along the corridor, down some stairs and over to the fat lady.


The portrait swung open and Lily stepped through first. She almost screamed when she saw the state of the common room.

Remus was standing there too shocked to move, Faith and Sirius were standing at opposite ends of the room screaming at each other sending curses everywhere. First-years were cowering in the corners; chairs and tables lay splintered and charred all over the floor.

“I WAS TRYING TO HELP!” Sirius bellowed, ducking an armchair.

“DID I ASK FOR YOUR HELP?” Faith yelled back before dive rolling out of the way of an on-coming table.

“Body-bind?” Lily asked James who nodded. “Ok. One…two…three, PERTRIFICUS TOTALIS!”

Faith and Sirius’ arms and legs snapped together and they fell to the ground.

James walked over to Sirius and removed the curse. Sirius jumped up glared at Faith before running up the stairs to the boys’ dormitory.

“Padfoot, WAIT!” James yelled making to follow his bets friend.

“James, maybe you should take Remus to the hospital wing to calm down first,” Lily suggested gesturing to Remus who was white and hysterical.

James nodded before leading him out of the common room.

Lily walked over and kneeled next to Faith.

“Finite incantartem.”

Faith sat up.

“Sorry Lils,” she said before running up to the dormitory.

Lily stood up and sighed just as the portrait hole swung open and Professor McGonogall stepped through.

“Miss Evans, what in the earth happened here?”

“Oh nothing!” Lily said in a voice that was high-pitched, hysterical and in no-way her own. “I’ve got everything under control.”

She quickly waved her wand and repaired all the furniture returning it to its original place.

“I’ll need to speak to Miss Porter and Mr. Black.”

“Oh no, please don’t! I’ve got it all under control!” Lily said trying to convince herself more than anyone else.

“Was anybody hurt?”

“No, Remus is a little hysterical but James took him to Madam Pomfrey, she’ll sort him out.”

“Very well Miss Evans it seems that you have it all under control. But if this happens again-”

“It won’t!”

“Very well then.”

She stalked out of the common room. Lily sighed with relief before climbing the stairs to her dorm.

This time she did scream.

The entire room was black and smoking. Faith stood in the middle her wand in her hand. She repaired the damage and Lily screamed and ducked, flinging her hands over her head as the room exploded again before Faith returned it to its original state. Faith stormed into the bathroom.

Lily changed into her pyjamas and got into her newly repaired bed drifting off to sleep to the sounds of glass smashing and someone muttering “Reparo.” 

A/N - ba ba baaaam. oh no! they are totall going at it. this is not at all like the other fight (they ain't gonna do it) it is worse! you should see the way everyones favourite teacher Minnie McG does to solve said problems. it is quite funny.
TTFN! :o)

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