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Zink An Unfamilar Face by nazozink
Chapter 9 : One last note
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One last note ~
Making his way down the dark and dreary halls James couldn’t help but realize, he couldn’t find Sirius. He even had checked the hidden passageways on the map but to no prevail. Panicking he started to breath a little more heavy. How could this be a coincidence? It was all too out there to be just that, Sirius, missing, & nowhere to be found was no mistake.

Just as something almost clicked in the wizards mind, he noticed a small glitch in the wall. He forced his body flat against it and shuffled into the area. It soon became to short to walk so he crawled, stopping right before it let out. He stopped for one simple reason he couldn’t believe his eyes. For some strange reason he saw Zink alive standing there with Sirius. As badly as James wanted it to be true he had watched Zink die with his very own eyes this wasn’t possible.

“Patrificus trotalus.” He mumbled pointing his wand directly at her. The imposter froze, petrified. James leaped out of his hiding place.

“Sirius!” the boy whose name had been called out turned around.

“James? What is it? And why on earth did you do that?” James didn’t really want to go into a long explanation (because he wasn’t interlay sure he had time)…, which is what this needed, SO instead he opted for just dragging Sirius away. Now this isn’t any easy task. To say this brilliant plan sounded better in his head was a sure thing. Especially sense he didn’t want to be taken away. James managed to escape with minor but very defined injuries.

“What in the bloody hell James? Are you insane?” Sirius complained as he was marched into the Head masters room. James hadn’t responded the whole trip to Sirius. “hello did some put you on mute?” was the last remark before they opened the door to Professor Dumbledore office.

“Ah, Mr. Black. I trust Mr. Potter has filled you in on the recent events of the going-ons in Hogwarts?” Sirius raised an eyebrow.

“No, he most certainly hasn’t. Why? What’s wrong?”

“You might want a seat,” he gestured towards the open one in front of his desk. “It seems that a student here was, well a young death eater. I believe you knew her quite well her name was Zink Shima.” He let Sirius take in that bit of information before going on.

“Wait professor,” Sirius interrupted. “You said was that’s past tense. That is just a slip of the tongue right?” His mind raced to the worst. The worst being death that is.

“Oh how I wish it was Sirius. Zink passed away not so long ago-“

“THAT’S IMPOSSIABLE! I WAS JUST WITH HER! JAMES YOU SAW I WAS RIGHT THERE!” He yelled cutting the Head master off. James shook his head and walked out of the room. That left Sirius and Dumbledore alone in the room.

Dumbledore opened up his desk and pulled out a Journal.

“I assume you’ll find away to open it.” He slid it across the desk. Sirius looked at it. Not finding it as scary as it used to be. Finding that fact although a little creepy. “ Who you were with was an imposter Sirius. I’m guessing as we speak James is leading a group of professors to them. I can hardly understand what it is like to take this all in right now. I want you to know though the fact of her dieing was unavoidable. Zink was sick very sick with a diesis contracted in the inner organs. However this is her diary. I suggest you go back to your dormitory and try to open it up.”

Sirius obeyed and brought the book back up to his room. Were he attempted to do everything he could to open it. He tried ‘Alohomora’ and several other spells with the same lousy effect, that being nothing. He even approached it in the muggle way, yes he threw it at the ground. Funny that didn’t work either.

James came back into the dormitory with even sadder news, the person who had tricked him, got away. (Funny how every one can be accounted for that night except Peter huh?)

It had been a week and he still hadn’t figured out how to open the blasted item. Giving one last look at the thing before packing it away- he was moving in with potters, too much drama at school.

“I think I loved you “he whispered. Just then a key appeared in the hole and twisted around. The journal flipped carelessly open. Written clearly were the words:
I love you too.

A/N: yea I know cheesy ending…don’t flame me cause of it. I blame society and my lack of a love life. SO I WRITE CHEESY SHH!!! Please review you can tell me it’s cheesy but that’s only if you want to be beat a dead horse. PLEASE REVIEW I'm desprate almost as much as a housewife...

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Zink An Unfamilar Face: One last note


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