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It's getting better by Leoanna
Chapter 2 : Slytherin-ish
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A/N: Hello there, here’s the second chapter. As you all know nothing is mine except for Cassiopeia. I hope you like the chapter and please review!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I also want to say thanks to my new beta!

Cassiopeias sorting pic by me.







The first years were whispering excitedly and Cassiopeia got more nervous with the minute. It was an awfully narrow room. She had wanted to ask Fiona and Andreas about the sorting but she had totally forgotten about it. Silently praying that she would not end up in Slytherin, she closed her eyes and tried to calm down. Steps were coming up to her and then someone tugged her sleeve.








“Cassiopeia?” She opened her eyes and saw Julie and Sahra standing in front of her.




“Yeah, what is it?”




“Do you know something about the sorting?” Julie – who looked slightly scared – asked her.




“No, I forgot to ask.” Cassiopeia admitted.




“My brother told me that you have to fight against a swarm of Pixies.” Sahra told her.




Just when Cassiopeia wanted to tell her that that was probably not true, McGonagall re-entered the room, everybody turning their heads in her direction.








“Please form a line and follow me.”




When they entered the great hall Cassiopeia was astonished. She had read that the ceiling was bewitched but she had not imagined that it was so beautiful. There was a little chair with a hat sitting on it. Everyone in the hall was looking at them and Cassiopeia felt strange standing at the end of the line being two heads bigger then the first years. She suddenly realized that the hat had begun to sing.








“Now have trust in me, put me on your head and I sort thee.” was what she heard. The hat had obviously sung some sort of an explanation. Cassiopeia was happy, she only had to put the hat on to get sorted.




“Astar, Eleanor.” Professor McGonagall called. A little girl with blond wavy hair stepped forward nearly tripping over her own feet. She sat down and put the hat on which immediately slipped over her eyes. After some seconds the hat shouted: “Hufflepuff”




“Baddock, David.” A nasty looking boy was sorted in to Slytherin.




Cassiopeia didn’t really pay attention until “Sidey, Julie” was called up by Professor McGonagall. The hat barley touched Julie’s head before it shouted: “Ravenclaw”




 “Turpin, Cecilia.” Was also sorted into Ravenclaw.












Sahra was sorted into Gryffindor and before she knew it the last first Year “Xander, Malcolm” had been called up and sorted into Hufflepuff. Now Cassiopeia was standing alone in front of the whole school and everybody was looking at her expectantly and some people had started to whisper. An old man with a long white beard stood up and the hall fell silent. Cassiopeia knew that it was Dumbledore as she had seen a picture of him in the Daily Prophet just some days ago. Her parents didn’t like him because he was an insane old Mudblood-lover in their opinion.












“Hogwarts normally does not accept new student’s other then first years but this year we made an exception. Please welcome Cassiopeia Lykaon our new sixth year.”




People were either clapping or shooting dirty looks when Cassiopeia stepped forward to get sorted. She went slowly for fear of tripping.




 As she sat down she noticed that the Headmaster obviously was true, the chair was made for first years and it was quite uncomfortable for her to sit on it. The hat slipped over her eyes and blocked the great hall from her view when she put it on.




Oho, a Lykaon.




So… where should I put you? All of your dear family was in Slytherin you know.




No. Not Slytherin, anything but Slytherin.




As I said before you’re not like the others you don’t fit in the family and you wouldn’t fit in Slytherin. I think I know where to put you. Somewhere were you will get what you need.




“Gryffindor” The hat shouted so everybody could hear it.












When she stud up nearly everybody was quiet except for Dumbledore and Sahra who was the only person clapping on the Gryffindor table. Cassiopeia had nearly made her way over to the table when some students started to clap hesitatingly. ‘Obviously they know my name.’ She sat down next to Sahra who was the only person who had made space for her. Most of the other students were either ignoring her or starring daggers at her. Only a few people were smiling at her. ‘Probably haven’t heard of my family… yet.’












======================= James POV =========================








James looked up when the first years came in.




“Hey, that’s the girl I told you about.” He said to his friends, pointing at the girl in the end of the line of first years who was two heads taller then the rest of them. ‘She still looks tired’




“She certainly isn’t a first year. I didn’t know Hogwarts was accepting older students.” Said Remus, who had also heard what James had told Sirius.




“She looks tired.” Peter put in.




 Sirius hadn’t said anything but looked at the girl with a confused expression.




“What’s up?” James asked him waving hand in front of Sirius face.




“I dunno, she just seems some how familiar.” He answered slapping James hand away.




“I just hope the sorting is over soon, I’m starving.” James announced.




They didn’t really pay attention to the sorting after that, they just clapped when a first year was put into Gryffindor and talked about their start of the term prank the rest of the time.












“The Slytherin first years look really nasty this year.” James said then he looked up and noticed that only one first year and the girl were left to be sorted. The others had noticed to and were looking at them curiously. The boy “Xander, Malcolm” was put into Hufflepuff and everyone in the hall was now looking at the girl expectantly. When he looked over to the Slytherin table he saw that Malfoy was glaring at her. ‘She looks nice enough.’ Some people had started to whisper but all of them fell silent when Dumbledore stood up.




“Hogwarts normally does not accept new student’s other then first years but this year we made an exception. Please welcome Cassiopeia Lykaon our new sixth year.”




James, Remus and Peter had started clapping but Sirius was glaring at her in the same manner as Malfoy. Raising an eyebrow, James looked at him questioningly.




“Just remembered why she seems so familiar, I met her at one of those pureblood parties when I was five or something.” He hissed.




“So what?” Remus asked




Sirius looked at him like he had gone totally insane “She’s one of those pureblood fanatics.”




Remus looked like he was some what sceptic about it.




“Yeah, I heard her parents say something about Slytherin.” James remembered.












He watched her going towards the sorting hat.




“But she doesn’t seem too Slytherin-ish.” He whispered just as she was sitting down. She sat down and put on the hat. It slipped over her eyes, everybody watching silently. ‘


That’s a long time for a pureblood fanatic’ Just then the hat shouted: “GRYFFINDOR” 

A/N: If you took the time to read the chapter please take some more time and review!
It would make me really happy to get reviews from you ppls. tell me what you think!



Cassiopeia wasn’t really fazed about the fact that the hat talked – she had grown up with things like that – but she hadn’t known that the hat talked to the students personally. Haven’t had one of you in a long time and as I see the family traditions still are being followed. ‘You know my family?’ Well as I said there hasn’t been one of you in along time. You’re a special one too, not like the others in general.

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