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Have A Little Faith... by fredthefrog252
Chapter 9 : Chapter 9 – One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila, Floor
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Chapter 9 – One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila, Floor
(A/N – I know not my usual style chapter heading but I couldn’t help myself)
Faith cried out in frustration throwing her hairbrush down for the umpteenth time that night.

“Will you calm down?” came the calm voice of Liam.

“Well don’t you look spiffy,” Faith said looking at his brushed hair and black tuxedo.

“Why thank you, I know,” he smiled flicking his collar. “Now lets see what we can do about that hair.”

Liam tied two small sections at the front back so that the rest of her hair tumbled down her back. Faith looked at herself in the mirror. She was wearing the dress they had bought in Diagon Alley. It was strapless and white made out of satin and it spread a little at the bottom. There was a small amount of flowers and patters embroidered into the bottom and the bodice.

At seven o’clock Faith and Liam made their way next door for the ball part of the evening. Miranda, who said a hurried hello to Faith, before grabbing Liam’s hand and dragging him off, greeted them at the door. Faith let herself in to find James staring in the direction that Miranda and Liam had disappeared.

“Cheer up Jimmy,” Faith said patting him on the shoulder. “She’s a big girl.”

After greeting Alice, Frank and (to James’ delight) Lily Faith made her way over to the buffet to eat. She looked around at all the intricate foods.

“Obviously the first place you would go to at a party would be the buffet,” came the familiar voice of Sirius.

Faith, who was in the spur of the moment kind of mood, grabbed the nearest appetizer and smooshed it on his mouth. She turned around when she heard a familiar chuckle.

“Keeping him in line I see Miss Porter,” Albus Dumbledore smiled.

“You know me sir,” she said walking over to Lily who was refusing to dance with James.

“Please!” James begged.

“NO Potter.”

Faith followed Lily who stalked of towards the entrance area.



“How have you holidays been?”

“Ok, except for Petunia, my sister.”


The evening was thoroughly boring. Greeting important people, eating, eating and greeting more important people. When the hour of midnight soon approached Faith sat down and watched all of the couples dancing.

“You, get up.” Sirius said grabbing her hand.


“You’re going to dance with me,” he said pulling Faith to her feet.

“No, Faith and dancing are two un-mixy things.”

“I’m not taking no for and answer,” and with that he pulled her in close and they began to dance in a small circle.

“You look very nice tonight,” he whispered in her ear.

“Blame my brother.”

They danced for a few minutes until the countdown began.

“Ten…nine…eight…seven…six…five…four…three…two…one…HAPPY NEW YEAR!”

Everywhere around them partners and couples began kissing. Faith turned away from Sirius and walked towards the front door.

“Hey, where are you going?” Sirius asked running after her.

“Home to change. You can’t expect me to wear this to the party later can you?”

“Oh. Ok.”

“See you in a few. Come on Lily, Alice.”

The three girls went to Faith’s house.

“Wow Faith, your room is really awesome,” Lily said looking around the attic. Faith glanced around. The walls were covered in posters of Muggle rock bands and drawings and paintings that Faith had done when she was younger.

The girls dressed and got ready. Faith lent Lily and Alice clothes since the ones they brought were “Not appropriate for this type of party.” They were now all ready to go. Lily was wearing a pair of jeans with a dark emerald green camisole top that was lacy with sequins and beads. Her hair was tied into a loose side pony and was curly. Her make-up was light, glossy lips with green, glittery eye shadow. Alice was wearing Black jeans, a light blue off the shoulder t-shirt and her hair was tied up in a braided up-do. Her make-up was natural beiges. Faith was wearing Black knee-high boots (a personal favourite of hers) her leather pants and a silky black halter top that was backless with lots of straps weaved though it. Her hair was out and flowing down her back. Her eyes were dark and smoky and she had a pale gloss on. (A/N – Buffy Season 4 episode called This Years Girl Faith and Buffy switch bodies and the outfit worn by Buffy {who is actually Faith} at the Bronze is basically what Faith is wearing now)

“Where did you get all of these clothes?” Alice asked as she examined herself in the mirror.

“From my clubbing days,” Faith shrugged.

Faith grabbed her jacket and a couple of bottles before following her friends down stairs.

“What’s ‘tequila’?” Alice asked examining one of the bottles as Faith rummaged through her brother’s cupboard for some more.

“You don’t know what tequila is?” Faith asked raising an eyebrow. “It is a Mexican drink, kind of as strong as your fire whisky but nicer taste.”

“Awesome,” Alice said ignoring Lily’s looks of warning.

The three girls headed next door and went straight down to the basement area. It was basically a second ballroom just slightly smaller. Faith moved slightly to the music, Chinese Burn by a band called Curve. (A/N – I know that it’s supposed to be like the seventies but would you rather them wearing flowers and bopping to Hair?) She walked over to where Sirius and James were talking, thrust her jacket and tequila upon James and grabbed Sirius’ hand. She led him over to the center of the room and began to dance.

“This is the kind of music I’ll dance to,” she whispered.

Sirius looked at her awkwardly as she danced and stood there without moving.

“Don’t tell me you only dance ballroom?” she said incredulously.

“Parents paid for lessons,” he mumbled looking at his feet.

“Ok,” she said trying not to laugh. “You got to sort of bop to the beat.” She instructed resting her hands on his neck. “And then just sway slightly.”

They danced on the spot for a while before Sirius put his hands on her waist. They continued to dance until the end of the song.

“I’m going to save Lily from James,” she whispered before lowering her hands and walking over to Lily. Lily was sitting down looking cross. James was trying to persuade her to dance but she sat there holding up her hand.

“Come dance with me Lily,” Faith said as a new song came on – Fire starter by Prodigy. Lily had no objections and stood up, grabbed Faiths hand and dragged her to the dance floor.

“Thank you,” she said as they began to twirl with each other holding one hand.

A few hours later James, Sirius, Lily, Alice, Frank, Remus and Faith were playing a drinking game called I Never. Faith taught them how to play. Everyone has a shot glass full of tequila or some other strong drink and you take it in turns to say something you have never done. Everyone in the group who has done the thing you say has to have a shot of whatever booze you got.

“I never kissed someone of the same sex.” Alice said. Faith and Lily took a shot.

“I never had a crush on a friends family member,” Lily said. Frank, Sirius, James and Faith drank.

“Who’d you have a crush on?” Alice asked Frank.

“Remus’ mum,” Frank said and James and Sirius nodded.

“WHAT?” Remus cried staring at James.

Sirius, who was out of Remus’ sight, held his hands up to his chest to gesture that she had big boobs.

“I see,” Faith nodded rolling her eyes.

“Ok, I never had a book in which I drew pictures of my crush on every page and wrote their name along with the names of our future children,” Sirius said smiling innocently at James who had a look of murder that could rival Lily’s. James glared at Sirius for a while before drinking.

“Ah. I never had a fear of clowns,” James smirked. Sirius and Faith both drank.

“You’re scared of clowns?” James asked Faith.

“They wig me out, ever since I was little.”

“What happened?”

“Saw a clown, it gave me the wig, there isn’t really a story behind that.”

“Ok, I never snogged someone here,” Remus said. Alice and Frank both drank along with Lily and Faith who gave a look of warning to Sirius who didn’t drink.

“I never had a dog,” Faith said and everyone but her had a drink.

“I never…I never…I never got naked for a bet.” Frank said. Faith, James, Lily and Sirius drank.

“I never shagged someone to get something,”

Faith drank.

“What if sex is what you want does that count?” Sirius asked.


“Well I don’t think I have then.”

“Melissa Thompson fifth year.”

“Oh yeah.”

At this point in time Frank and Alice decided to leave the game and find a cozy corner.

“I never had sex in or on a police car.”

Faith drank and (to everyone’s surprise) so did Remus.

“Moony you sly dog,” James said almost falling over in the process.

“I never played with dolls,” James said who along with Sirius were determined to find something Faith hadn’t done. She drank along with them.

“I never shagged someone in a bathroom.”

All of them except for Remus (and to James horror including Lily) drank.

“My Lily has been de-flowered!” he cried.

“He was a muggle and there was beer involved,” she shrugged.

Remus vomited and Faith, the most sober of them all, was able to mutter “Scourgefy” before he collapsed into unconsciousness.

Lily and James were soon to follow with Lily collapsing on James and James falling to sleep stroking her hair.

“Well they certainly can’t hold their hard liquor,” Faith said looking at Sirius. “And apparently you aren’t doing so good yourself,” she added when he nearly toppled over.

After another bottle of tequila Faith found herself in a deep and meaningful conversation with Sirius.

“And another thing I hate,” Sirius said, swaying ever so slightly. “Parents. Families suck…they are possessive and controlling and cruel. Well my Family is any way.”

“I’ll drink to that.”

“Do you think we should inform the lovebirds over there what happened when they wake up?”


“I’ll drink to that as well.”

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Have A Little Faith...: Chapter 9 – One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila, Floor


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