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When We Fall by harrypotterhugefanforever
Chapter 1 : When We Fall
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It was exactly five months after the death of Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort. A girl around the age of seventeen was sitting at the grave of Harry Potter. Her name, of course, was Ginny Weasley-Potter. She and Harry had been married for one month when Voldemort attacked, and then came their seven-day fight. Ginny was lost in thought, and didn’t realize a figure approaching from behind. She had only eyes and ears for Harry, like she had always. Her hand moved nervously towards her round belly. She was pregnant at six months, and she feared for her baby’s well being in the future. 


It was the day of Harry and Ginny’s one month anniversary, and they had a huge surprise for everyone: Ginny was pregnant. They were just about to announce it when they heard a bang. Lord Voldemort was there, along with his Death Eaters, Giants, Dementors and Werewolves. 

Everyone was there from the Order of the Phoenix, so they were evenly matched. The Order, the professors, and the Aurors all ran out to the final battle. Only two were left in the room—Harry and Ginny. 

Harry was rehearsing what he was going to say when Ginny came up and kissed him. Pulling apart, Harry knew immediately what he had to do.
“Ginny, my darling Ginny,” he said. “I love you, and forever will. But I need to go now and kill him. DO NOT GO OUT THERE.” His voice became very stern. “Protect the baby. I love you and forever will.” With that he left. 

“Goodbye my Harry. I love you as well,” cried out Ginny as she sank onto the floor, dissolved in tears. Finally she pulled herself together and walked dramatically out towards the battle. She saw a large rock and ran towards it, dodging spells and sending her own at unsuspecting Death Eaters 


Bangs continued all around the Burrow. People were falling everywhere, both good and bad. After killing at least five Death Eaters, Harry was becoming restless. Where is Voldemort? thought Harry angrily. 

“Where are you Voldemort? Hiding are you?” mocked Harry. 

“Oi Potter, he won’t come YET! Time to die, little Potty,” screeched Bellatrix. “Crucio!” Harry’s screams went up all around the battle for a moment, until Harry was able to resist the curse. 

“Oh, little Potty can resist it. Let’s see if you can survive the worst Unforgivable curse of all,” she said in her baby voice. “AVADA KEDAVRA!” 

“No!” whispered Ginny as she hid behind a large rock. Tears were filling her eyes, but she quickly wiped them away when she saw Harry dodge the spell. 

Harry sent the killing curse back towards Bellatrix. She seemed immobilized for a moment. Her shrieks filled the air, but were only replaced with cruel laughter as she hit the ground. 

“Very good Potter but you won’t be standing when I’ve finished with you,” spat Voldemort. 

He and Harry began circling each other.
I’m doing this for you, Ginny. And the unborn baby, thought Harry. Harry’s and Voldemort’s eyes met. One filled with love, while the other was filled with evil.
“For Ginny!” shouted Harry. He sent his first curse flying towards Voldemort. 

~*~*End Flashback*~*~ 

“Miss Weasley, what are you doing out here at this time of night?” came the voice of Rufus Scrimgeour.

“What do you want?” snapped Ginny. She suddenly got up, wand at the ready, and turned to face the ex-Minister of Magic. “Leave me alone, to dwell on the memories of my husband.” Rufus was shocked, beyond all measures.


“Yes! My husband,” she replied. Turning back to the gravestone, her eyes lingered on the title, the one she picked out in memory of Harry. A while later the Minister left, leaving Ginny alone once again.
“Oh Harry. My Hero,” she whispered to the grave.


Voldemort deflected spell after spell. Harry was beginning to tire, but didn’t give up. Voldemort was the same. It had been several long days, where no-one slept. Harry and Voldemort had been fighting all those days. 

“I’m going to kill you Harry,” yelled Voldemort. 

“You said those words six years ago. Since then, I have faced you four times. And I haven’t died once. Love can conquer all, Tom,” Harry retorted. 

Harry flicked his wand in a jabbing movement. He sent the killing curse right at Voldemort, who once again deflected it. But this time he lost his footing.
Harry seized the chance he had been waiting for. 

Once again he threw the jet of green light at Voldemort. This time it came in contact with his body. Time seemed to slow. There was Voldemort’s body suspended in midair. His cold eyes were open. After what felt like years he fell onto the cold, damp ground. 

Harry Potter, the boy-who-lived and the Chosen One had killed Lord Voldemort. The country of which Harry loved was forever free of him. Harry knew that soon everyone would be rejoicing. Without him. 

Harry’s eyes lingered on Voldemort’s body for a moment. Out in the distance Harry could hear everyone cheering. It seemed that the Giants, Dementors and Werewolves had given up and ran away. All that was left were two Death Eaters and Snape. 

Time seemed to have been restored. Everything was moving as it should have. Everyone in the clearing moved in towards the last remaining Death Eaters. The only person that didn’t was Harry.
He silently fell to the ground. His blood fell from the cut in the side of his head. The pain was un-bearably. He had finished what no one else had.
 Voldemort was dead. And he will remain that way, thought Harry. Harry silently fell into a trance. Things began to move slowly again and became blurry. All he could remember was Ginny running towards him. 

“Harry, you did it.” Her voice seemed too far away. His breathing became less and less. Ginny finally stopped yelling to hear Harry say his dying wishes. 

“Ginny. I love you. Make sure our baby knows the way of life. Don’t let her become evil like Voldemort Gin, never let her. I know I’m dying, so I won’t put too much on your shoulders. Just tell everyone I said goodbye, and that they were awesome. Love you, Gin. Always have, always will.” With that he took his last breath. Ginny bent over and kissed him. 

“I will, Harry. Goodbye,” she whispered. “You saved us, Harry. We’re free forever. Because of you.” 

~*~*End Flashback*~*~
In Loving Memory Of
Harry James Potter
Beloved Husband, Friend, Father, Hero
Died to save us from Lord Voldemort

1980 – 1997

“Harry, you saved us and then you left. Why?” she asked. Tears flowed down her face again.

Harry silently appeared behind her.  But this was not the Harry everyone knew.  He would never been that person again. Tears were falling from his green eyes.

“Ginny, I had to,” said Harry’s spirit. “I didn’t want to, but everyone was waiting. I love you.” 

With that he left and returned to his awaiting family.

“Goodbye, Harry, I’ll visit you again. Sometime,” she murmured through the tears. “And next time I’ll bring your daughter, Lily Mia Potter.” With that she flicked her wand and a single rose appeared.

“As long as this is red, I am with you. As long as this is a single rose, I will be single.” Once again she flicked her wand and another message appeared on the headstone.

“Goodbye, Harry,” she whispered and disappeared into the darkness.

Forever in our memory. Forever in our hearts. Forever here. 

Unknown to anyone was a middle-aged man with wolfish characters watching. Tears were falling from his eyes. This was Remus Lupin, uncle to Harry Potter. He silently approached the headstone, thinking of what to say.

“Hi, Harry. I wanted you to know that I always loved you as a son. And I never told you, but I’m your uncle. I was once married to Kayley Potter. She was your father’s sister, but sadly she died, not long before James and Lily died. You should also know that Tonks and I are getting married, all thanks to you. I’m really going to miss you Harry, and I will never forget you. Goodbye, Harry.” With this he lifted his wand a placed a few words on the grave before leaving.

Forever watching. Forever with us. Forever loving.

As Lupin neared the edge of the graveyard, he stopped and smiled. “You are finally with them, aren’t you?” he thought.

“Yes, Remus, I am,” replied a voice on the wind. It was unheard by the middle-aged man, but back at the Burrow a lonely widow heard it. A smile appeared across her crying face.

“Yes, Harry, you are.”

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