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The Polyjuice Potion Baby by dragonpen
Chapter 12 : The Malfoys
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November passed and it was December before they knew it. Hermione's stomach had grown quite a bit. Despite her medications from St. Mungos, she could now be known to a have a mood swing or two. She was also having a few panic attacks about her future, now that the baby's arrival seemed sooner than she was prepared for.

Draco had just woken up and was coveting a few more minutes under his warm blankets before he would have to get up when Nott stormed in. "The whale is pounding on the wall, refusing to go away." he said shrilly as if this was all Draco's fault.

In two seconds the blankets were forgotten as Draco shot up glaring. "Don't call her a whale." he demanded threatening Nott by gripping his wand which was laying on his bedside table. It was a stupid nickname Nott had come up with and for once, he was sickened by one of his friend's insults. Hermione didn't look anything like a whale. She was as pretty as ever and any extra weight on her stomach was great. Why? Because that weight was his kid and his kid was much better than anything Nott could ever aspire to be.

Not bothering to dress he went down in his black sweat pants and green t-shirt to face a sour group of sour slytherins in the common room. "Open this door now, or I'm reporting you to Dumbledore!" A voice threatened from the other side of the entrance. Glaring back at his house mates mad they had made her stay out there, he swung open the entrance and locked eyes with her.

"Sorry ‘bout them, they're not morning people." he said and slammed the wall shut behind him. He shivered from the cold air but kept a half smile trying to get the irate expression off of Hermione's face. "So, what's got you up so early?" He asked. Hermione wasn't ready to answer though, too sour about having to bang on a wall while standing in a hallway.

"What took you so long? Do you not care that I was banging for you?" She steamed. He glared and squashed the impulse to spit an insult back at her. She was just acting bitchy because she was venting out her anger about standing in a hallway. It will pass, remember, she just spent minutes calling for you. He repeated this in his head, knowing that if he got angry, she would be angry at him the rest of the morning. However, if he comforted her this could blow over in a short second.

Leaning over her stomach he kissed her forehead and her scowl melted off. She never thought this would happen, but Draco took notice of her feelings now and would try and keep her happy. Well, sometimes. He still antagonized her and laughed when she got mad, but if she was truly upset he was actually pretty sweet to her.

She smiled up at him before it came back to her why she was here in the first place. "Names."
He frowned at her confused and she stared back waiting for him to catch on.

"Hermione, it's too early for this. What names?" He asked giving up on her little guessing game.

"Baby names!" She explained expecting him to join her in a tizzy about what they would call their baby. Instead she got a blank look and a stomach growl.

"Oh. Yeah I guess we should start thinking about them. I'm hungry, are you hungry?" He asked starting to make his way up to the Great Hall. Now that is was clear Hermione didn't need anything important, he realized he really wanted breakfast.

"No!" She exclaimed indignant. She did not need food! She needed baby names! How could he be thinking about food? He called back an ‘all right' over his shoulder and headed to the Hall leaving a gaping Hermione in his wake. Storming up after him she prepared to drag him into the library with her to look up names.

Before she could get there though, she was intercepted by Professor Dumbledore who was just exiting the Hall. "Ah, Miss. Granger. I was hoping to run into you. I must know, will Mr. Malfoy be accompanying you home for January and February. If so, we must prepare to have him catch up on work in March and April along with you." Hermione froze and felt like a complete idiot for forgetting. Her letter over the summer had included the option for the father of her baby to follow in her plans to take two months off of school with her.

"Um, I'm not quite sure Professor. Can I get back to you on that?" she asked gulping. Great, the headmaster knew she had forgotten. He must think I'm an idiot. If he was disappointed at all by her answer he didn't show it. He simply nodded and bid ado to her, smiling as always.

All panic about names had disappeared as she nervously stepped into the Great Hall. Thinking about it she really did want Draco with her. She couldn't imagine the last two months without him and didn't know what she'd do if he wanted to stay here. He wasn't the most motivated student though and probably didn't want to do all that extra work at the end of the year. Well, she could at least give it a shot.

"Draco, you want to stay with our baby right? Including when it's in my stomach." She asked clambering into the stool across from him. Dumb big stomach.

Draco looked up at her and blanched. "What? You're threatening to keep my kid away from me because I wanted breakfast instead of researching names?" He growled angrily. She couldn't threaten him! Granger was toast.

"No. But names are important." She lectured, shocked Draco thought she was threatening him. They had been dating for three months now. That had to be somewhat significant. She decided they should work on their communication skills and trust issues. "It's a real question. I'm going away for January and February and need to know if you're going with me."

Hermione was going away? Oh, well he guessed that made sense. It had just never occurred to him before. But what type of question was that? They had been dating for three months and she still had to ask that question, they needed to work on getting to know each other more. "Uh, yeah. You couldn't keep me away." He stated smirking.

She smiled back latching onto the challenge. "Not even a fire breathing dragon being ridden by a werewolf?" Draco lowered his stare looking right at her and shook his head in a ‘got to better than that' look. "Or double the school work for the rest of the year to make up for staying with me during January and February?"

This time he didn't answer but slowly closed and reopened his eyes echoing. "Double the school work?" At her shy nod he took in a big breath of air and Hermione anxiously awaited his answer. A minute passed and then he whimpered. Hermione blinked sure she had heard things. Draco Malfoy whimpered? He looked up his silver eyes wide and child like. "I think I need cake." Hermione looked around seeing an apple cake and took piece in a napkin offering it to him.

He took it and nibbled as Hermione smiled at him. He was going to go with her. Yes, he was nibbling at cake miserable at having to do double schoolwork in the future, but he was adorable and her boyfriend and right now he couldn't have made her any happier.

The two did get around to looking at baby names but it was a very complicated process. Or at least they were making it complicated. First off, the names had to be Latin. This required researching latin names and meanings. The names had to mean something significant as well. Hermione also wanted them to be nice names, easy to say.

This made it much harder as no one had suggestions for names. It was up to the two of them to research them. The first day Ron had suggested Athena and Hermione gaped. "My child is not going to be named after a god or goddess!" She shrieked and that quieted anyone else from suggesting names. The only Latin ones anyone knew were the gods or goddesses.

Soon it was December nineteenth and Hermione was loading her trunk on the Hogwarts Express still not knowing what her child was going to be called. Ron and Harry called her over to their compartment but she just smiled and hugged them goodbye. "Sorry guys, I'm sitting with Draco. Have a Happy Christmas at Ron's" she said awkwardly walking off to find her boyfriend's compartment. She frowned thinking off how close she was getting to waddling around. Thank god for the potion for soreness otherwise she was sure her back would have been killing her.

Catching sight of Hermione walking down the aisle ahead of him Draco smirked quickening his pace. Shooting his hand out he grabbed her ass and she jumped startled. Smacking him lightly on the arm blushing she mumbled "Don't do that." Smiling down at her he wrapped his arm around her shoulders steering her into the nearest compartment.

"Do you really mean that." He muttered in her ear then nibbling on her earlobe making Hermione collapse onto the seat pulling Draco with her. Now straddling her, his knees on the seat, he leaned over kissing the corner of her mouth before swinging his leg over so now he was sitting next to her.

They stayed that way for a few seconds until Hermione broke it. "I'm worried" she whispered, and she was. Going to Malfoy Manor was no easy task. Draco looked at her sadly knowing she really was. He didn't want her to be so scared of his house and parents, but he didn't know how to keep her from worrying less. He told her they weren't bad people but she wouldn't believe him.

He reached out turning slightly and grabbed her hand smiling at her. "Told you not to worry." He said softly trying to comfort her. Scooting into him, she leaned into his side and he readjusted his arm to wrap around her shoulders.

"I know, but, but they're death eaters" she whispered very quietly. He gave a strained grin trying to stay in comfort mode and leaned down to give her a small kiss.

"But they're my parents first, and that baby's grandparents." He chuckled tickling her stomach trying to get her to smile. It worked for a few seconds as she squirmed and giggled but the moment soon passed. She sighed and argued very quietly that they followed Voldermort, and he was the most important guy in their lives.

Draco clenched his teeth counting to ten before his anger melted away. Is that all people could think of them as? Yeah they served him and when involved with him it was a given he had to be important to you since he controlled your life. But that wasn't all they were.

Draco then made a weird expression mixing between annoyance, anger, and worry for her. "You know, from after I was one until sometime after I was going to Hogwarts we were a family free from a dark lord. It's not like they'll put him before me." He said defending his family and the fact just because they dealt with the dark lord didn't mean they didn't care for each other.

He didn't have any memories concerning his parents being connected with the dark lord until he was 12. And even then it didn't really become an issue until he had just turned 15 when his father realized the dark lord was back and he had to go support him. Why didn't people ever judge his father from then? No, it was always Lucius Malfoy the deatheater.

Okay, so he was. And Draco was terribly biased to think of his father in the best possible light. The point was though, that he thought good of his parents and didn't want Hermione just thinking them as evil things that should die. Retelling her stories of his childhood, all pretty happy with him getting lots of candy and toys, they both drifted off two hours into the trip.

Hermione was hyperventilating as she stood clinging to Draco's hand waiting for Mr. Malfoy to come get them. Only two years ago she had been battling Lucius Malfoy and his gang in the Department of Mysteries and now she was waiting for him to escort her into his house.

"Draco." A strong voice said from behind them and Hermione jumped.

"Ah, father. This is Hermione and" Draco started spinning around to face his father, turning Hermione with him.

"She's pregnant." He interrupted looking at her stomach his expression stoic. Hermione gulped her nerves more jangled up than they were on her first day of school. Draco sucked in a breath of air and rubbed the back of his neck staring at the floor and muttered.

"Well, yeah. Told you there was a surprise." Looking up his eyes gleaming with determination he stared hard at his father and said clearly. "This is my girlfriend and my baby." A few seconds passed before it seemed to sink in, but when it did Lucius's eyes widened and he drew his head back. Hermione also noticed the hand that was clutching his cane suddenly gripped tighter.

Clenching his teeth together he grounded out "Home now." Before Hermione absorbed what was happening she was being pushed into a fireplace and being flooed to Draco's manor. Stumbling out dizzy, Lucius followed with a very angry Draco behind him.

"Don't push her! You could have hurt her and my child!" He thundered before turning around to look at Hermione obviously worried about what his father could have done. Lucius looked murderous but Draco wasn't paying attention. "You all right?" He asked and Hermione blinked. She wasn't sure, it had all happened so fast.

Taking a few moments to look herself over she nodded. "A few bruises on my arms but that's it." She answered too afraid to complain about them with Mr. Malfoy standing a few feet away looking very menacing.

Nodding stonily he turned to face his father, and now fear caught up with him. He braced himself for an explosion and he got it. "Child! How could you be so stupid! Do you have a home yet? A job? Or even a wife? No! Who is this girl any ways!" He finished switching from glaring at Draco to glaring at Hermione. His sudden attention towards her had her gulping down fear.

"I am Hermione Granger sir." She replied finding her voice seeing the opportunity to make a good impression. She hoped her fear hadn't bled through into her words and she sounded a lot more confident than she was.

He stared at her hard then trying to recall anyone he knew with the name Granger. Finding he knew not one witch or wizard with that name he came to the horrifying truth. "Muggleborn?" He asked in a deathly whisper.

Draco sensing the danger jumped in the only way he could think off. "Where's mother?" He asked suddenly and his father's eyes left Hermione to look around the house. Seeing his wife standing in the hallway looking like she was about to faint, he strode over to escort her to a couch.

Hermione looked over to Draco panicked, her eyes begging for him to do something. He stared back his own face showing unease and was unable to do anything but shrug back at her. Not accepting that answer she stared harder silently ordering him to at least try and think of something to do. Draco scowled back at her not liking her ordering him around but came up with an idea none the less. "Well, I'll just give Hermione a tour then." He announced and grabbed Hermione's hand dragging her out of the livingroom.

On their way out they heard his mother whispering "a child, Lucius. He has a child." Sounding desperate and worried. This only had them quicken their pace anxious to get away from his parents.

"Well that could have gone worse." Draco said after they were a good two rooms away. Hermione nodded mindlessly not wanting to think about ways it could have gone worse. Both suddenly felt a huge pressure lift off of them once they had escaped his parents. Able to think clearly again, Hermione was consumed with the feeling she was missing something. Checking her mental list of what she had packed it finally dawned on her.

"Our trunks are still at the station!" She screeched coming to a dead stop panicked about her new discovery. Draco turned to look at her and then "Damn!"

The magical block preventing people from getting on the platform had come up already and the newly installed fireplaces on the platform had been disconnected from the floo system. They wouldn't be able to get their trunks until December 31, when the students returned to school. He'd have to wear his summer clothes during winter, and Hermione was missing her maternity robes. Well this was just bloody brilliant.

Searching his drawers he finally got out seven different shirts which fit Hermione though they were a somewhat tight fit. Hermione knew he had a lot of stuff but having 20 different shirts in his closet even without his Hogwarts trunk was a bit overwhelming. Now if she could just get her hands on some skirts she'd be fine.

A clock chimed 7:00 somewhere in the house and Draco sighed. "Ready to see my parents again?" He asked. Hermione and Draco hadn't been around them for the past three hours but it was now dinner time, and seeing them was unavoidable.

Walking in together warily the two teens descended the stairs and made their way into seats around the dining table. Surprisingly the meal passed in utter silence. Hermione and Draco were both uncomfortable only listening to the clanging of silverware but were too frightened to start conversation. Lucius sat at the end of the table with a permanent scowl on his face and Narcissa nibbled at her dinner sadly.

Dessert was brought in a by a house elf and Draco couldn't take it anymore. "So, I'm going to be spending January and February with Hermione, then make up the school work when we get back. I'll be here until Christmas though." Looking at his parents hoping to get a reaction out of them, he was sorely disappointed when his father's jaw simply clenched. Screaming would be better than this.

He ate for two more minutes before he exploded. "Oh come on! You can not just be taking this all silently! Scream at me, threaten me. Just do something!" He pleaded pushing his chair away so he was standing.

Lucius slammed his glass down and made Hermione jump. Shooting out of his chair he stared at his son and scowled. "And what will that do? You're ruining your life Draco! Nothing's going to fix it! Me and your mother can't do anything! You can't do anything!"

"We can just watch." His mother added quietly as tears streamed down her face. "We're watching our only son's life fall apart and we're helpless to fix it." she sobbed. Hermione was beyond uncomfortable at this moment but no one noticed her. The Malfoys had their own family problem and she felt very out of place listening to it, even though it was revolving around her and her baby.

Draco's expression softened and he made his way to his mother, kneeled, then took her hands in his. "Mum, I'm not throwing my life away. This can work. It will work." He said but his mother was now crying unable to stop.

"Where are you going to stay?" She choked out looking at him red eyed.

"Hermione's house." He answered softly willing his mother's tears to stop.

"A muggle house?" Lucius asked stoicly. All faces turned to him at this and Draco looked worn out.

"Dad, come on. It will be okay." Draco tried to reassure him but Lucius just shook his head.

"I can't deal with this." He declared walking briskly out of the dining room. Both Draco and his mother looked painfully at his back as he made his retreat.

"I need to go after him, make sure he's all right. I'll see you in the morning?" She asked softly. At Draco's nod she gave him a small smile before walking out following her husband's footsteps.

A few moments passed before Hermione got herself to speak again. "Draco?" She asked quietly and Draco looked at her wearily and sighed.

"I'm going to sleep. You can stay in the guest room. Just call Claire to show you to it." And with that he trudged upstairs leaving Hermione alone in the dining room. Not even bothering to finish her dessert she called out meekly for Claire and when the house elf showed up she simply followed it.

The next morning Hermione woke up staring at the high ceiling from her queen sized bed. She was still in yesterday's clothes but that wasn't bothering her. She was going to leave today and wouldn't be seeing Draco again for a week.

She was loathe to leave him, especially in his current mood. She knew he was upset with his parent's reactions and she wanted to stay with him until he felt better at least. However she had to go home so her parents could buy her a new toothbrush, clothes, and other things that had been left in her trunk. The only thing she had here was the clothes she had on now and the shirts Draco was willing to let her borrow.

Dragging herself out of bed she shuffled down to the dining room where Draco was sadly eating eggs. Coming up behind him she kissed the top of his head. He turned around and seeing her face he gave a weak smile. "Hey there, your shirts are by the fireplace for whenever you want to go." She nodded and seeing her sad expression made Draco feel a little guilty.

Getting up he wrapped his arms around her waist loosely, and due to Hermione's size this had them touching stomachs. He leant down kissing her softly not minding slight morning breath one bit. He then squatted down and kissed Hermione's stomach smiling. "Hi baby. You're in charge of mommy for the week, and so pay attention. Christmas is coming up and knowing your mommy she's going to eat cookies like crazy. So this is what you do, if she starts eating more than three times a day you kick with all your strength until you distract her from the food. Got it?" He asked her stomach grinning at where his baby was.

Hermione hearing every word of this couldn't help but smile as she lightly pushed Draco away. "Don't you listen to daddy. Cookies are very yummy and no reason to kick mommy for." She said staring down at her own stomach. Just then the baby did kick and Hermione giggled.

After a long hug from Draco Hermione made her way to the fireplace where she could floo home just for this morning. Dumbledore had gotten her parent's fireplace connected to the floo system for a few hours and she had to go before those hours ran out.

After the walls stopped spinning she opened her eyes and flew into her father's awaiting arms where she snuggled as close to him as she could before turning around and hugging her mum. "Welcome home Hermione."

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The Polyjuice Potion Baby: The Malfoys


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