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Until It Ends by trinty_charmed
Chapter 2 : One Fine Morning
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Post 1

Lily could hear the soft murmurings of man outside her window. Though her mind told her that she should be scared, her heart told her to run outside to the balcony. Lily roughly threw off her soft blue sheets and pulled herself out of bed. She tiptoed quietly across her carpeted floor as not to wake her family. The white french doors that led to her balcony was slightly ajar. The mystical voice of the man outside her window was astounding. She slowly pulled the door open and she crept through the door. Lily made her way to the end of the balcony and peered over.

She could hardly see the man, but she could tell that he was broad in the shoulders and seemed rather tall from her view. His heavenly voice floated up from below and Lily felt weak in the knees.

Well darling all the night
You'll be mine and I know
You'll be mine
Till you die
You'll be mine

Lily quickly grabbed the edge of the banister to keep herself from falling over. The majestic man from below was slowly making his way up the sides of Lily’s house.

And so all the night
You'll be mine
You'll be mine
And the stars
Always shine
You'll be mine

The man flung himself over the banister of the balcony and stood before Lily. His eyes were covered by the shade of the house, but Lily could make out his smile, and she easily recognized it.

"Where did you learn that song?" Lily said with a smile, as the man took a few steps toward her. Lily could feel her hear pounding in her chest.

"My dad listens to the Muggle radio all the time." He said with a laugh and Lily was shocked to hear his voice. She recognized it, but for the love of Merlin she couldn’t remember his name. "Did you miss me?" He added with a startling laugh."Of-of course...." Lily muttered shakingly under her breath. "How could I not?" The man stepped forward out of the darkness, revealing himself, and Lily let out a breathtaking scream.

Post 2

Lily sat straight up in bed, her hair sweaty and plastered to her head. A girl with platinum streaked blond hair was looking at Lily with a worried expression. Her hand was enclosed tightly Lily’s wrist.

"Are you ok, Lils?" Kirby Vanderburg asked, her voice filled with worried. Lily didn’t answer Kirby at first, but just ran her fingers through her long red hair and shut her eyes tightly. Lily was trying to both forget what had happened, and figure out what had exactly happened. She wanted to know why he was here.

"Where is he?" Lily asked her frantically. Kirby raised a delicate eyebrow at Lily and gave her a worried expression on her face.

"Um, Lily? Where is who?" Lily glared at Kirby. How could she ask Lily such a thing?

"Potter! He was just outside on my balcony! Now he is gone, and I want to know exactly where he went!" Lily snarled. Kirby looked slightly surprised by Lily’s sudden outburst but burst into side clenching giggles. Lily squinted her eyes at the girl and tried to figure out what was suddenly so hilarious. "What’s so funny?"

"The fact that it seems James has finally gotten a hold of you, as you have gotten a hold of him. Wow, Lils, now you are dreaming about him!" Kirby said, with her blue-green filled laughter.

James Potter had practically been stalking Lily Evans for the past four years of Hogwarts. Lily could hardly ever find peace with Potter around. He was practically around every corner, and nearly every chance he got he ended up asking Lily out. Of course, she said no every single time. How could she possibly go out with that rebellious, inconsiderate, rude seventeen year old child? Potter was so rude, and now he was invading her dreams!

"Potter has not gotten a hold of me!" Lily exclaimed in indignation. "Kirby, I don’t know what has gotten into you! Why would I ever date James Potter?" Lily rolled out of bed and made her way out of the room. Kirby continued to laugh at her best friend, and it made Lily curse under her breath.

Lily walked into the adjacent bathroom and closed the door behind her. Before beginning her usual morning routine, Lily looked herself over in the bathroom mirror. Her long red hair was down in large waves and her bright green eyes were wide in confusion. Lily shook her head and turned the faucet on. She cupped water in her hands and splashed the cool water over her face.

"Potter is a pretty good singer," Lily muttered before getting into the shower.

That was something she would not normally admit.

Post 3

After a nice long shower, Lily made her way down the stairs to the breakfast table. Three people were sitting at the table, waiting for a woman with long, wavy blond hair to finish cooking breakfast. Lily walked towards the table and rested her hand on the should of a man with dark red hair and a stubby beard on the cheek.

"Morning dad," Lily whispered in his ear and she pressed her lips to his age weathered cheek. Lily’s father released one hand of his newspaper and placed it over Lily’s hand.

"Good morning, dear. Did you sleep well?" Her father’s deep voice said.

"Very well." Lily said. Kirby was sitting right across from Lily’s father and winked gently at her. Lily rolled her eyes at her best friend and took a seat right next to her.

"Who wouldn’t sleep well with James in their dreams?" Kirby said with a small smirk. Lily growled and elbowed Kirby in the ribs.

"Lily, what’s the matter?" Asked the woman who was standing at the muggle stove. She had spun around and was peering at her youngest daughter concerned. Lily was started by her mother and nearly fell out of her chair.

"What? Oh! No, mum, that was just my stomach," Lily lied feebly. Kirby rolled her eyes and clapped her hand to her mouth to stop herself from laughing.

Kirby Vanderburg was one of Lily’s best friends, but she knew that if she kept having dreams about Potter, then she would have hell to pay. Lily already knew that Kirby was going to tell her other two best friends, and if Lily did not stop her, she would probably tell Potter too.

That could not happen.

Lily’s mother brought the breakfast over to the table and placed a small bit of it on everyone’s plate. "Thank you, Mrs. Evans," Kirby said politely. "This looks delicious." Lily’s mother nodded her head gently at Kirby and scooped some food on Lily’s sister’s plate.

"Mum! I can’t eat this!" Petunia Evans cried, throwing the plate away from her. Mr. Evans folded up his newspaper and shot Petunia a glare, but didn’t say anything. "I am on a diet. This food is not a part of my diet!" Mrs. Evans just sighed heavily before switching Lily’s empty plate with Petunia’s full one.

"If you call anorexia a diet," Lily muttered softly to Kirby who blushed slightly. Lily raised an eyebrow at her, but before questioning Kirby, was cut off by Petunia.

"What did you just say freak?" She shouted, standing up and nearly knocking the table over. Lily rolled her eyes at her sister’s outburst. Lily was quite used to Petunia’s ill treatment of her, she had acted this way ever since Lily had gotten her acceptance letter from Hogwarts.

"Petunia! Don’t talk to your sister like that!" Lily’s father snarled at his oldest daughter. Petunia spun around to face their father, whilst Lily just buried her face in her pale hands. Kirby was staring at the scene in front of her, rather shocked.

"You always favor her!" Petunia shrieked loudly, stamping her food on the wooden floor in protest. "Why can’t you or mum ever take my side? You ALWAYS take the freaks’ side!" Petunia let out a shrill sob and ran out of the room, crying.

Silence engulfed the small kitchen, and the four remaining participants stared of into an oblivion for some time. Lily pushed her chair back against the floor and stood from her seat.

"I will go talk to her." Lily muttered before making her way out of the kitchen.

Post 4

Lily marched up the carpeted stairs, grumbling. Bloody sister, cannot just be happy for me. NO! She has to make my life a living hell. Lily thought grudgingly as she marched down the red carpeted hallway to Petunia’s room. She let out a low and angry moan before knocking on the door. Lily crossed her arms and tapped her foot with impatience.

"GO AWAY!" Petunia cried out with both anger and sorrow clear in her voice. Lily rolled her eyes at her sister’s extreme dramatics. Her voice was about too pitches higher than her normal crying voice, which at times could get loud on its own also.

"Petunia, its your sister, the freak!" A snarl sounded out from other side of the door, passed from Petunia’s lips. Lily rolled her eyes and knocked on the door again.

"GO AWAY!" Petunia screeched again.

Lily jiggled the door handle quickly and found that it was locked. She pulled her wand out of her left jean pocket. A low click signaled that the door was being unlocked and Lily pushed her way through.

Petunia was face down on her bed and Lily still didn’t hold any sorrow for her sister. Petunia jumped up from her postion on the bed and screamed when she saw Lily had entered the room.

"How did you get in here?" Petunia growled, wiping her tearing eyes with a tissue that was located on the bedside table. Lily pulled an oak chair from its place in front of its corresponding desk and placed it in front of her sister’s bed.

"Magic," Lily mumbled under her breath. Petunia flinched as though Lily had just shouted a horrid curse word at her and then Petunia blew her nose into a new tissue. "Look, Pet, I am sorry. Mum and dad don’t know how to react around me. They can’t help but treat me special, because they see what I am as something special. Even though to me, or my friend Kirby, its nothing out of the ordinary, or to you, its just one thing more you can sneer at." As Lily said this, she twirled the yellow and green friendship bracelet that her other best friend Allison Kreet had given her.

"Get out," Petunia hissed, advancing towards Lily like a cobra about to devour a mouse. "Get out. I don’t know you. I don’t need you. As far as I am concerned. I have no sister." A dark cloud of hate passed over Petunia’s light eyes as she gave Lily a look of pure anger.

"Fine," Lily said after a moment of stunned silence. She rose out of the brown chair and returned it to its original postion. "I will leave," Lily walked out back into the hallway and as she shut the door behind her, she saw Petunia throw herself face first back onto her bed.

"I love you, Pet," Lily whispered sadly, as she walked back down to the kitchen to the people who did actually love her.

Post 5

When Lily returned back downstairs, she saw that everyone was still in their same positions. Her mother was pushing her eggs around one her plate, and Lily’s father had picked the newspaper up again and had returned to his article. Kirby had already finished her food and was peering at Lily with anticipation.

"What did she say?" Kirby asked Lily as she lowered herself into her chair. Lily let out a groan and picked her fork up to begin eating.

"That I am not her sister," Lily muttered after eating a chunk of her scrambled eggs. An emptiness seemed to have settled in Lily’s stomach, and she felt that eating may help fill the empty space Petunia had left in Lily’s soul.

Kirby placed a pale hand over Lily’s and a reassuring look met Lily’s eyes. A sense of extreme comfort passed over Lily as she continued eating.

"I would not worry to much about it, dear," Her mother said with a small smile. "Petunia has hit a rough spot in her relationship with Vernon. As soon as those two sort out their problems, you will have your old sister back, good as new." Lily highly doubted that what her mother said was true, so she just chose not to say anything to disagree with her mother.

"What is the plan today, girls?" Lily’s father asked without putting down the newspaper.

"Well, we got an owl from Ally last night," Lily said with a smile as she remembered Cleo flying into Lily’s room the previous night and knocking over several objects before being able to deliver the letter to Lily. The owl seemed to be nearly as clumsy as her owner, Allison Kreet. "She wants to meet me and Kirby in Diagon Alley today. So do you think you and mum could drop me and Kirby in London?"

"Of course, darling," Her father said, finally finishing the newspaper. He picked up his bacon and chewed steadily through it. "When do you girl want to leave?"

Lily looked towards Kirby and shrugged. "Well, Ally said that we should try and get there around eleven, so that way we can all have lunch together." Mr. Evans nodded his head, his crimson hair falling into his eyes.

Lily quickly finished her breakfast, and her and Kirby returned upstairs. Lily was more than ready to leave the presence of her sister’s hating attitude. The pressure of trying not to strangle Petunia was becoming much too overwhelming. A nice dose of her other two best friends was just what she needed.

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