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Love: An Irresistible Desire by magical words
Chapter 12 : It Must Be Lived Forwards
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AN:Read!! It has very juicy with delectable happenings.

So…Enjoy, y’all!

magical words

                                         Chapter 12: It Must Be Lived Forwards

After a wonderful dinner, the Weasley clan congregated into the living room.
The little children were occupied watching the snow fall outside. The adults, however, kept a PG conversation…for now. 

The adults eventually sent the children off to bed. As soon as the kids had left, a quaint conversation concerning children came up. 

“Oi, George, do you want a girl or a boy?” Charlie questioned. 

“Oi, Charlie, I don’t care,” he answered much to his wife’s delight. 

“Honestly, you don’t have a preference?” Bill questioned. 

“No,” he said. “You couldn’t possibly have a preference. Take yourself as an example; you have two little girls and a little boy, plus another little girl on the way. You love them no matter what.” 

As the male Weasleys were speaking of this, Ginny was fidgeting the whole while. 

“Ginny! Why are you fidgeting?” Hermione wondered. 

“I have some great news, but Harry doesn’t want me to tell anyone! It’s driving me mad!” 

“Is it good?” 

“Is it good!? What do you mean ‘Is it good?’ Of course it’s good! It’s great! I’m practically dying keeping this to myself!” 

“You can tell me.” 

Ginny surveyed the room, finding Harry engrossed in George, Charlie and Bill’s conversation of child-gender preferences (if that was the topic they were still speaking of). 

“Oh fine. Harry’s not paying attention.” 

And Ginny told Hermione. 

During this time that some of the Weasley men (and a Potter) were talking about child-gender preferences and Hermione and Ginny were exchanging secrets, Fred was sitting directly (and quietly) next to Hermione, as well as Ron and Margaret.
And do you know what he was doing? He was sulking. He was not happy. 

Let me explain. First of all, Hermione was barely talking to him. Second, Hermione wasn't talking to him. Third, he was “having a conversation” with Ron and Margaret, not listening whatsoever and occasionally contributing ‘mmhhhmmmm’ and ‘sure’. And fourth, HERMIONE WASN’T TALKING TO HIM. 

He was off in his own little world when he heard Ginny say something about ‘great news’ and ‘Harry doesn’t want me to tell anyone’. It was a miracle (and a sign that he should listen in) that he even heard that because Ginny and Hermione we’re talking so quietly. 

So, he tuned in to Ginny and Hermione’s conversation. 

“So you know how Harry and I went to the MediWitch’s today? Well we found out that we’re having a boy…and a girl!” 

Hermione silently squealed (and Fred could hear it, somehow) in happiness. 
“Congratulations! I knew it!” 

Fred, beaming, leaned back farther in his seat, smiling to himself. Four nieces and nephews in one year! A new Weasley record! 

Ron had noticed Fred’s face and jolted him out of his reverie. 

“Oi, Fred, what do you look so happy about? It’s looks kind of…” 

“Kinky,” Margaret finished for Ron.
“No, love. Interesting.” 

“No. It was most certainly kinky. Don’t you remember that time…?” 

“No, no, no. Don’t mention that here or now, or ever,” Ron said, blushing to the roots of his hair. Margaret just began playing with Ron’s hair (which practically matched his face). 

“Hmm…kinky,” Fred said, falling back into his reverie, which immediately shifted gears into something that really was kinky. 

As Fred was having this kinky daydream of his, Hermione began firing questions at Ginny. 

“I thought you weren’t going to find out the sex of the babies until after they were born?” 

“Well, I was too excited. Plus, Harry couldn’t say no to that. Especially after I…persuaded him.” And Ginny burst into giggles. Hermione had a hard time keeping a straight face at this. 

Hermione surveyed the room, landing last on Fred who looked very…interesting. (But to Margaret, it would’ve been slightly kinky; though, Hermione didn’t know about that.)
Back to Ginny and Hermione’s conversation. 

“So, is something wrong with you and Fred?” 

“Wrong? Well, kind of. You see, Lee was about to be sexually assaulted by Pansy at The Elf’s Pixie, and Fred and I decided to rescue him. Then, we had to flag down the Knight Bus, taking Lee back to the flat. By then, Lee was positively unconscious. Fred and I ended up falling asleep in his chair. Then, we woke up…and we were a little disoriented and we almost did something…but then Lee woke up.”
Hermione looked at Ginny. “Gin, are you even listening?” 

“Pansy Parkinson was about to sexually assault Lee?!” 


“Sorry. You and Fred almost did something…that means you haven’t already! Oh dear. I thought you were living together so you could…oh dear.” 

“What?! Oh! No. We haven’t yet,” Hermione managed to say and without blushing too too much; Ginny had almost caught her off guard. Almost. 

“Well, I must say, I’m a little happy that you haven’t already…you know.” 

Hermione smiled shyly while Ginny was left beaming. 

All of a sudden, Fred squeezed Hermione’s hand. Quick as a whip, she turned to face him. He still looked…interesting. But this interesting brought another word to Hermione’s mind to describe this look of his as…kinky. 

And boy, did Hermione think it was kinky. No Hermione! No! 

But Hermione couldn’t think that of her fake boyfriend who was really growing on her. She averted her eyes for a moment, only finding them resting once again on Fred, who looked kinky (if looking kinky was ever possible anyway). 

Trying to snap out of her trance on kinky-looking Fred, she attempted to really grasp his attention and really talk to him. 

“Fred, Fred,” she said. 

No luck. 

“Fred, love, wake up.” 

Still no response. 

So, Hermione decided to alarm him slightly (but not in a scary kind of way).
Fred’s eyes were practically glazed over. Hermione waved a hand in front of his face, but that made no difference. Therefore, she moved closer toward Fred so they were touching. She put his mouth to his ear. 

“Frederick Nevan Weasley. You had better pay attention or you won't get your surprise,” she said seductively in his ear. She started playing with his hair. “Fred, please. You’re being very boring and the Weasleys are not boring people. So, wake up.” 

And he still didn’t wake up! 

This made Hermione groan in frustration. Then she came up with a plan. 

“Fred, you must know that it is nearly ten-thirty and we are still at your parents’. Do you really want to still be here? There are so many other things we could be doing…at home…in bed.” (Inwardly, the whole while, Hermione grinned wickedly.) 

And then she began kissing his ear. Then his jaw. And down his jaw line. And ever-so-close to his lips, but not quite. None of the Weasleys were paying attention to them, so it was fairly safe. 

And then he spoke. “Hermione,” he practically hissed, “are you trying to kill me?” 

She laughed. “What makes you think that?” 

“You just woke me up while I was in the middle of this bloody amazing dream.” 

“But you weren’t sleeping.” 

“Yes, that’s true. But it was bloody amazing.” 

“If it was so amazing, how about you tell me about it?” 

“You don’t want to know.” 

“Oh yes I do.” 

“Not here.” 

“And why not?” 

“My parents are present as well as all my siblings and their spousal units.” 

“Oh, it’s one of those dreams.” Hermione smirked devilishly. 

God, Hermione is really not herself. She’s being…seductive. Not that I don’t like it. But it’s alarming, Fred thought to himself. Just like my dream. His heart picked up speed. 

“Well Mione, if you want to hear this dream of mine, we’re going to have to go home,” Fred said slyly. 

God, Fred is acting differently. He’s being…non-prankster like. Not that I don’t like that. But it’s appealing, Hermione thought. And it’s pretty adorable. Her heart did a little flutter. 

“Well Fred, if you’re going to reveal your dream, we need to take our exit.” 

“Yes, we will.” He stood, holding Hermione’s hand (that was attached to his). Then, he helped her up. 

“Well everyone, Hermione and I are going to home. We’ll see you all later.” 

“Oh, Hermione, Fred, use the Floo,” Molly insisted. 

“That’s alright Molly. We haven’t had anything to drink, so we’re safe to Apparate,” Hermione claimed. 

Molly conceded, but not before she engulfed them both in a bear hug. The all the other Weasleys had to get up and wish them goodbye. 

“Don’t worry; we’ll be back,” Fred said after eight minutes and twenty-one seconds of Weasley goodbyes (an approximation I promise). 

And then they Apparated with a ‘pop.’ 

They landed on the bed in “their” bedroom. They seemed to have not noticed their location. 

“Well Fred, what was your dream?” 

“You see, it was actually brought on by something Margaret said.” 


“Yes ma’am. I was off in my own little world when Ron asked me why I looked so happy. I was happy since I kind of overheard your conversation with Ginny,” he said sheepishly. 

“Interesting.” Hermione sounded amused yet she didn’t look it. 

“Yes. Ron was about to say that I looked interesting in my musing, but before he could finish, Margaret said I looked kinky. Something about a time when Ron looked like that.” 

Hermione couldn’t help it now. The smile that she’d been hiding came out. (It was kind of ironic that they, Hermione and Margaret, had thought the same thing.) 

“And that got me thinking about something kinky myself.” 

“This is where your dream comes in I suppose?” Hermione said thoughtfully. 


Fred took both of Hermione’s hands and placed them between his. They felt a little jolt, which set their blood boiling, and their hearts knocking at their ribs, and their heads swimming just a tad. But they thought nothing of it since they were so used to it by this time. 

“Well, I obviously was in it. It was my dream. And there was this girl who was trying to seduce me.” 

“Fred, I think this dream of yours deserves some beverages. Winky?” Hermione called out. Winky popped up. “Hello Winky, could you please bring Fred and me some icevodka? Thank you very much.” 

“Well, that sounds appetizing,” Fred said as Winky popped out. 

“But anyway, this girl was trying to seduce me. She was, at one point, wearing a brown skirt with a white shirt and pale green sweater, and a pair of matching pale green heels that were thrown in a corner.” 

Hermione was smiling faintly, looking at her attire which resembled the girl in Fred’s dream’s clothes. Then Winky came back with the icevodka and two glasses. 

“Thank you Winky,” Hermione said. 

“Yes, Ms. Granger,” Tinky said before she left. 

Hermione poured the icevodka into the two glasses. (It is quite normal to drink icevodka straight, especially if you want to get drunk fast. And that was almost what Hermione and Fred were trying to do.) 

Hermione took a drink then made it levitate at arm’s reach. She took off her pale green sweater and threw her matching pale green heels in the corner. 

Fred, noticing this, realized his daydream fantasy thing might just come true. 

“So, continue on with this so-called fantasy of yours,” Hermione said, gently touching his arm. Fred thought that it was possible, just maybe, that she was seducing him. 

“Well, she was seducing me, ahem, and well, she, uh, was, er, caressing my arm,” he said, having slight trouble concentrating. He drank about half of his straight-up icevodka. God, he was not used to this type of seduction…especially from Hermione. And he was usually the one seducing women (and most the time unknowingly).
Hermione stopped touching Fred, slightly alarmed that exactly what she was doing, was apart of Fred’s dream. Then, she too, took a sip of her drink. 

Fred began his story once again. 

“So this…seducer of mine began – removing her stockings?” Fred was interrupted once again as Hermione began removing her stockings. 

She looked into Fred’s face and smiled. “What was your seducer doing?” she asked, unaware that Fred had just told her. 

“Removing her stockings,” Fred said, his mind exploding. He had to get a drink. And fast. He finished off his first icevodka, filling his glass up again and downing at least half of it. 

“She was removing her stockings, then twisting her hair as she drank whatever it was she was drinking.” He swallowed. “It was most likely icevodka. Yeah, icevodka.” 

Fred finished his second glass of icevodka, just as Hermione finished her first. At the same instant, they reached for the bottle. 

Sizzle sizzle pop went their skin as they made contact. 

Fred smiled. Hermione smiled. Fred poured. Hermione drank. Fred drank. He was having heart palpitations. She was having lung spasms. They were complete messes. 

Fred told Hermione the rest of his very very very very very (okay, only three very-s) dirty dream. After, of course, six or seven, or twelve, icevodkas. And after Hermione had eight or nine, or fifteen. (Don’t worry, they’re not lethal alcohol dosages.) 

Hermione was only left wearing her skirt, panties, and bra. Fred was left only wearing his socks and boxers. (It was a miracle that he was still wearing anything, he was so bloody nervous and, well, sweaty.) 

“Fred, I must say, that was a very very very interesting experience, hearing this dream of yours.” Gently, she put her hand on his. 

“You have no idea how...awkward that was for me to tell you,” Fred muttered. 

“What? It was awkward?” 

“Well, yeah. You’re…a girl.” 

Oh, please don’t let this be fourth year all over again! Hermione thought to herself. “Glad to see that you noticed.” 

Hermione just almost seemed miffed. But she kind of was, seeing she was about to get dressed again. 

“I’m sorry Hermione. That was uncalled for. Yes, you are a girl, but you are a girl that listens very well, and well, as a girl I told you about my boy-ish fantasy that involves a girl, and hence the reasoning for it being awkward.” 

Fred leaned in toward his attached fake girlfriend’s back. “I’m sorry if it was awkward for you and…calling you a girl.” 

Hermione turned around looked at Fred. “It’s okay. Because, well, I am a girl.” 

And she kissed him. 

And he kissed her back.
And it wasn’t a “peck” kind of kiss. 

Hermione looooooved it. Fred looooooved it. They absolutely positively completely loved it. 

They might have loved it just a little too much. Because, where this kiss led them would be a whole different kind of territory for the two. 

Oh, Merlin, I’m in deep. 

Oh, Merlin, I’m drowning.

AN: End of the TWELFTH chapter. A whole 2428 words! How amazing is that? I was exactly planning on ending it like this, but, oh well.

Please, R & R and tell me what you think. I kind of let it up to you, right here, at the end, to decide what they’re in deep for.

By the way, Fred thought the first one and Hermione thought the second.  

And the quote, like always: Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.
-- Soren Aabye Kierkegaard

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