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Majic With a 'J' by the_spladle_of_doom
Chapter 5 : Trust is Something I Haf'ta Get Over
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a/n: eheheh... late. somewhat.
please don't hurt me.
I have other things to do, so I can't spend my time on writing all day, sadly. Things like school and videogames. eheheh... faster updates are now on the way! Promise. ((I'll try to update faster than my diaries... which come to think of it, always seem to dissapear for weeks on end... that won't happen with this!))

Disclaimer: I do not own Black, Lupin, Potter or that Pettigrew person. Further, I don't own Nazo or Karma Tyme. Sad, really. I DO own licorice sticks, but they always seem to dissapear after I find some...

Chapter 5: Trust is Not a Word to be Used Lightly

*****Syra POV*****

I am upset. Those selfish, conniving little… I’d like to explain. 

Midnight, the boys said they’d be right behind me. Sirius was crouching behind me; I could feel him breathing down my neck. James and Remus mysteriously disappeared into thin air, with no trace, though they said they’d be following us all the way to our post, then slip away to decorate Slughorn’s classroom. Dressed all in black, armed with a can of sticky honey, feathers, an inflatable duck and a new spell brought by none other than moi we sneaked down to the entrance of McGonagall’s office. Peter was somewhere, though I couldn’t tell what his significance was.

When we got to the door, it swung open slowly, silently. Peter stood there, looking proud of himself.

“Good job Wormtail,” Sirius said. “Now! Hand me the licorice sticks.”

Within ten minutes, we were done. It was spectacular! I couldn’t wait until tomorrow morning. I was much too tired to think at the moment, I could barely move. I yawned and my arms fell to my sides uselessly, like my entire body. Chuckling,((a/n: I hate that word by the way)) Sirius put my hands on his shoulders like some absurd children’s game Nazo used to play with me and led me back through the dark corridor to the common room. I trusted him with that, then. James and Remus were already done with Slughorn’s room, and patted Pettigrew and Black on the back.

“Night, Arias,” all four chorused. Sirius trailed behind the group and waved reassurance, as if I needed it. I was half asleep already. He smirked.

Ni-ight,” he said in sing-song.

I waved back tiredly. I yawned. Out of force of habit, I said, “Don’t let the bed bugs bite.” Sirius stopped and looked at me like I was some sort of alien. Not like I paid much attention. Probably only Nazo said that nowadays.

Once I trudged into my dorm, (the door was open slightly already so I could slip in silently), I flopped onto my bed. The girl with the bed next to mine twisted a bit. She had black hair, or at least I think she did. I might’ve been imagining it. Anyway, that wasn’t too interesting. The next one had shock red hair and looked as if she were at bliss in her dreams. So I copied her and fell right into a deep, blissful sleep. Boy was I tired.

When I woke up the next morning, the sun was awful bright against my eyes. I sat up, yawning like there was no tomorrow. And what was that racket? I changed instantly, using a simple spell Nazo taught me in the third year in Meldon’s. I stomped down the stairs from the girls’ dorms, looking annoyed at my new friends. They finished that noise and looked at me in a little panic-frenzy.

“What?” I said.

“McGonagall’s not using her classroom this morning,” Sirius explained. I looked at the lot of them. Oh yeah, the spell holding the door like that only lasted a certain amount of time.

“What are we going to do, then?”

James looked thoughtful, and then snapped his head up at me. “I know! We could convince her.”

“Oh, but she wouldn’t trust us,” Sirius put in rather quickly. They looked at each other, then hopefully at me. I wondered…

“Me? No way.”

“Come on Arias!” James and Sirius chorused. “What’ll happen if it’s not triggered in time?”

Had they been practicing? I sighed, knowing they were right. But me? I needed help. “All right, but come to the great hall with me.”

They followed me on my quest for my one and only original friend, Nazo. She was sitting at the Slytherin table, preparing a stack of pancakes almost as tall as her on her plate. She was smothering it with maple syrup and chocolate sauce.

“Nazo!” I said, sweeping across the room over to her. The marauders didn’t make a move to stop me. “I need your help to distract a teacher.” She stopped her pouring and looked regretfully at her masterpiece.

“Okay!” she said excitedly. Sirius approached us.

“You’ll need more help,” he said levelly. “I know! Isn’t there another one of your friends here in Slytherin?” Both Nazo and I made a face. “What about the other two transfers?” Nazo’s face deflated completely, but I didn’t mind the idea. They seemed at least more decent than Melissa


We convinced the Sylka girl and the Karma boy to follow us. Sylka needed some persuasion, but surprisingly, once Tyme saw Nazo was with us he was all over it. We convinced McGonagall to come to her classroom, but she insisted that she should go to the other classroom she was supposed to be in for the first class of the year. She looked at us as if we were crazy, but she asked us why in the world we were so interested in her opening the door.

“Well you see, my friend Nazo here was here a bit before school started and left her very important quill in there, you see,” I said as innocently as I could. I had years of practice behind me.

“I’ll just unlock the door, girls. I have to get to class!” she explained, a bit exasperated. She drew her wand and said a little spell so the lock clicked open. I stopped. This wasn’t supposed to happen. Melissa chose that moment to arrive.

“What’s going on here?” she asked.

“Really, could you open it for us Professor?” I pleaded with her. I glanced at Sirius in the group behind us to do something, but he just looked amused. He was no help. By now a crowd was gathering around, curious as to what the racket was. Others looked hopeful, that maybe this was one of the Marauders infamous pranks. Which it was, they just didn’t know it.

“Yes professor. We insist,” Sylka said quietly, and in monotone. She wasn’t into this. More people gathered around. The marauders were there in the front, looking much too amused for comfort.

“It is heavy, even for me,” Karma said outright. Yeah right, but he was doing it for us. I smiled weakly in her direction, but she was already leaving.


“I’ll just do it,” Melissa said. She went to yank it open. Unfortunately, all the transfers were lunging at her in unison to stop her, but the trap was already triggered.

We were all sopping and sticky with honey. White feathers sprayed at us, covering us in a flurry of fluffy whiteness. Finally, we were all flailing, falling to the ground. I was the last one to slip and fall down on my rear, with an inflatable duck glued to my head with honey.

And there were my four new friends, linked together, laughing their heads off. There was the entire crowd, laughing at us. I wanted to disappear—I’d never been so humiliated in my life. This had to have been the oldest trick in the book. The marauders came to the front of the crowd, leaning down to laugh in our faces. All in unison, they shouted, “Welcome to Hogwarts, transfers!”

And now I am angry. I’m sitting there with my blank face, processing what just happened. They used me. They tricked me.

Oh, it was on.

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