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Going Under by Erica
Chapter 1 : Sick Of It
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Ginny sat on her bed in the girls dorm.She wiped away her last tear.She was done crieing over Harry.She was fifteen now.She was sick of wasting her feelings on him when he didn't even care about her.

Now I will tell you what I've done for you
50 Thousand tears I've cried

Why should she care about him if he pretends she doesn't even excist? She had to get over him.She was done with him.She walked to the common room and went through the great hall.

There was Harry,sitting by her brother Ron and Hermione.Look at them,treating him like a child because Sirius is gone.I am bummed out that Sirius died,but come on!

They don't need to baby me! Why should they baby Harry? She took a seat across from them.

"Ginny" Harry said looking at her "Maybe they'll listen to you.Can you please tell them I'm fine and to leave me alone?"

So,Harry didn't want to be babied.He just wanted them to leave him alone.Oh and look,finally he noticed I was alive.

Screaming,deceiving and bleeding for you
And still you won't hear me

"Ron,Hermione,if he doesn't want to be babied then let him be"

"Shut up Ginny" Ron said annoyed.

"Don't tell her to shut up Ron!" Harry said. "She's just trying to help me out!"

And with that,Hary got up and walked away.

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Going Under: Sick Of It


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