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Without You by taylorj828
Chapter 9 : Time Marches On
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Time Marches On
Can’t expect the world to stand still


Harry never thought it would happen, but one day he looked back and realized he had been at the Burrow for nearly a month.  But he wasn’t sure exactly what he’d been doing with himself for all those weeks.  He had begun to feel restless.  He needed something to do and keep himself busy.  And he began trying to plan for his future. 

He considered becoming an Auror and knew he would probably have to go into training.  He didn’t exactly feel like being back in classes and training again, though.  And he also had a reoccurring fear of being in a classroom waiting for their Trainer to come in and being surrounded by too many other Aurors-in-training to count, all of whom were asking every question imaginable about Voldemort and the final battle.  Harry was no hero or superstar.  He couldn’t bear the image.  Being an Auror was the only thing he had ever thought about doing but now he felt like he had done his share of searching for dark wizards.  Maybe he had a knack for it, as some Order members had told him recently, but he still didn’t feel like he could go into Auror-training just yet. 

He had been offered a position at the Ministry if he ever wanted it, but Harry doubted that would ever be the case.  The Ministry had never had any draw for Harry at all.  It was subject to too much politics and too many regulations.  He would prefer almost any job over sitting in an office at the Ministry.  He also wasn’t entirely trusting of the Ministry after all his many experiences with Ministry officials.  Sure, the Ministry had been reformed in the last year, but, even so, he didn’t see a place in it for him. 

Many people wanted Harry to publish his life story, and, no doubt, the story of his struggle against Voldemort.  But Harry figured the Daily Prophet and official Ministry reports would have to be enough to suffice the Wizarding public.  He was no author; all his many dreadful Hogwarts essays were proof enough for that.  He couldn’t write well, and he hated writing.  Besides that, he didn’t have a desire to go through the torturous experience of reliving every detail of the last year and a half.  People who wanted his story wanted it because it was only a story to them.  They would never understand the nightmares, the images, the guilt, the anger, and the grief he felt.  It wasn’t a matter of writing a story; it would be reliving every horrendous memory.  Some people were brave enough and strong enough for that.  Harry didn’t feel he was one of those people at the moment.

He wasn’t sure what he could do, but Harry was sure that he couldn’t hang around the Burrow.  It was necessary for all of them that life return to some normalcy, whatever normal meant now.  Having a depressed Harry around the Burrow was anything but normal for the Weasleys.  They were compassionate and generous, but no matter how limitless their kindness was Harry no longer felt like he belonged there.  He had begun to get the sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach that he had to leave.  He couldn’t merely find a flat across town; he needed to separate himself from all the memories and some how get a grip on what was left for him.  He had to make something of his life – after all, he had lived.  Twice.

He had been talking to Lupin and had found out that a newly formed organization, labeled the Wizardry International Teaching Society, was being founded in Norway.  This would be just one branch of the organization, namely the European Branch, and it would mainly service the Wizardry Schools in Europe but would also work to coordinate with wizarding schools world wide.  It was being designed to utilize the most prestigious wizards and witches in the world who would together develop new standardized curriculum ideas to be circulated among the various Wizardry schools. 

They were specifically looking for someone to help with their Defense Against the Dark Arts curriculum.  Lord Voldemort may have been destroyed, but the Wizarding world was not keen on allowing any more evil wizards to terrorize them again.  They had contacted Lupin for recommendations, who in turn had told Harry about the opportunity. 

Harry wasn’t sure what made Lupin think such a high-ranking board of elite wizards and witches would consider him for the position.  When he had voiced this concern to Lupin, his old professor had laughed.  Lupin said that McGonagall had been right in assuming that there were many opportunities available for Harry now.  In fact, the opportunities were endless.  No one would turn down a job to Harry Potter.  When Harry had arrived in Diagon Alley for the first time, nearly everyone in the Wizarding world had known about Harry Potter – the famous boy who had lived.  But now there was no person in the Wizarding World who could possibly not know him as the boy who lived, who defeated He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, and who saved their entire world.  Harry thought perhaps Lupin had gone mental.  Harry was just a normal wizard with no real experience to speak of.

Lupin had laughed at this again.  Harry had defeated the darkest wizard known in their lifetime.  That was all the qualification he needed.  And for a job like this one in Norway, he had plenty of experience.  His numerous encounters with Dementors, Death Eaters, and Lord Voldemort gave Harry plenty to work with when it came to discussing defense tactics.  Lupin really seemed to feel that Harry would be a great resource for coming up with ideas on how to educate students on Defense Against the Dark Arts, specifically because of Harry’s experience leading Dumbledore’s Army.

And, Lupin had assured him, he wouldn’t be a celebrity there.  He would be working with some of the best of the best.  They had all seen battle and dark wizards, just like he had.  They would respect him, despite his age, and they would know what it was like not to want to revisit old dark memories just to tell stories to nosy inquisitors.  Harry had to admit that the job sounded like a good one.  He wasn’t ready to teach or go back to classes, but he certainly felt like he could discuss Defense Against the Dark Arts with other intelligent and experienced wizards and witches. 

But Harry hadn’t yet told anyone that he was seriously considering this option.  It would get him out and away, and it would provide him with time alone to deal with and bury his grief.  But he couldn’t help feeling nervous about what the Weasleys or Hermione might say.  Nevertheless, he pushed the thought aside, refusing to let it derail him.  He decided the next time he saw Lupin, he would find out how soon he could leave for Norway.

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