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Lost friendship lost love by merlinsaprentice1
Chapter 2 : Only once
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Disclaimer……….. All characters are the copyright of JK Rowling

Me I just sort of dreamt up the short story you are about to read. I hope you enjoy it and give some thought to leaving me a review, so I will have some idea what folk think of it.

Lost friendship lost love

Only once

Not knowing what to do or where to go Ron caught the knight bus and made his way to London, where he hoped he would be able to find a place to stay until he had sorted out the fix he now found himself in. The leaky cauldron was full and had no room so Ron tried the few remaining pubs and hotels in Diagon Alley, it seemed that his luck had totally left him as he trudged from place to place dragging his trunk behind him, eventually the only place Ron could find a bed was in a rundown old hostel just a street away from the Alley. Booking himself a bed he was shown into a grubby lounge where the few people there were either drunk or sat watching an ancient Muggle TV.

Needing to think things through Ron took a seat at the back of the room and discreetly conjured himself a cup of fresh tea. ‘How the heck do I put this right’ he kept repeating over in his head.

Hermione sat on her bed feeling about as miserable as she had ever been in her entire life, she wondered how she could have gone so quickly from being the happiest girl alive to the most miserable one alive in so short a time, “did it really matter so much that Ron had stood me up” she asked the empty room, the little voice in her head answered for her ‘it was thoughtless of him but of course you loved him with all you are for the way he is’.

Once again she found herself going over the things she had lost when she had left the wizarding world and moved back in with her parents, ‘was it worth it’ the little voice asked, “yes of course it was, I don’t ever want to see that prat again” she almost shouted into the silent loneliness of her room.

A small knock on her bedroom door bought her from her thoughts “come in mum”

Mrs Granger opened the door and stood in the doorway “Mrs Proudley from next door is down stairs dear she has something to show you”

Hermione looked up at her mother with her red puffy eyes glistening with tears and tear streaked cheeks “I don’t want to see any one mum” she sobbed.

“I think you should come down dear, I think it may be important” her mother murmured.

Reluctantly Hermione turned to face her mother “really mum I don’t feel up to seeing anyone”.

“Well you best come and see what it is that our neighbour has bought for you dear, it may even cheer you up” her mum said as she turned to leave.

Hermione wiped her eyes with a fresh tissue and slowly rose to follow her mum. As she entered the living room her father was busy with the video recorder in the corner of the room.

Ron stayed in the hostel for three days before an idea he had, finally formulated into a real plan. He knew he would need to call in all the favours he could and he would also have to use his influence as one of the trio who had rid the world of Voldemort. After showering and making sure he had shaved properly. He got dressed in his best clothes then he made his way to the ministry of magic. The minister himself would need to help him if he was to get his plan to work. It was time to go cap in hand and beg for help.

Having spoken to the minister and several other influential wizards Ron walked into Gringotts bank and withdrew his entire savings including the reward he had received for his part in the war. He then made his way to a meeting across the other side of the river Thames. A meeting generously organised by the minister of magic himself.

Entering the address he had been given, Ron hoped it would not take to long to organise the things that needed to be done, he was after all on new ground here. He had never had to deal with Muggle businesses before and did not know what to expect, would he have enough money, would they be able to do what he wanted. Unsure of himself he took the stairs to the fifth floor.

Several hours later and almost all of his money gone Ron left the office block, a small ray of hope lit in his heart. His plan was not certain to work but more than he had ever done in his entire life before he hoped and prayed it would.

Ron made his way back to the hostel and having paid for his small dingy room he took a seat in the lounge, sitting as close as he could to the telephone he sat back to watch the Muggle TV.

Hermione looked across the room at the lady from next door, she did not know her parents neighbours very well having spent the biggest part of her life growing up in a totally different world.

“I knew as soon as I saw it that it must be you, not to many girls named Hermione. Mind you if Reg, that’s my husband, well if he had not wanted to see that stupid thing we would never have used the recorder” Mrs Proudley said as Hermione looked at her.

Totally confused Hermione looked at her mum then at her dad who were both smiling stupidly at her. Not really seeing anything to smile about Hermione wondered what on earth was going on.

Taking a deep breath she was just about to ask what they were all talking about when her father said “sit down then Hermione love”

“Yes you best be sitting when you see this” Mrs Proudley announced as she joined mum on the couch.

Still totally confused but doing as her father told her Hermione sat down in one of the armchairs.

Mr Granger moved away from the TV and sat down in the chair opposite Hermione, pointing the remote control at the machine the TV burst into life. It was a few moments before her father picked up another remote control and pointed that in the general direction of the TV. A few clicking noises let Hermione know that the video recorder had started.

‘Oh no not holiday movies’ a voice in Hermione’s head moaned.

Seconds later the picture on the TV changed and after a few jumps and a little blurry part the video settled down to showing a news reader finishing up with his report

“And finally we have a very special announcement so I will now hand you over to our TV programs reporter”.

The picture changed and a young woman appeared “it would seem that romance is not dead in Great Britain, the clip we are about to show you has, as I have no doubt you already know, been shown on the hour every hour all day today”.

Again the picture changed. There on the screen in front of her Hermione saw Ron nervously looking out at her, his face was crimson and his ears matched the colour of his hair “----so if you see this please use the fellytone number on the screen and call me”.

Hermione had been in a daze and hardly heard what Ron had said, she had only caught the last bit before the picture changed back to the young woman “so I wonder if she called-”

“Dad would you rewind that for me I missed most of it” Hermione said in a hoarse whisper.

Mr Granger fumbled about a little before he finally got the tape to where the young woman reporter introduced the clip showing Ron.

Again Hermione watched as Ron started to speak, his voice was a little squeaky when he said hello but he nervously cleared his throat and began again “Hello, this is- I mean I can only do this once, so Hermione Granger, if you see this plea you will see that I am making a public demonstration of my l-love for you, will you marry me please Hermione, or at the very least will you forgive me, well that’s it so if you see this please use the fellytone number on the screen and call me”.

Mr Granger turned off both the TV and the VCR, the two women and him turned and looked at Hermione.

“Is it ok if I use the phone dad” Hermione asked crying once more.

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