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Majic With a 'J' by the_spladle_of_doom
Chapter 6 : No Hard Feelings?
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a/n: YAY! next chapter already come quickly! ^o^ Aren't you excited? For once this is going as plan. >=O WOO! Hope this strikes fear in your... brain...? I like Syra. Now you get to know more about her! =D And now, On with the show! =O

Disclaimer: I own a simple toaster. it's not even that shiny. ;-; ... And Syra. ... Yep, that's about it.

Chapter 6: No Hard Feelings

*****Karma POV***** 

That stupid girl pulled the door open before we could catch it in time. And now us transfers are sitting in guck with feathers in our hair. Four idiots are laughing at us like, well, idiots. That was low, to pull a stunt like that on me… and my precious Nazo. I go to pluck a feather out of her hair lovingly.

She looks at me as if I’m the devil.

No wait, she likes Satan. She looks at me as if I were some second-rate rocky road ice cream with too many pecans and not enough marshmallows. Yes, that is how my beloved Nazo despises me so.

Before I know it, my time with her in this mass of white fluff and sticky dew is over, and I’m showered and redressed, booted off to Professor Slughorn’s potions class, longing hopelessly for my sweet love. How poetic this whole ordeal is!

Oh screw it. I’ll give her a daisy and ask her to marry me. Please don’t deny me now, Nazo!

*****Syra POV*****

I could feel my teeth rasping against each other while I fished yet another licorice stick out of my hair. “Those low, nasty, selfish, big-headed…” I yanked more licorice out of my hair and slapped it in the bowl, oozing with honey that stuck to everything. My hand suddenly swept to my chin in thought. “Not stupid.”

Suddenly realizing that my hand was oozing with honey as well, I drew my hand away and sighed regrettably. Moving across my dorm in silent thought, I drew a charmed towel to get the residue off of my skin. “Intelligent, actually,” I murmured. I set the towel down. “More into this junk than I thought, but…” I could feel myself smile from ear to ear. “Absolutely brilliant.”

Now, I’m not one to put the past behind me this quickly, but these boys somehow struck me as important allies to have. Most kids in this school already knew them, were at their knees before them in two seconds flat… figuratively, of course. But to get them to accept me, to trust I wouldn’t retaliate against them, and to have them quit their games on me was going to be tricky. I’ve faced older boys, but never children. I’d have to play at their game. But first, I’d have to get some sweet revenge, wouldn’t you say? I mean, nothing can be sweeter, can it?

I scrubbed the rest of my head with the towel, still formulating a plan in my head and inspected myself in the mirror. Still, a glob of honey stuck to one part of the hair, which was almost a sparkling gold by now. I scrubbed and scrubbed furiously until it was all gone. Odd. That charm always worked better before. My magic seems to be falling back; it’s almost time for a re-charge. You don’t know? Oh that’s right. Let me explain.

I’m not really a witch, all right? I am not a norm either. I’m something you might call a… a par immortal, so I need a re-charge every once in a while from Nazo. I need magic to see this school in the first place, and the walls are fading just the slightest bit in my sight.

This morning and through the afternoon, that Potter boy and his friend, the stupid Idiot were always glancing in my direction throughout my classes. (Notice I spell Idiot with a capital I). Black seemed to be more attentive to the back of my head than Potter, though. That boy was getting on my nerves, grinning shamelessly like that.

In the late afternoon, I carried my bag filled with homework to be done to the library. Nazo decided she didn’t want to go there—it was haunted with the eval sandwich-eating gremlin ghost of doom—so I went alone to study and get some things done. The place was quiet and peaceful, and apparently that Potter boy and his idiot friend were never seen alive anywhere near here. I was content.

I found an empty table and set down a book and a clean sheet of parchment for my Defense against the Dark Arts homework. It was a three page paper on the security of Azkaban and how the Ministry of Magic figured it was right, then our own ideas and opinions on the work and the use of Dementors to guard the place. It was fascinating, really, for me. Ahem… No need to get into that.

Someone sat down across from me. I could tell because there was a shift of movement from behind the strands of hair in my face as I was alternating reading and writing furiously. When I went to dip my quill in the ink again, it tipped slightly. I felt that moment of helplessness when the bottle was tipping over and I couldn’t possibly move fast enough to catch it on time.

But, a quick hand grabbed it from the desk and set it down further away from the paper. I looked up, moving the strands of hair from my face. It was Lupin.

“Can’t say I didn’t see that coming, you were going so fast,” he said warily. He caught himself and let go of the jar. “Oh, hello by the way.” He was whispering, but I could hear him loud and clear.

“Why are we whispering?” I said.

“We’re in a library.”

I thought for a moment. “Oh.” I’d heard Nazo say something about that before.

“So how do you like your classes here?” he asked. I didn’t bother even looking up from my book.

“My classes are fine, what I don’t like is you.” I was as quiet and deadly as I could have been. He didn’t say anything, but I could tell he shifted uncomfortably in his seat.

“Oh that. That was half a month ago. It wasn’t our typical back-to-school sort of thing, but it was improvised,” he explained. He smiled hopefully. “We wouldn’t dare do something like that to McGonagall, so… no hard feelings?” Okay, that was it. I snapped.

“No Hard Feelings!” I exploded. It didn’t matter that I was in a library. It didn’t matter that a bunch of angry kids were staring at me to quiet down. “That was the most humiliating day of my life. In all my life! How dare you just excuse yourself saying things like ‘no hard feelings’ to ME? How… how…” The librarian lady, I didn’t care what her name was, made a move to come over to the table, but I was already stuffing my papers into my bag and heading for the door. I could feel Lupin’s eyes following me with… almost sorrow.

Technically I was at fault as well, because I helped them with their little charade. And I’m just sinking down to their level planning to prank them back. It’s against my morals, but I suppose this just feels too good.

Syra, you are bad as ever.

*****Nazo POV*****

I’m too bored to think right now. I don’t need to do much of that stuff, anyway, so it’s not as bad as ya think. One problem though; Syra is in the library. Bad. Bad, bad, bad. This is bad. I even had plans for today.

Okay, so I DIDN’T have any plans, but so what? My best friend in the entire school is going to be haunted for the rest of eternity by an Eval SANDWICH-EATING GREMLIN GHOST OF DOOM! Okay Nazo, breathe in, breathe out. Ha. Oh look, here she comes now! Oh… she looks angry. Oh and there she goes. I better catch up. She’ll let me into the Gryffindor common room.

“I need a plan,” I hear her mutter. What happened? Did the Idiot attack her again? Ooh, that made her mad half a month ago. You know in her case, I think It’s a bad thing a girl can hold a grudge forever. I mean forever, forever. Yikes, she’s got a nasty temper. This is why I stay on her good side.

“Ooh, eee, Aaaahhh… ohhahooo… aooeoo… woooo!” I said melodramatically while I was following her up the stairs to the Gryffindor common room.

“Nazo…” she mumbles, stepping into the portrait hole after saying the password.

“What?” I say now, plopping onto the fluffy purple couch.

“Can you stop that, I need some sort of plan, bla, bla, bla, bla-bla, bla, humiliate, bla, bla, Sirius, bla,” she says. I think.

“What about that weirdo?” I say evilly. Evilly is now a word, thank you very much. Syra leaned forward and put her hands on her face.

“I just said… never mind. For now, can I get a re-charge? No one’s here.” She holds out her palm and I take it, pouring some magic into her body. Her hair turns a dark chocolaty purple again, her ears look more rounded, and a little smaller, and her eyes stop flickering around so much. “Thanks, I can see much better now, Nazo.” I smile. A big grin slapped across my face.

“Okie-smokie!” She doesn’t pay any attention to what I just said and stares at the portrait. I put on a pouty face. “What? That was cutesie,” I mumble.

“I’ve got it,” she says. Got what? Oh, is this that plan she’s talking about? Sure, let’s go with that. “Nazo, do you remember when I ignored you for two full days when you suddenly got mad at me?” she asks me. Of course I do!

“Of course I do!” I say angrily. Then I think for a minute. “Wait, why was I mad again?”

“That’s not the point, you caved and begged for my attention,” she says. I look at her all puzzled. (Haha, that’s my name, translated to Japanese, translated to English. I’m smart. =D) ((a/n: this is a true fact, ladies and gentlemen)) what was she talking about? I don’t understand anymore, but I smile anyway, ‘cause she’s got a plan.

*****Sirius POV*****

This afternoon I dropped my bag full of unused school books on the floor of the dormitory and shut the door on my way out, heading for the stairs. When I got to the bottom, Arias was talking to someone. Hum. Arias, I thought, I hadn’t heard from her in a while.

“What? That was cutesie,” her friend said a little disheartened. I backed up a few stairs. Come to think of it now, I don’t know why. They were the only ones there, though, other than me. They chatted a little more until Arias threw herself back to the big red chair, looking happy about something. Then her friend copied her and moved her head so she was looking upside down. She saw me, with big purple eyes. And then she pointed in my direction.

“Good timing Sy,” she said, still pointing. “Someone should be coming down soon, I have a sure feeling!” That voice was familiar. Why was that voice so familiar?

It didn’t matter. They must have been talking about something that did matter, and all that mattered was that it didn’t matter to me. Wow, I can confuse myself sometimes. I stomped down the stairs in a Padfoot-like fashion. Er… well, something like that. Syra turned around just in time to see me emerge from the stairs. She didn’t say anything, so I took it she was either acting strangely, or she hated me. Why is it some girls hate my guts for no good reason?

“Afternoon,” I said. What? I can say something if I want to. No one else was there anyway. And the only other marauder not doing anything at the moment was Wormtail, and he wasn’t very interesting in the first place. Oh look, there’s that Slytherin girl, Shima. “You,” I said darkly. She gave me a very odd, evil little face.

“Hey what’s kickin’ Black?” she said grimly. Ooh, not a good sign. She doesn’t even belong here, so what should I care?

“Nothing. Hey Arias, how goes the prank queen from overseas?” I said. I had to bring that up. She looked at me coolly. Hey, maybe she doesn’t hate me after all.

“Just peachy.” Ouch. Scratch what I said before. Her voice is ice.

“…Right. See you around, then.” I walked out of the portrait hole to see Moony coming back from the library. I ran to talk to him. For once this day I’d be able to entertain myself! Not that watching Wormtail jump up and down for a book stuck on the ceiling isn’t interesting.  Moony was an awful bit earlier than he was yesterday. “Hey mate, what’re you doing down here before midnight?”

And he just walks right past me, not even looking at me. Something was too weird about today. I ran to catch up.

“What’s up with you? You’re usually at the library right now.”

Banned,” he mumbled. I stopped in shock. Banned? Him? All right, something was definitely up.

“Why? What happened?”

He stopped for a moment ahead of me. Turning his head sideways he finally looked at me and his face was a mix of concern and confusion. “I think we made a mistake,” he said. Then whadda ya know? He kept on, through the portrait hole not even explaining himself. At times like these, it was best to leave him alone. Heck, even I knew that.

At least I'd get some homework done.


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