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Those Few Small Details by Foxlilly5
Chapter 1 : Memoirs
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Harry sat staring out at the water at Hogwarts, next to him sat Hermione and Ron. Taking in a deep breath he closed his eyes and lied on his back. The fluffy white clouds drifted by slowly, the water in the lake rippled in the wind slightly. The hot sun beating down upon the three companions heads as they reflected over the past; to when they had all met...

Ron smiled as he thought of their adventures and how far as a human being and a person he had come, and how much he had developed...

I remember, as if it was yesterday, when I first sat next to Harry on the Hogwarts Express...he was just the boy with the scar but after that we were pals. Then came my brief period of hating Hermione, but some time during the year we became friends...I can’t quite remember the reason, we just blended... oh wait no; it was that bloody troll. Then there was Ginny, oh boy, she had loved Harry from the moment she laid eyes on him. Now they’re getting MARRIED. My how things have changed! We’re friends, best friends, well Hermione and I are dating but that is besides the point, its always been the three of us, now it will be Harry and Ginny, me and Hermione, couples, possibly soon all married couples. Nothing will be innocent and pure like it was; this is our last night, the last night of normal... 

Hermione smiled in spite of herself when she thought of all she had come through, and how much being friends with the boys had changed her and improved her quality of life...

Harry...and GINNY, when I first became friends with the boys I always thought we would just be single our whole lives as friends. Screw getting married or being couples, our lives were adventure, trust, loyalty and most importantly school...okay that was my priority not theirs but that’s besides the point! My whole life I have worried about Harry and Voldemort and now that that ordeal is over it seems I never really toyed with the fact that Harry might move on and get his life started again. I love Ronald, I do... but I wish for just a few moments we could go back to just being those three crazy kids who ran around in invisibility cloaks, warding of teachers and having an adventure. After tomorrow everything about our lives changes, no more innocence, no more three best friends against the cruelness of the world, it is finally coming to an end, and for some odd reason I can’t bring myself to believe it... 

Harry’s heart fluttered as he reminisced about his childhood leading up to this moment...

I was nothing...I lived in a cupboard for god I am marrying Ginny. I am a wizard, I still can’t believe it. Voldemort is gone, and for the first time in my life I feel at peace. I miss my friends, things have been absent. I miss adventure, laughter, childish jokes and dreams. I am only 20, I have only just graduated, and yet it seems I am moving so fast. Maybe it is wrong to marry Ginny...we could go on, just the three of us, we could use a time-turner and go back for a while- as long as we want, and sneak around under the invisibility cloak in Hogwarts, and duel Malfoy...and talk to Dumbledore. He would know what to do right now; because I sure as hell don’t... 

Hermione sat up. “Guys, maybe we should leave, we might get caught here you know, technically we’re not allowed here.”

Ron snorted but didn’t say anything. Instead he turned around and looked into Hagrid’s hut that was on the other side of the grounds. The only thing he could see was the roof, but there was no usual cheerfulness. There was no smoke in the chimney, no cookies that were more like rocks than anything.

“I wonder what good ole’ Hagrid’s been up to...I miss him and his bloody cooking...”

Hermione laughed “Now Ron that is just taking it too far!”

Harry smiled, and finally stood for the first time in hours and reached out to help the other two up; brushing grass and dirt from their cloths. “It’s our last night guys...let’s have some adventure!”

With that he pulled out his invisibility cloak. The others looked at him with blank stares until finally they all erupted in laughter “Just like old times.”

“Just like old times...” they echoed

If only they knew what was to come in the days ahead... 

[The future...]

“Ron you look like a cabbage-“
“A little on the dumpy side my friend-”
“Not to worry we can fix it!”


Fred and George stepped back from Ron’s suite smiling.

“Common Ron, Just let us spruce the color a bit!” tried George

Ron’s cheeks and ears flared red as he looked up at his brown suite with even darker brown patches on the elbows.

“It’s fine...I...I happen to like it this way.” Said Ron stubbornly

Fred and George laughed, before turning away. “Alright mate...whatever you-”

Ron had his backed turned and was walking towards The Burrow when...

“WANT!” followed by and eruption of laughter by the twins. 


“Now really what could those boys be up to in a time like this?” exclaimed Hermione stiffly as she adjusted Ginny’s wedding dress “By the way Ginny you look positively stunning!”

Ginny blushed before turning around and facing the mirror; the dress was gorgeous, it was long and flowed nicely, it looked like water and rippled as she moved (an effect added by Hermione herself). In the light it shone of different colors, though pale to the eye, it looked almost see through but you couldn’t see through it; like it had endless depth without a bottom. On top of the actual dress there was a very thin lining of lace the color of grey-ish smoky white. It was the most beautiful she had ever seen herself, her hair tied up extravagantly in a bun with loose curled hairs of the most intensifying red. She couldn’t help but smile at her reflection.

“I do don’t I?” she said dreamily “Do you think Harry will like it?”

“He’ll love it!” Hermione assured

Just then Ron burst in the door his face contorted as if he had just seen someone be sick.

“THEY TURNED MY DAMN SUITE PINK!” he raged turning purple in the face “PINK HERMIONE! PINK!”

Hermione covered her mouth trying to hold back a wave of giggles; the sight was pretty funny. There stood Ron in a suite of pink with purple and orange puff balls across the chest and florescent yellow lace at the collar.

“Really Ron...its not’s not THAT bad” then Hermione snorted clutching her chest and her and Ginny dissolved into a fit of giggles.

Ron rolled his eyes then left the room muttering something about the immaturity of women.

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