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Loving you, Hating you by dragonlovesh2o4eva
Chapter 4 : Smooth
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Draco smirked as he stepped into the house, finding it ironic that he would be here, of all places. He glanced at Potter and noticed the scowl clouding, Harry’s normally smiling face, he rolled his eyes No, love lost their, he thought sarcastically. Harry closed the door and moved in front of him leading Malfoy down the hall and into the kitchen. The first person he noticed was Hermione, her eyes red, he raised an eyebrow questionably but she ignored him, instead looking down at her plate and putting a piece of cold pancake into her mouth. Malfoy scowled, his eyes narrowing he opened his mouth…

Diana watched as her father walked into the room, a smirk on his face, his grey eyes narrowed as he spotted Hermione and he opened his mouth, no doubt to say something sarcastic, Diana quickly jumped up, preventing an argument and moved to hug him, Draco turned to her and smiled slightly, he hugged her, his annoyance at Hermione forgotten “How are you going?’ he asked.

Diana smiled up at him “Could be better” she said, with a trademark Malfoy smirk.

Draco laughed, “Are you ready to go now?” he asked “ or are you still eating?”

Diana shook her head, “I’m finished I just have to do my teeth and get my bag!” he nodded and Diana slipped out of his arms and ran up the stares.

Hermione watched as Diana smirked at her father, she sighed softly, the trademark Malfoy smirk, She glanced up at Draco he was ignoring everyone and staring out the window, Harry was sitting in his seat glaring and Ginny was trying not to laugh. Her hand covered her mouth and Hermione could see her shoulders shaking slightly. Hermione shook her head and glanced at Draco again, he was looking at her. Her eyes widened “Hi’ she said, trying to be pleasant, there was no need to be angry. Draco raised an eyebrow but he said ‘hi’ back, and Hermione breathed a sigh of relief.

At the moment Diana came bounding down the stairs “I’m ready” she called happily, her shoulder bag slung across her body.

Draco glanced away from where he was looking at Hermione and smiled again “Well lets go then” Diana smiled, and with a last glance at Hermione, Draco followed her out the door.

* * *

Ginny snorted and lowered her hand, Harry turned to her and raised his eyebrows “What is so funny?’ he asked with a smile tugging at his lips.

Ginny glanced at him “You!” she laughed again.

Harry looked puzzled “Me why? I didn’t do anything!”

“Exactly!” Ginny exclaimed, “You just sat there glaring at him the whole time!” she laughed.

Harry’s eyes narrowed “And what to do you expect me to do! Smile, shake his hand and offer him a beer? As if!” he said angrily

Ginny rolled her eyes “Of course not! His a git, but at least you could try and comfort Hermione”

Harry looked puzzled “ Why?” he asked suspiciously “Has he hurt her” an edge creeping into his voice

Ginny sighed “No!” she couldn’t believe she had to explain this “But she still feels for him, and he doesn’t even acknowledge her” she told him “who do you think she feels!”

Harry frowned and glanced at Hermione at the other end of the table, she was looking down at her plate again, she wasn’t eating. He glanced at Ginny “I don’t understand?” he whispered, “Why does she still love him? He’s a git”

Ginny rolled her eyes again “Honestly Harry! He’s the father of her child of course she’s always going to love him”

“But it’s Malfoy” He hissed

Ginny looked sadly at him “And she’s Hermione” she whispered “ You know she always gives people the benefit of the doubt”. 

Harry sighed and nodded glancing at Hermione. He hoped she would be ok.

* * *

After apparating outside Gringotts bank, Draco lead Diana down the street to get her books, she sighed and followed her dad into the store. The young women behind the counter look up as the bell rang, signaling that someone had entered the shop. She glanced at Diana, her small eyes appraising her long blond hair and grey eyes. The women then turned to Draco, and Diana could almost see the transformation in her. The women smiled and leaned against the counter, giving Draco, and Diana a view down her top. Diana snorted and turned her head to look at the books. Draco’s eyebrows shot into his hair and he smirked, he turned to Diana and murmured “Do you have your booklist?’ she rolled her eyes and handed it to him, looking up Draco addressed the witch “I need 1 copy of each of these books” he said, not moving forward.

Resigned that Draco wasn’t interested the witch sighed straitened up and walked around the counter to take the slip of paper from Draco’s outstretched hand. Her eyes skimmed the paper, “ Certainly, I’ll just get these for you” she said silkily batting her eyelashes and giving Draco a coy smile.

Diana felt sick and she just managed to turn her laugh into a cough. The witch walked away her hips swaying sexily.Draco rolled his eyes as Diana moved to stand beside him “Smooth, dad, very smooth!” she said with a big smile. Draco scowled at her, and Diana’s smile widened. 

The women came back with a bag full of books, “That will be 10 galleons” she answered.

Draco handed over the money and quickly towed Diana out of the shop, “ Don’t ever mention that to anyone ok!” he hissed when they were outside the shop.

“ Don’t worry dad, I won’t tell mum about your girlfriend” she laughed. Draco swore under his breath and started muttering about crazy women. Diana just smiled.

* * *

Arriving back a Grimmauld place later that day, their arms full of bags, Draco helped to carry all Diana’s stuff up to the house setting it down on the front porch.

Diana turned around and smiled “I had a good time today” she announced, happily.

Draco gave a ghost of a smile unused to voicing his feelings,  their was a scraping sound behind them and Ginny opened the front door, light spilling onto the front step.

Diana smiled again “I had a great time Mrs. Potter” she announced again unable to hold it in.

Ginny smiled “I’m glad you had a good time” she answered with a slight chuckle then she turned to Draco “do you want to stay for dinner?” she asked “ We’re having Mum, Dad, Ron and his wife over”

Draco was surprised but he didn’t show it, He shook his head “I can’t” he answered apologetically “I have the night shift tonight.”

Ginny nodded in understanding “How’s that going anyway?” she asked curiously.

Draco smirked humorously “As well as can be expected, considering the amount of scum I have to deal with”

Ginny shuddered “ I could never work in Azkaban, I don’t know who you do it!”

Draco shrugged “It not that bad” he said with a hint of caution in his voice, Diana was with them after all.

Ginny nodded, taking the point and ending the subject. “Well, we should better get inside” she announced looking at Diana, “dinners almost ready”

Diana’s smile faded and she turned around and hugged him “Bye dad” she announced with a small sigh.

Draco smiled “Bye sweetheart, I’ll see you soon” Diana nodded and then she and Ginny moved into the house shutting the door behind them. Draco sighed, and turning he disapparated into the night.

* * *

Diana dropped her bags on her bed and then went to find her mother; she was in the kitchen helping Ginny finish cooking dinner. “Hey Mum” she called flopping down at the table, exhausted from shopping all day.

Hermione turned around and smiled at her “Hey honey, how was it?” she asked.

Diana grinned “It was great I got all my stuff Dad got me a great book on Magical Maladies, which looks really interesting!”

Hermione laughed, “That’s great,” she said turning back to dishing out the vegetables. “Oh” she exclaimed, suddenly remembering something “A letter came for you today” she said with a small secretive smile. She pointed to the bench.

Diana looked puzzled but got up and looked at the letter, she gasped and glanced at Hermione shocked “Oh Merlin!” she whispered with feeling, she ripped it open and fumbled with trying to open the paper, she gasped as she read the first paragraph. “Oh mum!” she squealed “I got it I’m head girl” she laughed excitedly, giving Hermione a hug. 

This year the letters announcing the Head Girl and Head Boy positions had been sent seperatly from the Hogwarts letters and booklists. Professor McGonagall had explained that selecting the student that most deserved the privelidged position had proved especially difficult this year. So, in order to have more time in selecting the right student Professor McGonagall had decided to send the letters after the other letters had been sent.

Diana was laughing as Matt walked into the room;smirking and glaring at her, Diana glared back at him “What!” she snapped, her happy mood instantly changing.

Matt smirked “ We’ll it’s easy to get the position if your Dad knows all the right people” he announced nastily.

Hermione and Ginny glanced at each other; here we go!
Diana turned “What!” she screamed her face turning red

Matt stepped up to her their faces only inches apart “You heard me! He hissed, “you wouldn’t have gotten it if your father didn’t know Professor, Zabini” Diana pushed him and reached into her pocket for her wand, Matt grabbed his

“Matthew James Potter!” a shout made both of them stop and turn, Hermione and Ginny stalked up to them and Hermione muttered “Expelliarmus” both their wands flew out of their hands.

“Did you hear what he said” Diana announced furiously, turning back to Matt she glared “He thinks I shouldn’t be head girl” she announced loudly.

Ginny turned and glared at her son, “I have a good mind to send you to bed without anything to eat” she announced. Matt glared at his mum, not the best thing to do but he was Harry’s son after all

“Well it’s true” he announced, “Malfoy and Professor Zabini are friends”

Hermione shook her head “Used, they used to be friends”

“See!” Diana announced smugly “You’re the one who shouldn’t be head boy! Your so stupid….”

“Diana” shouted Hermione outraged

Diana turned and glared at her mother “He started it” she announced childishly

Matt glared “You can talk!” He snapped “ You don’t even know what a snekoscope is!”

Diana rolled her eyes “Who cares! A snekoscope is a silly…”

“It’s not silly! It finds people who are untrustworthy!” he yelled

“We’ll that’s hard!” she said sarcastically “I’m looking at one now!” she yelled

Matt opened his mouth…

“That’s enough!” screamed Ginny “I’ve had enough of you two fighting, get up stairs now!” 

Matt turned to his mother “Mum, I didn’t….”

Ginny glared “Don’t you dare say you did nothing wrong Matthew Potter”
Matt shut his mouth “Now get upstairs before I really get mad!” She snapped.

Hermione nodded “You too Diana, I’ve had enough”

Diana’s mouth dropped open “Mum, you can’t…”

Hermione glared “Get upstairs now!” she yelled

Both Diana and Matt stood staring at their Mother's, shocked that they would actually get no dinner

“Now!” snapped Ginny, her patience wearing thin.

Diana and Matt quickly glanced at one another and then turned from the room. They started walking up the stairs “This is all your fault” she snapped at him

Matt rolled his eyes “Sure I made you take out your wand”

They reached the second floor landing and they both paused “You’re a bastard you know that!” she snapped her eyes narrowing.

Matt smirked “And you'r no better, I hate you, you know” he added

Diana nodded “Good! Cause I hate you too!”

Matt nodded “I’m glad where on the same page, now stay the hell away from me” with that he turned and walked down the hall to his room closing the door behind him. Diana was left standing on the landing, she sighed sadly Good one! 

A/N: a nice long one for you! (Well long for me anyway!) Hope you liked it and please, whether you loved or hated it please review! I need to know how I’m going with this story!

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