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Hey, Lily! by mischiefmanaged
Chapter 1 : Hey, Lily!
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Hey, I've been watching you
Every little thing you do
Every time I see you pass
In my potions class, makes my heart beat fast

“Damnit, James, will you pay attention?” I heard my best mate, Sirius say distantly. I could hear him quite fine just a minute ago, and he was right next to me. I was sweating, and I could hear my heart pounding, as though it was ready to come out of my chest. Then Slughorn would have to use it in a potion.

Oh, no. Bad image. Get it out of my mind!

I heard Sirius say something again. “Come on, Prongs! If you don’t pay attention… then I do!” He shuddered at the thought of it, and continued, “And you know then our potion is going to be a disaster. And then your precious Evans won’t look at it…”

I heard no more. Lily Evans… she was the best in our potions class. Well… Snivellus was good as well, but we weren’t sure if he was a human or not. I glanced at her making her way to the ingredients cupboard. Her beautiful red hair was a bit damp, but it shined in the dim light nevertheless. As she walked by, I could smell her shampoo scent. It was flowery… just like her.

I've tried to owl you twice
But I see you roll your eyes
Wish I could make it real
But your lips are sealed, that ain't no big deal

I tried to owl Lily again that afternoon. I watched in the corner as my owl, Bob (hey, I was six when I named him!) delivered the letter to her in the courtyard. Lily glared at my owl, and grabbed the letter from him. She didn’t have to open it to see who it was from. My trademark nickname for her was on the envelope. My dearest Lily angel… But she ripped it up and rolled her eyes. “Potter,” she spat out to her friends. She took the shreds and threw it in the lake, where the giant squid would probably eat it. Great. My love poem would be devoured by a squid.

Sirius emerged from a tree. “You’ll never get Evans, Prongs.”

“You’ll really positive, you know that?”

He brushed a bit of black hair out of his eyes and laughed. “Her lips will always be sealed. Not to be negative or anything… but it’ll never be real, mate.”

“That’s what you think, Padfoot,” I retorted. “But I’ll make it so. You’ll see.”

'Cause I know you really want me
I hear your friends talk about me
So why you tryin' to do without me
When you got me
Where you want me

Sirius snorted, and left me still spying on Lily. She looked a bit pissed, and her friends started teasing her about something. She blushed, and I edged closer.

“You know you like Potter,” an Asian girl said, causing Lily to blush even more. “Why hide it?”

Lily tried to ignore her, and started walking away. Her friends lounged under the big oak tree, and I quickly sneaked behind it to listen to their conversation.

“Lily’s in denial,” I heard one of her Irish friends say. “Everybody knows that she likes James Potter. Even McGonagall and Dumbledore know. Why else would they pick Potter to be Head Boy?”

I was slightly angered at her comment. I was quite mischievous, and my teachers were certainly annoyed when I caused mischief in class. But I could be responsible… at times. I saved Snivellus from Moony in werewolf form… I also… erm, stopped Sirius from eating two whole pies for breakfast. That’s responsible, right?

However, the group of girls stopped talking about that subject and started talking about the next trip to Hogsmeade. Uninterested in their plans, I walked back to the castle, making sure that no one saw me.

I think you're fine
You really blow my mind
Maybe someday, you and me can run away
I just want you to know
I wanna be your Romeo

When I got back to the dormitory, I was pleased to see that it was empty. I walked over to my bed and pulled my trunk out. I rummaged inside to find a photograph of Lily Evans. Remus had taken it at the end of third year, back when I wasn’t as annoying. She was smiling, and she even hugged me! Of course, it was a friendly hug. But still… it was a hug. Something she wouldn’t give me now.

I tossed the picture carefully onto my old, scarlet Quidditch robes. She wasn’t a big Quidditch fan either, and never came to see the matches, unless her friends litterally dragged her to come. Unlike the girls who would crowd around me after I caught the Snitch, Lily would merely mark her place in her book and roll her eyes at me.

I shook my head. I didn’t want to think about Quidditch now. I looked inside my trunk for one of my old Transfiguration textbooks. I flipped it to the back, and took out a photograph. This one was obviously of Lily. I had borrowed Remus’s camera at the end of fourth year and took this picture of her talking with her friends. She looked like she was enjoying herself.

Her auburn hair was in a ponytail, and her startlingly green eyes twinkled with laughter. Lily had abandoned her school robes and wore a blue striped polo shirt with dark blue jeans. She was perfect. I hid behind Sirius when she boarded the train, knowing that she would probably yell at me if she saw me.

Still, despite our rows, I still… like Lily. Whenever I see her, I have an odd feeling. Peter tells me it’s nothing, but he doesn’t really have a social life other than us Marauders.

I walked over to my nightstand, and searched the schoolbag next to it for a quill, piece of parchment and a bottle of ink. Once I had found them, I dipped my quill in the scarlet ink bottle and began to write about Lily. I wrote about the adventures I wanted to have with her. One of my adventures took place in the middle of seventh year, a few months later and I met Lily up at the astronomy tower at midnight. We left Hogwarts on my broomstick, leaving for something romantic. Writing about Lily helped me relieve some of my frustration, but it did piss me off at times when I realized that the scenarios would never happen.

I filled up two feet of parchment. I looked out my window hours later, and saw that the sun was about to set. I quickly threw what I had written into my trunk, throwing my quill and bottle of ink on it to hide my embarrassing ideas. Hopefully Remus and Sirius didn’t notice I was late for dinner.

Girl you got me on my knees
Beggin’ please, baby please
Too far to turn around
So I'm gonna stand my ground
Gimme just a little bit of hope
With a smile or a glance, gimme one more chance

When I reached the Great Hall, I was terrified and overjoyed to see that Lily was sitting next to Remus, and there was an empty seat next to him. I quickly ran for it, and sat down without my friends even knowing.

“Hello Lily,” I tried to say romantically, “Remus. Sirius.”

Remus nodded and continued to eat his roast beef, covered with gravy and potatoes. Sirius gnawed on some chicken. Lily didn’t even look at me. I tried to look confident as I reached out for the plate of chicken. However, I suddenly jerked and the plate crashed down to the floor. Right under Lily’s seat.

My cheeks reddened as I lowered to the floor and crawled under Lily. She suddenly looked down at me and gasped.

“Potter…” she said angrily.

I reddened even more as I quickly grabbed the shards of the plate. I threw them on the table and stood up gingerly. Lily turned around to look at me, scowling. She was wearing the same blue striped polo shirt in the picture I took at the end of fourth year. Lily wore it under her robes. It still fit her perfectly, of course. I mean, she’s Lily Evans. Anyways, that shirt seemed to reinforce my plan to get Evans to go out with me.

“Er…” I said quietly. I wasn’t going to run away from her, or tell her that it was a plan to ask her to go out with me like normal. No. I was going to stand my ground. I mean, a boy spends three or four years on this girl. He’s not going to give up. I’m not going to give up.


“I erm… Lily? Would you… I mean, if you don’t want to but there’s a Hogsmeade trip next weekend, and I was wondering…?” I stammered. I stared at her, waiting to be rejected as always.

She seemed to be in great thought. After a moment, Lily finally smiled and said, “We’ll see, James.”

My Lily flower used my first name! She smiled at me as well! I knew she would accept me one day!

I quickly nodded, trying to hide the smile on my face. I walked over to my seat, where Sirius and Remus were smirking at me.

“Hey,” I said, grabbing a piece of chicken, “you know it had to happen sometime.”

A/N: I got the idea for this story after these girls randomly started to sing Hey Juliet by LMNT during lunch. So yeah, if you still haven't noticed, the song used in this story is Hey Juliet by LMNT. Hope you liked the story! And yeah, I changed a few bits, mainly changed two words to fit the Hogwarts atmosphere and two lines that didn't go along with the story.

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