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The Question by MissyTuTu
Chapter 1 : The Question
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Before Death was born Ch1

Rating: PG-13.

Fandom: Harry Potter/Anita Blake

Summary: Minerva seeks the help of Edward to kill Voldermort

AN: This is the first time I have written a fanfic. Any feedback would be wonderful. This is a crossover and would recommend reading the Anita Blake series by Laurell K Hamilton to understand this story better.

The Question

Watching as Edward made his way over to sit at the
table in Hogs Head pub, Minerva McGonagall eyed him up and down. Not much
has changed with him. Still the same psychotic child he always was, but
something was different. Something she couldn't quite put her finger on.

Mr. Forrester I presume?" Minerva said flashing her eyes up to Edward. Pretending that she had just noticed him.

"The one and only. What can I do for you Minerva?" Edward signaled the bartender
for another of what Minerva was drinking. Having watched her give him the look
over he wondered what she was thinking, wondered what she saw that put the
questioning thought in her eyes.

"I need to ask a favor. We seem to be out a Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher; I was wondering if you would be willing to take the position." Minerva hated asking Edward for help but knew that he was the only one who could help.
I am not the one most suited to teach- Why me?" Knowing that Minerva hated
asking him for help, he was very curious as to why she needed him.

"Voldemort is back and is in full force. We need you to teach the children how
to defend themselves from him and his followers. Taking another sip of her butterbeer,
she watched Edward carefully for any change in his body language. She knew he used to be a death eater before he got "bored", but she didn't know how this might affect him.
I thought he died." Not letting his face show anything he took a drink of
butterbeer. Knowing it would tick off Minerva he smiled his blank smile at
her, and that she still, to this day couldn't read his face.

Cocky little bastard. "He did but now he is back and more powerful. We need
him gone Edward. We are afraid that pretty soon we wont be able
to stop him."

"So you want me to kill him. It doesn't seem that hard." Leaning back he
kept his blank smile intact. It was always fun to mess with Minerva. He
was the only one he knew that could.

"Things have changed since you left."
Minerva's voice was becoming more forceful with every word. Aware that he
was trying to unsettle her on purpose, she tried to calm her nerves, but what she really wanted to do was knock that cocky smirk off his face.

"What are the rules?" He hated rules but needed to be prepared for what he
was getting himself into.

Knowing that she would get back at him when the moment arose she set it aside and got down to the business at hand. "Don't get the students killed and don't kill the students. That is all I ask. The school term starts in about two months. My suggestion would be to
go to the school as quickly as you can. That way you can get familiar with
the surroundings and briefed by the headmaster."

"Ill do it. I need to go back to St. Louis and finish of some business
before I can leave." Getting up to leave Edward was stopped by Minerva's

"Thank you Edward. You don't know how much this means to me."
Nodding at that Edward turned around and left the room.

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