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A Web Of Lies, Love and Confusion by HurtfulEyes
Chapter 6 : Paprazzi and The Joke shop
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Chapter 6     Paparazzi and the Joke Shop...

    The next morning, Hermione woke up with a smile. She was in England. She saw Harry yesterday and today she was going back to Hogwarts. She walked into the washroom and took a quick shower then she put on blue jeans, a black tank top, a zipped open white sweater and two inch leather boots. She finished off the look with large sunglasses and a Gucci tote bag. Who said that a mother wasn’t allowed to look good?

    Hermione knew that the word of her being alive was out, and she knew how to handle the paparazzi.

    After getting ready, Hermione walked out of her hotel and walked towards Diagon Alley. She couldn’t wait to see Hogwarts, and she had just enough time to go shopping before she had to meet Dumbledore.

    Diagon Alley was just as beautiful as it was the first time she went there, everything was so colourful and everyone was smiling. The first thing Hermione did, was go to the nearest shop and she bought the Daily Prophet. After buying it, she walked to a bench on the side of the Alley and started reading. The front page was exactly as she expected. There was a large picture of her and Harry when they were drinking coffee and the headline said

                                         HERMIONE GRANGER ALIVE!!
     Everyone knows the story of Hermione Granger, she was the best friend of Harry Potter and one of the best Healers England had ever seen.
     We also all know what happened to her. On April 22, Miss Granger was abducted from her home by Death Eaters who were order to kill her by He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.
     After she was taken, Mr Potter fought tirelessly to find her. Two years after Miss Granger was taken, Mr Potter killed He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named but he still didn’t find Miss Granger. Even from that day, Mr Potter has been looking for her, and yesterday rumours say that he found her. We have from a reliable source from the ministry that says that Hermione Granger was taken into the ministry and questioned by the Minister and Mr Potter for over three hours. An eye witness recalls this “We were all doing our work when the alarm for an unauthorized wizard crossing the border. This time was different though, it’s usually the border control that go to see the witch or wizard, but this time Two Aurors were immediately sent and then we heard someone whisper that it was Hermione Granger! I ran to the lobby and saw a beautiful woman get taken towards the interrogation room! We then saw the Minister himself run toward the room that she was taken into. Then a couple of minutes later, Harry Potter walked down the hallway with a white face. It all died down after that, but a couple of hours later when I was preparing to go home, Mr Potter and the woman were walking to the elevator, laughing like old friends.”
    We overheard Mr Potter’s conversation with the woman and he called her Hermione at least once. So indeed, Hermione Granger has finally been found, no one knows what happened to her, and we doubt that she’ll want to tell. All we know for sure is that Hermione Granger has come back to us and from what we saw; she has become a beautiful grown woman. But don’t get your hopes up boys; she had an engagement ring on.
                                          Article by Lavender Brown

    Hermione couldn’t help but laugh at the last sentence; she could tell that Lavender Brown hadn’t changed much from the gossip that she was at school.

    As Hermione read the newspaper, she couldn’t help but notice how many paparazzi there were in Diagon Alley at that moment. They obviously were looking for her but they hadn’t seen her yet because the paper was hiding her face. Hermione tried in vain to get to out of Diagon Alley, but as she passed the Quidditch shop, she knocked over a pyramid of Broom wax and the paparazzi saw who she was. In a matter of seconds, there were at least 40 reporters crowed around her and Hermione’s eyes were starting to water with all of the flashes going on.






    Shouts rang out everywhere and combined with the flashes, Hermione was quickly disorientated. She had handled Paparazzi before, but the flashes on the magical cameras were much brighter. “I…uh…” Hermione said, looking in all directions but only seeing flashes, Hermione could see an outline of someone coming closer to her, but she couldn’t see who it was, a few seconds later, someone put their arm around Hermione and she could hear the deep voice of a man saying “No comment” While she was gently pushed out of the crowd and into a store, where the person lightly pushed her down onto a chair. It took Hermione a couple of seconds for her eyes to adjust, and when she did she saw fiery red hair. Hermione blinked a couple of times for her eyes to focus and slowly the person formed a face. It was Fred Weasley, Ron’s brother. Fred hadn’t changed much, he still had shoulder length ginger hair and a mischievous look in his eyes, the only change was he was about three inches taller and he had a faint scar just above his right eye.

    “FRED!” Hermione screamed, as she jumped out of the chair and rushed to hug Fred.

    “Hey Hermione, long time no see.” Fred said, wrapping his strong arms around Hermione in a brotherly hug.

    “Oh my god! It’s SOO great to see you!!” Hermione said, hugging him a second time.

    “Like wise. Look at you! You look great!” Fred said, holding Hermione at arms length and beaming at her.

    “Same to you! How have you been?” Hermione said, sitting back down on the chair as Fred sat down on the chair opposite her. Hermione finally looked around the room and noticed that she was in Fred and Georges joke shop, not much had changed there except for some new merchandise. Hermione was sitting down in a small café in the corner of the room, Hermione quickly glanced at the menu and smiled as she read some of the dishes “Mellon pie, eat this and you’ll be mellow for hours. Green Tea, drink this and you’ll turn green, great for having people over for tea when you don’t particularly like them.”

    “I’ve been good, business is good.” Fred said, smiling.

    “Do you have a family? And where’s George?” Hermione said, and instantly regretted it by the look in Fred’s eyes.

    “Yeah I have one child, she’s 11. And George is…” Fred said, looking down, making Hermione’s eyes well up in tears. 

    “Oh I’m sooo sorry Fred!” Hermione said.

    “What is she sorry about?” A voice said from behind Hermione. Hermione whipped around and wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry. George was coming out of what looked like a storage room with a box in his hands. His hair was short and spiky, he had a slight limp but a large smile on his face.

    “You asshole!” Hermione said laughing while hitting Fred who was trying to hold in his laughter, she then ran over to give George a hug.

    “Wow Hermione, if I wasn’t married…” George said, making Hermione roll her eyes.

    “Sorry, I’m taken. Now be quiet and come sit down with us.” Hermione said, sitting back down on the chair, George instead went behind the counter.

    “Let’s celebrate, Champagne for all!” George said, taking out some champagne and filling three flutes up and passing them out.

    “To Hermione, Who has FINIALLY come back to us.” Fred said smiling and clinking glasses with everyone.

    “Bottoms up” Hermione said before downing her drink, the cool liquid slid down her throat and gave her a pleasant warm feeling at the bottom of her stomach.

    “So, Hermione you certainly know when to make an entrance! The paparazzi from all over the world were here because of a huge conference, but now I think that you’ve taken all of the attention away from it.” George said, smiling.

    “I didn’t even know about the conference, but I guess that makes sense.” Hermione said, thinking about all the paparazzi, who were at the windows of the shop, trying to get pictures of them.

    “So, how’s life been treating you ‘Mione?” Fred said leaning onto the counter.

    “Life’s good.” Hermione said, smiling, “Even better now that I'm back here visiting.”

    “What do you mean visiting? I thought you came back here for good.” George said, frowning. 

    “I have a family now, I can’t just pack up and leave.” Hermione said, “I’m actually here to try to get spots in Hogwarts for my kids… so I guess if it works out then I will be moving here.”

    “Wow…kids.” George said smiling, “How old are they?”

    “16 and 14, here I have pictures.” Hermione said, taking her wallet out of her Gucci Tote bag and showing Fred and George her family pictures.

    “… Hermione?” George said, looking at the picture with a slight frown.

    “Yeah?” Hermione asked, absently checking her watch when she saw the time, she jumped up from her chair, “Shit! Sorry guys, I have a meeting with Dumbledore, do you think I could PLEASE use your fireplace and some floo powder?”

    “…yeah, The fireplace is right here. Here’s some powder, I can’t wait to see you tonight.” Fred said, passing Hermione some white powder and kissing her on the cheek before she disappeared into the fire.

    “umm… Fred? Did you see the boy’s face?” George asked his brother after Hermione left.

    “Yeah… He looked like Ron” Fred said, sitting next to his brother and thinking.

    “Did someone say my name?” Ron said from the doorway that lead upstairs. 

    There's chapter six, how'd you like it? Good? Bad? Please review!!  I can't wait for the next couple of chapters, they're my favourite. Just to let you know, there's at least three chapters of Hermione in Hogwarts, and then theres some of her at Harry and Ginny's I know it sounds like alot, but it you'll love it promise!... after all that I promise that Hermione'll tell her kids =]    Xoxoxo HurtfulEyes <3

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