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Torn In Two by Nessa Elendil
Chapter 6 : Suprise the Unexpecting: Part 2
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Lily was walking home from a long day of school shopping for her and Petunia with their mother through a local park. It was beginning to get dark, and despite all the walking she had done, Lily still had enough energy to think of James, or more specifically, what happened immediately following their date. He had taken her to a port in France, and she had the time of her life... until she discovered James wasn't the only one with an ego.


"You have fun?" James whispered in her ear, sitting down next to her.

Lily nodded, her feet gently splashing the cold water as the magically driven boat glided slowly across the English Channel. "More than I thought I would."

James seemed extremely nervous. "So, this means... this means you'll go out with me again?" He saw the look on her face. "Like this even, I won't tell if you don't want me to, no one has to know. I swear I don't care. I just... as cheesy as it sounds, I just want to be with you, Lily."

Lily looked into his honest, hopeful, hazel eyes. How could she date him, the arrogant, boastful James Potter she had sworn never to fall for?... In secret, like he said. But how could she do that to him? Would it even be fair?... Not to him. And what if he decided that their secret relationship wasn't worth the hassle? That she wasn't worth it? Did she truly love him now? She didn't think so. But what if she did at that time, once he decided to move on?... What if she ended up letting him break her heart?...

Lily felt her eyes water as she allowed her thoughts, her head, to make decisions for her heart. "I can't."

James looked as though she had slapped him across the face. "What?" he asked faintly.

Thankfully, at that moment, the boat lightly bumped up against the dock, and Lily jumped off, running. "It just wouldn't be fair to you, James!" She didn't look back, even as she heard him calling out to her.

She came to a Muggle bus about to leave the stop, and jumped through the doors just before they closed, pulling out a few pounds before it started driving away, determined not to care about what she had done.

~End Flashback~

Since that day, about a week ago, Lily had thought of James, and little else. She had stopped making her bed, being sure to pick out matching socks, and started picking at her food, not eating it until her parents ordered her to, all the time wondering if what she had heard in James' voice was truly pain, or just surprise.

"Lily! Lily, stop!" her mother quietly hissed, grabbing the back of her shirt.

Lily was plucked from her thoughts at the worried look on her mother's face.

An undeniable CRACK echoed off the trees as a feeling of fear rushed to Lily's gut.

"There is was again!" Petunia silently panicked. "What are we going to do?"

"Petunia, hush!" Mrs. Evans ordered.

Lily reached for her wand, only... she didn't have it. A fleeting sense of deja vou overcame her. What had she been doing when she was getting dressed? Oh, that's right, her mind reminded her, thinking of James instead of paying attention, stupid!

Out of the darkness, human-like shadows silently appeared. Lily breathed a sigh of relief, knowing these weren't dementors, but was still afraid, she didn't know these people.

Elizabeth Evans turned to her daughters. "Girls, put the bags down, ok?"

They did as they were told.

"Good, now I want you to hold hands and run. Run until you get home, and don't lose each other, ok? Promise me."

Tears began to fall down Lily's face, she had never been so scared. This was all feeling like a dream, a horrible nightmare, her unknown immediate future perhaps the worst part.

"But, Mum-"

"No 'buts', I love you girls, now run! Go!" Elizabeth had put her daughters' hands together, and they took off as fast as their feet would carry them.

Lily and Petunia ran hand in hand, stumbling and crying, racing to get home. The front door was locked so they banged on it, screaming for their father.

"Girls! Girls, what is it?" The door swung open, and the sisters fell into their father's arms, the hands their mother placed together still clasped.

A/N: This is chapter six, right? Next one should be up in a matter of days, sorry for the long wait.

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Torn In Two: Suprise the Unexpecting: Part 2


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