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Love: An Irresistible Desire by magical words
Chapter 11 : While You're Busy Making Other Plans
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AN: Oh Lordy Lordy Lordy! This is the eleventh chapter. You can count on some more chapters after this one, when though, is indefinitely undetermined.

Quote at the bottom, like always. ENJOY!

magical words

Chapter Eleven: While You’re Busy Making Other Plans 
After Lee had Apparated to his apartment, Fred and Hermione “avoided” each other at all costs. Well, not quite “avoid” because there was no probable way that they could avoid each other, considering the fact they were connected for two more days (not including the rest of this Sunday). 

Hermione frantically worked on her article. Every so often, Hermione failed to hold her complete attention on her article, focusing her attention more on Fred Weasley. She kept on thinking about that incident, in the “man” chair, in the living room, in the presence of a sleeping Lee. You know what I’m talking about…the almost real kiss. 

Damn it, Hermione! Get it into your head that he was just caught up in the moment! Just like you! Hermione scolded herself. But deep down inside, she wished that it wasn’t true, that Fred had really wanted to kiss her like she really wanted to kiss him.  That was no act. 

Fred worked madly on brainstorming new Weasleys’ Wizarding Whizzes products. Every so often, Fred failed to hold his complete attention on his brainstorming, focusing his attention more on Hermione Granger. He kept on thinking about that incident, in his chair, in the living room, in the presence of a sleeping Lee. You know what I’m talking about…the almost real kiss. 

Bloody hell, Fred! Pull yourself together! She was just caught up in the moment! Just like you! Fred reprimanded himself. But deep down inside, he wished that it wasn’t true, that Hermione had really wanted to kiss him like he really wanted to kiss her.  That was no joke. 

It was mid-afternoon when the complete silence was interrupted. 

It was all because of one damn owl. And that damn letter. 

Fred and Hermione, it said. 

I’m terribly sorry I didn’t owl you earlier! Mum had told me to, and frankly, I kept on forgetting because Harry and I were baby-room shopping! You have no idea the adorable things they have! I want it all! 

But anyway, mum wants you to come to the Burrow for dinner. You need to come around five, five thirty. Some certain people (whom mum has been keeping mum) wanted to get together for some announcement or another. 

I know you don’t know this owl (his name is Buddha), because it’s the owl from the MediWitch’s office that Harry and I are waiting in right now. (We’re going to find out if it’s a boy or a girl!) So, be nice to him. He likes ginger snaps. A lot. And fingers. 

See you soon! 


Ginny and

“Well,” Fred said, “I wonder who has gotten some news now. Can’t be Ginny and Harry, or Percy and Penelope, or us, so it’ll have to be George and Alicia, Charlie and Nadia, Bill and Fleur, or Ron.” 

Hermione looked at Fred. “Hmm…” was all she said before turning back to her article.

“Hermione, it’s quarter of four; we’re going to have to get ready. Now!” Fred said when Hermione wasn’t noticeably paying attention.

This obviously got her attention if she hadn’t been paying attention (which she had been; on a very intriguing spot on Fred’s wall). 

“Alright,” she said. 

And they got ready. 

They took their shower (together) and got dressed. (Fred wore a nice powder blue dress shirt, dark khakis, and brown dress shoes. Hermione wore a white top with a pale green sweater, paired with a brown skirt and matching pale green pumps with a strap around the ankle.) 

Fred looked simply dashing (so Hermione thought) and Hermione looked scrumptious (so Fred thought). (However, neither knew what the other was thinking.) 

“So…um...are you ready to go?” Fred asked. 

Hermione looked up from adjusting her skirt. “Hmm? Oh, yes.” 

“Alright,” said Fred. He grabbed Hermione’s hand hesitantly and Apparated to the Burrow. He only hoped that his palms weren’t sweaty and that she couldn’t hear his heart pounding. 

They arrived at the Burrow in 2.37 seconds flat. 

Hermione was feeling dizzy. But that might have been a side-effect from the Apparation, or possibly from the fact Fred was still holding her hand (and her hand fit oh-so-nicely in his). 

They had landed in the kitchen, and Molly was running around like a chicken with its head chopped off. 

“Oh, hello dears! Go find a spot in the living room to sit! Dinner will be at quarter of six,” Molly managed to say with her bustling around. (It was nearly five thirty.) 

“Alright Mum,” Fred said. 

They couldn’t get in there fast enough.
The living room was already filled with various Weasley and their partners. A very pregnant Fleur sat in an arm chair with Bill standing beside her; their children we’re running in circles around their grandpa. Charlie and Nadalyna we’re standing by the window, showing Cea the snow outside. George and Alicia were occupying another chair, Alicia in George’s lap. Penelope sat in a straight-backed chair while Percy stood twiddling his thumbs next to her. On the sofa there was Ron and Margaret, sitting quite close, whispering and having a thumb war. Harry and Ginny shared the sofa with Margaret and Ron, talking quietly. 

The Weasleys all perked up as Fred and Hermione came into the room. 

“Hello!” they all chimed. 

(Except for Margaret that is; she had to be different. “Howdy!” she said.) 

Fred and Hermione just smiled and looked pretty (or handsome) before taking a seat between the two couples on the sofa. (Hermione sat nearer to Ginny and Harry, while Fred took a seat beside Ron (and of course Hermione, considering their predicament).) 

Hermione began conversing animatedly with Harry and Ginny. Fred resorted to having a thumb war with Margaret, who was thumb-warring with Ron simultaneously. (She won both.) 

“Is everything all right with you and Fred?” Ginny asked randomly, a little concerned. 

“All right? Um…just a minor disagreement, that’s all,” Hermione lied. 

“Oh, I’m sorry I brought it up.”
“That’s alright.” 

And they continued talking, Harry interjecting every once in a while, but not following or understanding whatsoever. Girl talk, guys don't necessarily get it. 

At the other side of the sofa, in the midst of a hardcore thumb war math, Margaret asked out of the blue, “Fred, did you and Hermione have a lover’s spat?”
“What?!” This broke his concentration, so he lost his thumb war. 

“Are you and Hermione having a lover’s spat?” 

“Ummm…it’s more of a minor disagreement,” Fred lied. 

Before Ron could ask Fred anything, and before Harry could ask Hermione anything, the dinner bell rang. The herd headed into the kitchen. 

The men’s mouths were watering, eagerly waiting to be sat down and tuck in.
Unfortunately, Molly didn’t let anyone eat the food, let alone touch the food, until after all the announcements were made. 

Everyone was seated and ready to get started eating. And then, a couple stood up.
It was George and Alicia. 

“Now, you obviously know that Mum got us all together for some big announcements…again. We’d just like to share with all of you a little special something,” George said. (Getting married had really matured him. Though, he still was a renowned prankster.) 

“Well, family, I’m proud to say that there will be yet another addition to the Weasley family,” Alicia said, smiling from ear to ear. 

“You’re getting a dog!” Margaret cried. Alicia gave her a quizzical look. “Just kidding! And sorry for interrupting, I just get so excited with fabulous news!” 

“Alicia and I are going to have a baby!” George said. 

And cue the parade! 

The Weasley clan congratulated and well-wished the happy soon-to-be parents. And they sat down. 

Ron stood up. He cleared his throat. He grabbed Margaret’s hand. She, too, stood up.
“Well, I must say that Ron and I haven’t any news such as wonderful as getting engaged or having a baby,” Margaret said. (This was the time where Molly and Arthur let go of the breath that was momentarily stuck in their throats, quite glad that Ron hadn’t knocked up his girlfriend.) “But it’s still pretty wonderful.” 

“Margaret and I are buying our own flat together…in the United States.” 

“Ronnie got promoted!” Margaret squealed. 

Now, if Hermione hadn’t been surprised about Ron and Margaret moving in together, she was surprised that they were moving to the U.S. because Ron got a promotion.
Molly’s face had instantly lit up when she head that her baby boy had gotten promoted.
Ron grinned sheepishly. “I’m Head Auror for the new branch of the Auror Headquarters in New England.” 

Again, there were congratulations. It’s not everyday that you get promoted to HEAD Auror after only about four years! 

“Grammy,” said Adelie, “can we eat now?” 

“Oh, of course, dear. Everyone, tuck in! It’s well deserved with all of this brilliant news!” 

And so, the Weasleys ate dinner. But the after dinner was the crucial part of the entire day.

AN: The end of this chapter…and a sorta cliffy. Sorry. You’re going to have to wait until the next chappie.

Here’s the magical quote:

Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.
-- John Lennon (from Beautiful Boy - 1980)


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Love: An Irresistible Desire: While You're Busy Making Other Plans


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