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A Web Of Lies, Love and Confusion by HurtfulEyes
Chapter 7 : Oh dear, another one.
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Here's two chapters in one! Because I love you all =]

    “Did someone say my name?” Ron said from the doorway that lead upstairs.

    “Ron! Oh, I thought you were still asleep.” Fred said, his face going visibly paler.

    (AN There is an apartment upstairs that Ron lives in)

    “Nope, I was just upstairs listening to the radio.” Ron said, smiling.

    “Oh, and yeah, I did say your name. I was just asking Fred if you two wanted to come to Harry and Ginny’s for dinner.” George said, smiling.

    “I’d love to; it feels like I haven’t seen them in ages.” Ron said, walking over to the front door and picking up the post. 

    “Ok, I’ll send them a letter.” Fred said, as George quickly hid the champagne.

    Ron walked over to the bar, going through the post, Fred and George could faintly hear him mumble “bill…bill…flyer. Ahh, there, The daily prophet.” Fred and George gave each other frightened glances as Ron opened the front cover and stopped. He stared at the front cover for a few minutes before he looked up at Fred and George.

    “Did you know about this?” Ron asked, staring at the photo of Hermione.

    “We just found out today.” Fred said, sadly.

    “A fiancé?!” Ron said, reading the paper twice.

    “Yeah… Ron, I think you need to know something.” George said, putting a hand on Ron’s shoulder and leading him to a stool.

    “What?” Ron asked.

    “Hermione thinks your dead…” George said.

    Meanwhile at Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry…

    “Ah, Hermione! I’m still surprised whenever I see you.” Dumbledore said smiling as Hermione appeared in the fireplace.

    “Hello Albus.” Hermione said, smiling and wiping the soot off her clothing.

    “Come, Sit. Lunch doesn’t start for another 10 minutes.” Dumbledore said, motioning for Hermione to sit down on the chair across from his desk. As Hermione sat down, she looked around Dumbledore’s office; everything was exactly the same as it was the last time she was there. Hermione glanced at Dumbledore’s desk and groaned as she saw the Daily Prophet on top of it.

    “I guess you’ve seen it.” Dumbledore said with a twinkle in his eye.

    “Yeah, I went to Diagon Alley before I came here and read it.” Hermione said,

    “Well if it makes you feel any better, I think it’s a very nice picture of you.” Dumbledore said with a hint of humour in his voice.

    “Yeah, thanks.” Hermione said, laughing slightly.

    “Now, about the kids … you said you wanted them to be in the right year, so they will need exceptional tutors, maybe even teachers, and they’ll have to be dedicated…They’re going to have to stay here over the summer...” Dumbledore said, thinking hard.

    “They’ll do it. Look sir, All I know is that they are growing more and more powerful with everyday and if they don’t learn how to control their powers, than something might happen.” Hermione said with a determined look in her eyes.

    “Oh, and Hermione, one more thing.” Dumbledore said.

    “Sure. What’s up?” Hermione said, causing Dumbledore to raise his eyebrow slightly, “Oh, I mean, what do you need?”

    “Well, we have a slight problem here at Hogwarts. You see, the Ministry just introduced a new lesson; it’s basically a mix between Child Development and Healers for the fifth years and up. It would teach them the basic healing spells and also about child development, like how they are conceived and how to raise them properly. The problem is that we have no qualified teachers. I think you would be great for the job because you became a healer before you left and you also brought up two kids. Would you please come and teach here at Hogwarts?” Dumbledore asked a serious and slightly pleading look on his face.

    “I don’t know sir, I haven’t used magic in over 14 years and I have a home and a fiancé now...” Hermione said her eyebrow furrowing slightly.

    Teaching at Hogwarts was something she had always wanted to do, but when she left school the war was as strong as ever so she went into healing school to help as many people as she could. She still dreamt of teaching a class full of eager students and Hogwarts was where she had spent a majority of her childhood. It would also be a good idea for Alli and Ron to stay close to her but she had to think of the rest of her family too, like Nate and Laura. She just couldn’t pack up and leave them.

    “I’ll let you think about it. And I'm sure we could make arrangements for your family. Just please think carefully about it. You can tell me your answer when you bring your children over here to start their classes.” Dumbledore said, leaning back in his chair and smiling slightly.

    “Okay, thank you Pro-Albus.” Hermione said laughing slightly.

    “Now, do you want to go to the great hall now? I know of a couple of teachers who are very eager to see you again.” Dumbledore said beaming.

    “Of course! Let’s go!” Hermione said, jumping from her chair.

    Hermione and Dumbledore slowly walked down the hall ways towards the Great Hall, everything was exactly the same as it was when she went to school, from the Paintings on the walls to the missing steps on the magical stairs. Hermione couldn’t help but take a few deep breathes and take in everything; almost all of her favourite memories were in this castle. As they reached the doors, Hermione stopped for a couple of seconds and straightened out her clothing while Dumbledore waited patiently. When she was done, she gave Dumbledore a slight nod and he opened the doors.

    All noise that was coming from the room stopped as Dumbledore and Hermione took their first steps into the Hall. Hermione looked around the room feeling much more than slightly uncomfortable, there were more than five hundred people in the room and all eyes were on Hermione. Hermione heard the faint scraping of a bench and then she heard loud tapping of shoes on the marble floor, Hermione looked around and saw one of her favourite ex-Professor walking quickly towards her, Professor McGonagall. In a matter of seconds, McGonagall was standing in front of Hermione with tears in her eyes. McGonagall stared at Hermione for a couple of seconds and then she gave Hermione a bone crushing hug. Hermione could feel McGonagall sobbing lightly into her shoulder and she put a reassuring hand on the aged lady’s back. After a few of minutes, the sobs stopped and McGonagall straightened up and quickly wiped away her tears. Hermione was about to say something comforting but she heard a voice boom “ ‘Ermione!” Hermione smiled looked towards the teachers table and found Hagrid, one of her best friends, standing in front of the table, beaming. “Hagrid!” Hermione screamed as she ran towards him to give him a hug. When she got to him, she already had tears in her eyes. She hugged Hagrid as hard as she could and she could feel his fat tears wet her head. She started sobbing as she hugged the man that had always been there for her. Hermione and Hagrid stood there hugging each other and crying for a few minutes, until Dumbledore came over and brought them to their seats. Hermione sat on the chair to the right of Dumbledore, next to Professor Snape, who was purposely ignoring Hermione. Hermione wiped the last of her tears away as Dumbledore stood up to make his speech.

    “Well… good afternoon everyone… we all know about the return of Hermione Granger to the wizarding world from the article from the Daily Prophet this morning. Hermione came to this school many years ago and is the smartest Witch Hogwarts has ever seen. She was best friends with Harry Potter, and she played a Key part in the destruction of Lord Voldemort. She has been missing from the wizarding world for 14 years and just yesterday, she came back. Now for this afternoon, Hermione is our guest, and I hope you will all be on your best behaviour to show her how well this school is.” Dumbledore said to the students, who were all staring at Hermione with awe, “Oh, and another thing. Could you all please remember that the Forbidden forest is Forbidden? I’d think it’d be pretty obvious with the name, but a few students went into it last night and scared some of Hagrid’s thestrals.” Dumbledore said with a slightly amused look on his face.

    After his speech, Dumbledore sat down and started an interesting conversation with Hermione about House Elves. The hall remained quite for over five minutes after the speech, and then quiet whispers were heard everywhere, soon everyone was talking to each other about the guest and yelling across the hall to their friends about it.

    Meanwhile at Harry and Ginny Potter’s house, London.

    “Harry, Ginny! Are you two here?!” Ron screamed from the fireplace. After finding out about Hermione, Ron quickly got dressed and headed out to Harry and Ginny’s house.

    “Uncle Ron!” Harry and Ginny’s son, Sirius screamed, running towards Ron with open arms.

    “Hey little one! How are you doing? Still playing Quidditch?” Ron asked, picking up the little 8 year old.

    “Yeah! I’m gonna become a keeper like you!” Sirius said.

    “In here.” Ginny’s faint voice said from the kitchen. Ron walked through the house to the kitchen where Ginny was stirring a pot while pointing her wand at the potatoes peelers which were peeling enough potatoes for an army.

    “Ron! Oh… hey.” Ginny said, trying to smile, “Hey, Sirius, could you please leave me and your uncle alone for a few minutes? I’m sure he’ll want to play Quittage with you after, how about you go get it all ready.”

    “Okay!” Sirius said, running out of the room.

    “Is it true?” Ron said quietly.

    “Is what true?” Ginny said laughing nervously.

    “That Hermione is alive!” Ron said, losing patience fast.

    “Look, Ron. It’s true, but you have to know something.” Ginny said, slightly desperately.

    “I already know that she thinks I’m dead.” Ron said sadly.

    “Ron… She’s coming over here tonight. We’re getting everyone together to throw her a Welcome back party… maybe you can patch things up. You’ll never be lovers again, but you can be friends.” Ginny said, putting her arms around her brother.

    “I don’t know if I can settle with just that…”

    Meanwhile at Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

    After enjoying a nice lunch in the great hall, Dumbledore called over a boy and girl student while the hall was emptying for classes. The girl had straight black hair and bright blue eyes, she was about 5ft7 and she had a slight smirk on her face. The boy had light brown hair and brown eyes, he was about 6ft and there was a large dazzling smile on his face.

    “Hermione, this is Tara Reese and Julian Cameron, they are the Head Girl and Boy this year. Tara is in Slytherin and Julian is in Gryffindor.” Dumbledore said introducing the teenagers to Hermione as they all shook hands. They both smiled politely and Hermione beamed at them, “I was hoping that they would show you around Hogwarts, I know not much has changed, but there are some changes to the faculties and some of the rooms might of changed around”

    “Thank you Albus.” Hermione said, smiling at the old man and walking away with the two teenagers. “So you’re both in your seventh year?”

    “No, actually our Sixth, they changed it around slightly, she Head Boy and Girl and in their sixth year and in the seventh year there is one student called the Royal Boy or girl.” Julian said, while they walked out of the great Hall.

    “That’s really interesting! When did it change?” Hermione asked.

    “Five years ago, but it has been in the working since you and Harry Potter has been in your sixth year, they saw how Sixth Year students are very brave and decided to change it.” Tara said.

    “Wow! I never knew!” Hermione said blushing.

    “Where do you want to go first?” Julian asked.

    “Hmmm… How about… let’s go to the classrooms so I can meet the new teachers and catch up with the old ones.” Hermione said.

    “Sure. We can go to the DADA room because it’s the closest.” Julian said, leading them down a hallway.

    “Did I see the DADA teacher at lunch?” Hermione asked.

    “No, Sir didn’t come to lunch. He wasn’t in the best of moods when I had his class this morning. He is usually a really good teacher, but this morning he was irritable.” Tara said, looking crestfallen.

    “Don’t mind her, all of the girls in this school has fallen for Sir, they think he’s gorgeous. I can’t see it myself.” Julian said, rolling his eyes.

    “That’s because you’re blind.” Tara snarled, glaring at Julian

    “Well you must be stupid to have a crush on a guy who’s more than twice your age!” Julian said, glaring right back.

    “Umm… I’m guessing that you two aren’t friends…” Hermione said looking between the two.

    “How can I ever be friends with a pitiable, nerd like him?” Tara said, sticking up her nose.

    “And how can I be friends with a Vain, pretentious, Daddy’s girl like her?” Julian asked, folding his arms and turning away from Tara.

    “Wow, you remind me a lot of me when I was your age. How about this, you two get along or don’t speak to each other?” Hermione said, trying not to laugh. Immediately, they both stopped talking and only sent silent glares at each other.

    For the next couple of minutes, they all walked in silence until they came up to the DADA classroom. Hermione looked into the open doorway. There was what looked like fourth years all standing around trying cast the shield charm onto each other. “No, Charlie, Like this!” A mans voice was saying.

    Julian walked up to the door and knocked on it.

    “Yes?” The mans voice called.

    “Sir, we have a visitor in the school and Reese and I are to show her around, can we stand in your classroom for a few minutes?” Julian asked politely.

    “Of course.” The man said. Hermione and Tara walked into the classroom and Hermione looked around.

    “I’m Professor Malfoy.” Draco Malfoy said, holding out his hand for Hermione, obviously not recognizing her.

     Hermione felt her knees go week and she started to get dizzy. She stared into his Ice blue eyes and her legs buckled. She vaguely heard a scream in the distance and then two strong arms hold her before everything went dark.

    This is where I was going to put a chapter break, but as a extra treat, here's the next chapter =]

    Draco Malfoy had been having a bad day. He woke up late and only had time to have a cup of coffee before running to his first class.

    In the first class, the second years yelled so much that Draco got a headache and ordered them all to stay quiet for the remainder of the lesson. In his next class, one of the sixth years accidentally said a spell wrong and made another sixth year vomit all over Draco. By lunch time, Draco had a headache and smelled of vomit. He decided to skip going to the great hall and he went to his Quarters and had a long shower.

    His first lesson after lunch was a group of fourth years. They were practicing the Shield charm and none of them could get it right. Draco was yelling at Charlie Lovegood when one of his most promising students, Julian Cameron, came to the door.

    “Yes?” Draco said, surprised that Cameron wasn’t in class.

    “Sir, we have a visitor in the school and Reese and I are to show her around, can we stand in your classroom for a few minutes?” he asked politely.

    “Of course.” Draco said, wondering who the visitor could be. It would probably be another ministry official, checking that the school was in order. The woman who came in was beautiful and oddly familiar. She had blue jeans and a black tank top on. Her hair was brown with loose curls and she had large sunglasses on top of her head, pulling her hair back slightly.

    “I’m Professor Malfoy.” Draco said, holding out his hand for the woman. She looked at him oddly and her face went pale. Before Draco knew it, she had fainted. Draco caught her just before she hit the ground.

    “Cameron, go tell Madam Austen that this woman has fainted. I will carry her up to the hospital wing. Just make sure that she’s ready.” Malfoy yelled at the stunned Sixth year standing next to him. 

    “Yes sir.” Cameron said before sprinting out of the classroom.

    “Miss Reese, go tell Professor Dumbledore.” Draco said before running carefully towards the hospital wing. When he got there Madame Austen was waiting patiently at an empty bed. Draco laid the woman down on the bed and bent over, putting his hands on his knees, trying to catch his breath. A few seconds later Dumbledore came to the door with Tara Reese at his heels.

    “How is Miss Granger?” Dumbledore said, looking seriously at Madame Austen.

    “Who?!” Draco said, still bending over, thinking he hadn’t heard Dumbledore correctly.

    “That was Hermione Granger that you brought up here.” Dumbledore said, with a confused look on his face. Before Draco knew it, he had fainted as well.

    “Oh dear, Another one.” Madame Austen said simply before taking out her wand and levitating Malfoy onto the bed next to Miss Grangers.


    Hermione woke up with a really bad headache. She couldn’t remember where she was or how she got there and the sun was blaring into her eyes.

    “Go close the blinds” Hermione heard someone say. A few seconds later, the sun was out of her face and she could look around. She was laying in a bed at the Hospital wing at Hogwarts. Hermione looked around and noticed a woman that was about 50 with salt and pepper hair wearing a white smock standing at the foot of Hermione's bed. To the right of Hermione, Julian and Tara were standing next to the bed.

    “Nice to have you back dear.” The woman said, putting her hand on Hermione’s forehead to check her temperature.

    “How long have I been here?” Hermione asked.

    “About a half an hour.” Julian said.

    “What happened?” Hermione asked, totally bewildered.

    “Well, you fainted in the DADA classroom.” Tara said simply.

    “Well did someone catch me?” Hermione asked.

    “Oh yeah, Sir caught you.” Tara said.

    Hermione thought for a few seconds and then it came back. Standing in the classroom, a mans voice yelling, Draco Malfoy standing next to her.

    “Shit.” Hermione said, covering her eyes with her hand in frustration.

    “Do you know him?” Julian asked.

    “Where is he?” Hermione asked, pulling the covers off herself and standing up.

    “Well he was in here until about 10 minutes ago. You see, he fainted too, when he realized who you were.” Tara said, curiosity in her eyes.

    “Take me to his chambers.” Hermione said, walking out of the door, ignoring the nurses protests.

    Draco Malfoy. Draco Ferret Boy Malfoy. Working at Hogwarts?! When did this happen? Why didn’t he come for Alli? Isn’t he dead? Why the hell is he working at Hogwarts?! Who in their right mind would give him a job? Dumbledore is going senile, hiring a man like him. Hermione thought as she was lead to Malfoy’s chambers.

    “Here it’s, the painting of the Ferret. No one really gets the joke but the teachers, I think something might of happened to Sir when he was here. All I know is that when he first saw it, his face went pale and all of the teachers were laughing, even snape had a smile on his face.” Julian said, pointing to the painting of a white ferret that was running around frantically.

    “I might tell you the joke some day.” Hermione said, smiling at the painting. Hermione walked up to the painting and knocked on it twice. She could already feel a yell coming up from her throat. She didn’t usually yell at her kids, but when she did, they knew not to mess with her and she was that mad at Malfoy that she was ready to yell until Midnight.

    Hermione heard a muffled “Go away” coming from the other side of he painting. “DRACO FERRET BOY MALFOY! YOU BETTER OPEN THIS DAMN DOOR OR I’LL OPEN IT FOR YOU!” Hermione screamed. Immediately she heard a mumbled “Shit” and the painting opened, revealing a tired and slightly scared Draco Malfoy.

    “Hi Hermione, how’s everything?” Draco asked, his face pale.

    “Don’t you hey Hermione me! Dumbledore must be going senile, hiring an ass hole like you! How long have you worked here? And out of that, how many times have you written a letter for Alli?” Hermione screamed, pushing Draco out of the way and walking into his chambers.

    Draco stood still for a couple of seconds at the doorway taking deep breaths. He looked up and was surprised to see Cameron and Reese standing in the hallway, looking utterly confused and slightly amused.

    “You two can go back to your classes. Miss Granger and I have a lot to catch up on.” Draco said, dismissing the two students before turning around and slamming the door behind him. 

    Here you go my lovelies =] I gave you two chapters in one =D    OOOOh, Draco and Hermione finially see eachother! AND Ron know's that Hermione thinks he's dead!!  Dum Dum DUMMMMM
    Please Review and Tell me what you think =] !

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