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When the only person you can trust is someone you shouldn't by manic_rage
Chapter 1 : No Reaction
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No Reaction

Hermione Granger sat on her bed, looking at her things that were already packed. She sat there unmoved as her cousin Mildred ran into the room.

“Come on, you’ll be late.” She said and Hermione looked up at her, her eyes dark.

“Ray, I know a lot has happened, but we all know this is where you belong, I mean your Hermione for bloody sakes.” Said Mildred and Hermione nodded, taking out her wand, waving it so to trailed behind her as she walked down the stairs.

“You’ll be ok, won’t you Ray?” asked Mildred as she opened the door, Remus Lupin.

“I caught her.”

“I’ll be fine Millie, be good.”

“I could say the same to you.” said Mildred as she hugged her cousin goodbye, Lupin taking her to the car in the driveway.

“Would you like to drive Hermione?” asked Lupin and she nodded; she had recently gotten her license and wanted to use it.

As she drove towards the train station, Lupin looked at Hermione, her young face old too soon.

“How have you been?”

“Better.” She said as parked in front of the train station, looking back at Lupin.

“We will be in touch.” said Lupin and Hermione nodded, grabbing her things as she left Lupin in the car alone.

As she walked to platform nine and three quarters she ignored the people around her, the people she had known for years.

Hermione successively made it to a compartment without any trouble, stored her things and sat down with her book.

Once she opened her book, she took out the letter it held and read it for the millionth time.

Dear Miss. Hermione Ray Granger,

We would like to inform you that your court date will be on

September 13. If you do not show up, we will assume you are running, and therefore

force action on our side. Please remember that your boarding school in already informed

and if transportation it not provided for you, contact us and we will provide you with a

Sincerely yours,

Lt. Ulysses B. Moore.

Sometimes she could not believe that it had happened, and sometimes, she wish that it hadn’t. Since that day, she stopped writing to Harry, Ron and Ginny, or even replying to their letters.

She moved in with her cousin and boyfriend and just went on. Sure she couldn’t do magic do to that fact she was around two muggles, but living with them, took the edge off something’s and added edge to others.

She took out the next letter, not even shocked by its contents; Head Girl. Something she had worked her entire Hogwarts career towards.

Now she could care less and wished she could have stayed with Mildred and Hindi, her boyfriend.

Hermione ignored the passing faces, until one stood out, and she wished it hadn’t.

What is it they say about opposites attracting?

Good girl to the bad boy?

What if the girl is no longer a good one? Then the hormones kick in.

Say goodbye to the rational brain, hello infatuation.

‘Damned Draco Malfoy. Why out of all of the boys that passed by, why did he have to look so damn lickable.’

Thought Hermione as he opened the compartment door, wearing a sneer, that was before he took in what Hermione was wearing. As destructive behavior goes, the best place is to start with appearances.

Frizzy hair no more, it now was a mass of curls, some falling around her shoulders, others pined up.

Where no make up used to be, now there was black liner and pink nude lips.

Once where there was conservative clothes were now replaced with tight hip huggers, and shoulder baring peasant top, her feet adorned with shiny black pumps.

Malfoy was speechless, his mind wiped clear, his hormones had a hold of him and now nothing he once cared about gave a damn.

“This is a Slytherin compartment Granger.”

“Stuff it Malfoy. I was here first.”

“Looks like Granger got an attitude adjustment. Did someone finally remove that bug from you bum?” He said smirking, she looked up at him, her chocolate eyes dark.

“Talk about my bum again and you will no longer have one. Now get.” she said as she stared him down, Malfoy refused to move until someone came up behind him, wrapping her arms around his waist.

“Come on Draco, we found another compartment.” Said Pansy Parkinson as she gave Hermione a glare.

“I like it right here. I’m not going anywhere.”

“But Draco, I don’t want to share with a mud-”

“Then go to the other compartment.” He almost shouted, she gave him a pouty look, stomped her foot and walked off.

“What could you possible like about this compartment?” asked Hermione, replacing her letters in the book.

“Well, your in here and are especially fun to mess with.”

“I dare you to even try Malfoy. Nothing you say from this point on is going to bother me.” She said as she crossed her arms, staring directly at him.

“So where’s Pothead and Weasel?”

“No idea.”

“What about the little bint?”

“Don’t know.”

“What did you do all summer? Hang out with all of your muggle friends?”

“Sure.” She said as he looked at her, getting more irritated by the moment.

“Why are you being like this?”

“Whatever.” Said Hermione as she opened her book, one of the letters falling out. As it hit the floor and Malfoy got to it first, she prayed that it was not the court letter.

Malfoy got to it first, but Hermione jumped on top of him, trying to get the letter out of his hands as they wrestled on the ground.

That is when the compartment door opened, when Hermione was on top of Malfoy, trying to get her letter back.

“Oh its just Malfoy and one of his girls.” Said Ron and Hermione snapped her head back to look at him, glaring.

“Excuse me?”

“Bloody hell Hermione?”

“Is that you?” asked Harry, but she only smiled and made a small grunt.

“Give me a second.” She said as she pressed herself closer to Malfoy, tricking him so she could move down lower to knee him.

She took her letter from him, grabbed her book and looked at her friends.

“Where were you?”

“First off. Wow. Second, rolling around with Malfoy on the ground.”

“Both are simple answers.” She said and Ron looked at her, as if waiting for the answer.

“What are they?”

“If you can’t figure them out yourself, then too bad.”

“What happened to you Hermione? We didn’t hear from you all summer.” said Harry and for a moment Hermione felt bad; she didn’t even send him a birthday present.

‘This is the best way.’ she thought as she looked at them, smiling.

“I was in London.”


“I was in London, what other explanations do you need?” she asked as she looked at her invisible watch, aware her friends were watching her, Ginny’s eyes burning her own.

“Looks like I am going to be late for the heads meeting. Malfoy if you are done assessing your family jewels, we’re going to be late.” She said and he glared at her hatefully as he followed her out, her friends watching her leave with the enemy.

“I’ll get you back.”

“Like I care.”

“What the hell happened to you?”

“Why do you even care?” she asked as they walked into the heads compartment, McG waiting for them.

“Congratulations Ms. Granger and Mr. Malfoy on becoming Head Boy and Girl. You now have the rights to give detentions, take points and teach a class for a teacher whom is sick. There are also a few more things involved, but they were all described in your head letters.”

“Yeah, Granger probably has hers framed.”

“Hold your tongue Malfoy. As you are aware, heads are to live together for the duration of the school year, and as seventh years and heads, the teachers expect a certain code of conduct, is that understood?” She asked, giving Malfoy the evil eye.

“Yes Madame.” Said Malfoy and Hermione nodded, looking out the window.

“Good, now the prefects should he arriving, have fun.” she said twisting a portkey, disappearing.

“Ok Granger, fess up.”

“About what?”

“Are you on drugs or something?”


“Well, you are unresponsive to even me and I know that I bug that shit out of you.”

“Admitting that you get under my skin will give you what kind of sick satisfaction?” she asked and he looked at her, his jaw dropped.

Just as he was about to say something, the prefects emerged, the new and old.

“Welcome.” said Hermione falsely sweet, one of the prefect boys looked at her nodding.

“I’d tap that.” he whispered to the boy next to him. Hermione looked him dead in the eye as she walked up to him, her body impossibly close to his.

“Not even in your wildest, real sex dreams, you would never get this. Twenty points from Ravenclaw.” She said still looking into his eyes, watching his shock.

Then she turned and walked back to Malfoy’s side.

Malfoy on the other hand, had to hold in the laughter that was begging to come out; this was going to be an interesting year.

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