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The Polyjuice Potion Baby by dragonpen
Chapter 11 : Do you have a journal?
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He entered the classroom and hurriedly made his way over to Hermione who was ducking her head writing something. "Do you know the whole school now knows you are pregnant?" He hissed in her ear.

Hermione turned her head around and planted her lips on his. "I know! It's great. I don't why I was so worried, Parvarti and Lavender took it magnificently!" She squealed. He stared shocked for a second before recovering. Well, that was unexpected. He breathed a sigh of relief and sat down next to her. As long as she was okay with it, he had been worried he was going to have an emotional wreck on his hands.

Yeah, he liked Granger but because she was fun to hang out with and a change from talking with the very dull Crabbe and Goyle. It was not love on either of their parts but more like, friends with benefits that were going to have a baby together. It may not be a normal label but they did not have a normal relationship. While he liked Granger, he did not love her or anything and if she was going to become a pain to be around he was not going to stick around much.

It may sound a little cold-hearted but it's not like Hermione wouldn't do the same thing. If Draco had been a complete jerk for the past month she wouldn't be going around kissing him in private and hanging around him every day.

It was a good thing she was taking that potion from St. Mungos. It kept her hormones in check so she wouldn't be this emotional wreck of a pregnant woman at school. It was supposed to keep her emotions normal so she could focus on school, but it also had the bonus of keeping her normal so people at school wouldn't feel exhausted from dealing with her mood swings she might have had otherwise.

This was letting Draco become friends with a normal Hermione instead of feeling irritated with an emotionally unstable annoyance that Hermione might have been without the potion.

"I owled my parents, you know told them a few things." He mentioned and this time it was Hermione's turn to panic. "Oh?" She asked worriedly.

She wanted to know verbatim what he had written but their old professor had just come in and class had commenced. She thought about writing a note asking what he had told his parents but decided against it figuring she could just ask him after class.

The bell rung and Draco got up going over to Nott who was calling for him. Hermione sighed, so much for asking him about his letter. She put her stuff in her bag getting ready to head to her room when Harry and Ron slid over. Ron looked a little grumpy but Harry was ignoring Ron's expression and grinning at Hermione.

"Hi Hermione. Going to Hogsmeade tomorrow?" Hermione stared and had to restrain herself from gaping. Okay, rationalize, Harry is talking to you. Like a friend. Refusing to muck this up, whatever was going on, she quickly responded.

"I was planning to yes, are you going?" Oh please invite me along, please invite me.

"Yeah, you want to come with us?" Yes! Fight is over! Ignoring her could go from days to months in past fights, and thankfully this time it only took a few weeks. She was practically bursting for joy.

"Oh course, I will guys" she said smiling brilliantly.

"Great" Ron said smiling at her and then turning beet red. After brushing off Hermione like that for the past few weeks it was just to much to look at her face. Sure she was happy, but looking at her was just too much, it made him feel guilty. "Okay, see you later." Ron mumbled looking over her shoulder at the wall, apparently unable to meet her eyes yet without turning red. After that he quickly turned to leave and Harry followed.

All right, so Ron will still take a few more days to come around, but that wasn't the point. Give him a day or two and the awkwardness he had felt with her should disappear. The point was she had gotten her friends back. Scooping up her books she practically skipped to Arithmacy, so happy was she.

"Hey, what's got Granger so ....bouncy?" Zabini asked and Draco raised an eyebrow. What was he on about? At Blaise's point, he turned around just in time to see Hermione make her way out of the classroom with a smile.

‘I guess Patil and Brown being all friendly this morning really got to her' he thought shrugging it off. He didn't want to be worrying about why she was suddenly happy all day. More important things to be doing.

It wasn't until supper that Malfoy figured out what was going on. He was mindlessly listening to a fifth year chatting about his new position as beater, a position Malfoy had put him in, when he noticed the ‘soddin' trio'. They were all eating together and talking. Granger got her friends back? When had this happened?

Bleedin' hell, what was this? Everybody forgive and make Granger happy day? First her roommates are all cheery about her pregnancy, and now Potter and Weasley are back.

Did that mean Granger wouldn't be here to talk to tomorrow? He didn't want to go to Hogsmede and had been counting on her to keep him from being bored. Well, at least she doesn't look pathetically sad. Actually for an odd reason seeing her happy made him a little happy too. Weird.

Draco ended up playing a sixth year in chess the next day while Hermione went and had fun with her newly returned best friends. He had debated trying to convince Granger to stay with him that day, but then realized it was stupid. Doing that may have her thinking he was jealous of Potter and Weasley, which he most certainly was not. Besides, she had his baby. She couldn't just leave him alone, she'd come running back.

But at the same time Draco was thinking this, Harry and Ron were planning to distract her from Malfoy. She was seventeen, she couldn't really be in love with Malfoy. Harry and Ron had decided that though Hermione was a bit confused now, as her friends they had to support her baby. But they were not supporting Malfoy. Apparently Malfoy had somehow tricked Hermione into thinking he was a decent guy, but Ron and Harry knew better. He was a future deatheater for Merlin sakes!

Hopefully they could get Hermione to come to her senses before February, when she planned on letting Malfoy be around her child. The fact that biologically he was the father had no impact on Harry and Ron's judgement. Father or not, Malfoy was not to be trusted with a baby.

Now most would think the two boys were being harsh on Draco, but they didn't think so. Of course all of this was to be done discreetly. Telling Hermione Malfoy was evil now would most likely just end up with them getting yelled at.

By 4 that afternoon Harry and Ron were practically beaming. The trio had gone to Zonkos, Honeydukes, a book store, and were now at the Three Broomsticks getting butterbeer. Their happiness though came from the fact they had done all this without one mention of Malfoy or the baby.

"Ron, Hippogriffs can not play Quidditch!" Hermione explained exasperated.

Ron frowned and Harry laughed. "I know. I said if they could, they would be brilliant keepers." He clarified completely miffed Hermione had thought he really believed Hippogriffs were allowed on Quidditch teams. "It's called being hypothetical." he said giving himself a gold star for managing to use such a big, smart sounding word in an argument.

"Oh fine, and then we can have trolls as beaters." Hermione snorted sarcastically. This was ridiculous.

"Now you're gettin' it!" Ron exclaimed excitedly, earning another eye-roll from Hermione.

"Hey, it's time to leave you guys." Neville told them passing their table with Ernie and Hannah. Getting their coats on the three headed up the street and were almost to the carriages when they got stopped by Hermione. Harry and Ron obliviously bumped into their suddenly still friend, and quickly exclaimed their displeasure. Still getting no response they shared a glance and Harry moved up in front of her.

"Hello? Hermione?" Snapping back to reality she smiled. Airily she said an apology and then chastised them to hurry up before they missed the carriages. Quickly glancing at the store she was looking at they rose their eyebrows before hurrying along. That night in their dorm Harry and Ron were finally able to talk without Hermione being around.

"Why would she be looking at a dark arts store?" Ron asked and Harry shrugged his shoulders.

Hermione was buzzing with excitement the next morning as she searched for Draco. Yesterday she had seen a book in a dark arts store and now she had a mission. Hoping desperately he was there she made her way to the Great Hall. Smiling when she saw him eating at the Slytherin table she ignored breakfast food and went straight over to him.

Sliding into the seat next to him she tapped his shoulder and he started in his seat. "Don't do that!" He said calming his racing heart. He was already up, he didn't need to be frightened awake. Hermione fought down a giggle and resisted the urge to annoy him by saying ‘aw, did Draco get scared?'. So she had used a gliding spell, hoping she could startle him. It wasn't mean, but boy was it funny.

Draco stabbed at his eggs disgruntle about being startled, but also had a smile sliding onto his face. One he tried to hide by chewing. He had been right, Granger had come back.

"So, I was wondering." She started slyly looking at him. Raising his head he quirked an eyebrow and smirked.

"Wait, first. Good morning." He said leaning in and kissing her soundly. He pulled away casually going back to eating not wanting it to seem like it was a big deal. Truth was, kissing her was becoming a highlight of his life, and he loved doing it. But it seemed if he made it seem more of a casual thing to do, his, image, may be better. He didn't fancy himself becoming a romantic git.

Hermione smiled and was momentarily distracted. His kisses were just getting better, and they made her feel special. Like she was loved, or really-well liked at least. She stared at his high cheek boned face through his strands of blonde hair for a few seconds glassy eyed before snapping back. "Morning. Now, I was wondering, do you have any journals your relatives might have written?" She asked unable to keep the excitement out of her voice.

Draco furrowed his brow and abandoned his food to look at her. If there was one thing he was not expecting her to ask about, it was his relatives. He looked at Hermione's brown hope filled eyes and only got more confused. "What do you mean journals?" He asked.

She then excitedly explained how she had seen a journal written by a Hughthorn; old pureblood wizarding family, about Drumstrag's dark arts class from the 1800's in a store yesterday. Catching on quickly he realized she wanted a personal journal about Hogwarts now. And with all the family stuff stored in his manor, a journal could very well be laying dusty in the attic or basement.

"Maybe, doubt I could find it though." Hermione's eyes gleamed and was already planning a search. If there was a journal, it would be better than Hogwarts a History! Well, maybe not better but it would be thrilling to read about the school decades ago from the eyes of a student. Thinking about searching his manor quickly led to her next thought.

And for a few seconds she was shocked she had forgotten it so easily. With the whole Harry and Ron being friends again though, it had just slipped her mind.

"Oh yeah, what did you tell your parents about me?" She asked nervously. She didn't particularly like Mr and Mrs. Malfoy, but she was always one for good impressions. And if they were going to be her child's grandparents, she wanted a terrific impression. Yes as a muggle born she was facing tremendous odds, but she was still going to try.

"Probably what you told your parents. That I'm dating you and hinted at a possible future family." Draco replied shrugging. Hermione gave a half smile and thought back to her letter she wrote her parents two weeks ago.

Dear Mom and Dad,

Well, I did it mom. I told him and guess what? He wants it too! I'm so excited, and we are talking about our futures very maturely. School's great, and I bet now I could eat more than one plate at Berry Good Buffet. Pregnancy makes you hungry! Write to you both soon.

Lots of Love,

"Actually, my parents know I accidentally got pregnant, with you being drunk." She admitted enjoying the stunned expression on Draco's face. Well, he wasn't expecting that. Apparently he had told his parents a lot less than she had.

"What?! Your parents know everything?" He asked incredulously. Why would you ever tell your parents all that? Aware that there were a few other scattered students around the Hall they walked out to the grounds to finish the conversation.

Hermione after making sure they were alone then went on to explain about how they didn't know about her looking like Pansy but they knew about calming potion and alcohol. Draco was feeling nauseous. "Your father is going to kill me." He declared thinking about how a grown man would feel about a drunk boy shagging his daughter who was on calming potion. Therefore not even in her right state of mind.

Yes her dad may be a muggle, but Draco didn't want to take any chances. Not that he thought a muggle could beat him when he had magic on his side, but it still didn't sit well that there was grown man out there that probably hated him. He was not a bloody Gryffindor. He liked to stay safe and out of any possible danger thanks.

She tilted her head and looked at him oddly. She hadn't even considered what her father would think of Draco. In all honesty this summer she hadn't even cared what people would think of him, more absorbed in her own problems.

"He will not." She said though really she wasn't sure what her father's thoughts were. Her dad was still his old self around her this summer but almost anything baby related was discussed with her mum. Not her dad.

"Sure Granger. Who wouldn't be happy about some random guy getting their teenage girl pregnant?" He asked patronizingly. She just glared and repeated her statement that they wont hate or kill him. In fact, thinking about it, her mum might just welcome him with open arms and coco.

In an attempt to brighten Hermione's day back in August she had gone so far as to tell her daughter perhaps it was meant to happen. That with all the prophecies in the magical world perhaps fate did play a big part in witches and wizards lives. At the time Hermione had simply stormed upstairs refusing to believe her mothering Malfoy's child was what was supposed to happen.

Ever since then though Hermione had a slight suspicion her mother was trying to block out the reality of her daughter being pregnant from a one night stand with the belief that it was some magical fate induced night that would bring her daughter to her true love or some rubbish like that.

In fact, she was almost scared to tell her mother she had started dating the father of her child, in fear that her mother would proclaim herself right about it being fate and true love. Now that speech was certain to have Malfoy running for the hills. She was certain he didn't fancy some middle-aged lady telling him who his true love is and who he should marry. Hermione didn't fancy it either.

Although perhaps in her wildest dreams she smiled at herself as Hermione Malfoy, they were still very much in her deepest and wildest dreams. A baby was one thing. Dating, doable. Living together after Hogwarts, very scary and pushing the envelope as far as possible. Marriage, no way!

The rest of the day, to Harry and Ron's shock, Draco and Hermione spent together writing and crumpling letters addressed to their parents trying to figure out how to introduce each other to the parents. Compared to this, Snape's essay was looking ridiculously easy. Draco had the biggest obstacle though. How was he supposed to tell his parents a muggleborn had his child?

He was desperatly thinking of ways to avoid trouble and smirked. Of course, blame it on someone else. Why did he shag Granger/Pansy? Because he was drunk. And was it his fault he was drunk? Nope. It was his fathers. Daring yes, but he was going to do it.

"Granger. I got it. You're coming home with me the first day of winter break."

Hermione's head shot up and she stared at him with wide eyes. Go to his manor? It was frightening and a little exciting. "What? Why?'" she asked thrown off by his sudden outburst.

He smirked again and kissed her chin. "Don't worry. I got it all figured out." Normally he wouldn't mind telling Granger his plan and seeing her freak out about it, but he couldn't take any chances of her messing this up. It was the only way he may be able to escape his parents' wrath.

Leaving a fuming Hermione about being left clueless, he went to the owlerly and posed his letter.


I have recently discovered last May when you ordered me to become intoxicated, and I as your humble son obeyed.
(he snickered as he wrote this) You left me very dazed and confused. Unfortunatly this led to a tremendous event you might not find peasurable. However, you must face the consequences of giving me firewhisky so hope you're ready for a suprise come December 19.


Throughout the next two weeks he was bombared by past from his parents demanding he tell them what was going on, but he refused. It was highly ammusing that he had information his parents wanted to know, and he was in no hurry to lose that power.

He also had to avoid Hermione's questions about why she was going home with him for a day, but he soon learned if he whispered 'trust me' and relented into rubbing her back for her, she quickly let the subject drop. Not to say it wouldn't appear again in a few days, but he was managing.

You could also see a sour Harry and Ron who were very put out that Hermione had by no means forgotten about Malfoy. In fact she was becoming very skilled at splitting her time between Harry and Ron, and Malfoy evenly.

Hermione now had suspicions about Harry and Ron still despising Malfoy, but for now she couldn't say anything. Technically other than sour looks they weren't doing anything she could yell at them for.

It was one week before Halloween when Hermione realized exactly how badly she liked Draco. Though perhaps pregnancy hormones were partly to blame, there was no ignoring the dream. She woke up in a sweat, her sheets twisted around her, eyes wide.

She was sitting in Snape's potions class when suddenly it switched to the library. Ron was there eating icecream but he quickly faded out of the dream. Suddenly an owl came flying in through a window, though there were no open windows in the library, with a letter.

She had no memory of what the letter could have said but suddenly she gasped and started on a hunt, now on top of the Hogwart's castle. She was roaming the roof when she spotted it. A purple stone. Turning around she hugged Draco tightly in triumph, though how he got there she had no idea. Well her dream self did, she didn't.

That's where it took a darastic turn. They were now inside of some room on a couch and Draco was leaning over her. They were both in their school uniforms, but with no robes. Then he swooped down and they were in a firey kiss, tongues roaming each other's mouths roughly. Needing more, Draco dragged his mouth down to her neck and started kissing and sucking, Hermione running her hands up and down his back. Then magically he had no shirt and Hermione was unsure if her dream self had clothes on or not.

She did remeber however that Draco's head had moved inbetween her thighs and she felt a hot mouth on her sex. She also remembered a feeling of a tounge entering her and many moans on her behalf. Clutching the sheets, her body on fire, her heartbeat was getting faster and faster until Draco quickly removed his head and tounge as she burst and was sent into a dizzy bliss.

Then as Draco's head made it's way back towards her's to kiss her upper body again, her hands moved down him to clutch his cock. He froze for a few seconds adjusting to this new development before he was the one moaning as her hands moved massaging it.

And then, she shot up in bed panting looking at the darkness she was now, unable to believe that dream had come from her head. How did her head even come up woth how that might feel? She had never had that done to her, and she had never given a hand job. Ugh, her mind was dirty. Her heartbeat eventually slowed down and she sighed. Need to go back to sleep. Still dark out. Sleep, with no hot sexy dreams. Her tired mind pieced together before she drifted off again into a dreamless sleep.

(A/N: I Don't particularly like this chapter, but I was stuck and realized you all desperatly deserved an update so here it is. Not as exciting as I would have liked, but I didn't want to make you wait any longer. Hope you enjoyed it, even if it wasn't the greatest....)

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