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Cultures Collide by Demonic Angel
Chapter 17 : The big Change
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Chapter 17 - The big Change

~ October 7th ~

As the nighttime slipped away a dark cloaked figure sat on the other side of the forest. Finally an owl approached. Well it's about time I received word. They thought. The figure reached over and removed the parchment from the owl's leg. The owl tried biting at the figure and then immediately flew off.


Dark One

As you requested I have been watching over the Malfoy boy. You would be pleased to know that he has made it easy to keep an eye on the others as well. The more time that passes the closer they are becoming although there is still hope. The Weasley boy has separated himself from the rest, I am unsure as to why but I will find out what his reasoning is.

Yours Faithfully.


Wouldn't this really ruin all hoped for dear Lucius they thought I must inform the Dark Lord immediately.


Harry woke up on Saturday morning with Draco and Jamie standing over him yelling, "Harry get your ass outta bed."

"It's Saturday! Leave me alone!"

"No!" Jamie said.

Harry threw his pillow at his cousin and covered his head with the blanket. "Get Out!"

"Harry, the girls are waiting. It's Hogsmeade weekend." Draco stated

"Why didn't you say so sooner."

"What do you think we've been yelling about for the past ten minutes?" Jamie asked

Harry just glared at his cousin. "Would you stop doing that it makes you look like Professor Snape when he removes points from you." Draco said as Harry turned and glared at him while Jamie smirked.

"Come on guys!" Ann bellowed from the other room.

"He just now decided to climb outta bed." Jamie replied

"Well fine then he can go in his underwear." Remus stated.

"Give me five minutes."

"Forget this, I'll get him." Bria said as she grabbed her camera and headed to Harry's room.

"Gabriella, Don't you da..." Remus started

"BRIA!" the boys all yelled as a flash went off.

"What's wrong? At least you have your pants on before dad drug you out of here."

"Yeah but barely."

"Next time I'll have to be quicker... Smile" she said as she snapped another photo.

"Get Her!" Harry yelled.

The boys all chased Bria into the front room trying to get the camera. The other girls quickly caught on when she tossed it to Ann. They all continued to play keep away until Remus caught it and chased them all out of his quarters.

When they finally got to Hogsmeade their first stop was Honeydukes then they met Fred and George at Zonko's to stock up on supplies. As they left the store they were unfortunate enough to not only run into Ron but also Cho.

"Ginny, what are you doing with Malfoy." Ron yelled.

"None of your business."

"It is my business when I see you hanging on him."

"I beg to differ dear brother. Besides you're one to talk, look who you're with."

"And what is wrong with Cho?"

"Other than she's a two-faced bitch whose boyfriends would rather be dead than stuck with her forever. Not a single thing." Harry replied

"Better watch what you say Potter."

"Why? What's wrong with the truth?"

"The only boyfriend that I had die was Cedric and you killed him!"

"You're right Harry. What is wrong with the truth? Maybe your new friend here needs to really know who your fath..."

"Back off Ron!"

"Harry didn't kill Cedric. Merlin, when are you going to let it rest." Hermione said.

"Probably when he goes to Azkaban for what he did."

"No I won't back off. It's about time everyone knew your dad's nothing but a no good Death Eater." Ron stated as he reached for his wand.

"Ron, don't say I didn't warn you. Expelliarmus!" Harry said. Ron went flying backwards while Harry caught his wand and gave it to George.

"Cho, if Chloe and her family have no problems with Harry then neither should you." Hermione said.

"Because none of them know what Ron has told me. At least not yet."

"Come on girls. I think it's time to have a talk with Miss Thing here." Ann said as she led Cho into the Three Broomsticks while the others followed behind.

Ron quickly rose to his feet, charged at Harry and once again the two had started fighting. Unfortunately before anyone pull them apart, McGonagall arrived. "Stupefy" she said. "Now I have seen enough of this from you two. Come with me now." And she led them back to the castle.

~ Three Broomsticks ~

The girls were all sitting at a table enjoying Butterbeer.

"Listen Cho, we know you have problems with Harry but you've got to stop." Hermione said.

"Why should I. Look at all the trouble he's caused."

"He's not the one causing trouble. You two are." Ann stated.

"Do you know what Ron told me about his father?"

"Seeing how Ann and Jamie are his cousins yes we do." Ginny said

"And you don't think that everyone needs to know. It's bad enough he manipulated the hat into placing him in Gryffindor."

"He didn't manipulate anything. He just asked not to go there." Bria stated.

"You mean he was suppose to be a Slytherin?" Hermione asked.

"That's what Ron said the hat's first choice was."

"And where did Mr. Weasley get this piece of information?" questioned Severus from the next booth.

"He said that Harry told him."

"Who else knew about this?"

"Just me. Harry told me while we were waiting for the train to arrive. He was still trying to piece everything together at that time.

All of a sudden Draco, Jamie, and the Weasley twins came running up to the table. "Come on, we have to go back to school. Ron started another fight but this time they got caught by McGonagall." George stated.

"Why didn't you two stop them?" Severus asked.

"We didn't get a chance to." Replied Fred

"Fine, I'll escort all of you back to school. I suppose you saw exactly how it happened?"

"Yes sir." The boys replied.

"Good I need you to tell your story to the headmaster."


"Albus, may we enter?"

"Yes Minerva. What are you doing here? I thought you were in Hogsmeade with the children."

"Get in here you two! It seems that we have had some problems with these two while we were there."

Dumbledore looked over the two boys. "Well it was only a matter of time but we actually caught you two fighting. Do you care to tell me what has been going on?" The two boys just stared at the floor. "Ok does this have anything to do with Harry's new friends?"


"Well either I receive an answer from you two or I will be forced to have you expelled. Either way your parents will be notified of your behavior."

"He has completely betrayed our house sir and he has done nothing but lie to everyone since he first came here."

"Mr. Weasley, how has Harry betrayed anyone?"

"By becoming friends with the Slytherins. He's even convinced my sister to start dating one of them."

"Oh you must mean Mr. Malfoy. To be honest I happen to think they are good for each other."

"I had nothing to do with Ginny and Draco. They've been making eyes at each other since the beginning of the term."

"My sister would never have started liking him if it weren't for you and your cousins."

"I beg to differ Mr. Weasley. I too have seen it but if my memory serves me correctly which it usually does. Then I must inform you that they actually noticed one another at the end of last year, before Mr. and Ms. Black ever arrived here. How do you feel that he has lied to everyone?"

"Making us think that he actually belongs in Gryffindor when he was suppose to have been placed in Slytherin. Also with hiding who his father really is all this time."

"Ron, again I beg to differ with you. Mr. Potter here..."

"He is NOT a Potter."

"Seeing how his mother was adopted by James' parents, yes he is. Now as I was saying. Unfortunately young Mr. Potter here had no idea about his true parentage until very recently. As for which house he was to be sorted into. Yes there was a strong possibility that he would have been placed into the Slytherin but because his mother was a Gryffindor and he carries her very strong traits as well it became a Harry's choice." Dumbledore continued. "Ah, Severus come on in. I suppose you are here regarding Harry?"

"Yes Albus we are. The children witnessed what happened in town."

"No need for that. I was just discussing this situation with the boys to find out what we can do to rectify this." Dumbledore stated. "Ron, I will still be notifying your parents regarding your behavior the past few weeks but you two have to make a decision that will be in the best interest of everyone. You two have one week to show me an improvement in your behavior towards one another."

"What will happen if they don't?" Hermione asked.

"Well if Mr. Weasley doesn't stop the fighting he will be expelled as for Harry, if he doesn't make an effort to start getting along with Ron again then we will have no choice but to transfer him to the Slytherin."

"Slytherin?" Fred questioned.

"But he can't go there, they'd destroy him." George stated.

"I don't quite think so. Afterall, Mr. Potter has proven to be able to get along with some of them also remember he does have a family member there already."

"Also Mr. Weasley, a word of advice. In regards to your sister's relationship with Mr. Malfoy here, that is to be determined by them alone. The only reason that there would be interference by a Professor is if we find that it is an abusive situation. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes Sir."

"You may go now except for Ron and Cho. I believe that Professor Snape and I have something to discuss with them." Once everyone else left Albus looked at the two and said. "Ron, may I ask how many people you informed of Harry's true parentage?"

"Well um, there's Cho, but I'm not sure if my brothers or Draco caught on while in town today. Harry kept interrupting me."

"Ms. Chang. Have you informed anyone of what Ron told you?"

"Just Maxine and Jessica."

"You promised you wouldn't tell anyone." Ron said.

"You expect me to keep information like that from my room-mates? I don't think so."

"Albus, it will be all around the school by morning if it's not already."

Dumbledore sighed. "I know. Ron, do you realize the danger you have put Harry into? I thought you understood that the information was to be kept quiet."

"I know that's what was said but."

"I'm sorry Ron but there are no excuses for what you did and unfortunately the damage has been done. As your punishment for this I'm going to have to have you spend the next two weekends working with Mr. Filch again. As for you Ms Chang, you will also spend next weekend working with Mr. Filch. I am sure that Ms. Parkinson, Mr. Crabbe, and Mr. Goyle will enjoy having the additional help. You two are dismissed." Dumbledore stated. After the door was shut Albus turned to Severus and said. "Looks like you will have a transfer before the week is up. Think you will be up to it?"

"After the weekends that Remus, Sirius, and I have experienced it should be alright. Just as long as you don't find a way to transfer the girls as well. Besides now Slytherin will stand a better chance of beating Gryffindor at Quidditch."

"I know, Minerva is going to kill someone for this."


The next day at lunch Ginny joined her friends including Ron who was separated from them by Neville and Dean. "Hey Ron, here comes Pig. Wow that's the fastest I have ever seen him fly."

Ron looked towards his tiny owl but all he noticed a bright red envelope headed straight for him and instantly Pig was on his way out of the room as quickly as possible. Ron immediately picked up the shaking Howler and ran out of the Great Hall trying to avoid the embarrassment. Unfortunately running down the staircase towards the castle entrance he tried avoiding Neville's toad, Trevor, and lost his balance instead causing him to tumble down the stairs. When he finally reached the bottom he wound up landing on his back with his left arm bent backward underneath him. The Howler immediately burst open above him and all anyone could hear was


As the sounds echoed up the stairwell into the Great Hall the students quickly piled around the banister to get a good look at who had gotten the dreaded letter. Professor McGonagall immediately followed the students trying to get them back to their tables. When she looked down she noticed Ron lying on the first floor trying to call out "Help Please." But it was only a faint whisper. She then got Madame Pomphrey from the head table and together they took Ron to the hospital wing where they confirmed that in fact his arm was broken. Unfortunately since it was not an injury caused by magic Ron had to have a cast set on his arm but he was informed that it would only be there for a few weeks as long as he was more careful.


While the commotion was going on with Ron and his Howler, Severus asked Harry, Draco, and Jamie to meet with him in his office along with Remus and Sirius as soon as they were done. With it being Sunday the only plans they had was to catch up on last minute homework and to be able to put that off a little longer they had no problems with. When the boys first arrived at Severus' office he asked Draco to remain in the classroom for a few minutes while he talked with the others. Luckily the information that Ron passed onto Cho and then onto her roommates, had not progressed as quickly as Severus was afraid of but he knew the time was going to be very soon. All of a sudden Sirius and Remus barged into the office. "Why is it that we have a bunch of third years that know about Harry?" Remus asked.

"What are you talking about? What is it that they know about me?" Harry asked.

"Hang on there Harry. This is why I have asked you boys to meet us today." Severus stated. "As it turns out, we do have a problem. Ron went ahead and let Cho know about Harry and I. Unfortunately the news did not stop there. Turns out that she went ahead and informed her roommates about it as well."

"You mean Maxine and Jessica? They are the two biggest mouths in this school." Harry stated

"That we are also aware of. Luckily the news is still just starting to be spread around but by tomorrow morning it will be common knowledge to everyone here. Harry I suggest that because of all this and if you are wanting to keep Draco's trust and friendship we are going to have to be the ones to tell him now."

"But what if he tells his father?"

"I really don't think he will. I know Draco and Lucius very well and I don't foresee him following in his father's footsteps anytime soon. Besides no matter what, Voldemort will still find out just through one of the other students which means Draco will need our help to keep his father away from him."

"Harry, trust us. We will do all we can to keep you away from Voldemort." Sirius stated

"But what about Uncle Sev?" Jamie asked

"With the dreams you guys have I'm sure we can keep enough tabs on any plans Voldemort may come up with and make proper arrangements for his safety." Remus said. "So are we ready to let Draco join us or will we be making him wait all night?"

"I'll go get him." Sirius said as he walked to the door.

"Do you know how to tell him?" Remus asked.

"Not exactly but it will come to me." Severus said.

"Can I be the one to tell him?" Harry asked.

Severus looked at Harry in shock "Yes, um of coarse you can. Are you sure you want to?"

"I don't see why not. I'm going to have to start answering a lot of questions for the next few days anyway. I might as well start now."

Just then the door opened and Draco entered with Sirius, "I was beginning to wonder what was going on in here."

"Draco, we need for you to have a seat we have some news to tell you." Remus said.

"Sure no problem. So what's up?"

Harry took a deep breath then said. "Over the next few days your going to hear something that um we thought you should hear from us first. Um...see um...back after our parents graduated it turns out that my mum never married James Potter nor did she even date him."

"Oh so not only are you the boy-that-lived but now your trying to tell me you are some sort of miracle child that appeared out of nowhere?"

"No now would you listen. I'm trying to say that um, well my mum was engaged to Professor Snape at one time. Well she was pregnant with me when they broke up so I guess you could say that he is my father."

Draco just glared at the two of them for a bit and then said. "Is that all you had to say?"

"Draco, you need to understand. Harry and Severus are letting you know their family secret to make sure that you realize that they feel they can trust you even though we all know that your own father is very big in Voldemort's circle and would do anything for this information." Remus stated.

"I understand but see it's something I already had figured out."

"What do you mean you already figured it out?" Sirius asked.

"I have been spending weekends at Professor Snape's for almost a month now. Did you actually think I wasn't going to look around the place? It was easy there was an old diary in his bookcase with a photo sticking out of it." Draco continued. "The only person in the photo I recognized was the professor so I went to the library and looked up the others in their old year book and that's when I found out that the girls in the photo were your mothers."

"And why didn't you let us know sooner?" Severus asked.

"I guess for the same reason that you guys decided to tell me tonight. I wanted to let you know that you could trust me. Besides I did drop hints now and then when I told Harry that he was doing something that reminded me of you when you discipline him in class."

"You know I'm beginning to like this kid more and more Sev. He is nothing like his dad." Sirius said.

"Well never thought I would see the day when Sirius would say that about a Malfoy." Remus said.

At that point they were interrupted by a knock at the door. "Professor Snape? May I speak with you please?" Ron said.

Remus walked over to the door and opened it just a crack. "The Professor is busy at this moment Ron, I'm sure he wouldn't mind speaking to you in the morning before breakfast."

"Alright, thank you Professor Lupin." Ron said as he left.

"Get me out of that room tonight. There is no way I am going to even try to get along with him after what he has done." Harry demanded.

"Are you sure Harry. You heard your only other option is to move into Slytherin and it will be a permanent placement." Severus said.

"After what he has done I really don't care. Either have me transferred tonight or I will going off to Azkaban tomorrow." Harry stated.

"Alright I will speak with Professor Dumbledore before dinner and have everything arranged." Severus stated.

"You're really going to transfer houses? What's everyone going to say?"

"Well it really doesn't matter now. People are going to talk anyway. Besides I would rather do it now than to have to wait until the end of the week trying to pretend that I can forgive Ron for this."

"So now that we have that all settled are you boys going to join us for dinner tonight?" Remus asked.

"What do you guys say? It's better than facing the glares and whispers in the hall tonight." Harry suggested.

"Sure we'll be there." Jamie said.

"Alright, you guys get going. If you happen to see the girls let them know to be a Sev's place at 6." Sirius said.

The boys then left and found the girls waiting for them in the Potions classroom. "So how did everything go?" Bria asked.

"It went good I think." Harry replied. "Wait a second, how did you guys know where to find us?"

"Bria was confronted by Chloe who heard about you from Cho's roommates. They pretty much had a House meeting and turned it into a special announcement for everyone there." Hermione said.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean for you to have even more problems there than you already do." Harry said.

"Don't worry about it. Chloe was pissed but she'll get over it." Bria said.

"Yeah you should have heard him stammering trying to figure out a way to tell me."

"You mean you didn't let them know you knew?" Ginny replied.

"You knew that he already knew the truth?" Harry asked.

"Who do you think suggested he look up the old year books?"

"Thanks a lot for the warning. I wouldn't have had to go through all that if I had known."

"You mean you actually told him? Dad said you would come around sooner or later." Bria said.

"Hey, he's not completely forgiven, Besides by the way people are already looking at all of us I had to at least admit it."

"Hey where's Ann?" Jamie asked.

"She's in the library with Ron working on homework." Hermione said. "By the way, we had better get ours finished."

"Can't I have to go and pack." Harry said

"Pack? What is going on?" Ginny asked.

"Because of your brother telling everyone I have asked to be transferred now instead of waiting."

"Harry have you really thought this through I mean look what you will be leaving." Hermione stated

"All I'm doing is moving to a different part of the castle. I'm not leaving school."

"What about Quidditch? You can't still be on the team." Said Ginny

"I know but maybe I can still play on the Slytherin team or at least be in the reserves."

"Come on let's drop it, besides it will just about kill Patsy and her goons. This may not be too bad afterall." Harry said as he thought more and more about what he was actually getting himself into.


~ Later that evening near the Dungeons. ~

The kids all arrived at Severus' quarters. "So Harry, you completely packed up?"

"Yes sir."

"Good. Any problems with Mr. Weasley?"

"We haven't see him yet, he was in the library with Ann earlier. So what's going to happen now?"

"Well other than getting you settled in and trying to stop any extended rumors, all we can do is wait to see what happens. But be prepared to expect anything. Are you sure you're ready to handle all of this? It may be harder than you think."

"I'm sure."

"I spoke to Professor McGonagall this afternoon. She was quite upset that you are moving out. Although it probably was only because she was losing her star seeker."

"She'll get over it. As long as they move Ginny up from the reserve position they'll have a good chance."

"Why didn't you tell me you were the reserve?" Draco asked.

"I never thought Harry would be missing any games much less leaving the team all together."

"Well don't expect me to go easy on you."

"Don't worry, in fact I'm actually looking forward to the challenge."

Just then Sirius, Remus, Dannie and Ann arrived. "Dinner's here!" Ann announced as she walked in the door.

"About time" said Jamie

"You guys go ahead to the table while Sirius and I serve." Remus stated.

"I think I'll get my own." Harry said.

"Sit your tail down with the rest of them." Sirius ordered.

Harry just looked at his uncle trying to keep him in sight as much as possible as he headed into the other room.

"Sirius will you just go ahead and get even with the boy and get it over with." Remus said.

"Are you kidding? I'm having too much fun tormenting him by making him wait. Although I thought he would have dropped his guard by now."

"Don't you think he's got enough to worry about now as it is without you keeping this up?" Remus asked.

"Not really. He can handle it."

"But you have him constantly looking over his shoulder."

"Yeah but at least he's keeping his guard up for anything that just may happen." Stated Severus.

"He's still just a kid though. Give him a break."

"Fine! You guys are no fun anymore." Sirius said. He then sneaked up behind Harry and mumbled something as he put the plates of food on the table infront of Harry and Draco then he joined the adults back in the other room. "Sev, I hope you have plenty of water around."

"Come on now. You couldn't come up with something more original? You pulled that same stunt on me back when we were kids."

"Well you guys wanted me to get it over with and what do you expect at the last minute. Besides it was great, you were so afraid of eating anything for a week."

"I remember. I wound up in the infirmary from it too."

"Well don't worry, I only cast it to last a few days'

Just then Ann walked in. "Dad, what did you do to Harry's food?"

"What makes you think I would do anything to his food?"

"Come on dad, he knows you just as well as the rest of us do. He's in there trying to con Draco into changing plates with him."

"Your dad didn't do anything to his food." Severus said as he handed her a pitcher of water. "Here do me a favor and put this at the table infront of him."

Ann looked at the pitcher then her father and said "Not again!" As she walked back into the dining room.

"You have got to get some new pranks." Remus said.

"Hey I was doing just fine before you guys told me to end it."

"Yeah right. Whatever you say." Severus said.


After dinner and about 10 pitchers of water it was time for everyone to back to their different houses. When Severus arrived back at the Slytherin House with the three boys Patsy, Crabbe and Goyle greeted them. "What is he doing here?" she asked.

"He has been transferred here due to some behavior problems he was having back in the Gryffindor tower."

"Just watch your back Potter. Or you will wish that it was Weasley that you were still fighting with."

"Ms. Parkinson, I suggest you and your friends refrain from fighting anyone else whom is a member of this house or the three of you will find yourselves moving into the Gryffindor house. Do I make myself clear?"

"You wouldn't dare."

"Try me." Severus said as he glared at the girl.


The next morning when the three boys arrived for breakfast, stares and whispers quickly greeted them. "Looks like everyone knows now." Draco stated.

"I've noticed." Harry sighed.

Fred and George quickly ran up to the Slytherin table. "Harry, is it true?" asked Fred.

Harry just nodded. "Why didn't you at least tell us?" questioned George.

"I didn't want to admit it myself at first but also because.."

"Well I can't blame you for not wanting to announce it but to make us hear about it from those big mouthed Ravenclaws. You could have at least warned us." Fred stated.

"I wish I could of but it was suppose to remain a secret for safety reasons."

"At least tell us why you decided to transfer houses right away." George said

"I just felt it was better than risking another fight with your brother."

"Mum defiantly took care of that yesterday. Didn't you hear the Howler she sent?" asked Fred.

"I didn't hear it but I heard all about it. Besides there still would have been another fight."

"Well if you ever need anything just ask. Besides this is cool, now we have a contact who can get us into the Slytherin to do some redecorating."

"That I will have to think about guys." Harry said with a smirk.

"Don't you even consider letting those two in. I have seen their decorating techniques." Severus said as he walked by overhearing the conversation.

"Come on professor, not even to get a look around make sure that our buddy is being taken care of?"

"Not even a peek through the portal." Severus stated.

"Sorry guys." Harry said.

"Don't worry about it, we'll find another way before we graduate."

"Don't you mean if you graduate?" Snape asked.

"We'd better going, we'll see you later Harry." The boys said as they ran off back to their table.

"You didn't think I would really let them in did you?"

"Let's just say sometimes I wouldn't put it past you." Severus smirked.

"Some family trust we have around here, geesh."

"Get use to it."

Harry just glared as he watched his father continue onto the head table.

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