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He & She by Fallen Angel
Chapter 1 : The Incident
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DISCLAIMER : I do not own Harry Potter. J.K. Rowling does.

: Ok so here's the deal. This story can be used in three different pairings. Yes you read this right = Three different pairings. How? I used only the pronouns He & She to come up with the storyline. It's up to you however to think about it as it is.

James & Lily-Pretend that James and Lily are waiting for their friends to come back from shopping in Honeydukes. James was trying to get Lily's attention.
Harry & Hermione
-Harry is reading the newest magazine of Qudditch Daily while Hermione was studying. Ron is out with Luna and Ginny buying their supplies, when Harry decided to make his move.
Draco & Hermione
-Draco is now on the "light" side. Voldemort defeated, he was alone with Granger inside Three Broomsticks with the daughter of Madam Rosmerta as the bartender. Draco has been harboring his feelings for Hermione for quite a while now. Pretend that this is an aftermath of the usual Draco-HB Hermione-HG stories, where they fall in love with each other.


DID YOU PICK WHICH ONE YOU WILL USE? If you did, bear in mind the situation while reading the story. I tell you now that it will make great sense. :D


    They were sitting in a cafe in a secluded booth, she was absorbed in her book while sipping her iced cappuccino and he  was reading the latest edition of a qudditch magazine. Often he would glance at her furtively and every time he did, she would be reading, never taking her eyes away from the pages of the book.
    Time passed by and he grew frustrated at her silence. He needed her to pay attention to him, dammit! He was starting  to get desperate! Hmm... how to get her to pay attention to him...let's see...

    For a while he just stared at her, the magazine slipping from his loosening grip. He regarded the side view of her occupied face with a sudden abrupt yearning. A yearning so great that it even surprised himself. His hands itched to touch her but he couldn’t bear to interrupt the serene scene of her reading so intently so he forced himself to keep his hands away from her.
    Unfortunately at that moment, there was little good to be said about his self-control and patience, not when it was her who was sitting beside him especially in such a private enclosed area.

    With an eye on her face, he slowly but surely moved his arm over her to lightly land his hand on her other side, laying his arm successfully across her shoulders. 'Success!' he thought triumphantly. But as he gazed on her face, he was greatly disgruntled to find that she made no reaction whatsoever to his move. He was near his wit’s end! She was truly driving him insane. 'Darn she didn't even budge! Am i losing my touch?' he asked himself, slightly discouraged about her lack of reaction.

    'Pfft. Yea right! Losing my touch? Me? of all people? No way! I just haven't thought of a good approach yet, that's all...'

    Suddenly, a wicked thought floated to his head, making him grin inwardly. 'Excellent! Now that's what I’m talking about!'

    As she was completely immersed in a new chapter of her book, one hand holding up her book while the other hand was laying delicately on top of the table, he moved his hand towards hers, his eyes glinting mischievously.

    As his fingers curled around hers, he noted with smug satisfaction that she was blushing madly, though she still kept her gaze on her book. Then he continued to interlace his fingers with hers and gently squeezed with every drop of tenderness he had in his body, urging, beseeching her to please stop reading for the time being and own up to the moment that was building between them.

    At first she moved her eyes from her book to their intertwined hands, wondering how in the world did this happen. Then slowly, carefully, her eyes traveled from their hands to look curiously into his face. She caught her breath and her eyes widened a little as she fully settled her gaze on his face.

    His face was a bit shy at first but in seconds determination overcame him and his look became one of complete confidence armed with equally matching warmth and gentleness. And his eyes... boy, was her temperature increasing high-speed! And what in the world is that persistent beating that is so loud it seemed like it was drumming right next to her ears? 'Oh rite... that's my heart. Crap, I’m in trouble here. If he doesn't stop it right now, I will melt like one of my bars of mouth-watering toblerones! And that thought is definitely not appetizing to my mind. I like my chocolates nice and in shape and I definitely do not favor amorphous delicacies, thank you very much!' she thought indignantly. 'And our hands... why does it feel like our skins are scorching? If this cafe did not install air-conditioning, I swear they are sooo in for it... Ack!
Who am I kidding? It's him! It's him, I tell you! It's not my fault my skin is searing to my bones! If I end up in the hospital for this, he is sooo paying for the expenses plus double the interest, mind you!'

    When she turned to speak with him though, her face was calm and patient. Her eyes were trained on his face as she asked, concerned, "What's the problem?"   

    A billion seconds must have passed by before he simply said, "You." His face was solemn and his eyes were staring directly into her eyes and she felt as if he was trying to read into the depths of her soul.

    She sat, dumbstruck at his laconic reply. Then her brows began to furrow, bewildered as she was, and struggled to comprehend what he meant by that single word. Then without any warning at all, his hand cupped her cheek and her vision consisted of only his face, inching closer and closer to hers by the second.

    He pressed his lips softly to hers and he felt as if he was floating in heaven's paradise. The kiss may have only lasted for a very short time but it was a time in his life that he was not ever going to forget. As he pulled back from her, he saw that her face was shining brightly in a hue of red. Then he glimpsed a look in the mirror on the wall and felt like a complete moron as he noted that he was blushing vividly as well.

    "Umm... that...I...uhh..." he stammered.

    She shook her head, smiling, and then she resumed her reading once again. But as she did, she leaned back against him to settle herself on him. He sighed in relief and found himself grinning as well as he tightened his grip around her.

    Then she spoke, her eyes still on her book  in a  conversational tone, “So what in the world made you kiss me like that? Hmm? Don’t tell me you wanted me so badly you couldn’t stop yourself from kissing me the way you just did. Coz dude, that is one of the oldest lines in the book.”

    “Um no. I would not say that.”    ‘Though it is true.’


    ‘Great. What am I supposed to say in this situation?  Um I just couldn’t resist your charms..? Damn. How corny can I get? Listen here  you don’t need to make it all fancy! You don’t need to dress up your feelings for her with all that sweet nonsense. How else am I supposed to go about doing this then? Huh? Be straight and direct with her. What!? But that is so… so unromantic! Humph! I’m just trying to help you, you ingrate! Who are you anyway!? I’m your conscience, nice to meet you. Oh I see nice to meet y- what the heck am I doing!?’

    “Judging on how speechless you have become, I‘m guessing that you don‘t have an answer.” she commented in a thin voice as she started to sit up away from him. 

     “No! that’s not it!”

    “Then what? Was that merely an experiment you were trying out on me? Am I only a pawn in your twisted games?” she asked him quietly, her emotionless eyes looking into his.

    “Why are you saying that?  Is that really how you see me?” his eyes pained.

    She looked away from him, not bearing to see his eyes full of raw emotion. “What am I to believe though? When you did not answer you might as well have said that.”

    “You know as well as I do that silence does not always indicate negative implications. So I have no idea why you are acting like this.”

    “…You took my first kiss. I demand an explanation for what is supposed to be one of the most memorable things in a teenage girl’s life.”

    ‘You idiot! Of course she would want to know why you stole her first kiss. I did say that right! You did steal it from her! Don’t deny it! Yes! So I did! But that’s because it was a way to express my feelings for her and not for her to suspect me of being a player!’

    “You see? You have no explanation. That was your second chance and guess what? You didn’t pass.” 

    “Wait! You didn’t even give me enough time to answer!”

    “So you do admit it. You don’t know what to say that you have to think about it first. Please let’s just forget this ever happened. I don’t want any hard feelings between us over a stupid mistake of a kiss.”

    “B-but no…!  It’s not like that…” he tried desperately to explain.

    “Please it’s better if we do not go further than we already did with that issue. Besides I would like us to remain friends, alright?”

    It felt like his heart was being ripped to shreds as she tonelessly asked him that question. That one question that is so difficult to accept but sometimes it is the only way that will reconcile things in a complicated relationship.     So grudgingly he replied, regret in his eyes, “Yes of course.”  

    ‘Why does it feel like my heart is sinking? I do just want us to be friends, right? Yes I’m sure I mean it’s not like he truly has hidden feelings for me. Yeah right as if that will ever happen to me.’ she thought bitterly to herself. 

    “Hey come on let’s go somewhere else, ok? Maybe a change of scenery will help both of us some.” he suggested to her, his hand outstretched to hers.

    She hesitated. ‘Wait why don’t I want to take his hand? It’s not like it would mean anything if I did…” She placed her hand in his, letting him help her climb out of the booth.  As she exited the booth, distracted as she was by his presence, she stumbled over a piece of ledge on the floor and ended up falling into him and knocking both of them quickly towards the ground. 

    As they were falling, with quick reflexes, he caught her around the waist, wrapped his other arm around her head to press against his chest and held her close to him. Swift as lightning, he turned her so that he would be the one to take the full impact of the fall. 
    Fortunately he had tucked his chin in to protect her as they fell so he didn’t hit his head against the floor, saving him from a concussion.  But every other part of his body did scream out in pain as he collided fully against the cold unforgiving marble floor.  It also knocked the wind out of him for awhile, making it difficult for him to breath for a few seconds.

    For a short period, they just laid there. Her head was resting on his chest, listening to the frantic thumping of his heart, while he had his cheek pressed against the top of her head and both arms were wound around her so tightly that it seemed like their bodies were melded together.

    For awhile that was all they did. They just held each other, afraid that if they let go that the other will no longer be there.

    As she was pressed on top of him, she sighed softly in relief and inhaled his heady scent.  She closed her eyes and tried to imprint the scent into her mind because there might not ever be another time that she will be this close to him…

    ‘Man she’s so tiny and so soft! God If I have never thank you before, let me tell you now, thank you, lord! She feels so right in my arms… I could hold her forever like this…Damn anybody else who held her like this!’  He tightened his grip around her, his breath brushing the side of her neck.

    She shivered. ‘What’s happening to me?’ and then she stilled as his silky hair came brushing upon her cheek. ‘Oh my. He’s so close we can press our cheeks together!’ And if that wasn’t enough of a torture, suddenly, soft lips grazed intimately against the hollow of her neck. That deed robbed what breath she had left. She closed  her eyes under what she thought was an accidental onslaught. ‘I’m sure he didn’t mean that. It meant nothing! Get a hold of yourself, girl!’ She couldn’t believe what was happening. Not once in her lifetime has this ever occurred to her. She couldn’t breath. Her lungs burned for air but she couldn’t move, paralyzed as she was at the current happenings.  ‘Well not once before in your lifetime have you ever been in this position, so what do you expect? And the fact that you are experiencing this with him…well, it is a miracle, girl, that you are still able to operate!’

    He smiled to himself as he noticed she was struggling with her reactions to his ‘subtle’ movements. Then he started rubbing his hands on her back and whispered soothing things to her ear to calm her down.
At first she was rigid when she heard his voice so close to her ear then finally she relaxed under the gentle ministrations of his hands.

    Then very slowly, she picked her head up and looked at him. She found herself looking into his eyes, full of tenderness, caring, protectiveness, and  lo-. ‘No way. I’m really fooling myself. One fall and embrace does not change what is between us like a snap of the fingers!’

    “Hey, what’s wrong?” he asked huskily, the deep timbre of his voice sending shivers down her spine.

    “Nuh- nothing…I mean I’m fine… I uhh…” her voice drifted as she noticed that his face was approaching eerily near to hers.

    ‘What’s he doing!? Is he going to…? No! This is not supposed to happen again!”

    Yet she couldn’t help herself as she vulnerably closed her eyes, her hands gripping the sleeves of his arms strongly. 

    He watched her close her eyes and he smiled softly. Brushing aside a piece of her hair and tucking it behind her ear carefully, he cupped her chin and he slowly leaned in to close the distance between their lips.

    “Hey! What the heck do you kids think you are doing!? This ain’t a place for you two to be making out! And on the floor too! Get out! Damn hormonal teenagers! Go!” the cranky waitress barked.

    That definitely shook them out of their reverie. They opened their eyes to see their faces not an inch away from each other. Blushing deeply, they rapidly let go of each other and stood up in record time, not looking at each other. 

    Awkwardness stood between them while they made their way out of the café, avoiding all the amused and sneering stares that they received from the other customers. One had the gall to whistle at her and called out to him, “Nice catch ya got there, man, mind sharing your little concubine?”  then the pervert laughed and made lewd gestures to her, motioning for her to draw closer to him. Not for long though.  He came around back and, as quick as can be, delivered an express knuckle sandwich right on the guy’s nose, breaking it thoroughly, making sure that no girl will ever come near ten feet of that guy ever again.  He wasn’t done yet though.  He grabbed the guy’s shirtfront and pulled him close to his murderous face, wand pointed directly to his throat. “Don’t ever say and do anything like that again if you want to continue your pathetic wretched miserable excuse of a life. I’ll whip the skin off your back and cut off your only pitiful despicable worthless evidence of a manhood. If you even have one in the first place, that is. And that’s only the beginning of it.” Then he straightened and let his grip go, and then with a completely lethal glint in his eyes, “Understood?”

    The guy looked completely shaken as he bobbed his head up and down automatically and hurriedly.  He got to his feet, one hand holding his bleeding and broken nose, and clutched at the wall behind him, as if it was his sole lifeline, his legs trembling. 

    “Let’s go.” he said to her as he walked towards her but then stopped short as he noticed that she wasn’t moving her feet. “What’s wrong? Did he hurt you?”  he asked urgently. “No, but before we leave, let me just…” she moved away from him and stalked up to the guy with an intent look on her face. The guy’s eyes smirked and laughed maliciously as he saw her draw closer to him. “Ah so you do want me, huh? You little tramp? You see, boy, your threats are for nothing if the girl isn’t-” the pervert choked and doubled over as the pain dealt by the girl kicking his groin penetrated through him. “Oops was that too much for you, my dear? Guess I don’t know my own strength. Or perhaps you are just too weak to take it? Oh, no response? I’m surprised and there you were talking crap a mile a minute. Too bad you can’t speak anymore and I was having so much fun getting acquainted with you.”  She smirked, and then turned to exit, overlooking the dumbfounded stares sent her away.  He was staring after her too and then he grinned. ‘Uh-oh.  Note to self: when she’s mad, stay away from her knee. Got it? Good.’

    “Um thanks for saving me and sticking up for me.” she said shyly as soon as they left the café.

    “That was no problem at all! Just doing my job as a friend that’s all!” he responded cheerfully.
‘Oh man, I don’t want us to be friends! That sounded so wrong!’ he groaned inwardly.

    Then he stopped as he noticed that she wasn’t beside him any longer.

    He turned back, checked behind him and froze as his gaze landed on her. She was looking at him with soulful eyes, so vulnerable in the way she stood that he wanted to rush to her in that instant and embrace her with all his might. But the emotion was soon gone from her face, as if it was never there in the first place.

    His face saddened. ‘Why does she have to do that? Why does she feel the need to tuck away her emotions like that? I feel so helpless! Dammit! I did that to her! Why God? Why does it have to be like this? If she would let me, I know that I’ll make her happy but she doesn’t even believe that I want to be more than just friends. What the heck am I supposed to do?’  His hands tightened into fists as he closed his eyes firmly and struggled to find answers to his own questions.

    Then he felt the softest hand gently touch his cheek and he opened his eyes to see her holding his face, concerned. “Hey, whatever it is, don’t worry too much about it right now, ok? Please? I don’t like seeing you like this, as if your world is falling apart. Whoever she is, I‘m sure she will understand.” She pleaded, sorrow deep in her eyes.

    He softened while she was talking but then stiffened when she finished talking. “What do you mean by that last sentence? “Whoever she is she will understand?” Who is she?” he demanded.

    She was startled when he spoke in a fierce tone and, bemused, she replied, “Well I thought that maybe you were feeling guilty and that you were distressed of how she, your current girlfriend, might feel if she found out about what happened between us, which is surely nothing at all, simply coincidental. I mean, I’m sure if you will explain to her that it was all a bet that our friends conjured up together she will understand, right?”

    “What!? What in the world are you talking about? Woman, you are driving me crazy with your insane assumptions! Where the heck did you get all those ideas from!? And I don’t even have a girlfriend right now!”

    “Hey you can’t blame me for thinking like that! I mean who was the one who got deceived two years ago!? Who let their guard down enough that they let such a shallow person control them with a flick of a finger!? Huh!? Who was the one-”

    He slammed a fist against the wall, the sound of cracking cement reverberated in the air, silencing everyone in the vicinity. She froze, terrified. Her eyes widened as she watched him standing in front of the wall with his head down, his fist still connected to the wall. 

    Bits of stone came off the wall as he slowly retracted his hand from the crumbling part of the wall. Then he turned to face her, displaying the cold fury on his face.

    She willed her feet to move as he made his way to her but somehow they remained glued to the spot. As he was reaching her, she was slightly trembling but she kept her ground. When he was finally in front of her, she faced him with a determined front.

    He exclaimed harshly, “Yes! I admit it! I was foolishly blinded by that bitch! But at least I discovered that before it was really too late! Yes! I made that mistake! I made a lot of mistakes in my lifetime and I’m sure that I will make a whole lot more in my future! I’m only a person here! I’m not a saint!”

    She retorted, sneering, “A saint!? Of course not! You are far from a saint! And I’d be amazed if there was ever a part of your life that wasn’t full of your mistakes!”

    “My mistakes!? What about yours!? How come you are only condemning me when you know that you are not a saint yourself!? Or are you such a hypocrite that you will not recognize your own misgivings?”

    “Of course I know my own faults! You know what? I refuse to argue with you when you are in such a violent mood. I’m leaving!”

    “Yes! Leave like you always do when things do not go your way, why don’t you!”

    She turned back and slapped him with all her might, causing his head to snap to the side. The sound resonated through the already thick atmosphere, causing many people around to halt and stare incredulously at the pair. Then she walked briskly away from him towards the exit doors.

    Before she could pass through the doors though, she heard him scream, “And you know the biggest mistake I’ve ever made? Huh!? I fell in love with you! That’s what!”  She paused for a second in her steps, hesitated, but didn’t look back as she continued to make her way out into the streets.  ‘Damn him anyway.’

    “God help me. I so messed up.” he whispered wretchedly, looking after her retreating back, shaking his head dejectedly.

AN#2 : This is only the first chapter of three long chapters. What do you think? Tell me by placing your comments on that suggestion box right over there... *points at the box below the story*

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He & She: The Incident


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