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The Amortentia Experience by KML
Chapter 8 : Loose Ends
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Loose Ends

Long after the most studious Gryffindor had left for his bed, Harry, Ron, Hermione, Fred and George remained in the Common Room, laughing. Earlier in the evening, Fred and George were constantly being interrupted by Gryffindors high-fiving them and calling them geniuses. Once all the other students had left, Fred and George informed the Trio of their escapades.

In their first class, Charms, they had felt the need for more drama, so they had knocked Flitwick off of his tower of books, giving him the “chance” to go to the Hospital Wing (“I knew it!” Hermione cried), and leading to the current Flitwick - Pomfrey romance.

They had then had a break period, and dinner. During the afternoon, they had had a dosage of Double Potions. Harry was amused to know that Umbridge had been stalking Snape, who was thoroughly unnerved by the unwanted affection. They had then left for Muggle Studies, which had bored them because of its lack of action. However, the fight after supper had made up for sitting through a boring class period.

The twins laughed when Harry, Ron, and Hermione filled them in on the details of their day. They concluded that this was the best prank they had ever pulled, but the grins were wiped off their faces when Harry informed them that Dumbledore, thanks to the Twidaleus Potion, was on to them. They managed to laugh it off, but it was evident that they had been shocked by the news.

Soon, Hermione, complaining of the exam in Charms the next afternoon, left for her bed. A few minutes later, the Weasleys and Harry left for bed too. Overall, they concluded, taking the punishment for the days’ activities was well worth it.

# # #
True to Dumbledore’s word, Fred and George were sent to Madame Pomfrey to work in the Hospital Wing for two hours every night for a month. Not having learned anything from the Amortentia Experience, as Harry and Ron called it, the twins spent this time placing itching powder in all the sheets in the Hospital Wing linen closet, mixing up all of Madame Pomfrey’s dried plants, and bewitching the curtains to weave together so that Madame Pomfrey could not open them. Needless to say, the twins walked around with smoking ears for weeks as a result of Madame Pomfrey’s Pepper-Up Potion “cures”.

Harry, Ron, and Hermione escaped without a serious punishment, other than the fact that they, like Fred and George, were no longer allowed in the kitchens. This greatly dismayed Hermione, for she believed that this meant she could no longer “help” Winky. However, Dumbledore allowed her to continue with this in an empty classroom.

Most of the teachers forgot, thanks to the Forgetfulness Potion that Fred and George put in all the drinks and food being sent up to the Professors’ table the next morning. But Harry could tell that, thanks to Twidaleus, Professor Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall were not affected. He could tell that they, as well as the students, laughed whenever Snape and Umbridge entered the same room, although neither Snape nor Umbridge was quite sure why. Harry noticed that Professor McGonagall was unusually stiff around Professor Binns, and that Professor Dumbledore was less polite to Professor Sprout than before, but she didn’t notice at all. And the one thing that was clear to Harry, although no other students were aware, was that all the subtle glances and the good moods that they were both in must mean that something irreversible had occurred between Albus Dumbledore and Minerva McGonagall.

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The Amortentia Experience: Loose Ends


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