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7 Days by Beth Weasley
Chapter 2 : Day 2
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Day 2

Blaise Zabini woke up late on Monday morning, and the sunlight streaming through the curtains hurt his eyes.
“Fuck off sun,” he muttered.
“No need to be quite so friendly,” Malfoy laughed from the next bed over as he got up and pulled his school robes on.
“Eurgh, I feel like total crap today,” he murmured. “I think I’m just gonna skip potions today. Tell Professor I’m ill will you”
You’re a selfish, disgusting lump of shit! his mind shouted at him.
“Suit yourself,” Malfoy said as he walked out of the dormitory.

Blaise got out of bed and pulled on his jeans and hoodie that must have been at least two sizes too big. Blaise was thin and tall, but still strong. He looked almost… delicate, and he didn’t eat very often. He pulled the sleeves of the black hoodie down to cover the healing scars on his arms. He grabbed his wand and invisibility cloak and left the building.

He lay on his back on the grass and watched the clouds float by, and didn’t move, didn’t think, didn’t consciously breathe until the clouds turned to stars. A large white owl flew down and landed on his chest. Even though he was under the invisibility cloak, the owl seemed to know exactly where he was. The owl held a letter in its talons. It let the letter drop and fall onto Blaise’s chest.

It’s nice to have a letter being delivered to me now – I haven’t had many for the sake of a letter since my… let’s just say guardian died two years ago. I don’t really have many people that care about me enough to write to me, see how I am. Anyways, you didn’t really tell me what kind of stuff you enjoy. You never know, we could have a lot in common!


Blaise looked at the parchment in front of his eyes, the tears falling silently down his face, and making the ink on the paper run a little. He pulled a small penknife from his pocket and placed the blade against the cold skin of his arm. He bit his lip hard as he drew the blade across his arm. He didn’t cry out, in fact no emotion was present on his face except for a slight flicker, which flashed across his face so quickly that you would have only been able to see it if you were looking for it.

Several minutes later he lay on his back in the long grass, letting the blood from his arm seep into the grass. His discarded invisibility cloak lay next to him on the grass. He looked at his watch, and it read 8:45. He could hear footsteps on the grass that was covered in a fine layer of frost. Someone walked out of the trees behind him and saw the blood on the grass, and the knife in his hand. Without moving his head, Blaise looked to his right and saw Harry Potter, AKA Wonder-Boy standing there.

“Just leave me alone Potter,” he muttered in Harry’s general direction. Harry muttered something under his breath and a green first aid kit appeared by his feet. He knelt down next to Blaise and rubbed a disinfectant over the cuts on his arm. Blaise yelped and bit down into his lips. Harry then wrapped a bandage around his arm. “You know, Potter, I didn’t ask for your help.”
“I know.” Harry stood up to leave.
“But thank you,” Blaise said as he sat up. “Can I talk to you for a second?”
Harry paused. “Ok, your second’s over.” He grinned, and sat down on the grass next to Blaise. “What?” he asked, curious.
“Ok, so here’s the thing. What if there’s this… person I like, and, well, I just don’t know how to tell them. I mean, how can I tell them, when I know they can’t ever feel the same?”
“First question,” Harry said. “Year?”
“Boy or girl?”
“Well, erm, it’s, they’re, I like a boy, ok?”
“Was just asking,” Harry could see how glad Blaise was to have finally told someone something that had obviously been causing him a lot of trouble and pain. “Finally, name?”

“I can’t tell you that!” Blaise exclaimed.
“Why not? It’s not like it’s me.”
“Fine, it’s, he’s, he’s a,” Blaise paused, almost as though he was trying to come up with a false name to hide who he really liked, “Slytherin and his name’s D – D,” he couldn’t say it.
Harry said it for him. “Draco Malfoy.” Blaise hesitated before nodding. “Right, this is complicated. I’m not really completely sure what to say.” Harry picked a blade of grass up and twirled in between two fingers before letting it fall to the ground.
“Why am I even telling you this? You won’t understand me at all Potter, you like… girls!” he spat it out as though it disgusted him. “Just go will you! And don’t tell anyone what I just told you, understand!”

Harry stood up and looked at him, and Blaise could see the hurt in his eyes. “Just go,” Blaise whispered, a single tear falling down his cheek. Harry turned and walked away. You’re a fucking idiot Blaise Zabini, you know that? You had your chance to tell him how you feel, and you blew it! For all you know that comment could have been a hint that he liked you! Fucking idiot! Blaise stood up, wrapped his invisibility cloak around his shoulders and walked back up to the school, tears falling silently down his face.

I know, I've taken months, and I'm really sorry! The next chapter is almost done, so should be up a lot quicker than this was!


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