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Does He Love You? by QueenWitch913
Chapter 1 : Does He Love You?
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Disclaimer: Ron, Hermione, and Lavender are property of J.K. Rowling, not matter how much I wish they were mine… OH! And the song “Does he Love You?” is a duet between Reba McEntire and Kelly Clarkson… so they probably own the song. So pretty much I own nothing… *sob*

Does He Love You?

I've known about you for a while now.
When he leaves me he wears a smile.
Now as soon as he’s away from me.
In your arms is where he wants to be.

Lavender Brown, or more recently Lavender Weasley was pacing her kitchen. Her husband—Ronald Weasley—had yet to come home from work.

“Where are you Ronald…?” she said sounding antsy. Much like a small child who had to go to the bathroom extremely bad. Lavender quickly walked back to the stove, her chocolate ponytail bouncing with every fast-paced step. She pulled her wand out of her apron as she removed the lid from the pot on the burner. She flicked her wand point rapidly and a nearby spoon began stirring what hoped was spaghetti.

She sighed as she sat down, wiping sweat from her brow. She knew where Ron was, as much as she hated to admit it. He was with none other than Hermione Granger. Lavender had noticed Ron and Hermione acting strange around each other at the wedding, which in her eyes was a good sign. Anything negative between the previous fling would make Lavender happy. She was so sure that there was nothing between the two until three weeks ago.

Much to her discontent Ron had to work late hours at the ministry again. She had noticed him doing that a lot lately. So she had gone out to stroll the town, when, who does she see? None other than her husband connected at the lips with her worst enemy.

Lavender shuttered at the memory. She had tried to put it out of her mind, hoping that Ron would give up on the other girl. She even tried being as perfectly perfect as anyone one human being can be. Everyday when Ron arrived home she had dinner prepared. She met him at the door and served him until he went to bed.

She sighed for what seemed like the millionth time that night. She would just have to wait.

But you’re the one he rushes home to.
You’re the one he gave his name to.
I’ve never seen his face in the early morning light.
You have his mornings his daytimes
and sometimes I have his nights.

“’Mione…” Ron was cut short by Hermione’s lips colliding with his. He deepened the kiss for a split second then broke away. “Hermione…” Ron said pleadingly. Hermione just giggled girlishly as she grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled him in for another kiss. He pulled back, his ears were tinted pink, but he still wore a look of anxiety and concern.

“Hermione, if I'm not home soon, Lavendar will worry. We don’t want that.” Ron said matter-of-factly. Hermione sighed.

“Fine Ronald. But you owe me.” She said smirking. Ron nodded, “Tomorrow night, promise.” He leaned down to kiss Hermione good-bye but she turned away.

“Oh no, don’t want to leave Lav-Lav waiting.” Hermione mocked before turning and kissing the redhead tenderly on the lips. When they broke apart Ron started walking slowly away. Hermione just stared at his back, and his silky red hair.

Once he got to the door of Hermione’s apartment, he turned around and smiled at her, a twinkle in his eye. “I love you, ‘Mione.”

Hermione took a deep breath in as she heard the click of the door latching. “I love you too, Ron.” She let the breath out in a long sigh, as she fell back onto her soft couch.

It’s not fair. She thought. He says he loves me, and I want to believe him. She shook her head as she rested it in her open palms. Why can’t I believe you, Ronald?

“Why?” she said out loud, jumping at the loudness of her own voice.

“Why is it Ron, that you love me, but you rush home to Lavender? Why is it that you love me, but you live with Lavender? Why is it that you love me, but I only get to see you once a night, if that?” Hermione yelled at the wall.

“You’re married to her for God’s sake!” Hermione screamed, a small tear sliding down her cheek. She fell sideways from her sitting position into a lying down one. Shoving her face into the pillow, she cried.

But does he love you (does he love you)?
Like he loves me (like he loves me)?
Does he think of you (does he think of you)?
When he’s holding me.
Does he whisper all of his fantasies?
Does he love you (does he love you)?
Like he’s been loving me…

Ron buried his hands in his pockets protecting them from the cold air. The bitter wind nipped at his cheeks as he hunched his back and ducked his head in an attempt to block them from the oncoming breeze.

Once he was far enough away from the muggle community that Hermione lived in he apparated to his front lawn. He looked up at his white house, the glow of the lights that shown through the windows gave the house that homey feeling.

Ron shook his head. Is this what I want? He thought as he began walking slowly up the stone pathway to the door. “I don’t want to hurt Lavender, or Hermione.” He whispered, even though no one was in the surrounding darkness. You’re hurting them already. A small voice in his head said. Cheating on Lavender wasn’t that bad was it?

He opened the door slowly and stepped inside. He heard shuffling from the kitchen and then suddenly Lavender was in front of him. “I'm sorry I'm home late.” Ron said sympathetically.

“It’s okay!” Lavender said, her voice slightly high-pitched. She patted his chest, “They work you like dogs.”

He gave her a brief kiss on the lips, before sniffing the air. “Mm. Spaghetti, my favorite.”

But when he’s with me
he says he needs me
and that he wants me.
That he believes in me

Hermione sat up, her eyes red from crying. She wiped them with the back of her hand and looked around at her empty apartment. She imagined what Ron was doing right now: sitting at home with his wife, eating a home-cooked meal prepared especially for him.

“How could he not love Lavender more than me?” Hermione said to no one in particular. She got up and slowly walked into her kitchen, putting a hand on the refrigerator door.

“No.” she said so loudly she woke Crookshanks who was sleeping in the corner. “He needs me!” she said sternly. She sighed in frustration. She flung the fridge door open and crouched too look inside. She grabbed a bottle of water and begrudgingly sat down at her kitchen table; the mental image of a happy Ron and Lavender eating dinner together still wafting through her mind.

“He wants me more than her…” Hermione reassured herself as she sipped the water. “He… He loves me.”

And when I’m in his arms
how he swears there’s no one else.
Is he deceiving me?
Or am I deceiving myself?

Lavender sighed into Ron’s chest, inhaling his scent. They were sitting on the couch in the sitting room; Ron’s arm laying protectively around Lavender’s shoulders.

Lavender looked up into his eyes. “Ron…” she began unsurely.

“Yes, Lav?” he said sweetly smiling down at her.

“Never mind.” She said looking away from him. “It’s silly.”

“Aw, C’mon.” He said brushing her hair with his fingers. She sat up pulling herself out of his embrace.

“Ron… Ronald, are you cheating on me?” she asked with a worried stare. Ron gaped at her, his face ghost-white. Then suddenly he burst out laughing.

“Why would I cheat on the woman I love?” he said still chuckling. Lavender gave an awkward smile.

“I don’t know,” she said forcing a laugh. She didn’t believe him.

But does he love you (does he love you)?
Like he loves me (like he loves me)?
Does he think of you (does he think of you)?
When he’s holding me.
Does he whisper all of his fantasies?
Does he love you (does he love you)?
Like he’s been loving me…

Ron and Lavender were back to their previous position. He stroked her hair gently, as if she were a fragile doll. He lay there with Lavender but he couldn’t help but let his thoughts stray to Hermione. He was brought out of his thoughts abruptly when Lavender spoke.

“You aren’t working late tomorrow are you?” she asked innocently. Ron hesitated.

“Um… actually I am.” he said dumbly, scratching the back of his neck.

Oooh, shouldn’t I loose my temper?

“Oh.” Lavender squeaked, clearly upset.

“I'm sorry.” Ron said consolingly.

“No, it’s okay. Work is good.” She said. She couldn’t believe anything she had just done. She shouldn’t back down and pretend like it’s okay, she knew that. She was in a rage on the inside, but on the outside… on the outside she was only worried about losing Ron.

Oooh, shouldn’t I be ashamed?

Hermione laid her head down on the table. She knew what she was doing was bad. Helping a man cheat on their wife wasn’t a good thing, but she couldn’t bring herself to be sorry. The selfish voice inside her was saying Ron is yours; Lavender doesn’t deserve him!

She couldn’t be ashamed of herself when all she really wanted was Ron’s love. She loved Ron, and she would do anything to have him.

“Nothing wrong with that, right?” She said thought out loud. Wrong. Her mind told her. All wrong.

‘Cause I have everything to loose

Lavender exhaled slowly. If she lost Ron, she wouldn’t be able to look at herself. Ronald Weasley was her life. He had been since sixth year. If she lost him, she would lose her sanity. Losing Ron was not an option.

I have nothing to gain

Hermione held back the tears that had previously visited her eyes. What was she gaining from this? She wasn’t gaining anything. The reputation of being a slut The voice inside her said mockingly. “I'm not a slut!” she said loudly. “I'm just a fool in love…” she said in a voice barely above a whisper, wanting to believe the words she had said.

But does he love you (does he love you)?
Like he loves me (like he loves me)?
Does he think of you (does he think of you)?
When he’s holding me.
Does he whisper all of his fantasies?
Does he love you (does he love you)?
Like he’s been loving me…

Lavender slowly followed her husband up to their bedroom. She watched him crawl into bed then climbed in next to him. He rolled to face her in the bed, propping himself up on his elbow. “I love you, Lavender Weasley.” He said cupping her face in his hands and kissing her slowly on the lips. “I love you too, Ronald Weasley.” She said when they broke apart. She slid under the covers and breathed into her pillow. Before she drifted into sleep she couldn’t help but think ‘Do you really love me?’


Hermione wiped her eyes once again as she clambered into her bed. Once she was secure under her covers she glanced at her bedside table. Sitting there was a picture of her and Ron, holding hands in the park, laughing and having a good time. She blew a small kiss at the picture and whispered, “I love you Ronald Weasley.” Before she drifted into sleep she couldn’t help but think, ‘Do you love me?’

Ooooh, does he love you?


Author’s Note: Okay this is my first song-fic. I'm not sure if it made a whole lot of sense… But I like the way it turned out. I wont say I'm proud of it though… because it could’ve been better, or so I think. Well the only way I’ll find out how I did is if you leave me a nice (or not so nice) review. So, please Rate/Review and I’ll love you forever. REVIEWERS GET COOKIES, CANDY, AND/OR ICECREAM! And if you don’t like sweets… you get a Nutrition Bar. =D Before you run off to leave your well-appreciated review I would like to say thanks for reading my song-fic! Look forward for many more!!


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