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It Was Fate by BrooklynDyme
Chapter 6 : New Beginnings
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Hermione had been in complete awe when she first stepped inside the large Upper West Side apartment. At first it was hard to adjust. Hermione was constantly wondering about the people she’d left behind. Almost everyday, Hermione would walk down to wizarding New York and see if maybe an issue of the Daily Prophet could be found. All of her pictures of Harry and Ron were back in England, with the exception of the small one she kept in her wallet. Aristo had even managed to find a job as an executive at an advertising company. 

They waited until Hermione turned eighteen that September before going to get married. It had happened in a small chapel with their muggle neighbors, Mel and Beverly, as their witnesses. Hermione had been growing bigger by the day and was now having to see the doctor nearly every week. The doctor had managed to set her due date at around late February or early March. 

By Christmas, Aristo and Hermione managed to turn the extra bedroom into a nursery. They had decided to make the sex of the baby be a surprise, and therefore got a neutral color for the room. They used wallpaper with a yellow background and small puppies in baby blue and light pink bowties all over it. The carpeting was a soft grayish brown. Finally to top it all off was the magnificent furniture. It was all made from mahogany including, a crib, changing table, chest of drawer, and of course a state of the art rocking chair. 

“We are already spoiling the bloody hell out of this baby,” Aristo once said to Hermione. They were lying on the carpet in the completed nursery room talking about the life they would lead, and sipping hot chocolate. It was after all the dead of winter. “I know the kid’s gonna be spoiled. I mean really, we are loaded. But I didn’t know I’d spoil it this much!” 

Hermione was in partly her own world, tuned out to the conversation Aristo thought they were having. “What do you think we should name it?” Hermione asked him. 

“I don’t know,” Aristo admitted. “But I do know if we have a boy, it will definitely be Aristo Junior!” Hermione nearly died with laughter. 

“There is no way in hell I’m naming our son after you. I always found it so tacky anyway. He deserves his own name”. Hermione leaned back into Aristo’s arms. 

“Since when do you care about names anyway? You always said we’d know what their name would be when the time came,” Aristo said while stroking her soft hair. 

“Well I don’t what to call the baby ‘it’ for the rest of the pregnancy. And I definitely don’t want to know the baby’s gender before hand. I don’t want to make any judgments about it before it gets here”. 

“Why not we already know how it’s going to turn out,” Aristo retorted. 

“Oh! And how is that my dear?” Hermione asked while turning to him. 

“Genetics,” Aristo said proudly. “It’s going to be smart like you, have your brown eyes, and your brown hair. But it will have my features and physique. At least if it’s a boy, as a girl it’ll probably have your body. The more dominant genes always take over”. 

Hermione leaned back onto Aristo chest. “Well it doesn’t matter who the baby looks like or acts like. No matter what we’re going to love him or her unconditionally”. 

With that last comment the two of them lay silent for the rest of the winter night, watching the snow fall in the dark sky through the nursery window. 

*                       *                         *                    *                 *                  * 

“Okay Hermione, push! Push!” the doctor said. 

Hermione lay on the hospital bed with her legs wide open, her head covered in sweat. The pain was greater than any she’d ever experienced in her life, more excruciating than the Cruciatus curse she thought. She’d been in labor for 18 hours with Aristo by her side the entire time. He had sat there coaching her breathing as the contractions got closer and closer. Now as she attempted to push, Aristo held onto her hand even though he was sure she was probably breaking it. 

“Come on push!” the doctor kept yelling. Hermione was pushing; she was pushing as hard as she could to no avail. It was as if the baby did not want to come out, did not want to leave the safety of its mother’s womb and come into the world. Her grip on 
Aristo’s hand got tighter as she felt the pain piercing through her body again. “Breathe, breath,” he kept whispering to her. Hermione was losing her patience and he was not at all helping. Now Hermione wished she’d accepted the drugs. Aristo’s voice became so annoying Hermione snapped on him and screamed, “You did this to me you stupid son of a bitch!” Aristo however had not been fazed by the comment. Instead he responded by wiping more sweat of her head and saying “Okay honey, okay”. 

“Alright I can see the head Hermione. Here comes the big one all right just one more push…” the doctor coached as Hermione focused all her remaining energy into one final and strong push. She felt the baby slip from inside of her and laid her head back against the cool pillow exhausted. On this day, March 9, 1997, Hermione Granger was a mother. “Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy! Here is your little boy”. The doctor placed the nearly born baby boy right into Hermione’s arms. She was tired but immediately looked into the face of her son. He was still covered in fluids, but she cleaned his small body off as much as she could with the blanket. He opened his eyes and looked at her. His eyes were blue, not the traditional ice blue of the Malfoy’s, but blue nonetheless. And, as expected, he did look just like his father. Although he was barely five minutes old, Hermione could already see the striking resemblance. 

He was tiny, even for a baby, and surprisingly very quiet once he looked into the eyes of his mother. Hermione smiled at her boy and brought him to her chest where she began to feed him. As he sucked the nutrients from her, Hermione could barely believe she’d given birth to such a beautiful little creature. She already loved him with all her heart, and was happy that they’d instantly been connected. 

“Hey sweetie I’m your mommy,” she whispered to him. “And this is your daddy,” she said as Aristo came and stood by her. The baby stopped feeding and made himself comfortable in his mother’s arms. “Do you want to hold him?” Hermione asked Aristo. 

He immediately took hold of his son still dazed. 

“Hey kiddo,” he said. “Yea I’m your daddy, and you’re my son. My son. I have a little boy”. He looked at Hermione smiling. 

“Beautiful isn’t he?” Hermione asked. 

“Most beautiful thing in the universe,” Aristo responded. Aristo stood holding his baby boy, both of them just watching one another until the Nurse came up. 

“So what would the happy couple like to name this adorable boy?” she asked quite cheerfully. Hermione and Aristo looked directly at one another. 

“David,” Hermione said. “David William Malfoy”. The Nurse smiled at them and walked back out of the room. 

“Happy Birthday David!” Aristo whispered. 

Three thousand miles away, Harry Potter had slain the darkest wizard of all time.

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It Was Fate: New Beginnings


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