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Love, Hate and the whole damn thing by Jez
Chapter 1 : Miss Teacher
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Miss Teacher

Chapter One
The Strangeness

'Potter!' Snape spat, his face red with furry. Harry flinched as though Snape had hit him. Harry stared into Snape's great ugly face. Suddenly, as though Snape had put on a mask, his expression softened and his eyes turned misty.
'I love you.' he said softly, lovingly.
'NOOO!' Harry screamed as he sat jolt up right.In his bed, sweating and shaking as though he had just ran a marathon.
'Holy shit!' he gasped. Harry looked at his alarm clock. 3 am. He groaned and rolled over, trying to get back to sleep. But he couldn't. His dream stood out vividly in his mind and he couldn't get it out. Snape had said he loved him and that was very disturbing. 'That scared me for life that did and I don't mean the one on my head.' Harry thought. 'But could this dream mean something?' The only person he knew who could tell him was professor Trelawney and she'd say that he was probably going to die if Harry had a dream that Snape(the whole schools least favorite teacher) said that he loved Harry. He thought about writing to either Ron or Hermione but he knew they'd just laugh at him as it was sort of a funny concept. Harry stayed awake for another 8 hours until he heard the Dusleys start to get up. Harry yawned and stretched. He lifted himself out of bed and walked to his wardrobe and pulled out a pare of extremely baggy jeans that had once belonged to Dudley and an overly large t-shirt that was Uncle Vernon's. As he dressed he studied him self in the mirror without his shirt on. 'Not to bad Potter,' he thought to himself. He flexed his arms and pushed his stomach out. He wasn't buff like the weight lifting men he saw on the television but he had a pretty good build going for himself. At least if he ever went to a beach, the girl he was with wouldn't ask him to leave his shirt on. 'Maybe I'll walk around shirt less today,' he thought as he look out his tiny bedroom window. 'Looks hot enough. Yes. I think I will just to annoy Aunt Petunia, disgust Uncle Vernon and to make Dudley jealous. As this is the only thing that would do it because if Dudley took his shirt off... well it would be like a giant pig was walking around.' Harry laughed out loud at the thought.
'What are you doing up there boy! Come down and eat! Now!' his Aunt shouted up the stairs.
'All right!' Harry shouted down. He walked down the 6 stairs and jumped the rest. This annoyed Aunt Petunia as it made to much noise and rattled the China.
'How many times have I told you not to...' She stopped seeing him shirt less and gasped.
'Go back up there and don't come down until your dressed!' she shrieked pointing to the stairs. Dudley and Uncle Vernon came into the room and Harry saw Uncle Vernon's huge face purple and Dudley stare at him in amazement. Harry smiled.
'Its to hot.' he said walking passed them into the kitchen to find Mrs Figg the mad old neighbor sitting in one of the kitchen chairs.
'Hello Harry.' she smiled showing not her usual yellow but white teeth in straight rows.
'Hello Mrs Figg. Did you get new teeth?' Harry asked her opening the refrigerator and taking out a jug of orange juice just as the Durselys walked back in.
'I fact I did my boy and my, you have grown!' she said looking at his shirt less body. Harry smiled and drank the juice straight from the carton. Uncle Vernon's face turned a puce colour and Aunt Petunia looked like she was going to faint.
'GET A GLASS!' Uncle Vernon shouted spraying everyone with spit.
'Now now Vernon, a boy needs plenty of nourishment,' Mrs Figg said smiling at Harry. 'and anyway Vernon, I need to talk to you about my cats. I will be going away to see my sister in a few days and I need someone to take care of them...' Harry left the jug of juice on the counter and left the kitchen. He strolled outside and looked around. Suddenly, out of nowhere, came someone calling his name.
'Harry!' he turned and saw Hermone Granger running towards him.
'Hermione?' he gasped.
'Yes! Ron and I have come to...' she stopped spotting his bare chest, blushed and turned away.
'Harry! Wow!' Ron Weasley had caught up with Hermione and stared at Harry laughing.
'Hermione,' Harry began but a sudden yell erupted from the Durselys house.
'What the...' Harry looked up at the Durselys house and ran back inside. Ron and Hermione at his heels. Inside Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia and Dudley were cowering in a corner and Mrs Figg was talking to,
'Mrs Weasley? Mr Weasley? Fred? George? Ginny?'
'Hey mum! Harry remembers us!' Fred said to Mrs Weasley.
'Hey Harry. How's...' once again George stopped and looked at Harry.
'Christ,' Fred said laughing ' Harry gotta chest! Look at that!'
'Fred! Watch your mouth,' his mother said. smiling she added to Harry, 'Hello dear. Best get your shirt on and your trunk packed. Your coming with us dear.' Harry glanced at Ginny and Mr Weasley. Ginny didn't blush or turn away like Hermione. She smiled at Harry and Harry found himself going a little red. Ginny had blossomed over the summer. She was tall, and no longer had a pixie-like face. It was womanly and her eyes had gone an almond shaped like Mrs Weasley. She had breasts and was curvy. Her hair was also curly at the bottoms. She was there was no other word for! She was smiling at Harry like, 'How do you like it now Potter.' and she turned so he could get a better sideways view of her. She winked and made a kiss face by putting her lips together. No one saw thank god, because Harry thought his pants had just shrunk 3 sizes! She giggled and put her hand in her fathers like she was still 4. Mr Weasley squeezed Ginny's hand. He was still talking to Mrs Figg.
'Yes Arthur I am a wear of that. But she's the best for the job, even if her history is a little well...'
'Arabella, she was...' Harry stopped listening now and walked to his room followed by Ron and Hermione.
'So, how was your summer so far Harry?' Ron asked smiling at they walked into Harry's room.
'So far? Well, I have been the rebellious teenager so the Durselys aren't to happy.' Harry said smiling. Hermione giggled and Ron smiled appreciatively. Harry started to pack up his things.
'Fred's been going though a very difficult, rebellious and secretive stage. He keeps writing to someone like Percy did, and he won't tell us who he's writing to. Not even George! Mind you, George's been a bit of an idiot lately so no one tells him much anymore.' Harry laughed.
'Hermione, how's Viktor?' Harry asked smiling at Hermione.
'Uh... he's...'Hermione blushed.
'They broke up.'
'Ron!' Hermione said blushing furiously. Harry howled with laughter.
'What?' Hermione asked angrily.
'The prefect couple finally broke up did they?' Harry asked.
'I read the letter she wrote him,' Ron said proudly looking at Hermione, who was to dumb struck to speak. This was a first for Harry and Ron as Hermione always had something to say about everything.
'She told Krum that long distance relationships never worked and she still wanted them to be friends.' Ron grinned as Hermione came out of her trance and smacked Ron in the stomach.
'Son of a...'
'Harry! Oy! Hurry up!' George yelled up the stairs. Harry closed his trunk and with Ron's help, dragged it down the stairs.
'How did you guys get here before Fred, George, Ginny and Ron's mum and dad?'
'We used Mrs Figg's fire. We thought everyone else would to but they came through the Durselys.' Ron explained as they pulled the trunk into the sitting room.
'Ready to go Harry?' asked Mr Weasley
'Yup. I'm all packed.' Harry said smiling at Mr Weasley. He looked at Ginny again and she smiled in a teasing way like she was saying 'come and get me Potter.' and Harry's pants shrunk again but no one noticed except for Ginny who giggled again and pulled her fathers hand.
'Can we go now?' she asked.
'Patients Ginny dear.' said her mother.
'We'll see you soon Arabella I presume?' Mr Weasley said holding out his hand.
'But of course Arthur,' she said taking it. 'Good bye Harry.' She added before she disapparated with a small pop.
'Now we can go dear,' Mrs Weasley said to Ginny. 'You first Fred dear. With the trunk.' she gave him a slight push towards the fire and he grabbed the trunk.
'Bye!' he said to the Durselys, throw in a pinch of Floo powder, stepped into the fire and said
'The Burrow!' before he despaired.
'Now we don't have much left so we'll all go in pears. Ron and Hermione,' Ron took a pinch of Floo powder from the bag Mr Weasley was holding out, throw it into the fire and he and Hermione both shouted,
'The Burrow!' and they too despaired.
'Harry and Ginny now,' Harry took some Floo powder from Mr Weasley and throw it into the fire. The fire sparked and turned emerald green and they both stepped into the flames. Harry and Ginny shouted,
'The Burrow!' and the fire whisked them away.

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