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Behind Blue Eyes by Beautiful Phoenix
Chapter 4 : When There Was Me And You
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Hermione walked slowly along the corridor towards her common room, completely unaware that Ron was following her. She thought about Ron's comment, how could Malfoy care about her? After six years of torment how could he finally care about her and how could he be let back into the school when it was clear that he was the one who had basically killed Dumbledore. She stopped, leaning against a wall and memories of her and Ron flooded through her head as she wondered why she had pushed her friends away for Draco Malfoy.


Hermione Granger walked along the edge of the lake, humming a tune to herself before sitting down and dipping her toes into the lake. She thought that life could not get any better than it was right now. She was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't hear the crunching of leaves behind her. Suddenly there was a pair of hands wrapped over her eyes and a soft whisper in her ear.
"Who is the most beautiful person in this whole school?" A small smile played on her lips, it was Ron Weasley, the only person that she thought she could ever love.
"Pansy Parkinson?" she asked jokingly, knowing what reaction that would make.
"Yeah Hermie, its Pansy but I don't think I would touch her with a ten foot pole." Hermione laughed and looked into the brilliant brown eyes of her love.
"I love you Hermie" Ron said softly, pulling her closer so she was leaning against him and he could smell the sweet scent of her hair. It was the first time he had said it and though Hermione had imagined him saying it many times it still took her by surprise. She smiled softly and looked up into his eyes again, her soft hazel eyes meeting with his.
"I love you to" she said, touching a finger to his lips.

Ron placed a hand behind Hermione's head, resting against her soft hair, and he pulled her closer so that their lips touched. He kissed her softly but it didn't seem that softness was what Hermione was after. She kissed him back, viciously, hungrily, a kiss filled with passion and desire for the man that she loved. Ron matched this passion and before they knew it he was on top of her, his hands tracing her soft figure. Unfortunately it was at that time that Hermione decided to take a bit of control, rolling Ron off her but instead of ending up on top they both ended up in the lake. As they swam to the surface Hermione began laughing and even though he was trying to look angry Ron was laughing as well. He picked up Hermione and then dived under the water with her.


When Hermione looked up again she found that she was, in fact, a few floors up from where she had started. She stared at the portrait of the hippogriff in front of her, thinking of her new password for a moment. When she remembered it she smiled and then muttered her password
"Lemon Sherbet" She pushed the portrait open and smiled as she entered, suddenly aware of someone trying out her password on the portrait hole. She stopped and looked at the door which was later pushed open by Ron
"What are you doing here?" Hermione asked angrily "you are not suppose to be able to get in here"
"Why not? Because I might find you screwing Malfoy maybe?" Ron replied angrily
"What the hell are you talking about Ronald?"
"I saw the way he treated you, there has to be something there for him to not call you a mudblood" Hermione said nothing.

After a while it was Hermione who broke the silence
"There is nothing going on with me and Ferret boy" when she called Draco 'Ferret Boy' Ron laughed, it would surely take his mind off it.


Later that evening after Ron had left Hermione sat silently on a couch by the fire in her common room reading her favourite Muggle novel 'Memoirs of a Geisha'. She was just getting into the story when the portrait hole creaked open. Hermione looked up to see Draco coming in. He had bruises and cuts over his arms and Hermione dropped the book and ran over to him.
"What happened?" she asked, seeing the pain in his eyes
"Ron" he uttered, his voice croaky and Hermione closed her eyes and sighed
"What did he do this for?" she asked curiously
"Because he thought I was mocking you in a new way, I don't see why we can't tell them about us 'Mione" he replied sincerely
"Because you know that Harry will kill you, I mean c'mon you were suppose to kill his mentor you think that he is just going to let that slide?"

Draco nodded; he knew it was true, and as painful as it was he couldn't let them know. Hermione led him to the couch and then went up to her room, getting a few first aid supplies and began to clean up his wounds, revealing that they weren't as bad as they had initially looked. As Hermione was packing away the supplies Draco stopped her, pulling her to him and placing his lips against hers. Hermione didn't resist she kissed him back passionately, sliding herself onto his lap, one knee either side of his legs. Draco smirked into the kiss, having gotten what he wanted once again.


It seemed like the two of them had been at it for hours when the portrait hole creaked open. Hermione jumped up, brushing her hair with her fingers to make it slightly neat but it was too late, Professor McGonagall had seen all she needed to in order to feel she had interrupted something.

"Mr Malfoy, Ms Granger, am I interrupting?" she asked in a stern voice
"Ah...Ah no Professor" Hermione replied, embarrassed and her cheeks were flushing red to show it. McGonagall said nothing more on the topic and just proceeded to explain why she had come.

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