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The Hard Life by killthatrat
Chapter 4 : Chapter 4 The Proposal
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disclaimer: i own none of this, im only playing with the chess board that JKR has set up!

Harry lay in bed, thinking hard as he listened to Ron’s steady snores. He didn’t quite know what to think about what Fred had said the other day. Obviously Voldemort would know by now that he and Ginny had been a couple. Everybody through out the school had known, much to the dismay of some girls. He smiled as he thought of their first kiss in the common room, how many couples had their first kiss like that.

He rolled over trying to push all thoughts of Ginny out of his head, but everything just kept sort of coming back to her. They had had to spend a lot of their time together the past few days, helping prepare for the reception which would be held at the burrow after the ceremony. The groomsmen had gotten the shock of their life when they learned that they were expected to dance at the reception, and Harry’s thoughts had flown back to the Yule Ball, thought which had sent him into fits of laughter. Lucky for he and Ron, Mrs Weasleys was quite the teacher, and he was not so worried anymore.

He sighed as he rolled over to his other side, trying to get to sleep. A pensieve would be useful right now, Harry thought as he tried to get comfortable. He sighed softly as his thoughts drifted back to the lies he had told everybody. No matter how many times he confirmed it to everybody, he could not shake the nagging feeling that not everybody was very convinced. It was Friday tomorrow, one day until the wedding and he knew he would have to go back to Surrey on Sunday. He was definitely not looking forward to this. He loved every minute he had sent with the Weasleys, Sirius and who ever else stopped by. The thought of going back to the Dursleys and once again isolating himself was awful to say the least. He sincerely hoped that his Uncle had calmed down, and would not hit him again, if he had to put up with that crap again he would go permanently insane.

He soon drifted off to sleep as he listened to Ron’s steady snores. However he had not been the only person still awake. Mr Weasley and Sirius sat downstairs, a bottle of butterbeer each, quietly discussing the strange bruises that had befouled his face.

"What do you mean you’re not sure he definitely fell Arthur?" Sirius questioned, worried about what his answer may be.

"I don’t know. It is a very original excuse when you’re covering something up isn’t it."

Sirius paused at this, "Covering up? What could he possibly be covering up?"

Mr Weasley looked uncomfortable at this; he squirmed slightly before answering.

"Well, we should consider that maybe he came off worst in a fight with his cousin, or maybe even his Uncle."

"What? You mean like his Uncle hit him?"

"It’s a possibility, but maybe he did fall down the stairs, we just don’t know Sirius. I just think it seems a little strange."

"It can’t be that Arthur." Sirius said, more to himself than Mr Weasley. "I mean Harry would tell us if his Uncle had belted him. He’s atleast tell somebody."

The two men sat in silence for some time. Both in deep thought about their short, but meaningful discussion before Sirius broke the silence.

"I should let you go to bed Arthur." He stood up, placing his empty butter beer on the coffee table. "Big day tomorrow getting the boys some dress robes."

"OK. Ill see you at the ceremony if not tomorrow."

"Yeah sure thing." Sirius replied with a smile as they shook hands, before turning to head out the back door, which was closest.

"He’s alright now." Mr Weasley said, referring to Harry. Sirius stopped in his tracks for a moment, as Mr Weasley continued.

"He’s with us now. And it won’t be long until he never has to go back there."

Sirius breathed in deeply as he replied, "Yeah I know. Thanks Arthur."




"How do we look?" Charlie asked his father, as he and his groomsmen stood in a line at Madame Malkins, each wearing the same light blue shirt, black pants and black formal robes.

"Magnificent. I like the blue."

Smiles broke out among the groomsmen, relieved they had found something at the last minute. "Well what do you reckon Bill?" said the twins in unison. "It is your wedding."

Bill fell silent as he studied everybody, including himself.

"I like them. Let’s take them." He said with a smile. His wounds were healing fast for what they were, and he had gotten back most of his original good looks, and his personality. His craving for raw meat was still as obvious as ever, and worsened every full moon. Thankfully though as Remus has predicted, he did not transform into a werewolf at all.

"Son, you’re not going to wear those boots tomorrow are you?" Mr Weasly said with a smirk as they entered their changing rooms to redress.

"Ahhh maybe not the boots." he called out in reply. "But I’m wearing my fang earring. And I’m not getting a hair cut like Mum keeps nagging me to."

Harry smiled as he came out now fully dressed holding the clothes he had been wearing. It was typical of Bill to want to wear those items on his wedding day. A formal wedding was not going to stop him wearing those things.

He sat down next to Mr Weasley and asked, "So where exactly is the wedding held?"

The older man smiled as he answered, "Well in the morning all you boys are getting ready at Sirius’s house, so that the girls and Fluer’s family can have the Burrow to themselves, so you’ll be staying at his place this evening. And then were all walking to the little park which is only about 15 minutes walk from there. The park is quite elegant actually"

"Yeah I tell you what mum’s gonna be going crazy with all those French people there tomorrow." George remarked as he too exited his change room and sat down on the remaining chair. "Fluer’s mother hardly speaks English from what I’ve heard."

"Gee that would be fun. When is her family arriving?"

"Late tonight." Charlie answered as he too finished redressing. They waited patiently and not long after Fred, Ron and Bill emerged. They paid for their new clothing and had just left Madam Malkins when they ran into Sirius and Remus.

"Done already?" Remus said.

"Well come on show us what you bought." Sirius said as they began walking.

"It’s all wrapped up though!" Ron exclaimed, brandishing the packages that were wrapped in brown paper. "We’ll show you in the morning."

"Anyway we better get back to the shop brother." Fred said to George.

"Yeah we left Verity in charge. We’ shall see you guys tonight!" With a wave they quickly departed, just as Mr Weasley suggested that they do the same.

"Your mother will be going spare with worry boys. We were supposed to be back an hour ago."

"Feel like coming to my place a bit early? I’ve got something I need your opinion on." Sirius said.

"Yeah sounds good."

"I’ll get the boys to bring your things tonight for you." Said Mr Weasley, upon hearing this.

"Thanks. Tell everyone I’ll see them tomorrow for me."

"Will do."

Harry and Sirius waved goodbye to them as the Weasleys headed towards the brick exit of Diagon Alley. They too quickly made their way out of Diagon Alley shortly after, and they sat in overgrown back yard of 12 Grimauld place talking idly about anything that came to mind.

"I bet you’re glad Mrs Weasley helped get rid of those bruises for you."

Harry laughed before answering. "Well it was starting to be painful to show any facial expressions, so yeah very glad."

His Godfather laughed loudly at this, causing Harry to crack a wide smile.

"So how is life with our favorite muggles these days?"

"Ahhh they’re still the same old, boring, superficial, muggles that we all hate. Nothing new of course."

Sirius nodded in agreement, and they fell into a comfortable silence. When it began to darken and get cooler, Sirius broke the silence by saying,

"You know Harry, there’s nothing you can’t tell me, or ask me."

Harry was slightly taken aback at this statement. Of course he knew that, even though he didn’t always do it.

"I know." He said simply, as he turned to face his Godfather with a small smile. "But since were on the subject of questions, where do babies come from?"

Sirius stopped a look of shock on his face. "Well…um." he spluttered. "Well…when a Mummy-"

"Sirius," Harry said with a laugh at Sirius’ reaction. "You don’t have to answer that question."

Confusion etched his face, as he jumped up and said, "Why you little tricker! You’ll pay for that!" He quickly leaned down and launched at Harry, with every intent of tickling him until he begged for mercy. Harry quickly jumped out of the way, still laughing merrily.

Saving himself from anymore tickling attempts, he blurted out in a rush, "So what was it you needed my opinion on!?"

Sirius stopped dead, and a boyish grin lit up his face as he said, "It’s inside, come on."

Shaking his head at his Godfather, Harry traipsed after Sirius into the kitchen, where he slapped a Muggle newspaper onto the bench. Still maintaining his boyish grin he flicked to the page he desired, and pointed to the section he was looking at. Curiously Harry leaned in to look at the advertisement.

"Why am I looking at a Muggle house advertisement?" he questioned.

"Because," Sirius said, waving his hands around slightly. "This is the house I want to buy."

"Oh." Harry replied slightly confused. "Why?"


With the air of having explained this before, he began, "Well I just decided that I can’t live here much longer. This house is so depressing, especially with my mother’s portrait around. I need a fresh start, and this is my fresh start."

Harry looked back at the advertisement, which read:

This traditional double story home, boasts of open living spaces and three spacious bedrooms plus study. The large open plan kitchen is perfect for the budding cook with plenty of storage space. The formal and informal dining areas are inviting and classy, while a traditional fireplace warms the living room. The front porch invites you into the small but practical foyer, and the back porch to a spacious backyard. This warm and inviting home is perfect for any family, great or small.

"It looks great. So you’re definitely buying it?"

Sirius nodded. "But I still have one question about it all."


Sirius took a deep breath, steeling himself for the words he had rehearsed the night before. "Do you want to move in with me?"

Shock coursed through Harry’s mind. Move in with Sirius? What a stupid question.

"Well that’s a stupid question. Of course I’d want to move in with you. Why wouldn’t I?"

"Well, I didn’t know if you still wanted to. You said you did when you were younger, so I just thought I might ask again." He said, he voice trailing off slightly.

"Of course I do you dolt!" Harry said slapping him on the arm.

Relief washed over Sirius’ face, they sat down as Harry fired him with questions.

"So why near a Muggle village? And why out of town?" He said looking at the address.

"Ahhh the peace and quiet of the country. And it’s not that far out of town. 20 minute walk to where all the muggles live."

Harry leaned back in his chair, still curiously studying the advertisement. He looked at the old fashioned exterior, he realized with a smile that the white paint was peeling. But he didn’t care. He began to grin like a Cheshire cat as he asked, "So when are we moving in?"

Sirius stopped mid sentence, to answer. "Well, Remus is going to help me go through this place while you’re back at the Dursleys. We’ll get some of the furniture nobody uses any more, and we’ll move that in as soon as we can. And then when you turn 17, you can come and move your things in. How’s that sound?"

"Leaving the Dursleys has never looked this appealing. I can’t wait."

"Wait for what?" a voice called out from the lounge room.

"Hey Ron." They said in unison, as Harry and Sirius got up to see him dusting off ash from the floo network.

"Hey." He replied as Charlie arrived in the fireplace with another whoosh.

"Wait for what?" Ron asked again.

Harry and Sirius looked at each other.

"Should I tell them, or you?"



A/N please leave detailed reviews if you have the time. (Some helpful tips on how to make JKR's characters in my fan fic more like the ones from the book. i dont feel right no that they are 'in character' (as you would say in acting)) i love getting reviews they are so exciting! let me know what YOU would like in future chapters! what you did and didn't like etc!



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The Hard Life: Chapter 4 The Proposal


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