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The Other Daughter by manic_rage
Chapter 3 : Malfoy and Ruby
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Malfoy and Ruby

She awoke the next morning, to the sound of someone knocking on her door, she looked down and saw she was still holding the bloody shirt, and quickly, before the person let themselves in she placed back into her bag, pushing it deeply in.



 The door opened and there stood Harry, again he could not help but stare, she was dressed in the lacey boy shorts and a short, almost see-through tank top.






  “We’re going to Diagon Alley in about ten minutes, I was just checking to see if you were awake, and now that I see you are, I will leave you to get dressed.”  Said Harry as he closed the door, his heart thumping against his chest.



He shook his head and walked down the hall to his and Ron’s room.  Electres knew that look; it was the look she got when a customer wanted her, she hated that look. 



Quickly she threw on the guy’s jeans and a tee shirt and walked out of her room, not concerning herself with make up or her hair, she had spent too many years forced to care, now she was free not to, it was wonderful.



 She walked down the stairs to find her ‘family’ waiting for her, well the kids at least. 



“Oh dear are you sure you don’t want to wear something else, you have such a nice figure-”



 But Molly stopped when she saw the look in Electres’s eye, it was not pin pointable, but she knew it was not good. 




“Never mind, here take a cloak with you, it gets chilly there sometimes.”  She said handing Electres a cloak; it was a deep dark red; it went perfect with her black man jeans and tee shirt. 



“Thank you.”  Said Electres, taking the cloak and putting it on.  Then everyone went to the fireplace, Harry turned to Electres,



 “Have you ever used Flu Powder?”  He asked, and Electres shook her head. 



“We were forbidden.”  She said and he nodded, explaining the process.  After he had explained how it worked, he went first and Electres followed.



 She fell but was caught by Harry, she was covered in ash, but did not mind, she wiped it off and thanked Harry for catching her. When he was telling her no problem, she was looking around, amazed by this world.



 “Its so beautiful.”



 “Yeah, the first thing I thought when I saw it too.”  Soon Ron, Hermione and Ginny came through.




 Ginny was jealous of Electres and all the attention she had been receiving from Harry, she tried to brush it off, but she saw it every time Harry looked at her, a certain wanting, the same she had for him. 




They left and went into the alley, Electres puzzled by all of the people, all different.  Ron, Ginny Hermione, and Harry showed Electres around, showing her all of the best shops, and where to get everything. 







“Oh look there’s Potter, Weasly, Weaslette, Granger oh and who is this, did Potter get a new girlfriend-” But he stopped when they all turned around, he stared at Electres. 




“Electres, your ok.”  He said rushing towards her, hugging her, everyone, even people in the alley were surprised, people in black cloaks watched closely.




  “You’re hugging me.”  Said Electres annoyed, Draco pulled back, met by stares. 



“Malfoy get the hell away from her.”  Said Harry, ready to get his wand. He sneered and Ron stepped up, wand out,



“Back the hell away from my sister Malfoy.”  Draco looked at Electres, touching her hair.



 “I should have known, oh well,” he said looking at Electres in the eyes, smiling. 




“I like it, it suits you.”  He said in a tone the others had never heard him use. 



“Thank you.”



 “So your ok?” 



“Yes, but you are not.”  She said bringing her hand to his face, lightly touching a fading bruise on his cheek, he pulled away, embarrassed. 



“Not here.”



  “Of course.”  Said Electres turning to Ron, Ginny, Harry and Hermione,



 “I will be back.” 



“No,” said Ron.



 “I don’t know how you know him, but your not going anywhere with him.”  he said, his tone angry when he said him.



 “Ron you are not the boss of me, I will go where I want.”  She said turning to leave with Draco, but Harry caught her arm.



 “We’ll be over there.”  He said nodding, she understood the he understood the situation.




 They walked over to a place they thought they could not be seen, they were wrong.



 “I missed you.”  He said kissing her lips; she smiled, and kissed him back.



 “I as well, but you have not been well.  I should not have left, they would still-“ 



“Shh.”  He said with his fingers pressed to her lips. 



“I am glad you left, you are safe now and I know it.  Just stay away from Potter, he gets everyone killed.” 



“He is the only one who knows.”



 “How did he find out?”



 “He saw me putting the make up on, thinking it was the dark mark.” 



“And you told him?”



 “I had no other choice.”



 “I’ll k-“



 “You will do nothing to him, he is a good person and you know it.” 



“This is not how I saw us reuniting.”  He said smiling, pushing her slightly against the wall.



 “I promise Draco, I will come back to you, but not now.”  He leaned forward, passed his mouth to her ear.



 “Don’t promise things you cannot keep.”  He said sadly, she pushed him so she could look him in the eyes, and smiled slightly. 



“I always keep my promises, because I am not quick to make them.”  She said kissing his bruised cheek softly, he looked at her and pressed his forehead to hers. 



“Soon.”  He said and she repeated, her voice low. 




They both walked away at the same time, never looking back at each other, knowing that if they did, it would look even more suspicious then it already did.



 She walked over to her people, her face set, not showing any emotion.  Harry was the first to get to her, but he held his questions, his eyes sweeping her body, checking for injuries. Ron walked to her, his face red.




 “How the hell do you know Malfoy?”  “It is a very long story, and it is rather boring, so why don’t we do what we came here for.”  Said Electres, walking passed everyone, avoiding, but when she walked passed a certain store she stopped dead in her tracks and almost dropped to her knees.



 Ginny ran to her, Harry, Ron and Hermione close behind.




  “Electres are you ok?”  she asked, her hand on Electres’s back, her eyes traveled to where Electres was looking and there she saw a girl, her hands chained together and yet no one was doing anything. 



“Electres?”  asked Ron, but when Harry saw he understood, and grabbed Electres by the arm and pulled her to look at him. 



He looked her dead in the eye and pulled her to him, hugging her, whispering in her ear. 



“That is not you.  You have escaped.”



 “But she hasn’t.”  said Electres walking to the man who had the girl chained, everyone followed.



 “How much?”  Asked Electres, getting a better look at the girl, she was barely a teenager.  The man looked at her and smiled with interest.



 “She’s my new pet, not for sale.”



 “Everything is for sale, and she is not your new pet, she is your slave, slaves can be bought, how much?”  The man looked at her, and he knew she knew about ‘that’ world, no one talked like that unless they knew something.



 “She is wild and untamed, she cannot take orders.”



 “I like them that way.”  Said Electres, Ron’s jaw dropped, Ginny and Hermione looked more then surprised, Harry just stood there, and there was nothing else he could do. 




“Thirty galleons.”  Said the man and Electres smiled.  “You have got yourself a deal.”  She said handing the man a bag, inside thirty galleons.



The man pushed the girl towards her, she was whimpering. 



“What is her name?”



 “Ruby.”  Said the man and he left, when he was out of sight Electres turned to the girl and looked her in the eyes.



 “You are safe now.  I won’t hurt you.”  She whimpered and looked at Electres, her big blue eyes tear brimmed.



 “You bought me.” 



“I bought your freedom.”  Said Electres, and the girl smiled, every girl who had ever been a slave loved the word freedom.



 “But I have no-“



 “I know someone that can find you a family.  Come, we will find you a proper home.”  Said Electres taking the girls hand and taking her to the Leaky Caldron, where they used to fireplace to go back to the Borrow. 



Ron, Ginny and Hermione all looked at each other confused, then they looked at Harry. 



“Harry is there something we don’t know?” 



“No.”  he said lying, walking away to follow Electres and the girl Ruby to the Borrow, the rest followed and when they got home, they heard yelling. 










“You cannot just bring a stranger home Electres.” 



“You let Dumbledore bring me home, and I am a stranger no.” 



“That is not important, you are family-“



 “Do you want to know what was happening to her?  Do you Molly?”  Said Electres, turning to Ruby, she whispered in her ear and Ruby wiped the tears from her eyes. 



“I was a slave Madame, rented out to anyone.”  She said, her voice small.  Molly’s eyes widened and then she looked at Electres. 



 “How did you know Electres?” 



“It is not hard to see a person is a slave when they have chains on there wrist and their cloths are torn, I lived to France, remember Molly.”  She said lying through her teeth, Ruby had known since the moment Electres spoke directly to her.




 “What do you want me to do?” 



“Contact Dumbledore, I want her to have a proper home, and if he cannot find her one, then I will become her guardian.”  Said Electres, looking at Ruby, the girl could not look at anyone.



 “I will contact him immediately.  But until he gets here, how will you get the chains off her?”



 “Don’t worry, I have an idea.”  Said Electres walking out, Ruby following behind her, then Ron, Ginny, Harry and Hermione. 






Once in Electres’s room, Ruby seemed to relax, she seemed better that is was only her and Electres. 



“Thank you.”



  “Do not thank me for doing the right humane thing.”  She said, sitting on her bed, she patted the seat next to her and Ruby came and sat next to her, the others on the other side of the door.



 “This is going to hurt.”  Said Electres, taking Ruby’s chained hands in her own. 



“Tell me about anything, ok Ruby?”  Said Electres and Ruby nodded as Electres worked on the chains.



 “I was put into the selling rooms when I was very young, but I was a lucky one, no one bought ‘time’ with me until four years ago.  That was when the men started taking notice in me.”



 “How old are you Ruby?”



 “I believe I am twelve.” She said, sighing in pain, but Electres kept on with what she was doing.



 “Keep going.” 



“Two nights ago I was bought by the man that sold me to you, he said I was young enough to invest in, that I could be worth more then he paid for me.”  She said, silent tears running down her face, Electres caught her chin, and made Ruby look at her. 




“Listen, you will never go back, understand, it will happen over my dead body, ok?”  She asked and Ruby nodded, and with a loud gasp, the chains came off and Ruby was amazed. 



“How did you-“ 



“You know how.”  Said Electres throwing them to the side.



 “I will forever be in your debt.” 



“No you will not.  All I want from you is to live your life, don’t let your past keep you from living the life you deserve, ok?”  Ruby looked at her and smiled, nodding. 



“I can do that.”  She said, her smile spreading from ear to ear. 



“Good, now let’s get you some different cloths and something to eat.”  She said Electres, handing Ruby some clothes that were too small for her and then took her downstairs, where she feed her, then Dumbledore came. 







“I hear you wanted to speak with me Electres.”  He said smiling, but his smile disappeared when he saw Ruby, sitting at a chair next to Electres.



 “Who is this?”



 “This is Ruby, and she needs a new home.” 



“I dare not ask-“ 



“I bought her from a sick pervert, anymore questions?”  He shook his head and looked at Ruby. 



“Can you find her a home, a permanent home?”



 “Yes, I can, but you will have to trust me, do you two trust me?” Without hesitation, both Ruby and Electres said yes.



  “Good, come with me Ruby and let’s find you a home.”  Ruby looked at Electres before going to Dumbledore’s side, she smiled, 



“Thank you.” 



“Just remember what I said.”  And that was it, they both were gone and Electres was tired.           




 Electres went back to her room and laid on her bed, looking at the chains that were once on Ruby, and she her heart felt heavy.



 Ruby was right, she was a lucky one, put into the selling rooms early, but never bought until four years ago.



 “She still has a chance.”  She said aloud, not thinking someone was outside of the door, Harry did not even knock, he walked in and looked at Electres, his voice low. 



“Was she like you?”  He asked and Electres nodded.



 “She was a lucky one, she is only twelve, she still has time to heal.” 



“What about you?” 



“I was unlucky.”



  “Did she come from the same house as you?”



 “I do not believe so, master never sold anyone that young, it was unwise to do so.”



 “What will she do now?”



  “Now she will have a good home and hopefully grow up well.”



 “There’s a but there.” 



“It always stays with you, being bought and sold, it can never be something forgotten, only buried. 

Usually the girl stays the same, and that is where you get your girls looking for love in all the wrong places and hookers, because they know nothing else than that.”  She said, sitting up, looking at Harry, he was in deep thought; it was a lot to take in.



 “What about you?” 



“I have only been free for a few weeks, but I unlike the others had something before I was free, something that will keep that from happening.” 



“What was that?” 



“Jake.”  She said sadly, god she missed him.



“He helped you?” 



“Yes.”  She said meeting his eyes; he could have sworn he saw them glow. 



“What about Malfoy?  How do you know him?”



 “Ah the question of the day.  He is a good friend of mine.” 



“I know I saw you two kissing.” 



“That is our hello, I hate hugs.” 



“I have noticed, how did you meet him?” 



“Again as I said, long story and none of it is interesting.”  He nodded and turned to leave,



“Harry.”  Said Electres and he turned towards her. 



“Do you think they know anything yet, about what I was?”



 “No.”  He said walking out, lying.  He knew there was some suspiciousness about how she had lived her prier sixteen years, but no one was head on, yet. 







Harry walked downstairs to find his friends sitting in the living room, all silent. 






 “What is going on with you and my sister?”






“Then why are you always with her?”  Asked Ginny angrily, Harry looked at her surprised. 



“Because she trust me.” 



“Why doesn’t she trust us?”  Asked Ron and Harry looked at him,



 “Because I am not her family.” 



“Why can she not trust family?”  Asked Ron and Harry’s shoulders sunk. 



“Because she never had any before.  I have figured this much out about her, she hates being touched, she likes to be alone and she does not trust easy, just give her time.”  said Harry and Hermione looked at him, stood up and grabbed him by the sleeve and pulled him out of the room, into the hall. 







“She was a slave, wasn’t she?”  Asked Hermione hushed, Harry eyes became wide.



 “And you know, don’t you?”



 “Hermione I-“ 



“Just tell me.”



 “I can’t Hermione.” 



“Then I will tell you how I know.  Slaves hate to be touched, like to be alone because they never were.  She has scars everywhere and that is why she did not take off her shirt, and she was a brand or tattoo on her arm of her place covered with make up.  Sound right?” 






  “I am the smart one remember?  So I am right, aren’t I?  She really was-” Harry placed his hand over her mouth, her eyes looked confused.



 “No Hermione, don’t even say it again.  Understand this, she wants no one to know, I found out on accident, but she said if anyone else found out, she would leave.  You know how much that would hurt Ron, Ginny, and the rest of the Weasly’s.  Forget you know anything.” 



“How can I, she needs help Harry.”



  “No, she does not, she has everything under control, she really does Hermione.  Just remember, don’t say anything to anyone.”  Said Harry walking to his and Ron’s room, not wanting to deal with anything now.     

[A/N: Here you ok kids.  I hope you enjoyed it.]

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