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Lost friendship lost love by merlinsaprentice1
Chapter 1 : Once to often
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Lost friendship lost love

Once to often

It was just a few minutes to midnight when Ron Weasley noisily entered the kitchen of the Burrow, a slightly drunk Lavender brown hanging on his arm and giggling.

The sight that met his eyes unnerved him like nothing ever had before, his best friend Harry took one look at him and Lavender and a look Ron had only seen once before was in Harry’s eyes, it was the same look he had had the day they killed Voldemort.

There was a definitely murderous look in Harry’s eye as he saw Ron with Lavender tonight of all nights, he could not believe it at first but then his temper rose and had it not been for Fred and George holding him back he would have smashed his fist into Ron’s face.

Even though they both felt the same way as Harry, Fred and George, Ron’s twin brothers held Harry back as he tried to get at Ron, in vain Harry tried to say something but all that left his lips were the word “bastard”, the twins too looked at Ron with disgust evident on their faces.

Ginny was about to hex him when Charlie grabbed her wand hand and held it down and stopped her.

Ron turned to look at his mother “what the-?” he never finished his question his eyes instead were drawn to the kitchen door that led to the narrow stairwell where his father now stood.

Arthur Weasley entered the kitchen followed by a trunk, dropping the trunk at Ron’s feet Arthur pointed at it with his wand.

“Your belongings, take them and don’t come back, you are no longer welcome in my house” Arthur hissed in a barley audible but deeply hurt voice.

Molly turned to her husband as tears fell down her cheeks “Arthur” was all she said before she stopped and turned her back on her youngest son.

“Molly I have lost count of how many times I have stood by and watched as he broke that poor girls heart, tonight was the last straw” Arthur said as he pointed to the door.

It was with these words that Ron finally understood what was happening, tears formed in his eyes as he remembered tonight was Hermione’s twenty first birthday party and he was supposed to have taken Hermione on a double date along with Harry and Ginny, it was to be their first real date.

After years of her patiently waiting for him to grow up and be brave enough he had finally asked her out, he remembered how her face had lit up with happiness, how she had hugged him so tight he could not breathe. He remembered how happy she had been when she had gone off shopping for a new dress with Ginny. Now he could not believe he had forgotten about it just to have a few drinks with some old mates.

“Where’s Hermione?” he asked in a sickened sort of voice.

No one answered him so he asked again a little more forcefully. “Where’s Hermione?”

“She’s gone home to her Muggle family where ever they are, and she swore she would never come back, said we would never see her at the Burrow again, said she could not take the heart ache any more” Charlie spat at him “now sod off out of my sight with your slag”.

Bill grabbed his wife’s elbow and whispered “come on Fleur love before I do something I will regret”, he led Fleur to the stairs and they made there way up to bed. Fleur shot Ron an evil look of hate before she reached the stair “how could you?” she said as she walked away.

Lavender slowly became aware of the hatred filling the house she had just entered and backed off to the door she had just entered. No one seemed to notice when she left, quietly closing the door behind her. Once outside she held out her hand and waited for the night bus to take her home. What ever was happening at Ron’s house she wanted no part of, even in her happily drunk condition she knew it was a huge event. She did not have long to wait before the triple deckered bus arrived to pick her up.

“Are you happy now Ron? None of us will see her again, none of us know where her family is from, and none of us can get in touch with her. The closest thing I ever had to a sister and best friend is gone, left to pick up the pieces of a broken heart and its all your fault” Ginny hissed at him before trying again to send an hex at him.

Fred George and Harry turned away from Ron and walked into the living room. Harry was furious at how Ron had once again hurt Hermione, time and time again through the years since starting Hogwarts he had done it and she had always forgiven him but tonight was different. Tonight there was no war they were no longer school children, there was no excuse, tonight she had been hurt so much more than ever before, all her happiness had been whisked away.

Harry knew that tonight he had lost both his best friends, one of them for good for he would never be able to forgive Ron for that look of hurt in Hermione’s eyes as the time for the date had come and gone. The pain in her voice as she had said goodbye for what may have been the last time broke his heart, the girl he loved as a sister was hurting and there was nothing he could do about it.

Harry thought back over the past week how Hermione had been so happy planning things with Ginny. She had not stopped smiling since Ron had asked her, she was so happy they thought she might burst. Her happiness had been infectious to the point Harry had asked Ginny to marry him, even the twins had stopped playing jokes on them so as not to cloud the happiness of the girl they all loved so dearly as a big sister and friend, even those older than her thought of her the same way.

Ron disowned by his family for his thoughtless selfishness left the Burrow with his shoulders hunched dragging his trunk behind him and feeling sick with him self. How could he have been so selfish as to hurt the one he loved yet again.

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Lost friendship lost love: Once to often


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