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A Fanfic From Humble Beginnings (Marauder Era) by LadyDux14
Chapter 2 : Blast to the Past
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It was August 31st, the day before the start of term, and Stacy and Felicia were walking up the front steps of Hogwarts with their new professor.

Their mentor led them to a pair of stone gargoyles. She said a password and proceeded to walk up the staircase.

Minerva knocked on the door and after hearing, “Enter,” she pushed open the door to reveal a circular office with one person inside.

The man, with his long silver hair and beard, said, “Ah, Minnie, these are the two special exchange students, I take it?”

Minerva nodded, and pushed the girls forward. “This is Felicia Mato and Stacy Zuvie from Zolland, Michigan.”

Dumbledore stepped forward with a hat and stool, saying, “I’m Professor Dumbledore, and this is the Sorting Hat. If you’ll both step forward…”

Five minutes and two shouts of “Gryffindor!” later, Professor McGonagall said, “Now, if you will follow me please, I’ll show you to the Gryffindor common room. The password will be Godric until further notice. House elves will bring food up to you tomorrow for breakfast and lunch, but at 6:00 pm you will be expected in the Great Hall.”

The reached the portrait of the Fat Lady, and McGonagall said, “You’ll be fourth years. The headmaster has assured me that you’ll be able to keep up with the classes that Lily Evans is taking, so you will have all of your classes with her. Oh, and Zuvie, Mato, Professor Dumbledore and I,  are the only people that know of the extremely special circumstances under which you are here, please keep it that way. You’re just normal, American, exchange students, understand?”

Both girls nodded, and they walked into the Gryffindor common room.

After spending the day lounging in the common room, Felicia was just staring out the window.

Suddenly, she said, “Hey! The carriages are here!”

Stacy finished the chapter of her book, which ironically took place in the same castle that she was now in. Both her and Felicia awkwardly pulled on their robes and walked down to the Great Hall.

The Hall was slowly filling, so the girls quickly took seats at the Gryffindor table.

Almost instantly, and not really to their surprise, Stacy and Felicia were questioned by four boys.

“Who are you?”
“Why haven’t you been here before?”
“Why weren’t you on the train?”
“How old are you?”

Stacy and Felicia looked at each other. Stacy mouthed the word ‘eyes’ and Felicia burst out laughing.

Just then, a girl with fiery red hair slid into the seat next to Stacy. “Hi, I’m Lily Evans, and you’re Stacy and Felicia, right? McGonagall told me to find you. But,” she said, with a glare directed to the boys, “I see you’ve already been found by our resident delinquents.”

One of the boys smirked, “What? No introductions, Evans?”

Lily sighed and walked way, saying, “Find me if you need anything, okay?”

The boy that asked Lily the question said, “So now that you’ve met the always charming Lily Evans, I bet you can’t wait to be introduced to us, can? I’m James Potter.”

“Sirius Black.”
”Remus Lupin.”
“Peter Pettigrew.”

The girls looked at the boys for a moment, smiles growing on their faces. 

Finally, Stacy said, “Amazingly, both of us already knew your names.”

All four boys jumped a bit at hearing her American accent.

“Whoa!” Sirius exclaimed. “You’re American! I think.”

Felicia said, in a very sarcastic voice with a bad British accent, “No, we’re actually British. We would just rather force ourselves to talk with foreign accents.”

Sirius shrugged, “Okay.”

Stacy looked at him in amazement. “How dense are you? Of course we’re American!”

“So, who are you, anyway?” Remus asked.

“I’m Stacy Zuvie and she’s Felicia Mato, but you can call her Fe. We’re from Zolland, Michigan, which is in the U.S.”

“You can call her Stacykins,” Felicia added.

“No. You can’t.”

“Oh, is there anything special that we could call you?” Felicia asked.

“Yeah. What do you think of Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs?” Stacy whispered

So the two of them left the boys at the table, gaping, and headed up to the common room, laughing.

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