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The Hard Life by killthatrat
Chapter 3 : Chapter 3 Egg Fight!
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“Hi to you to Remus.” Harry replied with a smile.

“Hi, but wha-what happened?” he questioned persistently, as he leaned in closer to observe the young boys face.

“Umm, I’ll tell you on the way, how are we getting there?” Harry questioned as he stood back to allow his old professor to enter.

“Portkey.” He said as he showed Harry the old candlestick he was holding. “How are things going here?” he asked as the two hugged.

“Things are fine, boring as hell though.”

“I can only imagine. Where are your things?”

“Oh upstairs.”

Harry turned to show him upstairs, but was greeted by his uncle standing in the hallway, glowering at them both.

“Hello.” Remus began, offering his hand. “Remus Lupin”

Vernon Dursleys face slowly turned purple as he spluttered, “Hurry up and take the boy. Then get out!”

Remus raised his eyebrows as Harry quickly ushered him upstairs to his bedroom.

“Sorry about that Remus, he’s in a mood this morning.”

“That’s fine, not your fault. Did you want to say good bye at all?” Remus queried.

“Uh no that’s fine, I said goodbye earlier.” He lied, not wanting to make another scene with his Uncle.

“OK. You ready?”

“Yes, let’s get out of here.”

Remus quickly shrunk Harry’s trunk and broomstick, which he pocketed before offering the candlestick for him to touch.

“Three, two, one.” He said with a smile. Harry returned the smile, eager to get to his destination.

Not long after, Harry felt his feet slam into the ground. He steadied himself and looked around. He smiled genuinely as his eyes took in the familiar sights of one of his most favorite places.

“You coming?” Remus questioned as he began walking towards the burrow.

Harry began walking, the smile not fading as he came closer to the Burrow.

“So are you going to tell me what happened to your face?”

Laughing Harry began the story he had rehearsed the night before.

“Well my idiot cousin decided it might be fun to trip me as I came out of the bathroom,” pausing to look at Remus’ face he continued, “Therefore sending me flying down the stairs. It wasn’t so fun after all.”

“No. I can’t imagine it would be.” His professor replied, raising his eyebrows slightly, and Harry immediately knew that the older man did not believe him. Thankfully however, he did not push the subject.

They reached the front door of the Burrow, and knocked loudly. Harry smiled again as he heard shouts of, “Hey Harry’s here!”

The door was quickly opened by Mrs. Weasly, who took one look at the boy infront of her, and said loudly, “Harry James Potter! What did you do to your face?”

“So what happened?” Ron inquired, as he and Harry collected eggs from the hen house at the Weaslys family home, later that afternoon.

Harry mentally sighed as he began to retell his lie. “I told you, Dudley tripped me and I went flying to the stairs. “

“Hmmm.” His red haired friend said. Harry lowered his eyes to the ground, pretending to look for more chicken eggs.

“Mum will get rid them in no time. Nothing to worry ‘bout.” They began to leave the hen house, with a basket full of eggs each. Harry shut the door to the enclosure that held the hens, which were magically charmed to lay extra eggs.

“Ha! Wait till Fluer sees you! She’ll have a fit!” Ron suddenly exclaimed. Harry looked up at him, and laughed as Ron began to imitate her. “Ooh poor Hawwy! Ve vill have to post pone ze wedding!”

Harry laughed louder and motioned to throw an egg towards Ron. Ron responded to actually throw one back, which hit him hard, exploding egg all over his shirt.

“Hey!” Harry exclaimed before lobbing another two back at his best friend.

Ron gave him a comical look before shouting, “Oh you are so on! I am so gonna get you Potter!”

“Not if I get you first!” Harry cried before throwing another egg, then running for the sanctuary of a large fig tree.

“THAT’S NOT FAIR WE DIDN’T EVEN SAY GO!” Ron laughed as he ran after Harry, throwing another.

Harry darted out from behind the tree as he pelted two eggs as his friend, one missing, but the other exploding over his shorts. Ron quickly retaliated with another egg, which Harry caught in his hand and threw back.

“That’s so not fair you cheated!”

Laughing Harry continued catching the eggs thrown by Ron, laughing uproariously as he tried to catch them himself. He cursed on the numerous times that the eggs broke in his hands upon impact. They soon both gave up, flopping down on the ground next to each other. “You are such a cheater Potter. I swear one day Im gonna get you back for that.”
“Well you play keeper Weasly.” He said emphasizing the use of his friend’s sir name. “I would have thought you could catch an egg.”

“FYI Harry I catch giant quaffles! Not tiny little snitches!” he said with smile.

Harry laughed softly as he stared up into to the clouds, enjoying the comfortable silence between himself and his best friend.

“So how are the Dursleys? Still the same old boring, snobby, wizard hating muggles?”

“You pretty much covered it there didn’t you.” Harry said with a smile. “Same as they’ve always been.”

‘Man I think Id go insane there. You can’t even do magic there! Then again you can’t here either! Ha!”

Harry pulled a face at his friend as he rolled over and whacked him on the stomach playfully. “Not long now Weasly and you’ll be strung by your ankle to the ceiling. And it won’t be me that takes you down!”

“I’d like to see tha-”

“Boys!” Cried Mrs Weasly. “What are you doing!?”

Harry jumped up in surprise to see her hovering over them, he laughed at Ron as he too jumped up in shock.

“Hi.” They both said guiltily.

“Where are all my eggs?”

“Ahhh…yes…the eggs…” Harry replied trying not to laugh. “There weren’t many at all. We only got these ones.” He quickly picked up the two half baskets of eggs and showed them to her.

“There were so many when I had a peek this morning! What happened to them?”

“Ahhh...” began Ron. “Well they…umm…got dropped!” he said quickly as he turned to look at Harry. “Didn’t they mate.”

“Yes! Yes Ron dropped them.”

“I most certainly did not drop them! You did!” Ron said in dismay.

“I did not! You did. Look they’re all over you!” Harry said laughing. “I mean look! I haven’t got any o-” he faltered as he looked down to see his shirt covered in egg.

“Ahhh yes about that.” He said smiling guiltily even though he knew Mrs Weasly knew exactly what they had been doing.

“Lovely day isn’t it mother?” Ron said cheerfully breaking the silence.

“Yes it is, isn’t it.” She replied comically as she took the two baskets of eggs from Harry. “Lovely day for an egg fight that is.” She muttered under her breath with a small smile.

Harry and Ron laughed loudly as she turned and headed back into the Burrow, quickly followed by the two boys still laughing. They headed up the stairs to their shared bedroom at the very top, where a camp bed had been set up for Harry, and they quickly changed out of their egg-covered clothing.

“Where has Ginny been today?” Harry asked curiously as he pulled his shirt over his head. “I haven’t seen her all day.”

“Oh she’s in diagon alley with Fluer and Isobelle, another of Fluer’s friends. They’re getting finishing touches on their bridesmaid dresses. Its sorta strange, Ginny has really warmed to Fluer since, well the whole Bill thing and all that.”

“Hmmm. I guess they all just needed a chance to get to know each other.”

“Yeah. Oh by the way Sirius will be here for tea tonight. And Hermione’s arriving tomorrow after noon.”

Harry smiled again at this; he did miss both Hermione and Sirius. Letters were just not the same as them in person.

“Come on we better go down, Mum’s probably got more jobs for us to do.” Said Ron, pulling Harry from his thoughts.

He followed Ron downstairs, both chatting idly as they came into the lounge room. They stopped as they saw Ginny in there now showing her mother her dress; which was concealed by the long black bag that held it.

“It looks beautiful darling.”

“Thanks. I can’t wait to finally wear it on Saturday.”

“Saturday? Isn’t the wedding on Monday?” Harry said out loud, to announce their presence.

Ginny turned around, a look of shock on her face. She squealed as she franticly sealed the bag, trying to hide the dress, before laughing as she made her way over to Harry with a sheepish grin on her face.

“Hi! How long have you been here?” she said as the two gently hugged.

“I got here this morning.” He replied as they parted. “Well come on show us your dress.”

“No!” she exclaimed. “You can’t see it! You’ll have to wait.”

“Awww! That’s so not fair.” He whined with a smile, as he saw Mrs Weasly out of the corner of his eye pick up her dress. “I’ll take this up for you Ginny.”

“Thanks Mum, and whoa what happened to your face?”

Harry sighed outloud as her retold his lie again. She laughed good heartedly, as she slapped him on the arm and headed up stairs. However he could not shake the feeling that she like every body else, was not quite convinced. How ever he breathed with relief, That wasn’t as awkward as I thought it would be. He thought.

As the twins had come home for dinner that night, Fred and Harry set the table that evening, chatting as they did so.

“So why is the wedding on Saturday? Wasn’t it on Monday?” Harry asked as he laid out knives.

“Long story. The wizard, who was supposed to perform the ceremony cancelled, he had over booked. And because we are paying less, we got the shove. Git.”

“Yeah what a git.” Harry agreed.

There was a brief silence as they continued laying out cutlery, before “So what happened between you and my little sister? She said you two aren’t a couple any more.”

Harry paused, choosing his words carefully before saying, “I didn’t want to make her a bigger target than she already was, with what happened at the school and all that.”

Fred looked at him incredulously, before chuckling, “Very funny Harry. No seriously what was wrong?”

Harry stopped in his tracks. “I was being serious.”

Fred also stopped in his tracks, and stared at him from the other side of the table.

“You’re being serious?” Harry nodded to his question. Fred laughed loudly as he began,

“That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard since George claimed that I had a crush on Verity! What, you don’t want ‘you know who’ to know you’re a couple?”

“Yeah. That might make her a big target.”

“Your not being serious are you?”

“Yes I am actually.” Harry replied defensively as he continued setting out the knives.

“Well that doesn’t make sense at all. You obviously have feelings for her, and therefore Snape and Malfoy would know. And don’t you think that’s the type of information you know who would know by now anyway?”

Harry fell silent at these words. Yes, he had thought about that. Of course Voldemort would know how he felt by now, he’s not that big of an idiot. He didn’t know what to say to Fred so he stayed silent.
Fred dropped the subject at Harry’s silence, realizing he had obviously made his point.
They continued setting the table with some more idle chatting, finishing just as there was a loud knock on the front door.

“That will be Sirius!” Mrs Weasly called out from the kitchen. “Could some one get the door for him please?”

Harry smiled as he hurried to the front door and began opening the locks. He opened it and was immediately engulfed in a hug from his Godfather. Harry smiled widely as they parted, he looked up to see the silly grin on Sirius’ face, but this obviously the wrong thing to do-

“What the hell happened to you!”


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The Hard Life: Chapter 3 Egg Fight!


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