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Soon To Be... by jesi lily
Chapter 17 : Seventeen
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Belle sighed, it was full moon, she knew what happened to Remus at full moon, he hadn’t told her yet. No he was keeping it from her. But she knew, he had all the small traits. It was like he was on his period once a month, with meat cravings. She couldn’t figure out why he wouldn’t just tell her, they had been going out for seven months now give or take a few days.

Tears leaked from her ice blue eyes, down her porcelain skin. Honey wasn’t around to comfort her, and there was no one else she trusted.

Then she let out a bitter laugh.

‘Remus doesn’t trust me… Lily…’

Getting up Belle walked towards the Head Dorms, because Lily was the only person she trusted enough, and because she just wanted to see her best friend once more.

She knocked on the door loudly, it opened revealing Lily, she sneered at Belle.

“What are you doing here?” Lily asked coldly, not looking happy about having to talk to Belle at all.

“I-I’m sorry I shouldn’t have.” Belle whispered, and then started to walk away.

“Belle!” Lily voice called out.

Slowly Belle turned around to see Lily standing by her, looking concerned. This caused only more tears fell from Belles eyes, even after everything...

“I.. I just need to talk to someone.” Belle sobbed. Lily nodded and led her into the Head common room.

They sat down on the comfy sofa somewhat awkwardly. Lily rubbed Belles back as she continued to sob.

“Merlin Lily, I’m so sorry!” Belle said suddenly. “I can’t believe you’re even letting me in here. I was horrid, we all were.”

Lily remained silent for a moment before speaking.

“Yes you were.” Lily agreed. “But we were friends before. I don’t see why you should have to feel this upset, you obliviously come to me for a reason, and as Head Girl I shouldn’t just turn you away.” Lily said, she smiled lightly at Belle, who nodded.

“How can we ever make things up to you?” Belle asked, her tears subsiding.

Lily looked away.

“I don’t know if you can…” Lily said in almost a whisper. And Belle understood, they had truly hurt her, so much so she had become this small insignificant version of a girl that they once loved so much, and still did, but it just wasn’t the same anymore.



Brie was strutting around the Head common rooms waiting impatiently for James to get ready fro a party they were about to go to. She was of course looking like the slut she was, and being the bitch she was.

“James!” Brie yelled.

Lily having had enough of her screaming flung her bedroom door open, glaring at the girl, who smirked at her.

“Will you shut the hell up! You pitiful slag!” Lily yelled at Brie.

“Shut up you dog!” Brie retorted.

“Liar!” Lily screamed.

“Bitch!” Brie bellowed.



“THICK! PITIABLE! TWO FACED! SLUT!” Lily screamed, the girls were in each other faces, claws out, ready to tear each other apart.

“Whatever you say Evans. You were the one they all forgot.” Brie whispered cuttingly. She could have said anything, anything in the world to Lily, and she chose that. Lily slapped her, hard.

James came running out of his room.

“Stop it!” He yelled as Lily punched Brie in the stomach, and Brie clawed at Lily’s arms.

“You freak!” Brie yelled looking at the mark on her face.

“What-fucking-ever!” Lily spat stomping off, as she reached her bedroom however she turned to Brie.

“Fifty points from Ravenclaw for verbally abusing the Head Girl as well as fighting.” Lily spat. “Oh and a weeks worth of detentions. And you are no longer allowed into the head Dorms.” The she slammed her bedroom door shut behind her.

James dragged Brie out of the room immediately; he stooped as they got out into the common room and grabbed Brie by the shoulders.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?!” He said angrily at Brie.

“There is nothing wrong with me James. But if that girl thinks she has any right to be angry-“

“She does have a right to be angry! I heard what you said to her! I know what you’re doing! It ends now! It’s over.” James yelled at Brie, wanting all this to stop, it was bad enough that he had hurt her, but Brie was punishing her now.

“Don’t you dare!” Brie screeched.

“Too late already have.” James shrugged and walked back towards the Head Dorms.

Just then Brie turned him around to face her and slapped him hard, scrapping her nails across his face, drawing blood. She smirked at the blood dribbling down James’ face.

“One hundred points from Ravenclaw for assaulting the Head Boy. One month’s worth of detentions, on top of the one week from Lily. You’re so lucky I don’t hit girls.” James spat then walked away from Brie, remembering to tell every Ravenclaw that it was Brie who lost them one hundred and fifty points in the space of fifteen minutes.

James walked back into the Head common rooms. He could hear crying from Lily’s room, taking a deep breathe he walked towards Lily’s bedroom door and knocked.

Lily flung her door open, her eyes red and puffy from crying.

“I – I’m sorry about Brie.” James said eventually.

Lily nodded but didn’t say anything. She raised her heard slightly and caught James’ eyes, she knew them as the door way to his soul, showing everything he felt. And she gasped; his warm hazel eyes were trying to hide, poorly, the inner battle, the guilt, the sadness, the anger, the loss. The Love.

And to James Lily’s eyes served the same purpose and reflected in her eyes were the exact same emotions, dancing around, it seemed like her eyes were teasing him.

The Lily looked away sudden, fearing how far she was falling into his hazel orbs.

More silence…

“We - we broke up. Me and Brie that is….” James whispered.

“I – I’m so – sorry to hear that.” Lily replied quietly, so quietly James almost didn’t hear it, and yet it was as if she was screaming it.

“Lily…” James reached forwards and cupped her face in his hands.

“NO! Stop it James! It’s over!” Lily cried suddenly pulling away then slamming the door in James’ face.

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