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The Seer by Phoenix_Flames
Chapter 1 : Sick
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Author's Note:
This story is being completely re-written. For those of you who have read it in the past, I suggest starting over. This was posted before the release of the Deathly Hallows book and was, therefore, inaccurate with all of the Next Gen characters. Inspired for this story once more, I have re-written it and am picking it up again.
I guess you could call this my first accurate Next Gen fic. :/
Please leave a review; reviews are like the fuel for inspiration.
I hope you enjoy!

I have researched so much for this story. All information you read about Epilepsy is accurate.

To make things easier, here is a face to pair with each of the next gen characters:
(Each chapter will have a list with the ones included in the chapter until the character has occurred enough)
James II - Christ Pine
Albus - Brant Daughtery
Lily - Emma Stone
Dominique - Amy Adams


James Potter did not like it when he lost in Quidditch. He especially did not like it when he lost to his little brother, Albus. James didn't lose, and that was simply that. He rarely lost a match at school; Gryffindor had been the winner of the Quidditch Cup for four years running, thanks to James. Al didn't even play Quidditch at Hogwarts, hadn't even tried out for the team even though James had told his brother there would always be a spot on the team for a talented Quidditch player. Albus liked to stick to his school work and to the library, where James was certain he had memorized every book front to back. Al even had a key to the restricted section so he could satisfy his need to read even further.

So, when the nerdy, little bugger beat him in Quidditch, he did not like it. Quidditch was his forte, not his brother's.

The sport upon broomsticks was the past time at the Potter household when they knew their mother was on the verge of making them clean their bedroom or help degnome their grandparents' garden. When their grandfather Arthur Weasley apparated to the Potters and briefly mentioned the gnomes crowding the garden yet again, a spark had ignited in Ginny's eyes, a reminder to get her children to help, and James, Lily, and Albus had immediately immersed themselves in a game of Quidditch, yanking their cousins with them.

James Potter leaped from his broom at the end of the game when Albus had caught the snitch. He grabbed his broom out from beneath him and swiftly beat it across his brother's backside. "You bloody ass!"

Albus laughed as he took the brotherly beating. "Oh, come on, James. You just don't like to lose." He pulled the snitch out of his pocket and tossed the dormant thing to his brother who caught it while slightly off guard. "There, you win."

"That's not the same," huffed James as he slipped the snitch into his pocket.

"Then I will let you win next time," Albus said dismissively as he strolled towards the shed to store away his broom.

James gaped and beat his brother one more time before stowing away his broom as well. "And neither is that!"

Lily came bounding forward with her broom, quite disappointed that they weren't to indulge themselves in another game. She pouted, her thin lips pursing together and her bottom lip puckering up into a sad face before she realized the source of the ending. She was the only Potter child to have received the Weasley hair; James and Albus had both found themselves lucky to not stand out so greatly in a crowd and had received their father's hair. At fourteen-years-old Lily was growing into her beauty. She was thin and growing tall, receiving her uncles' height. She had a heart-shaped face with sweet chocolate eyes, and while she was kind and sweet at times, she held the power to destroy some with a single glare. James believed that all those years around her brothers had influenced her personality. Out of all the girls, Molly, Rose, Dom, Lily was definitely the most fierce. Molly and Dom both had a fire of their own, but Lily was something else.

"Merlin, James, you no longer have the mood to play another game once you lose to your brother. Get your panties out of that knot, and pull your wand out of your butt," Lily scoffed.

"I don't have any wand up my ass! Shove it, Lils," scolded James to his sister. He loved his sister, but at times she was so straightforward. Lily never lied unless it was to save her own skin. Granted, James believed she would lie if the truth were to get someone in deep trouble, but if Lily found any benefit in the truth for herself, then sharing the truth it was! She was so forthright at times that it made James want to throttle her, and yet it was what made Lily Lily, and he loved her. He didn't know when his young sister had gone from her pouty, Hogwarts-longing self, but she was now a girl that James no longer had to watch his mouth around. She was now a girl with whom James could share everything with and pass the time together as both siblings and friends.

Lily bounded next to her brother. "Come on. He isn't better than you; he is just as good as you. So use his talent to practice and push yourself while we're away from Hogwarts! Don't be so negative about losing a game all in good fun."

"It's fine, Lils," Albus came up next to them, looping his arm around his sister's neck. "He just can't handle the fact that I'm smarter, better looking, and better at Quidditch."

Al's plush lips on his round face pulled up into a happy smirk. Albus kept his thick black hair fairly short and cropped with it pushed off to the side, draping across part of his forehead, and he had the lively eyes of his father. Despite his greater interest in books and schoolwork, Albus somehow managed to maintain a good reputation at Hogwarts, scoring snogs with girls in a way not even James attempted, and befriending all the right faces. Al excelled brilliantly in Potions class as well as Transfiguration. James didn't think there was a single Ravenclaw girl that Albus hadn't snogged, and while he was impressed with his brother, James hadn't tried to best his brother in that area like he did in Quidditch. James didn't care about the number of girls he got to kiss; he only cared about the kissing the ones he actually cared for.

"You're none of those things," mumbled James, rumpling his own longer and untamed raven hair.

"Oi, when's Dad supposed to be home from his assignment again? He'll be back in time to see us off to Hogwarts in two weeks, right?" Albus asked, suddenly changing the topic.

"O'course," answered James. "He should be home within the week."

Only a few months back, Harry had been promoted from Auror to Head Auror and was now heading up the Auror Department at the Ministry of Magic. Due to that, he had been spending more and more time at the Ministry with his extra duties, and out of no where two weeks ago he had to pack up and leave for an assignment. If he had spoken to Ginny of the assignment, Ginny had not said anything on the matter. But their mother was rarely home as well these days. She had practices with the Holyhead Harpies in the mornings five days a week. She would come home to shower and get cleaned up before heading off to the Daily Prophet office where she was the Senior Quidditch reporter and would not be home again until early evening. However, Ginny was always home weekends and half the time she did work from home on the weekdays, and as was Harry unless on an assignment.

Lily mumbled. "Thank Merlin we will be at Hogwarts before Mum starts to have games every Saturday."

James' head shot towards his sister as her thoughts sat near his own. He agreed with his sister; he was grateful that they would all be gone before the house was deserted for the majority of the day or days at a time.

Together they strolled into the house, finding their mother sitting at the kitchen table and flipping idly through the Daily Prophet. She scanned over her article in approval, but wrinkled her nose in distaste at the picture that portrayed the Wimbourne Wasps' win over the Appleby Arrows.

Ginny Potter had aged well. She had a fit figure with her ever long red hair and deep chocolate eyes. Her temper and fierceness had not lost its touch either. James grinned at his mother. "N'other terrible picture, Mum?"

"Of course. I don't even understand how its possible to screw up a wizarding picture. If McLaggen would just hold the damn camera straight we wouldn't have this problem. Honestly, next time I'll have him fired," Ginny grumbled fiercely as she touched her index finger to her temple and pressed. A moment later, however, she dropped the Daily Prophet, completely forgotten, and rose to better indulge herself in a conversation with her children.

"Who caught it this time?" Ginny asked with a grin.

"Me!" blurted Albus with pride.

Ginny seemed slightly taken aback by this, for her eyebrows rose briefly in surprise. Albus made some sort of snicker upon seeing his mother's face, and James wrinkled his nose in annoyance. "Really, now? You sure you don't want to go out for the team this year, Al? Sixth year isn't too late. It takes a lot of talent to beat your brother."

James said nothing as he poured himself a glass of water and gulped the entire thing down within a second. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, glowering at his brother. James loved Al, sure, and Al was one of his best friends, but why was Al always so much better than him at everything? Sure, James could get the number of girls Al did if he tried, but Albus excelled with his grades without even putting forth the effort, and here he was, basking in glory in the area that had always been James expertise, and now he was besting him.

James at times wished their ages were further apart, rather than just being one year. He believed if they had a bigger age difference then James wouldn't always feel so competitive towards his younger brother. He could have loved his brother without envying nearly every aspect of him; instead it was more of a love-hate relationship, and only James was aware of the hate part.

Granted, Albus didn't have everything.

For starters, he had the name that made him sound like an old cotter, and while James knew he had been named after the greatest wizard ever, he couldn't help but to laugh at his parents for going so far as to make his first name Albus. Maybe having Albus as a middle name wouldn't have been so bad, and maybe James was the only one who realized his younger brother had been born with the reputation to be an old man. Albus seemed fine with his name.

As James thought more on it, he couldn't quite recall what else Al didn't have. Being the smart kid he was, he should have appeared short, tiny, with glasses and a bad haircut. He wasn't supposed to get the girls either. But he somehow managed to make straight A's in every class he ever took at Hogwarts while snogging girls with an exceptional body. Al had his father's hair, and he kept himself well groomed and exercised on a regular basis; he was tall and broad, and it wasn't fair that he wasn't a scrawny, specky git.

"Little bugger," mumbled James before he took another swig.

"No, Mum," huffed Albus, all enthusiasm lost with his mother's suggestion. His mother had suggested he try out for the team so many times over the summer holiday. Of course, they all knew that Ginny wouldn't disown anyone who didn't play Quidditch, and she had it in her best interests for her children to do what they wanted and what made them happy, but she did believe such talent could be put to good use.

"Awe. Well, all right, Al. But honestly, what kid of Weasley blood hasn't played Quidditch? Especially with your father's talent in there too."

"Well," shrugged Al, "this kid of Weasley blood hasn't played Quidditch, and I don't intend to."

"Oh well," Ginny dismissed the matter and moved on.

Albus shifted next to James to mutter with a snicker. "If I were on the team, it would be less time with the ladies."

"That, and the library would begin to miss your precious face," James snorted as he splashed water on his brother.

Al's lip cocked up into a crooked half-grin half-grimace. "Very funny, Jamie."

Albus left his side without another word, Lily following in his steps, and James chuckled at his brother, knowing their exchange had all been in good fun. Ginny leaned against the counter from next to him and inspected her son's troubled face. She knew her children all too well. With one twitch of the lip, she could tell which one of them was lying about what and when. She was their mother and knew them front to back like a memorized book. Each one of her children held different qualities on different matters.

Lily, for one, froze glowered when she was angry. Albus held a false laugh when he was trying to lie about something humorous when the truth was actually nasty, but James was different. He went stiff and rigid in stance, and he gripped things with all his might until his knuckles turned white when he was troubled. He would puff out his cheeks when he drank and look out the corner of his eye at whatever was bothering him.

Ginny watched his stance reflect just that, and his long black hair windswept and clinging to his eye lashes. James shook his head, ridding it from his sight, and only distorting the mess further. His thick eyebrows pulled together when he found his mother looking at him with interest. He swallowed the load of water he held in his mouth with his cheeks puffed out, and mumbled. "What?"

"What's bothering you this time?" Ginny smiled briefly and rubbed his shoulder until his stance relaxed.

"It's nothing."

"Not true."

James sighed and dropped the glass into the sink. "I just don't like to lose. Especially to my brother who doesn't even play Quidditch."

Ginny nodded her head, affirming her thoughts that she must have known what was troubling him from the beginning. Ginny sighed and embraced her son who had long ago exceeded her in height. "Well, just think, you'll be back at Hogwarts in two weeks, and then you won't have time for a fun game of Quidditch with your brother. If you do, he will be too busy studying."

His mother said it in a way of neither praise nor dismay or sarcasm. He didn't know how to interpret her voice if she meant anything at all. They way everyone talked about him made him seem like the perfect child. He pushed it aside, his lips quirking up with a smile.

"Right, and I'll see Lorcan, and Norah again," James grinned. He thought to his friends, the few of whom weren't relatives and that he rarely got to see over the summer. He abruptly changed the subject. "What exactly is Dad out doing? He never had this many missions before."

"Well, you know he was promoted. There's that," answered Ginny as she folded her arms across her middle and looked to the floor.

This was where James knew his mother quite well. He knew there was more just by the folded arms and sight adverted to the floor. "And what else?"

"It's nothing; at least we believe its nothing. We will know for sure when your father comes home."

Another half-answer. James rolled his eyes. "Come on, Mom. I want to be an auror; I can handle anything."

"I know you can, Jamie," scolded Ginny as if she were offended by his non-existent accusation. "I just don't want you to worry over nothing, is all."

"Fine," dismissed James as he prepared himself to leave.

"Oh, James, could you degnome your grandmother's garden for me?" Ginny called as he turned to leave the kitchen.

James stopped in his tracks and blanched. How had she remembered? Generally an hour or two of time to herself made her forget about anything she wanted her children to do. He didn't look over his shoulder to his mother when he huffed. "No. Make Al do it; I'm not in the mood."

He never said no to his mother for a request. It wasn't in his upbringing, and he wasn't that kind of kid to disrespect his parents in such a way, but he really wasn't in the mood. His mother could handle it that once. He could feel her surprise from behind him; he knew she was gaping in confusion. Maybe she was about to open her mouth in protest or demand he do as she asked, but she said nothing.

So, James casually left the room. It wasn't like he would get in trouble for his actions. His parents didn't know how to punish their children. They never had reason to, or if they did it was too minor to even bother. Or it may have been that Harry and Ginny knew better than to believe their rambunctious children would listen when they were younger.

He heard his brother blasting the Weird Sisters in his bedroom, and he passed Lily chatting away with Roxanne while Dominique sat idly in a chair, flipping through a wizard magazine. She caught sight of her cousin and rose with a pleased and eager smile. Silently they strolled up the stairs of the house together and into James' bedroom. Dominique closed the door behind them and watched James pitch himself onto his bed.

Dominique pouted at his irritated figure. She knew her cousin so well. With a sigh, she went to lay next to him on his bed. She held her feet up in the air, kicking them happily, as she asked him. "Irritated?"

"Yupp," he answered with a monosyllable.

Dominique huffed and ran her hands through her strawberry blonde hair. She gathered a few of the ends in her hand and picked at them idly. Her red hair held a heavy blonde tint in it and natural blonde highlights. She had acquired the Weasley hair, but many of her other features came from her mother and her veela qualities. She had fair skin and beautiful blue eyes, a quality that James had always found odd with her multicolored hair, but James found that her appearance reflected her personality brilliantly.

Dominique was a girl full of passion and anger when needed, but she was also absent-minded and cheerful at other times. James found himself often describing her a bi-polar or just emotionally out of control. Dom was unpredictable and enthusiastic about life and the things they held. She was his best friend, and there was hardly ever a moment with her when it didn't upset him that she was a year older than him. Dominique had completed her schooling at Hogwarts months ago. James didn't look forward to the fact that his cousin wouldn't be there for him at school; even when Dominique had left James behind for her first year at Hogwarts, he had yearned to go with her.

She dropped her hair and picked at her blue painted nails. James laced his fingers together and placed them beneath his head as he glanced to his cousin. He wrinkled his nose at her and wondered if she had heard him at all. Airhead, he thought, but Dominique soon made him feel guilty of his inner thoughts.

"Why?" She didn't even look to meet his eyes.

"Al," he answered with a single word yet again.

"Quit letting him get to you," she suddenly blurted. She dropped her nit-picking activities and looked to him, sitting up with a stern look. She wrinkled her nose. "Really, James, grow some balls."

"I have balls!" he blurted out, sitting up with a quick head rushed. He latched onto his forehead, ready to yell at Dominique - which happened nearly on a daily basis - but he laughed instead. "I have plenty of balls. He was just irritating me today, is all."

"You know, James," inquired Dom as she thought harder on it. She laughed. "I really don't think you do have any. When was the last time you snogged a girl?"

"The last week of school, thank you!" He defended himself. "You're not helping."

"Of course I'm not," she answered honestly. James laughed again. Dominique was like his sister. At only a year apart, not only were they always together, but they could relate to each other in nearly every aspect of their lives. They had always been there for one another. With her he could easily forget about everything in the world and just have a laugh. At school it had always been him, Dom, Molly, Lorcan Scamander, and Norah Longbottom together. Now, they would be one less.

He pushed his own annoyance to the side and asked her idly. "How's Vic holding up?"

"Oh," Dominique sighed and shook her head. She immediately knew James was referring to Victoire's recent break up with Teddy Lupin. "She's all right. She's a big baby, but she loved him, I guess. She will cry herself to sleep at night, but I don't know anymore than that. She's all right during the day and around the house. I don't even know what went down between them, really. She broke up with him."

"Really," inquired James as he laid back against his bed once more with his arm draped over his head with a feeling of light-headedness, "what in the world was she thinking? We were all so sure they would get married."

"There's still a chance, isn't there?" assured Dom, always the optimistic. But she did not say anything further as she noticed James rubbing his temples in pain. Dominique pursed her lips in curiosity at him.

He had his narrow jaw set hard, his thin lips pursed in a tight line. When he opened his eyes, the emerald orbs shot around the room briefly. "You all right...?" pressed Dom a moment later.

"Not really..." James murmured and he sat up. He placed his bare feet on the cool wood of the touch and hovered on the edge of the bed, too afraid to rise in fear that he just may collapse. He was suddenly greeted by a powerful headache, and he felt his stomach contorting into knots. It made many gurgles as he became short of breath, and he winced. "I am not all right."

"Well, come on. Lie down," soothed Dom as she crawled to him and rubbed his back gently.

"No," he refused as he bolted forward. "I'm gonna be sick."

He tumbled from his bedroom, into the hallway, and into the nearest bathroom. Dominique followed in an uneasy way, biting her lip in worry. When she entered the bathroom next to Al's bedroom, she found James collapsed on his knees, retching into the toilet bowl.

"James...?" Dom inquired uneasily. She had to speak up due to the obnoxious blaring of Al's music. James continued to vomit, holding onto his stomach with each uncomfortable heave. She sat on the edge of the bath tub and held James' broad form as he continued to wretch.

When he had finally finished, Dominique grabbed a cup from next to the wash basin and filled it with cool water. She passed the glass to him and he immediately down that, wiping his mouth on the back of his hand. "Where did that come from...?" she asked.

He shook his head in confusion. "I-I dunno...I felt fine. Now, I...Not at all."

His green eyes glassed over as he panted, then they squeezed shut and he moaned. "I'm so dizzy."

"Just sit and rest for a minute. Do you want me to go get your mum?"

"No," he shook his head. "I'll just tell her in a bit. I just need to rest."

He sat still for many moments, his head hanging between his legs, and when he felt recovered, he rose to his feet. Dominique nodded in approval and exited the bathroom, expecting James to follow, but she did not hear the sound of his footsteps. She heard something else entirely. A great smack sounded, and she whipped around just in time to see his head slam into the corner of the marble counter. Gasping in shock, she watched him collapse to the ground, and when she had expected him to be unconscious from the impact, she found he was still awake, but blood pooled beneath his head, and he began to thrash about violently.

Dominique was horrified and she fell to her knees next to her cousin. She tried to grab his large hands, the veins in his arms more noticeable than normal, but he moved to abruptly and quickly, kicking and thrashing. "J-James? James, it's okay! What's happening?"

He said nothing, his mouth only opening and closing, suckling on the air that wasn't there.

Dominique's hands flailed about hopelessly as she panicked. A seizure? What was she to do? Knowing she alone could not be of any use to her seizing cousin, she called in a terrible voice. "AUNT GINNY! Help!"

Author's Note:

Due to all the ridiculous family ties and next generation characters, I have generated a list of all the next gen characters with their ages, year at Hogwarts, parentage, and Hogwarts House. Hope it helps. :)

All names of adults and children - except for Norah Longbottom - are accurate according to JKR. Houses and ages are my own.

Next Gen Info:

Harry & Ginny Potter
James Sirius Potter - 17 years old (Gryffindor)
Albus Severus Potter - 16 years old (Gryffindor)
Lily Luna Potter - 14 years old (Gryffindor)

Draco & Astoria Malfoy

Scorpius Malfoy - 16 years old (Slytherin)

Rolf & Luna Scamander
Lorcan Scamander - 17 years old (Gryffindor)
Lysander Scamander - 17 years old (Hufflepuff)

Remus & Nymphadora Lupin
Teddy Remus Lupin - 24 years old (was in Gryffindor)

Neville & Hannah Longbottom
Norah Longbottom - 17 years old (Gryffindor)

Ron & Hermione Weasley
Rose Weasley - 16 years old (Gryffindor)
Hugo Weasley - 14 years old (Hufflepuff)

Bill & Fleur Weasley
Victorie - 22 years old (was in Ravenclaw)
Dominique - 18 years old ( was in Gryffindor)
Louis - 15 years old (Gryffindor)

Charlie Weasley - unmarried

Percy & Audrey Weasley
Molly Weasley - 17 years old (Gryffindor)
Lucy Weasley - 14 years old (Ravenclaw)

Fred Weasley - deceased {RIP}

George & Angelina Johnson

Fred Weasley - 15 years old (Gryffindor)
Roxanne Weasley - 14 years old (Gryffindor)

Reviews fuel inspiration. :)

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