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Harry Potter and the Final Riddle by Timechild
Chapter 13 : Two Hearts as One
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The next day was interesting from Harry’s point of view. He awoke to having Ginny looking at him while hanging off the bed, smiling from ear to ear. He looked around and, after assuring that they were the only ones awake at this moment in time, kissed her. He could see the look of happiness in her eyes as they broke apart. She put a finger to her lips and motioned for him to get dressed and meet her downstairs. He nodded and she disappeared for the stairs. He rose and dressed quickly, then descended the stairs to the study. There was Ginny awaiting him with arms open and come hither eyes on her face. Harry smiled as he drew near her and they kissed again. After a moment of bliss, they separated and Harry pointed to the notes he had brought with him on his experiment. She nodded and pointed to the living room. He mentioned in her mind that he understood, and then wondered aloud a detail.

“Why are we communicating with words when we have the link?” He thought to her. She put a finger to her lips again.

“Ron warned me that Mum and Dad might be able to pick up on the link when it’s used. We do not wish to wake anyone up, now do we darling, as they need their sleep.” She thought back and smiled sheepishly.

Harry smiled and reached quietly for the papers. He placed them neatly in a pile and rolled them softly as not to wake anyone. He wrapped a ribbon around them as headed for the living room. As he passed the kitchen, Ginny came out with a picnic basket completely full of food and smiled. From the looks of that basket, she planned on them being gone most of the day. He smiled and kissed her again. They headed to the living room to go out the back door, but as they turned the corner, there was Mr. Weasley standing there with his arms crossed.

“Leaving so early, kids?” He asked quietly. Harry and Ginny looked at each other. Ginny rolled her eyes as Harry simply shrugged his shoulders.

“So much for letting them sleep…” He said to her.

“Here we were trying to be considerate.” She responded. “How long have you been standing there Daddy?”

“About the time you two were kissing in my study, sweetheart.”

“Sheesh, Daddy. It was a short peck. You make it sound like we were snogging on the workbench. Besides, we already told you we have work to do and this experiment needs to be away from people and buildings…just in case?” Ginny said quite calmly.

“Yes, I believe you, Ginny. However, you could have left a note…”

“We’re not even out of the house yet!” Ginny shook her head, pulled out her wand, and said “recordo”.

A small image of her, saying where they were going and why, appeared on the kitchen table. Ginny then went over and kissed her father on the cheek. “Bye, Daddy. See you at dinner. Harry and I are really going to be busy WORKING.”

Mr. Weasley gave her a kiss back and said, “Have fun you two, but not too much fun, otherwise I will be hearing it from your mother…not to mention the neighbors.” He laughed while Ginny and Harry made mock expressions of shock. He waved at them as they headed out the door and down the lane.

“He is right on one thing, Ginny.” Harry said when they were out of hearing range.

“Yes, I know, and I wasn’t planning on this being more than our usual work party. I knew exactly what he meant about the neighbors. We will head down to the lake and work there…” she then grinned at him, “with only a minimum of snogging interspersed between real working.”

They spent most of the morning and early afternoon working on Harry’s experiment. The technique was known as ‘astral projection’, the ability to literally send your conscious spirit somewhere else in space. He had learned the technique from the portraits over the last week before the holidays had started. Harry found it difficult, but the portraits stated the reason was that there was not a second person living to work with. Merlin actually suggested that he teach the technique to Ginny and practice with her; stating that he would improve and Ginny would catch right up as she would be learning this ‘live’. Merlin had been correct in this prediction, as Ginny was able to catch on to the idea quickly. By the time that Ron and Hermione had found them by the lake, they had already developed a rapport that allowed them to meet up anywhere at anytime.

“Sounds like fun, Mate.” Ron stated as Harry and Ginny were coming out of their trance.

“It is.” Harry said in reply. “If you have someone to work with; doing this alone really stinks.”

“I can believe that.” Hermione said with a smile.

“It will make things easier now.” Ginny said. She then went on to explain the promise that Arthur had required of her.

“Ow, I bet that set some plans back.” Ron replied with a chuckle. Hermione poked him in the ribs.

“Yes, it did. You two are lucky, nobody thinking of you as a kid. Although I finally got someone else in the family to concede that I have grown up.”

“Aunt Muriel?” Ron asked.

“Yeah, how did you know?”
“Dad told us, and that Mum was not thrilled to hear it.” Ron made a face.

“Mum doesn’t want to admit it.” Ginny said shaking her head.

“Oh, she knows…” Harry replied and told of running into her in the hallway the previous night. Ginny was about to get upset, but Harry sent a thought of the Christmas tree at Grimmauld place. He also passed to Ginny via their link of her mother’s fears that she would move in with Harry at the first opportunity.

“What did you tell her?” She thought back.

“I said…” Harry spoke aloud, “that we had not discussed the matter. However, I am going to speak my view here and now in front of witnesses.” He took Ginny hands and covered them with his. “My home is your home, Ginny Weasley. As we are one, all that is mine is yours as well. You are the lady of my house, as far as I am concerned. My house is your house; my bed is your bed, for as long as it can be.”

Ginny was crying by the time he had finished these words. She jumped into his arms and kissed him hard. “Harry James Potter, you have made me the happiest woman in the Wizarding World.” She thought to him and he returned the kiss with equal passion. Ron and Hermione were holding each other and beaming as they witnessed this exchange of love and devotion.

“He-Hem” a voice beckoned.

“If you two are getting hot, go kiss each other.” Ginny thought to Hermione. Harry laughed, but Hermione gave her a look.

“That wasn’t either of us.” She said and pointed. Mr. Weasley was standing there with that look again. Ginny just rolled her eyes.

“We have been working for several hours with no one around. One kiss, and there he is. It’s like he’s got radar or something.” She complained. Everyone laughed, including Arthur Weasley. “Daddy, why can’t you show up when we are working? Is your dial set permanently to ‘snog’ mode?” She then walked over and gave her father a peck on the cheek. Arthur smiled at his only daughter.

“I guess it would look that way, wouldn’t it? Well, the only reason I am down here is to tell you that we will be eating soon and it is the wishes of all concerned that everyone be present.”

“Tell Mother we shall be…really Daddy. We were working.”

“They were Mr. Weasley,” Hermione added, “We saw them on their last run of that new technique when we arrived here. It looked like they were putting some serious effort into it.”

“I believe you all, and that is what I am going to tell Molly when I get back. That I saw Harry and Ginny working on some new magic and Ron and Hermione were witnessing. Furthermore, I saw no snogging.” He winked and walked away.

“I wonder if he heard what you said earlier, Harry.” Ron said as he watched his Dad go out of sight.

“Don’t know, don’t care either, Mate. You two know, that is what matters. I don’t hear anyone complaining here, do I?” Harry asked.

“Bloody hell no way,” Ron answered emphatically. “It doesn’t take a genius to see how happy you make her. Yeah, I know mum wants all the traditional stuff, but she is just going to have to understand that a white-veil wedding is not in the cards.”

“Nor the elopement like they had planned for us.” Ginny said with a shudder, and then sent a mental picture to Hermione (who also shuddered.)

“And I thought MY parents were conservative.” Hermione said. “I never thought your parents would be so…”

“OLD-fashioned, well only on me they are. It seems that being female and the youngest they want to dump all the tradition onto us. I already told Harry no way.”

“She never sent me a mental picture.” Harry said.

“I would never torture you with such a thing, my love.” Ginny replied.

“If I am with you in that, then it would never be a torture, dear heart.” Harry returned. Ginny giggled and then sent the mental image of the nineteenth century dress robes they had planned for Harry after kidnapping him from Grimmauld Place. He saw himself in a very large, hot chapel with a bishop doing three hours of canons before he got to the ten page wedding vows. He then shifted to see what Ginny was wearing in this picture. When he couldn’t find anything, he sent along a skimpy white number from Queen Victoria’s Secret to go under whatever nineteenth Century Dress they had forced on her. Ginny started laughing hysterically, followed by Hermione and Ron.

“I’d say good one Mate, but I just got an image of my own sister I am not supposed to have.” He said. Now everybody was rolling on the floor.

“Well, big brother, you will just have to put Hermione in that image, now won’t you?” Ginny said with a sing-song voice.

“Not until after the wedding, this Vow is becoming a pain to her. It seems that I can’t even think something sexy without it becoming painful.”

“Really?” Ginny turned a worried eye to Hermione. “Are you alright, sis?” She thought at her.

“I am guessing that repeating it made it stronger, and I guess we wrote it too literally.”

“Oh, baby…” Ginny reached over and hugged Hermione, who let out a little gasp. She rubbed her back and Hermione immediately relaxed and returned the embrace.

“That does feel nice, and it doesn’t hurt.” She thought at Ginny. “Thanks.”

“Anytime, do you want to just snuggle together and girl-talk tonight? It sounds like you need to de-stress a little.” Ginny suggested.

“I think I may take you up on that. Ron isn’t hurting me; it is just that I am starting to feel, you know, those type of feelings more and more. It is almost as if the closer we get to our wedding, the more pressure builds up inside.” Hermione quickly added, “Don’t tell Ron, he would be crushed.”

“Are you kidding? No way! He would be feeling so guilty, everyone would be miserable. Just us girls.”

“What about Harry?”

“Why do you think we have been working on this new technique? So that we can stay in touch at night while I am on this forced exile.”

“Is there anything I can do, Ginny?”

“Just be there Christmas Day at Harry’s. Bring your parents too, if you can.”

“Done. Why? What do you have planned?”

“Girls only secret?”

“Okay…” Ginny then sent to Hermione her plan. She was going to take her father literally. Hermione giggled a little and nodded, then put up her hand as if to swear to secrecy. However, no sooner did she do that, Ron came over.

“Good Plan, He is going to be so surprised.” He said. When Ginny looked at him shocked and scared, he added. “You thought too loudly, but I’m not telling him. Ruin the surprise, not me. As far as I am concerned, go for it Ginny! I will help Hermione keep interference from Mum. I would however, suggest that you let one of us hint to Dad on the day in question.”

“Why” Ginny asked.

“Well, because he is trying so hard to look out for you. He has been hinting here and there that Mum is going about it the wrong way. If he knows that something is coming with only enough warning to keep things from blowing up, then it might work to your benefit. Promise, though, nothing to even him until after you, ah, spring your surprise.”

“Ok, deal.” Ginny agreed.

“What are you three conspiring about?” Harry asked. Ginny came over and kissed him.

“You,” She said sweetly. “But you will love it; I’ve already promised you that.”

“Oh, that. Okay, I will not pry. I know it’s a surprise and I will not do anything to spoil it.”

With that, Ginny took Harry’s arm and led him back to the Burrow. Hermione placed her arm in Ron’s and they followed.

Dinner was very lively at the Burrow. Molly Weasley once again had outshone anyone Harry had ever known in putting love into food. Ginny was very subdued, though her arm was always on Harry’s. Arthur pointed out to his wife that Ron and Hermione, as well as Bill and Fleur, were equally joined at the hip. Molly looked and saw a face of complete peace and contentment on her daughter’s face that she had never seen before. Hermione had told Molly that Ginny and Harry had done a lot of talking while they were working, and that they have been able to resolve the issue of separation until Christmas to the point that Ginny would be able to cope. Molly was not sure what that all meant, however as Ginny was (in her mind) behaving like a lady, she accepted Hermione’s version of events. After dinner, everyone went to the living room where a lot of conversation centered on the four of them and how the classes were going with the younger students. Ron told everyone on how the situation with Mr. Robbins and Miss Patil turned out. Ginny rolled her eyes on that part, but not because of Ron.

“More trouble because of Cedric McLaggen.” She started, “That boy is going to be nothing but trouble.”

“Why is he going on like this, Ginny?” Bill asked.

“Because he is bound and determined to get even with Harry about his brother, who is not doing too well and it is supposedly all Harry’s fault and…wait a minute, I just had a thought.” Ginny closed her eyes and concentrated for a second, and then looked at Harry. “May I borrow Hedwig for a day or so, Darling?”

“Of course, anything special?” Harry answered.

“Well, actually, I want to know what Big Brother thinks of Little Brother’s attempts at holy retribution. Something tells me that, perhaps, Cormac may not be so thrilled if he knew.”

“And Big Brother might be able to stop Little Brother?” Harry surmised.

“Something like that. It’s worth a try, isn’t it?”

“Very much so, and it may save us having to restrict the younger McLaggen further.” He bent over and kissed Ginny’s cheek. “I love you when you’re brilliant, dear heart.”

“Only then?” She said in fake shock. Harry laughed.

“You know better than that, my love. I love you anytime and anyplace.” He thought at her as he leaned into the kiss a little more.

“Especially the time and place that involves certain garments you keep dreaming of seeing me in…” She thought back. Hermione giggled when Harry’s face suddenly turned red. “And I look forward to that time and place as well, my darling.” She nuzzled up to him. Fleur started to giggle as well. Ginny looked at her, and she smiled with a smile of recognition.

“You didn’t hear that…did you?” She thought in her sister-in-law’s direction.

“Of course I did, Ginny. Bill and I have those same thoughts almost every night. I am half-Veela remember? I can pick up those emotions. And I don’t need a ‘lover’s link’ to communicate will Bill this way.”

“Not a word to Mum or Dad, okay? Ron and Hermione are similarly linked and they would get in a whole lot of trouble too.”

“Of course not, Bill and I can see you two are bonded together. Not a word to anyone.” She smiled at Ginny, and Ginny smiled back. Harry wasn’t sure what was going on, but Ginny’s nod to him said that there was nothing to worry about. Harry looked at the regular clock and noticed it was after nine p.m. He looked down at Ginny, who had picked up his thought. This time, they were both ready for what he was about to say.

“I need to be heading home, Ginny. If the house is to be ready for Christmas, I need to get it into shape.” He nuzzled her as if to soften the blow.

“I know, but I am very happy you made it over last night. I needed you, and I was not ready for the separation. Today, we have worked things out, and I will be all right now. Come, my love, I will walk you to the circle so that you can apparate home.”

They rose from the couch to the shocked looks of Molly, Fred, and George Weasley. Arthur nodded as he stood and shook Harry’s hand saying good night. Harry and Ginny walked out to the back yard, followed by everyone else looking out the door to make sure that they had seen this correctly. Ginny was not complaining, in fact she sounded as if she had expected this. Everyone saw Ginny kiss Harry for about a minute, and then watched as he apparated away. Ginny returned into the house, with a contented look on her face.

“Well, I must admit, I had expected resistance from you Ginny.” Mrs. Weasley said, still slightly shocked. “That was the most mature I have seen you handle this situation.”

“Well, Mother, maybe if you didn’t drop these ‘situations’ on me last minute I could handle them better. I had simply to re-adjust our plans for Christmas, which I could not do without Harry, as he is an equal part. I will tell you, though, that I am not dropping any plans with Harry in the future, especially as we have so little of a future that we can count on. If we are alive next year, you will have to find another buffer to dear Auntie Muriel. I will be with Harry.” With that she kissed her father good night and went to bed, waving at Fleur and Hermione. The two other girls giggled.

“What was that for?” Mr. Weasley asked.

“Just girl stuff Daddy.” Ginny cooed.

“Hey!” Ron said with his arms folded. Hermione kissed him.

“That’s right, you know. I guess that makes you an honorary girl for this.” She said lovingly to her fiancé.

“Bloody well right…Hey!” Ron looked completely shocked now as everyone laughed. Ginny blew her brother a kiss and put a finger up to her lips as she trotted up the stairs.

Anyone who passed Ginny’s room that night simply saw her reading some books and working on papers. Her father came in to kiss her good night and to say not to stay up too late. She smiled and kissed him back. Fred and George waved at her before heading back to their flat. Hermione, Ron, Bill, and Fleur came in after them. By now Bill had been brought up to speed, and assured his youngest sibling that he was completely for her. They all hugged her good night and then retired to their respective rooms. Only when everyone else had gone to bed did Ginny put the papers and books away and closed the door.

She positioned herself in the exact way that Harry had just taught her this morning. She cleared her mind of all thoughts. She closed her eyes and saw the little ball of energy getting smaller and smaller as her breathing became rhythmic and shallow. Finally, she was able to ‘ground’ the ball as Harry had taught and the feeling began to wash over her as it had at the lake. She felt her inner-self rise to leave her body and take flight. She was able to transverse miles in seconds and quickly she saw all too familiar territory. She was walking the outside grounds at Hogwarts, passing Hagrid’s house and the Whomping Willow. She saw Hagrid returning to his hut with Fang, his faithful if not completely brave pooch. Almost in habit, she said hello before realizing that her body was hundreds of miles away.

“Whozat?” Hagrid shouted and turned. Ginny literally stopped near dead of shock.

“You can hear me Hagrid?” She asked sweetly. Hagrid looked totally frightened as she came closer and said to him. “Hagrid, it’s alright. I am a friend. How can you hear me in this form?”

“The same way I can see Thestrils, cause I know death.” Hagrid replied.

“Oh, sweet man, I am not dead. You know me, Hagrid. Listen to my voice and tell me who I am.” Hagrid concentrated for a minute then recognized the soft, caring voice.

“Ginny? Izzat you? It can’t be. You’re alive! I saw you.”

“Hagrid, calm down, I am very much alive; in fact, more so today than I have ever been before. I am soon to be reunited with my love in a way that no one can steal from us. He will be here shortly.”

“You mean Harry?”

“Yes, my dear friend. We promised to meet here in this form to bridge the distance between us, so that we cannot be separated again. What you hear is me, I just sort of took a journey from my body for awhile.”

Hagrid shot up, and spun around. Ginny could see the fear in his face.

“Hagrid,” she asked, “Why do you look so afraid?”

“This is bad magic, Ginny. You two should not be doin’ this kind of stuff.” Hagrid replied very sternly.

“Hagrid, this magic is not evil. Magic is neither good nor evil – it is simply magic. The good and evil comes from the person using the magic. Do you honestly think that Harry or I would ever do anything evil?”

“Well, no I don’t.” Hagrid admitted.

“Well, you’re right, my dear friend. This is just a way to help us stay together when so much is trying to pull us apart. I just didn’t know you could hear me. Can you see me, too?”

“No, you haven’t made yourself visible, and I suggest you don’t. Filch is hunting today and he would shoot you if he saw you. Believe me, if filch shoots you with that special crossbow of his, you will be hurt bad.” Hagrid held up his hand.

“I didn’t know you could make an astral projection visible. But then, we all have so much still to learn if we are going to solve the big riddle.” Ginny came close and blew gently on his face.

“Hey! That tickles!” Hagrid responded. “What’d you do that fer?”

“Because I can’t kiss you, dear friend. It is Christmas, and I want you to know that you are loved and remembered. Happy Christmas, Hagrid.”

“To you too, Ginny. I gotta admit, you sure sound happy.”

“I am the happiest lady of any house in the Wizarding World! I have my love and now no one can take him away again. We are one, together, forever.” Ginny was practically singing now, and Hagrid, though he was still annoyed at her being in this state, couldn’t help but smile now. He remembered all the days she had sat in his house crying because she could not even talk to Harry.

“He made you the lady of his house, did he?”

“He did, oh Hagrid, we are one and no one can split us apart ever again.”

“Not even Vol…I mean, Riddle?” Hagrid said. “He will kill Harry if he can.”

“I know, but I will be at his side, Hagrid. We will stop him; I swear it, if we have to die together trying.” She saw a tear in Hagrid’s eye. “Why are you crying Hagrid?”

“Because you four are too young to be in this pickle…you should be out enjoying life and making babies. Instead you are caught in a trap that may cut short your lives way too soon.” Ginny blew against his ear again.

“If I could hug you right now, dear heart, I would. Yes, we know our lot. We face the greatest challenge that any Wizard or Witch can ever face. Yet here we are, facing it with the most potent magic ever. The secret Dumbledore taught us all, that love can and will conquer evil. We love, Hagrid. Have I told you how I can conjure my Patronus? It is because I see myself giving Harry his son. I love him so much that that is my greatest dream. I will be complete when I introduce him to his first-born. How can Riddle even hope to stand against that?”

“I don’t suppose he can.” Hagrid said through a tear stained voice.

“Hagrid…come to us for Christmas at Grimmauld Place. Come to friends and loved ones. The castle can spare you that day.”

“Oh, you don’t want me there, not if you wanna keep your furniture intact.”

“We most certainly do. Promise me we will see you Christmas day, promise me dear friend. We shall make you more than welcome.”

“You mean it?”

“We do indeed old friend…” Harry said. “I guess you figured out that certain people can hear you.

“Yes, my dearest love. However, Hagrid has warned that Filch is hunting, so that we are to not make ourselves visible.” Ginny replied.

“So noted, now Hagrid, you are expected on Christmas Day, at 12 Grimmauld Place by no later than two p.m., and the only gift we want is your large presence.” Harry made that clear.

“Also that of Madame Maxime if you so desire.” Ginny added.

Hagrid was crying again, “Well if that don’t beat all. Yes, we will be there. I’ll let her know tomorrow so that we can arrange to arrive together.”

Ginny blew on his face one last time. “Until then, dear friend.”

“You two don’t do anything I wouldn’t do…though that doesn’t get rid of much do it?” He winked. Harry and Ginny strolled through the garden under the moonlight.

“That was a very sweet thing to do, my love.” Harry said to her as he began to envelope her.

“Thank you, darling. He looked so lonely there. I don’t think anyone has ever invited him to Christmas.” She replied.

“Just one…Dumbledore. He needs friends this year.”

“Shush now, my darling. It is time for us.” Her spirit melded into Harry’s as they began a dance of spiritual and emotional energy the likes of which had never been seen before at Hogwarts. They moved as one up towards the heavens and filled the grounds with the light of their love. Not another word was spoken, nor was any necessary. Hagrid saw the light and knew it was his two young friends entwined in love. McGonagall looked out her window and realized what had to be going on immediately. She smiled knowing that what was happening would only strengthen the bond between the young lovers to heights that normal magic could never do. A tear went into her eye as she kept looking at the light.

“They are as one, Albus my dear. It is as you had hoped.” She said softly.

“Excellent, Minerva.” Dumbledore said from a small third portrait setting on her nightstand. She watched the dance in the sky and sighed.

“I miss you very much.” She said through the tears.

“I will always be with you, my sweet. We had many good decades. This is their time now. We must protect this love as best we can.”

“What about Molly Weasley? She means well, but the situation will not allow for what she wants from them.”

“Molly’s only crime is that she is seeing with a mother’s love. She wants what is right for Ginny, and Molly is unable to realize yet that what is right for those two is going to be different from anyone else in Wizarding History. She cannot be faulted for not seeing something that no one can really recognize, not even those two young soon-to-be-lovers.”

“Soon-to-be, you mean they haven’t yet?” McGonagall asked somewhat shocked.

“No, not yet, but they are bonded. That part will come shortly if I am not mistaken.” Dumbledore said.

Ginny informed her mother the next morning that they would have additional guests at Christmas and, if she is going to continue tradition, she will need to knit two more sweaters (and very large ones at that). Molly was curious to know where she had gotten that information, to which Ginny simply said that Harry told her before he left. Arthur agreed that having Hagrid there would be good for him.

“And us too, for we owe him much as well.”


Harry was roused at 12:05 am on the twenty-fifth of December by Dobby. Harry rubbed his eyes, looked at the clock, and stared right into Dobby’s face.

“What in the world are you doing waking me up at this hour?” He practically shouted.

“Harry Potter, come quickly, your present has arrived for you sir.” Dobby said excitedly.

“Dobby, whatever you got me, it can wait until sunup at least.”

“No Harry Potter, it is not from me and it cannot wait! You must look under the tree before she gets cold.”

“She?” Harry jumped up and grabbed his robe. Dobby points to the bottom of the stairs where there is a blue ribbon tied to it and leading to the living room. Harry ran down stairs and touched the blue ribbon. Suddenly he could smell the all too wonderful flowery scent that told him immediately who was at the other end of the ribbon. He slowly followed the ribbon around the corner and stopped dead in his tracks. There, under the tree, tied to the other end of that ribbon in a bow, was Ginny. She was wearing the blue outfit that he wanted to see her in so much. He slowly reaches down, pulls the bow apart, and lets it fall to the ground. Her eyes are completely sparkling with love and passion for him. Ginny reached up, placed her hand on his chin, and drew him into a very impassioned kiss.

“So, my love, ready to open your Christmas Present?”

“You’re not supposed to be here until…”

“Christmas Day and not one SECOND before, well I actually waited five minutes to be safe. It is now Christmas Day, darling.” She cooed into his ear.

“Your Mum would kill us where we sit if she saw this.”

“My mother is no longer in control of our lives, and she better get used to it or being without one set of grandchildren. I only care about what YOU think.” She stood up and twirled around once slowly, giving Harry a complete view of how the outfit looked on her. “So what DO you think?” She said with that wicked grin.

“Absolutely fantastic!” was all Harry managed to get out. The monster inside was roaring! Dobby was shaking.

“You did wonderfully, Dobby, thank you. You have made this the best Christmas that either one of us will ever have. We will see you later in the morning to start with the Brunch.”

“Yes, Mrs. Potter…” and Dobby disappeared immediately.

“He says some of the nicest things.” Ginny cooed as she began to stroke Harry’s hair. “No more talk of Mother; it is you and I now, and forever.” She takes Harry’s hand and starts to lead him up the stairs. Harry stops for a second to ask one question.

“Forget your mother, but we aren’t breaking any rules that would cause you grief, right?”

“No, Harry. That whole wait until marriage thing is just Hermione. That was the way she was brought up and, believe me, she is starting to seriously regret that Vow right now.” She began to pull him closer to her and kissing his neck.

“Why go through all this, Ginny?”

“I love you, Harry Potter, and I WANT you…now let’s go and open a gift…namely yours.” She kissed him very passionately this time. This time he offered absolutely no resistance…

Harry woke to the sunlight at about nine a.m. He looked around and saw Ginny resting her head on his chest and lying face down on his left side. He thought back to the moment a few hours ago and relished it. He now had a very powerful happy memory to use for his Patronus. Ginny giggled and opened her eyes to meet his for several long moments.

“Happy Christmas my love, and my lover.” Harry literally felt the total emotion of those words again as he heard her say ‘my lover.’ “I have been dreaming of this morning for almost seven years.” She whispered into his ear. “You have made me complete, my darling.”

“How did I get so lucky?” He asked softly.

Ginny reaches up and kisses him. “I love you so much, Harry.”

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