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My Summer with the Marauders by harrysgirl24
Chapter 5 : Fast Food and Flying Shampoo
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My Summer with the Marauders
By harrysgirl24
Fast Food and Flying Shampoo

Well, that’s the last of it,” I said, clapping my hands together. Unpacking was tiring work. Emmy and I had to share a room in the flat, and I had just spent the last two hours attempting to make it look habitable. There were posters of all our favorite bands on the otherwise blank, grey walls, moving ones of course, and we had brought our bedspreads from home, which gave the room a kind of a homey feeling.

“Yep,” said Emmy through a mouthful of donut. “We sure did a god job, didn’t we?”

I couldn’t help myself. I rolled my eyes at Emmy’s use of the word “we”. She had barely done anything at all, unless you count sitting cross-legged on the beige carpet flipping through “Witch Weekly” remarkably fast and snacking on a glazed donut that she got from-who-knows-where as “something”. If you do, I’m laughing at you right now. You silly person.

Emmy didn’t catch my eye roll. “Yes,” I replied, sitting neatly on my purple comforter, “I sure did.”

This time she caught on. She sent me an apologetic look and muttered, “Sorry, Lils,” almost inaudibly. Fortunately for me, I have extremely good hearing.

“Don’t call me Lils,” I reprimanded, “But okay. You’re forgiven.” This earned me a small smile from Emmy.

“Good.” she said. “Hey, you know what I want to do?” she piped up, almost excitedly. I cocked an eyebrow, just a little bit suspicious.


“Let’s go see if the boys are done unpacking yet. Maybe we can all get something to eat or…I dunno…let’s just do something, okay? I can only stand being inside for so long, you know.”

“Okay,” I said, and followed Emmy as she more or less flew out the door yelling “WEEEEEE!” I rolled my eyes again and smiled to myself. Only Emmy.

We walked next door to the almost identical flat, except the girls was a tad bit larger, I could tell, just looking from the outside. I knocked the brass knocker while Emmy was frequently, and, almost feverishly ,pressing the doorbell, and for some reason, giggling madly.

“Emmy, what is so gosh darn funny?” I asked, incredulously.

Emmy caught her breath and managed to get out, “I…I just…it…hehe…I don’t exactly…know.”

“Whatever,” I sighed.

I suddenly heard stumbling noises from inside as somebody obviously tripped over something large.

“ Bloody suitcase,” I heard a deep voice mumble. “Who could possibly…”

It was then when they threw open the door and my worst fear came to life right before my eyes. Honestly, anybody else could have opened the door just the same. I probably wouldn’t have minded even if Sirius had opened the door. But no. It just had to be him. I felt my stomach churn with distain as the familiar hand jumped to that annoyingly messy head of hair. Black hair. I hate the color black.

“Evans! And Emmy dearest, how lovely to see you!” The annoying voice shouted happily. “What brings you here on this lovely day in-”

“We’re here to see if you lot want to go and get some food,” Emmy interrupted him. James’ eyes lit up. The Marauders were always up for food.

“MOONY!” I heard Sirius shout from a room inside the flat. I assume that they all had to share a room, too, because the flat only had one bedroom. “WHERE IN THE WORLD DID YOU PUT MY BRAND NEW BOTTLE OF - OUCH!” Sirius exclaimed as a still-sealed bottle of brand new shampoo flew across the small foyer and into the room where Sirius was, where it promptly hit him square in the forehead.

“THERE!” we heard Remus shout back. “HAPPY NOW?”

“Depends on your definition of the word “happy”, Sirius snarled.

Remus walked across the flat into the small kitchen, where he pulled out his pocket dictionary and began to read.

“Happy,” he said. “delighted, pleased, or glad, as over a particular thing - “

“Okay, I get it, SHUT UP!”

Emmy collapsed into yet another fit of uncontrollable giggles.

“They always like this?” I asked James.

“Pretty much,” he replied shrugging his shoulders.

“And you’re just…”

“Used to it,” he replied, finishing my sentence for me.

Sirius and Remus started to raise their voices again so that James had to bellow over them to be heard.


Sirius and Remus’ voices immediately ceased their yelling as they fixed their eyes on James.

“Do you think that you can stop your incessant arguing for an hour so we can go get food?”

Sirius and Remus looked at each other, then at James.

“Maybe,” they said in unison.

I slapped Emmy upside the head. That girl really had to stop giggling.

“Well, lets go then!” James said, already halfway out the door. “C’mon!”

Emmy followed James, I followed Emmy, and Sirius and Remus fought over who got to go through the door first. We decided that if they were going to be freaks, that we would just leave without them, and they could try to cook themselves food tonight. Sirius got through the door first.

Walking down the sidewalk lined with rich emerald-green grass, I realized just how hungry I was. We walked further down the block in silence until the question came up -

“Wait, where are we going?”

Everybody simultaneously turned their heads and looked at me.


“Well, Lily, you’re the only Muggle-born. We thought you would know where to go, since…well…obviously…er…we…don’t.” Emmy finished off lamely.

“Well, I do know one place…”


“McDonalds. It’s kind of a fast food place…”

Sirius interrupted me.

“What is this ‘fast food’ of which you speak?” he asked. “Does it move fast, or something?”

“Honestly, Black, I don’t know,” I replied, “We’ve kind of just always called it that.”

“Crazy Muggles,” muttered Sirius, shaking his head dismally, “How they come up with these things…”

James through back his head and laughed. God, even his laugh annoyed me. Why did he have to laugh? why?

Through about an hour of trying to find the McDonalds, we finally arrived and went inside.

“What is with the clown?” Sirius whispered to me, referring to Ronald McDonald. “He is, like, everywhere!

I smiled and shook my head at Sirius. Stupid boy…

“You’ll find out, Sirius, don’t worry.”

“This is madness.”

Maybe to Sirius, it was. But Sirius is Sirius. When I walked up to the ordering line, I found James and Emmy staring in awe at the overhead menu.

“What its it?” I asked.

“What are all of these things?” Emmy inquired. “I don’t recognize any of them.”

“That’s because, here, they don’t serve treacle tart and steak-and-kidney pudding,” I said, matter-of-factly. “This is all Muggle food.”

“WHAT?” shouted Emmy, obviously devastated. “I love that treacle tart…”

“Me too!” came Sirius’ input from nowhere. I could have sworn that he was right behind me…

“Well, you’ll just have to make do with what we have.” I said, like it settled the matter.

“Stupid Muggles,” muttered Sirius, “They don’t know how much they’re missing out on….”

“This is true,” replied Emmy.

“And what the heck are French Fries?” shouted James, earning some bewildered looks from surrounding Muggles.

“Son, what planet are you from?” a short, bald, man asked James with wide eyes.


“That’s what I thought.”


“I think you need help, son.”

“And I think that you need some hair. But we’re both just going to have to move on.”

The man through James an evil glare and stalked away.

A good ten minutes later and we all had our food and had somehow, rather remarkably I might add, squeezed into a single booth. I was squished between Remus and Emmy, the latter of which was talking so loudly that an employee, dressed in a red shirt, came over to our table and reprimanded us for shouting. When he was long gone, we sank low in our seats and put on fake embarrassed faces, then burst out laughing.

An hour later, we were practically chased out of the restaurant by the manager, whose face was growing steadily more red. As we began our sojourn home, I realized that the Marauders weren’t so bad. They actually could be kind of fun. I still don’t, say, adore any of them, but I could probably learn to tolerate them. After all, whether I liked it or not, we were spending our entire summer together.

And what a summer it was destined to be.

A/N: Hey all! Here's another chapter for you! I sure hope you liked reading it as much as I liked writing it. Just so you know, I've already started writing the sixth chapter. It's actually got at little more drama in it, for all of you who aren't to crazy about fluff. So, not to worry! It's coming soon. Remember to leave me a review, but not a flame. Please. The review box is right down there, at the bottom of the screen. I love that thing. Thanks again for reading! Love you all!

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