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Just A Bad Dream by Rettopyrrah
Chapter 1 : The Green Light
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“What are you yelling for James?”

“I’ll tell you later, just take Harry and run. Go out the back door and get help. Don’t turn back. Do you understand me?”

Lily nodded quickly as she ran up the stairs to get her baby.



It was Halloween and James Potter had been looking out the window as he saw a mysterious, hooded person walking up the oath to their house in Godric’s hollow.







As Lily reached the bottom of the stairs carrying baby Harry, James moved forward and whispered something in the baby’s ear. He then turned to Lily.



“Lily, you know I love you right?”

“Don’t be silly. Of course I do.” Lily replied with a smile on her face.

“No, Lily, I’m being serious. I need to know you love me.”

“James. I am being serious. I love you as much as I love life itself.”


“James, what’s happening? Why do I have to go with Harry?”

“Lily, just trust me a -”


James didn’t even get to finish his sentence when he heard someone at the door.






Lily started to panic. She couldn’t remember what James had told her to do. She wasn’t even thinking when she ran up the stairs. When she was halfway up the stairs she heard a man’s voice telling her husband to give him the baby. She heard James telling him that he didn’t have him. Lily walked down the stairs, just enough to see what was happening without being noticed. She saw her husband and the man. The stranger was very pale and was hooded. His eyes were what worried her. They were horrible red slits. The next thing she saw was that the man had drawn his wand and a green light filled the room. She screamed.



There, in the middle of the floor, was her husband’s dead body. ‘This can’t be happening. NO! This isn’t happening. Not to me. NO! PLEASE NO!’ These were the thoughts occupying Lily’s mind.

The man saw her standing on the stairs with Harry in her arms, now crying. Tears were streaming down Lily’s cheeks.



“Give me the baby.” Said the stranger.

“NEVER!” screamed Lily, to the man who murdered her husband.



She ran up the stairs with the man pursuing.



‘If only I had learnt how to apparate.’ Thought Lily. She locked the door and ran to the corner of the room. It was Harry’s room. She walked over to the rocking chair which Sirius had bought them when he had heard that Lily was pregnant. Lily started singing a lullaby to calm Harry, but it wasn’t working.



She soon felt the door the room being blast from the hinges.




“Give me him and I will spare your life.”


“Then I’ll just have to prise the baby from your cold dead hands.”



Another flash of green light filled the room, accompanied with Lily’s scream.



Baby Harry was sitting on the floor wondering what was going on and why his mummy and daddy had suddenly fallen asleep when this guest came in. What was the green light?



Suddenly the ‘guest’ turned towards Harry and pointed his wand at him.



“Soon this will all be over.”



As another green light filled the room…



 An older Harry opened his eyes.



“Harry, wake up.”

“I’m up.”

“Are you okay?” Asked his pregnant wife, Ginevra Weasley, now Potter,

“Yeah… just a bad memory!”

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Just A Bad Dream: The Green Light


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