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Love: An Irresistible Desire by magical words
Chapter 13 : Gravitation Cannot Be Held Responsible
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AN: Wow! Chapter 13. Another vital part to L:AID. Is it beginning to all come together?

I hope you all enjoy it! R & R!!

magical words


                              Chapter 13: Gravitation Cannot Be Held Responsible 
It was the morning after. But the morning after what? 

Well, the morning after such an amazing milestone of sorts. 

Fred woke up first. He had had a very restful sleep. Especially after…well… 

It was 7:30 AM. Fred was staring at his ceiling. The person beside him pulled the covers around herself. Fred looked over at his bedmate. 


Hermione looked so peaceful, so beautiful. Her hair was a halo around her face. Her bare arms wrapped around her chest. She moved her head ever so slightly that a strand of hair moved to cover part of her face. 

Fred, as gently as he could without waking her, reached out and brushed it away. Hermione mumbled an incoherent thought as Fred touched her. Hermione nestled closer to Fred. 

“You’re beautiful Hermione,” Fred whispered. 

“Mmm, Fred,” Hermione uttered. She was, fortunately, still unconscious. 

“You’re extremely beautiful, and a lovely person, and funny, and bubbly, and amazing and bloody brilliant. You’re everything a person could possibly be. You’re perfect, Hermione.” 

In his soliloquy, Hermione smiled almost as if she heard Fred say all those wonderful things. 

“Hermione, I think I’m in love with you,” Fred said. Fred leaned over Hermione and kissed her forehead lightly. Fred brought his head directly above hers. Hermione’s eyes fluttered. 

Hermione had opened her eyes to see a gorgeous red-head. She smiled as she noticed that stubborn piece of hair that fell into his eyes. She lifted her right arm to brush it away. 

Fred shivered as Hermione’s fingers pushed his hair back. 

“Hello love.” 

“Hello love,” Hermione copied.
“Well, it’s morning.” 

“Yes it is.” Hermione smiled at the simplicity of this conversation. 

“And it’s Tuesday.”
“Yes it is.” Then it dawned on Hermione. 

She sat straight up, colliding with Fred’s head. 

“Ow!” they both cried, bringing their hands up to their heads. 

“I’m sorry Fred, but do you know what Tuesday means?” 

“That there are only three more days until Friday?” he asked sweetly. 

“Well, yes, but that isn’t what I was thinking about. The assignment is over.” Hermione lifted her right arm. Fred’s arm did not follow. “We aren’t attached anymore,” she said, sounding somber. 

“The assignment’s over?” 

“Yes it is.” Hermione smiled as sincerely as she could. 

“Well, it was the best assignment I’ve ever been involved in,” Fred said, trying to make the mood a little brighter. 

“I completely agree with you.” Hermione folded her arms across her chest, hugging herself. 

There was an awkward pause. Well, you would think so too if you just slept with your ex-boyfriend’s older brother who you happen to be convinced you’re in love with, and not simply infatuated with his lovely ginger-coloured hair (though that might be an important deciding factor). 

“So, what was your favourite part?” 

Spending it with you, Fred thought. “I’d have to say the Weasley festivities. I love my big family.” 

“Me too.” I wish I could be apart of it officially. Margaret is practically apart of them now, but I can’t blame her for that. She’s a doll. 

“Well, Fred, since the assignment is over, I should get going.” Hermione avoided Fred’s eyes.

Hermione reached for her wand on the nightstand, but Fred’s hand took hold of her hand before she could get to it. Hermione turned to him. 

“Hermione, I did absolutely have a wonderful time with you on this assignment. I had the most fun I’ve ever had, and I’ve had a lot of fun in my days. I’ve also had some wonderful conversations with you; I trust you. You’re very kind and generous and observant and caring and…and…” Fred sighed. “What I’m trying to say, is that, I think I love you.” 

Hermione didn’t gasp. She didn’t look away. She didn’t laugh, either. 

“Well, this is the point where you are supposed to say something in regards to what I just confessed,” Fred said, entirely and completely scared out of his mind. 

“I – I – think I love you too.” 

Fred jumped up, stark naked, screaming jubilantly. 

He blushed deep red. “I think I feel like an idiot,” he said as he quickly grabbed a blanket to cover up. 

“I think you look like an adorable idiot,” Hermione admitted, also blushing. 

And then, Hermione became excessively bold: she kissed Fred. 

Now, it must be told that it wasn’t one of those “let’s kiss for the hell of it” kisses, or a “we’ve just had a nice shag, let’s do it again” kiss. But it was a complete “I very well might be completely and madly in love with you though I’ve only really known you for about a week” kiss. 

Eventually, this “I very well might be completely and madly in love with you though I’ve only really known you for about a week” kiss transitioned into a full-frontal snogging session in bed, completely naked but for a sheet or two wrapped between them.
Some time after that, they stopped, but only because they were somewhat out of breath. 

“Fred, I think we should tell the truth.” 

“About what?” he asked, all lovey-dovey. 

“About us not really dating. Well, at least not like we said we were. We lied about dating to your whole family.” 

“Oh, right. If you think it’s best, of course. But I’d rather not tell anyone else but the family.” 

Hermione kissed Fred. “You’re wonderful.” 

“Whatever you say.” 

Hermione lightly slapped him. “You’re just saying that because you want to have your way with me, now, aren’t you?” 

“Maybe,” he admitted sheepishly. 

Hermione smirked. 

“You read me like an open book.” 

“Well, I am very good at reading books.” 

And so, Mr. Weasley had his way with Ms. Granger. 


After having getting their oats, Hermione and Fred talked in bed for some hours. Mostly, it was about how they were going to keep their current situation on the down low. 

Both Fred and Hermione agreed that they weren’t going to tell anyone but the Weasleys and Hermione’s parents. Hermione wasn’t going to make any mention of their intimacy in the article for Mystic Witch, the reason for their current status as a couple. Finding out that Fred was no longer a bachelor (at least, as of this instant) would be a shock to the entire wizarding nation. Not to mention, quite scandalous. Fred wasn’t going to publicise either. 

They had it all settled. And perfectly. 


At one thirty, Hermione left, but not before Fred made them a wonderful lunch.
Hermione left and headed to the Mystical Witch building, quite happy, and Amalia noticed this. 

Hermione, being very un-Hermione-like, was wearing a red satin fitted blouse and grey slacks. Amalia immediately knew something was up because Hermione hates wearing red tops. (Dresses, however, are another story.) Also, her hair was straight (which Amalia knew makes Hermione feel oh-so-plain) and she wore practically no make-up. 

Amalia, as she noticed Hermione’s apparent jubilation, decided to begin an inquisition of sorts, in Hermione’s office. 

Hermione walked into her office at twenty-seven of two, not at all alarmed at seeing Amalia Anders sitting at her desk. 

“Well, hello Hermione, pleasant surprise seeing you here,” Amalia said. 

Normally, Hermione would say something demeaning to her boss (who is, by the way, a complete nincompoop) at finding her sitting at her desk. But, this was not “normally.” 

“Oh, hello Amalia. How are you?” 

“Oh, I’m well. And you? How was your assignment with Fred Weasley? Wonderful?” 

“I’m good, thanks. And yes, the assignment was wonderful. Very…insightful. It’s going to be an amazing article.” 

“Well, that’s good. Mystical Witch will most certainly profit from the sales then. That’s wonderful.” 

Hermione noted that Amalia was trying just a little too hard to be nice. And she also realised that she was being too un-Hermione like. 

“But what I want to know, Amalia, is why you are in my office?” 

Amalia was alarmed. She didn’t realise that Hermione could catch on that quick. “Oh, I just wanted to know how it went. You know, boss/employee talks. They’re very important to the well-being of the magazine corporation.” 

“Oh, of course,” Hermione said, trying, with much difficulty, to not smile. “Well, you better get back to your boss-like duties.” 

Amalia almost glared at Hermione and clomped out in her five inch bright yellow stilettos, slamming the door in the process. 

Then, and only then, did Hermione laugh out loud at Amalia’s absurdity. 

And then, Fred Apparated into Hermione’s office. 

“What are you doing here?” she whispered. 

“I couldn’t wait to see you.” 

“I just left not even fifteen minutes ago.” 

“So?” And then Fred came up and kissed her. 

“Fred,” Hermione whispered. 

“Hermione,” Fred whispered. 

And then Hermione heard an annoying and grating voice ring throughout the Mystical Witch floor. 

“Oh no, it’s Bert the fat!” 

“Well, we just have to evade him, now don’t we?” 

“I suppose.” 

This should be very interesting. 

AN: The end of another chapter. Huzzah! I hope you like it…especially with the cliff hanger. Don’t worry, more FreMione goodness soon.

And the quote:

Gravitation cannot be held responsible for people falling in love.
-- Albert Einstein 

R & R readers!  

Oh, and you'll have to wait a while; I haven't finished Chapter 14 yet.  Sorry!  Review!  It might motivate me!

magical words


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Love: An Irresistible Desire: Gravitation Cannot Be Held Responsible


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