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What is Right and What is Easy by DangerDog
Chapter 5 : The Warden's Grudge
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A/N: Sorry I’m late guys. Here’s the latest chapter. Just wanted to remind you that I might own the plot in the story, but everything else is owned by Ms. J.K. Rowling.

Harry woke up and rubbed his head, the backs of his eyes were throbbing and he realized that his glasses were missing. In his blurred vision, he could make out the walls of a cell. There was a dull light source that Harry assumed was a candle, and there was a body chained to the opposite wall. Blinking his eyes furiously, Harry attempted to stand but found that he was tethered to the wall as well.

“Hermione!” Harry croaked. The body on the opposite wall reacted and came to life instantly. Harry felt nauseous and felt his forehead; there was the stickiness of blood. “Hermione are you alright?”

“Harry, how long have you been awake?” Hermione asked. She seemed to have her wits about her, and although Harry couldn’t see her clearly, she seemed not to be seriously injured.

“I just woke up. Who was that man?” Harry asked. He hoped that she would have an answer like usual but was instead met with a wall of silence. The silence was broken by the sound of a metal door opening. Harry found himself being lifted off of his feet by a pair of hands, and Hermione screamed.

“Good morning Mr. Harry Potter,” said the man from before, “I hope you’ve had a pleasant sleep.” The man chuckled and the force that was holding him up dropped him to the floor. Hermione looked over to Harry and realized for the first time that he couldn’t see. When she realized this, she sucked in a mouthful of air to keep from crying out. “What would bring the Chosen One to my little island? Hoping to help a friend escape? Trying to get your favorite journal back?” The man was ranting by this point so Harry chose to interrupt him.

“What are you talking about? I never kept a journal! But I think I recall owning a pair of glasses, would you be so kind?” Harry said while pointing a finger at his own bloodshot eyes. Instead of a biting remark, the strange man began to growl and went over to a desk outside of the door. He returned soon after and placed the glasses in Harry’s hands. After he put on his glasses, Harry looked to Hermione, she had a bruise along her temple but she began smiling weakly at him. Harry then shot his gaze at the man who was now standing in the doorway. “What in the blazes?” Harry caterwauled in surprise.


The mountain was far off in the distance, but he was traveling fast enough that he should reach his destination by nightfall. The summer breeze was turning cooler as a thunderstorm presented itself to his right. If he was lucky he could avoid it entirely.

“Was Fleur lying to me? I don’t even think a Death Eater would enjoy living in this barren environment,” Ron said to himself. His broomstick was covered in a combination of broom polish and sweat making his grip incredibly faulty. He had been on Dolohov’s track for the better part of a week and he seemed to be making no progress at all. The rain began to fall, and there was no cover to be found. “Just my luck,” Ron thought as he looked ahead to the mountain. Out of the corner of the corner of his eye, Ron spotted a flash of gold. On any other mission, Ron would take the opportunity to joke with Harry about having spotted a snitch. Now he merely veered toward the glinting spot and increased his speed even more. If he wanted to find this bastard he was going to have to investigate everything.

Thunder began to roll towards him from the mountain. At least that is the way that it seemed to Ron. There was something unnatural about the thunder. For one thing there was no flashes or forks of lightning anywhere. Ahead of him, the spot began to flash more frequently and each time the spot of gold increased in diameter.

“ANTONIN DOLOHOV, YOU HAVE MESSED WITH THE WRONG FAMILY!” Ron shouted over the booming thunder.


“How are you here right now? I thought you were in St. Mungo’s for the rest of your life!” Harry asked incredulously. The man stepped completely into the room and threw on a terrifying scowl.

“It wasn’t hard to regain my memory, even Dumbledore thought that it could not be done. I guess the Legendary Gilderoy Lockhart proved them all WRONG!” Lockhart spat into Harry’s face. “I have had to put up with so much since the day that the dunce Weasley’s wand caused the spell to backfire. I have had to give up my fame and riches for medical bills. Even when my brilliance won me back my memories, I had to sit on the sidelines and watch as you were remembered for all eternity as the true knight in shining armor!” Lockhart was panting now, and he stopped pacing around the room to look at Hermione. “Don’t you remember the first day of your second year Miss Granger? You idolized me! Don’t you remember the quiz on my life that you aced?”

“You don’t need to answer him Mione,” Harry whispered loudly across the room.

“She is asked the question, and SHE IS THE ONE WHO GETS TO ANSWER!” Lockhart walked over and kicked Harry hard in the ribs. Hermione kept her mouth shut and began to whimper. “Now, I believe I know why you are here Harry” Lockhart said as he spun on his heel and walked to the far wall of the cell. “You want to bring him back with you.”

Harry’s breath caught in his throat and he looked at Lockhart expectantly. Gilderoy Lockhart had changed for the worse, but did that mean that Sirius was dead? The old Lockhart knew compassion. Maybe some untarnished sympathy from the old Lockhart had spared Sirius’ life, or maybe it had ended it.

“I challenge you to a duel Harry Potter,” Lockhart said with a cheeky smile. “If you win, you will leave the island with your Godfather.” Lockhart paused before he added, “and if I win, then you both will stay in Azkaban forever!” Lockhart began to cackle maniacally while Hermione looked over to Harry.

Harry nodded to Hermione before standing up and saying, “I accept your challenge Gilderoy Lockhart, but I have additional terms” Harry added with a weak smile of his own. Lockhart gave a stiff nod and Harry continued, “if I win, you will not only give me my Godfather, but you will also guarantee safe passage home for Sirius, Hermione, and myself.” Harry said with a brief look to Hermione.”

“And what if I win?” Lockhart said with an impatient demeanor.

“If you win” Harry paused while he thought, “I will sign over my entire estate to you in addition to negotiating with the Ministry of Magic for a decent job for you,” Harry said and he looked over to Hermione again to see her reaction. Her eyes were on the floor and her hands were folded rather neatly in her lap.

“Don’t forget that you two will be in here forever!” Lockhart said as he took away Harry and Hermione’s chains and led them into a dueling room. “The Brethren were able to accumulate enough magical power to allow for a small room where magic would be possible. This of course killed most of the members involved. The only member known to have survived was Salazaar Slytheri-“

“Not that I don’t love this story, but just give me my wand so that we can get this duel underway,” Harry whispered as he rubbed his wrists and looked up to see Lockhart.


The mountain was enormous and jagged. Rocks the size of entire houses lay strewn about the bottom of the steep slope. Spears of natural glass indicated that the mountain was actually an inactive volcano. The gold spot had stopped for now. This was probably because the sun had disappeared behind the mat of thunderclouds. Ron sped to the left side of the volcano to where he thought he last saw the golden speck. He found himself looking at a shack. The shack itself had no windows and looked like the little brother of The Burrow.

Ron jumped off of his broom and took out his wand. He looked to the door when he realized that the handle was gold. Such a strange occurrence caused Ron to do a double take. Why would a broken down shack on a desolate volcano have a pure gold handle? Instead of touching it, Ron slashed his wand at it and said, “Bombarda!” The door flew open and smacked against the wall.

Using any and all auror training that he had picked up, Ron made his way into the shack. There was nothing in the shack except for a small rug on the floor. One flick of his wand and the rug went flying against the wall; a secret door was now lay exposed on the floor. While humming “Weasley is our King,” Ron opened the door and jumped down into a hidden pathway. On the ground and surrounded by firewhiskey bottles was the semi-conscious body of Antonin Dolohov.

“There you are you slimy sonofabitch!” Ron roared. “INCARCERUS!” Silvery ropes made their way around Dolohov and assured Ron that Dolohov wouldn’t try to run “Accio wand.” Dolohov’s wand soared through the air to Ron’s hand where he snapped it cleanly in two. “STUPEFY!” All consciousness that the Death Eater might have still had was now gone. Ron then picked up Dolohov and headed back to his broomstick.

“You are going to tell us what happened to my sister, and then you are going to Azkaban” Ron spoke to the unconscious criminal. “If you refuse to help us, then I will kill you myself.” Once Ron was out of the mountain’s powerful wards, he apparated back to the Shack.


“There are no rules in this duel Potter,” Lockhart said as he approached Harry. “Let’s not forget procedure here, you slug. Don’t forget that I taught you how to duel!” Lockhart laughed and his entire body shook with his hideous laughs.

“Oh yeah that is right,” Harry said in a joking tone, “weren’t you the teacher that couldn’t control a bunch of Cornish Pixies?” Harry began laughing and Hermione smiled a little bit. She was too worried about Harry to be able to truly relax. Lockhart on the other hand was completely furious.

“BOW TO YOUR OPPONENT!” Lockhart spat and Harry bowed slowly before turning and walking ten paces. His wand was damp from being left in a puddle, but Harry was able to completely concentrate on a string of spells. From what Snape did to Lockhart in Harry’s second year, Harry thought that an early strike might work to his advantage. However, Harry was not blind to the fact that Lockhart had become a much more proficient wizard. This duel is not going to be easy.

On the tenth step, both of them spun around and Harry fired off a spell, “EXPELLIARMUS!” Lockhart was able to block this and then he fired off a spell of his own. This spell was non-verbal and caught Harry off guard. Luckily for Harry, it barely hit him and only knocked him off of his feet. When he sprang back up, he was hit in the chest with the same spell. this time he was knocked back into the wall and slid painfully to the floor. When he got back up Harry put up a shield and managed to gain his footing.

“RICTUMSEMPRA!” Harry cast the spell and it connected solidly with Lockhart’s throat. While Lockhart was squirming on the floor, Harry shouted “INCARCERUS!” and walked calmly over to the squirming Lockhart. “I learned this spell from my mother... WADDIWASSI!” Harry pointed his wand at Lockhart’s face and it was instantly covered in a huge wad of chewed bubble-gum. Hermione came up to Harry and kissed him hard on the lips before hugging him.

“I believe that this duel has ended in my favor Gilderoy,” Harry said while he lifted the spells that he had cast. Lockhart got to his feet very slowly and dejectedly motioned for both of them to follow him out of the magical room.

“If you will follow me, I will take you to your Godfather” Gilderoy stepped back into the corridor where Harry and Hermione first came to and began to walk to a heavily barred door. Harry and Hermione followed closely behind.

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